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Disney's most under rated film
Kristine10 February 2004
Robin Hood is personally one of my favorite Disney movies of all time, it's one of those animated films that gets over looked or over shadowed by other Disney classics, I wish it did get more notice. The animation is great and just has that old feel to it when animators used to draw the pictures, it feels more personal and special that way. Not to mention that this was a great adaptation of the Robin Hood story for the kids. Even as an adult I still enjoy watching this movie, it's funny, romantic, touching, and just very entertaining to watch. How could you not love Prince John? He is one of Disney's most awesome and hilarious villains of all time! Granted I know this film can come off as a little corny, but seriously give this movie a chance, it's one of Disney's buried treasures.

The story begins as Robin Hood and Little John run from the Sheriff of Nottingham, who has ambushed them with a team of archers. After narrowly escaping, Robin Hood and Little John happen upon the royal entourage which is taking Prince John and his counselor, Sir Hiss, to Nottingham in order to tax the people there. Disguised as female fortune-tellers, Robin and Little John effectively steal all the gold they can carry and run off into the forest, leaving Prince John sucking his thumb in humiliation. In Nottingham, Robin uses Friar Tuck to smuggle the stolen gold back to the peasants. Later Robin sees Maid Marian, she and Robin had once been sweethearts as children, but were forced to part ways when she moved to London. But she is mistaken: Robin can't stop thinking about her. But since Robin is an outlaw he and Marian wait for marriage. Seething with rage, that Robin is winning, John triples the taxes, making the bleak situation in Nottingham even worse. One night, Robin Hood, disguised again as the beggar, learns that Friar Tuck is in jail and will rescue him, save Nottingham once and for all and give Prince John the justice that has been coming to him for a long time.

I can't tell you how much I love this film, I think my favorite scene will always be the archery scene. Robin Hood learns that there is an archery contest and the winner gets a kiss from Maid Marian, so he enters and goes in a disguise, and Little John had his back the whole time while getting Prince John to lighten up about Robin being in the contest. I also love Prince John's side kick, Sir Hiss, he's the perfect little sleaze bag tattle tail and we go in Tom and Jerry classic mode when Prince John has it with him and just ties Hiss's body in a knot. This is a terrific Disney movie, just trust me when I say that it's a lot of fun to watch and just enjoy it, we don't get films like this any more.

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This Robin Hood is a real scream!
bellebook19 April 2000
I've watched this video so many times, I can no longer count, and every time, I wind up laughing my head off! I really think this is one of the most underrated Disney movies out there.

This version of Robin Hood has animals in the roles of the characters, and it works marvelously! It would be natural for Robin Hood to be a fox if he was an animal, for both the fox and Robin are very clever. And if Robin Hood is a fox, naturally, Maid Marian would be a vixen. Also, having Prince John and King Richard as lions are natural choices, since the lion is the King of the Jungle.

What I loved most about the film, as I hinted at earlier, is the humor, most of it provided by Prince John, Sir Hiss (a snake), Trigger, and Nutsy (both vultures). Prince John's habit of sucking his thumb whenever anyone mentions his mother is priceless! And he's so vain it's little trouble for Robin Hood and Little John (a bear) to rob him when they're disguised as fortune-tellers! Sir Hiss is smarter than any of the other bad guys, but the humor with him is that Prince John never believes him until it's too late, and abuses him afterwards. Trigger's "old Betsy" (a crossbow) provides plenty of laughs, especially when it goes off! And Nutsy is so stupid he says "One o'clock and all's well!" when it's three o'clock, and when told to set his brain ahead a couple hours, he doesn't know if he has to add or subtract two hours! That's a scream!

If there's any real fault, it lies in the animation. It is really substandard, and I have noticed reused or inaccurate footage in the film. But it is a minor flaw in the film, and it doesn't take away from my enjoyment of it.

So, rent or buy "Robin Hood" today! It's a scream!

Belle Book
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Disney's Red Headed Step-child
Lauren19 June 2005
I loved this movie as a kid, as did just about every person I know. So it works for the youngins. As an adult, and an animation fan, I was surprised to learn that this movie is sort of the Disney studio's secret shame. I had nothing but fond memories of it, after all. And I could name at least a dozen Disney films that I would have put ahead of it on my Most Crappy list. I very recently watched it on television after many years, and yes, it is definitely flawed. The quality of the animation is terrible, and the lack of an over arching story makes the whole thing seem frivolous, like it was made for TV and not for a big studio release. There are holes in the narrative, scenes that should exist that don't, and scenes that have no reason to exist that do. And I think the somewhat random decision to cast the film with animals lends to the Saturday morning vibe as well.

But there's enough cool things peaking out from under all the half-assery that rescues the film just enough for it to be enjoyable. Peter Ustinov turns in an excellent, excellent performance as Prince John, at turns hysterical and genuinely nasty. Brian Bedford oozes easy going charm as Robin. He's probably turned in the second most likable performance of the character captured on film. He's just unfortunately delivering it through the poorly animated mouth of a cartoon fox. And though the actual quality of the animation is poor, some of the character animation is pretty clever and expressive. And I have to applaud the choice to add Roger Miller to the mix as a folkie, possibly pot-smoking minstrel rooster. His character adds a cool, Earthy vibe to the proceedings and as others have mentioned, his song, Not in Nottingham, actually sort of works as a blues song. Weird.

So Robin Hood is definitely not the epic tale Disney was capable of churning out in its hey days, but I dug it as a kid, and I still dig it today. You know, looking back at all my reviews on this site, it seems I mostly leap to the defense of classically bad films that I like anyway. That's OK, I guess. Someone has to.
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Why is Robin Hood Disney's Step Child?
lrlindsay26 July 2006
Disney's Robin Hood is my all time favorite Disney animation movie and right up there with one of my favorite all time movies. I can practically recite every word from "Robin Hood and Little John Walking through the Forest" to "There's the church bells someone's gett'n hitched". Yet it's hardly ever mentioned, it's always been hard to find and you can never get a poster. The songs are never lauded and they should be "The Phoney King of England" is a hoot! And even though "Love" was nominated for an Oscar, it's an obscure fact.

The animation is beautiful! Those scenes of the castle & the church in the rain - you would think it was shot rather than drawn. The dialog is smart with subtleties & wit. The character's motives are seen and not told. It's not dumb down at all for kids. It's more romantic then Lady & The Tramp, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid combined. And yes, that Fox, Robin Hood himself, voiced by Brian Bedford was and will always be sexy!
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The best telling of Robin Hood on the silver screen
Mulliga7 April 2002
It is strange how many people damn the Disney version of "Robin Hood" for rough and repetitious animation, one-dimensional characters, and weak pacing. After all, A LOT of animated films suffer from this syndrome, even "landmark" productions like "Anastasia" and "Shrek." The characters are stereotypes, but they act believably: Prince John is silly, but with a truly evil undercurrent ("Squeeze every last drop out of those insolent...musical...peasants."), the Sheriff is deliciously nasty ("Upsy-daisy"), and Robin Hood is very affable. The music is, quite simply, fantastic. "Not in Nottingham" is easily the best Disney song ever (barring "When She Loved Me" in Toy Story 2), the opening theme and song are catchy and appropriate for the movie's tone, and the movie's action scenes are clever, chaotic, and action-packed but not gory. This is a movie you can show your kids without being embarrassed upon seeing that the movie is one long commercial for action figures and plush toys.
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Disney's best
SmithWinston29 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I've watched Robin Hood since before I could understand language. Even back then it entertained me, enough for my parents to have to play it whenever they wanted to keep me out of trouble. One would expect that anything that can hold the attention of a toddler is not going to have the same effect on an adult. I am glad to say that it does. I can watch this film today with the same eagerness, the same enjoyment and the same suspension of knowledge of what's going to happen. Who could help doing otherwise? It's first class storytelling.

There are the age-old characters, archetypes as well known as the story itself. In a twist of genius, the tale is set in the animal world. Robin Hood, everyone's hero, brought to magnificent life by a fox and given a dashing yet endearing voice. There's his ladylove, the long-lashed, elegant, eminently lovable Maid Marian, also a fox and just as perfectly voiced. One look at Marian, and it's easy to understand why Robin is so lost in his dreams of her that he ruins the stew he's been stirring.

Prince John, however likable the others, has somehow topped my list. Fittingly chosen to be a mane-less lion (compare his appearance with his brother Richard who has an ample mane), constantly whining for his mother when thwarted and complaining about Richard, he is the best representation of John I've ever seen. One mustn't forget his penchant for alliterating, in especial reference to his much put-upon sidekick/adviser Sir Hiss, a snake. Priceless gems like "Procrastinating Python", "Slithering Serpent" and of course the irresistible "You eel in snake's clothing" can all be heard directed at the pitiable Sir Hiss whenever John is frustrated in his plans to capture the elusive Robin. The unfortunate duo plays off each other very well. It must be said that whoever thought of getting Sir Peter Ustinov to voice the role of P.J. should have been promoted instantly. The late, brilliant Ustinov is greatly missed, but he lives on in his wonderful comedic works. His part here is right up there with his best performances. No one could have done greater justice to the younger brother who (rightly) feels that his governance compares unfavourably with Richard's.

A few other characters deserve to be mentioned. Little John, a bear very reminiscent of Jungle Book's Baloo, is light-hearted, trustworthy and the perfect companion and friend for our Robin. On one occasion early on, they have a great outing together as cross-dressers and use their very believable disguise to steal P.J. for everything he has on him. As for his voice, Little John's carefree American accent works very well alongside the British ones of the others. The lady-in-waiting to Marian, Clucky, is a brave lass and Friar Tuck is a kind old fellow. There are also the kids in the family of rabbits who understandably admire and adore Robin and Marian.

The script is smashing. What with the comedy, the heroic and witty lines for the good guys and the hysterical silliness of the sour villains of the story, this is a winner. It's always fun and never grows tired. The little ditty about Prince John's incompetence that goes around ("too late to be known as John the first, he's sure to be known as John the worst") is very in keeping with the rest of this film's tone. And who can forget the sheer madness of such a line as "I sentence you to sudden, instant and even immediate death", courtesy of Prince John of course.

It's not only comedy, because to top it all off, this film must have the best confession of love ever filmed. Although it works infinitely better when you watch it, I will attempt to sketch it here. Caught, tied up, sentenced and threatened with execution, Robin looks into Marian's expressive eyes and says "Marian my darling, I love you more than life itself". Her emotional response is an equally memorable one to behold. More sweetness inevitably follows in the eventual escape, but I'll leave that for your viewing pleasure.

The film wouldn't be complete without a fitting climax, and to satisfy us all, we've been given a good one. Climbing to the top of a turret, Robin has to leap down into the moat to avoid the fires that are close on his heels. His friends down below look on to see where he surfaces and are dismayed to find Robin appearing nowhere yet, to the delight of Prince John and Sir Hiss. It's a nice tug at the heartstrings. Although initially all hope seems lost, we know that the story isn't finished until the deserving Robin gets to be with his Marian and all's right with Nottingham and England.

Disney surpassed themselves with this one. It's much more than the sum of its parts (voice talent and likable characters, witty script, character designs, plotting). Having watched this a countless number of times in the past, I look forward to continuing to do so.
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Alyssa Sloane25 February 2001
I am watching this movie while writing this review, and I still remember every single line. This was, and still is, one of my favorite Disney films of all time. People may have complaints about it, (accents, lack of character depth, story line) but I will always have fond memories of watching this movie. To the people who have complaints about it the movie for various reasons: either relax and enjoy, or don't watch it and leave the people who love this Disney Classic alone. Don't ruin this movie for anyone.
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Sure It's a Flawed Film, But It's Very Entertaining
Ostrumation15 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Robin Hood" is generally considered to be one of the weakest Disney animated classics. Well, much has been said about the film. Remember, after Walt Disney's death in 1966, the studio seemed to enter a rut of sorts. Disney approved "The Aristocats" before his death, and the resulting film began production after his death since "The Jungle Book" was a huge success in 1967. The resulting film received bad reviews but did well at the box office.

"Robin Hood" on the other hand seemed to be made on a budget, for some reason. I'm guessing the Disney studios wanted to play it safe after Walt's death, and not have anything expensive or very ambitious. Well, on the bright side, "Robin Hood" has some interesting characters and some good songs. Some find it annoying and rather generic that Disney adapted the original story and turned the cast into talking animals. Producer Wolfgang Rietherman defended this idea, saying it was a "whole new way of looking at a classic tale". He also mentions that audiences exercise a great amount of imagination with animals than humans.

Maybe it was done so the newly recruited Disney animators at the time could get started with drawing animal characters. Personally, I'm fine with the talking animal thing. Robin Hood is a fox, and I think that really works for his personality, being sly and crafty. Little John is portrayed as a bear that looks a lot of The Jungle Book's Baloo, and he's voiced by the same actor too, Phil Harris. But Little John is a pretty cool character, and he serves as a good sidekick.

I also thought Friar Tuck, Allan-A-Dale, Maid Marian and Lady Klucky were great characters. I wasn't way too fond of Skippy and his friends, as they seemed to slow down the movie a bit with the scene where they go after his arrow.

The plot, Robin Hood and Little John rob from the rich to feed the poor. Greedy Prince John, a lion, is taking over while he sent his brother King Richard on a "crazy crusade". Unlike the terrifying Disney villains like Maleficent and The Wicked Queen, Prince John is a real wimp. This is what makes him a very funny villain, as he acts childish to get his away. His snake assistant, Sir Hiss, is also a pretty funny character and I like the scenes where he gets Prince John mad.

The structure of this film is episodic. It somewhat feels like different episodes of Robin Hood's adventures are strung together to form an 83-minute film. However, I don't find it that disjointed. And the sequences are very entertaining, whether it's Robin Hood and Little John disguised as fortune tellers or the Archery Tournament scene.

Not to mention, this film has quite a lot of funny moments. Unfortunately, aside from the plot, the film does suffer from the use of recycled animation. Now yes, "The Jungle Book" and "Goliath II" (1960 Disney short film) reused animation. In "Robin Hood", the reused animation is not subtle. You'll notice, mostly on the "Phony King of England" scene, that animation of dancing from "Snow White", "The Jungle Book" and "The Aristocats". This doesn't mean the animation is terrible. The film has nice background artwork and the characters all move fine. It's still ahead of everything else that was out at the time. "Robin Hood" was a box office hit despite the mixed reviews, and it's one of the few Disney films that hasn't been put back in the vault (it's been that way since the 1991 video release).

The music is one of the higher points. The opening, "Whistle Stop", I'll always love. "Oo-de-Lally" is a good one too. "The Phony King of England" is another good one as well. "Love" is alright at best, it sounds sort of dated and syrupy. I'm actually surprised that it was nominated for Academy Award for Best Song. "Not in Nottingham" is probably one of the best songs in the film.

"Robin Hood" is a good movie, a very entertaining film from Disney. Sure it's no "Snow White" or "Pinocchio" or any tour-de-force like that, but it doesn't try to be anything big. It's an entertaining film with flaws, but it's enjoyable.

8.5 out of 10.
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"Not In Nottingham" - tough song
Al Fore16 March 2001
When one thinks of Disney songs, one generally thinks along the vein of "Someday My Prince Will Come" or "Once Upon A Dream". Disney songs are usually silly love songs, villain's expressions of their villainy, or some generally upbeat nonsense. Disney songs are generally not hard and gritty.

Which is why "Not In Nottingham" is my favourite Disney song ever. It is a hard and emotional song, blues like an icepick to the soul, the loudest and harshest cry of pain I have ever heard in a Disney film. Where else in Disney-land would you hear a line like "Don't you know there's nothing left for me?".

Combined as it is with the jail scene, it is melancholia at its depths, and a refreshing change from the general froth one expects, and generally gets, from Disney movies and songs.
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Disney's Take on the Classic.
tfrizzell4 July 2002
Disney's animated "Robin Hood" gets somewhat lost in the shuffle of great animated films from the famed studio, but is still a nice piece of entertainment that tells the popular story well. Good songs and fun situations are the greatest assets here. The film lacks the real drama that makes others of its kind better cinematically. Still a good film for the whole family. 4 stars out of 5.
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Absolutely the most under-rated Disney animation ever
Elswet22 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is my favorite rendition of Robin Hood! Costner has nothing compared to Brian Bedford!

This is absolutely the most under-rated Disney animation ever made. While it tells the story quite well, it also has some beautiful supporting characters, a wonderfully treacherous Prince John (Peter Ustinov), and some adorable comic relief in Terry Thomas's Sir Hiss.

While this was made when I was around 10 or so, it was still one of my favorite movies of all time. Of course, a scant four years later, Star Wars was to usurp it as my very favorite, but it remained a close second for many years to come.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think this is the only Disney animation to have all the characters portrayed by animals alone. The songs, while I usually find them annoying, are quite endearing; cute even.

I highly recommend giving it a good watch or two.

It rates an 8.8/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Dah da dee dah dah de doe doe, dah da dee dah diddy, doe
Spleen23 July 1999
The opening credits present us with all of the animals who will later appear in the film (the very same footage, in fact), parading themselves in front of a white background and a rather catchy tune. We see a fox dressed as Robin Hood. ROBIN HOOD, reads the credits. And in smaller letters underneath, in brackets: (a fox). We see a badger in a monk's outfit. FRIAR TUCK, says the credits. (a bear). I find this highly amusing. I love it. Don't ask me why. I think, though, that it demonstrates two things: that "Robin Hood" was made under the same cost cutting Disney regime that made "The Aristocats" three years earlier and "The Rescuers" three years later; and that it has far more life than both of these films put together.

It IS the cost-cutting that would damn this film, and it's liveliness that redeems it. (That, and Peter Ustinov's vocal performance as Prince John.) I can't even find it in my heart to condemn the Southern voices scattered throughout Sherwood Forest and Nottingham - replacing a human sheriff with a lupine one is such a violent change that the use of expressions like, "Aw, geez, Nutsy," seems trivial by comparison. At any rate I found the voices far less irritating than Kevin Costner's drawl in HIS version of Robin Hood.

The animation is mostly good but without the stand-out brilliance of, say, "The Jungle Book". There are a few scenes that look as if they belong on television (which is a problem shared with the next five animated features that Disney made). The children are more cloying than usual with Disney and we see too much of them. That's about it with the carping. All in all it's cheerful, it's shameless, it's hard to resist.
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A brilliant piece of animation tells a timeless tale
zeitler0011 June 2000
Arguably the best pre-"Little Mermaid" Disney film, "Robin Hood" takes the characters from past Disney films and features such as Baloo (Jungle Book) and Rabbit (the Pooh films) and casts them in a classic re-telling of the popular Robin Hood fable. While not as historical as Kevin Costner's big to-do, nor always as laugh-out-loud ridiculous as Mel Brooks' affair, Disney's effort comes off as amiable and very likable. It's very much a product of its times but has a timeless quality that is unmatched, really, and the humor doesn't date itself as quickly as some of the jokes in recent Disney features have. The voice acting (as in almost every Disney film) is superb, but contains very few outstanding stars (Peter Ustinov's role is especially well-done, however). All in all, a film well-deserving of all the praise it receives.
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The best Disney film ever made?
Flagrant-Baronessa28 June 2006
As above. Don't you ever wonder what the fascist, communist-hating Mr. Disney would have thought about bringing such an inherently socialist tale to the silver screen under his life's work's label? I know I do. Robin Hood quite explicitly makes the rich and royal people of England out to be total crooks, and the poor workers out to be heroes in a Marxist fashion. "Stealing from the rich and giving to the needy." Indeed. The adventurous Sherwood Forest hero Robin Hood who did so was my very first crush. Luckily, I have since then outgrown my infatuation for animals. Although I can look back and see that he still is quite the fox.

I maintain there are subtle elements of English humour that shine through in Disney's Robin Hood, and maybe that is why I like it so much. It may also be the hysterical comedic sidekicks like Sir Hiss. Whatever it is, this is without a doubt the best story of Robin Hood told on film, even though it's a cartoon aimed for kids. Good songs, good fast-paced action (that archery contest at the medieval fair was genius), interesting characters and nicely animated sets. All the characters have been translated into appropriate and symbolic animals. If you haven't thought about that before, do it next time you watch this film.

Maid Marion is perhaps one of the weakest female Disney characters, but then, they have never been known to be very dimensional or showed much range other than when they are the protagonists (like Ariel), and Marion is not one—she is a supporting character to the awesome Robin Hood and that is enough for this film.

Robin Hood is Disney film that's stuck with me through the years and its only rival for best Disney film of all time is perhaps Aladdin.
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Great animation, OK story
abrafocus2 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*Contains a very minor spoiler*

Robin Hood is one of the greatest Disney films made, and I applaud Disney for their effort.

The story is a little different than what I expected. I knew it would have a happy ending, but I didn't get exactly what I expected. I'm glad that I didn't, because it would have had to have been 20 or so minutes longer otherwise. And a movie that is too long is not always a good thing, with the exception of the LOTR trilogy, which I love.

That said, the voice cast is super. Brian Bedford as Robin Hood and Phil Harris - Baloo in The Jungle Book - (RIP) as Little John. They were the best in the cast, and did their parts well. I can't remember any other voices, except George Lindsay who did Trigger's voice, one of the vultures. I mention him only because he appears on my favorite TV show, "The Andy Griffith Show" as Goober, Gomer's cousin.

Anyway, Robin Hood is a great film. I recommend to people of all ages.

My Score: 8/10.
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A proud flick...
Seth Nelson25 August 2006
Disney's 1973 animated feature "Robin Hood" takes place in Sherwood Forest, near which is now Birmingham in England. Here, we see and hear about the famous story of Robin Hood, who, as many of y'all know, stole from the rich and had given to the poor. It's a very exciting story which the folks at Disney made into an animated film; for instance, we have a fox taking the role here.

What I like about this film: It's terrific. Disney does an excellent job with the old films; quality animation, many being based on fairy tales that were read to us as little children, and nothing but 100% family fun!!!!!

These thoughts have made me have a go at this movie! "Robin Hood" is one Disney flick that will never be forgotten and will live in our hearts for centuries to come. :-)

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A nostalgia trip
PekkaTurunen30 November 2003
When I was about four or five years old I used to watch this film almost every day in my day care. Then a couple of weeks ago I was discussing with my friend about animation movies and it came up that he had this important piece of my childhood on VHS. So of course I borrowed it and watched it for the first time in about 13 years. I remembered surprisingly many scenes.

Watching this movie wasn't as big event as it was years ago, but I still find it quite enjoyable. There were some funny mistakes in the translation from English to Finnish, but nothing crucial. I think I'll watch this a couple of times again for the old times sake before I give the tape back to my friend. :) 8/10
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Great Film,Horrible Animation
DragonDos25 March 2001
Robin Hood itself is great.None of the jokes are dated and the character designs are some of the best I've ever seen for "furries".The songs are nice,too.The main problem is the animation.It,in a word,stinks.Then again,all of the films from about the beginning of the 1960's to The Little Mermaid were done in this "sketchy" style,so I could cut them some slack if it weren't for the fact that it's pretty gritty.Sometimes you can see animators pencil marks,too-they shouldn't have let the Cleanup Department slack off!Also,sometimes the characters in one particular scene don't match what they look like in rest of the film.For example,in one scene during the "Oo-de-lally" song,we see Robin Hood and Little John from a distance running away from the Sheriff's goons,Robin Hood doesn't have his shoes on!You just see his back feet(Or is that paws?).In another scene in which Robin Hood is dressing up in costume to steal money from Prince John he has whiskers!So to sum it up;If you don't mind crude animation and pointless,fixable mistakes then you'll enjoy this film!If you DO mind,stay away.
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One of my favorite Disney flicks.
thousandisland12 November 2000
I was raised on and by this movie. I worshiped it and still do because there's nothing else like it out there. It's a clever and colorful adaptation of the Robin Hood legend with a zoofull of fun characters. It was made during the lull period, after classics like Sleeping Beauty and Lady and the Tramp, but before the Era of Mermaid, so "Robin Hood" has that sketchy, drawn look like "The Jungle Book" and others. But it's cute and endearing, and remains one of my all time favorites. It's true that lots of Furry Artists have tainted and soiled it with X-Rated "Art" (I use the term loosely here...), but it is possible to filter that out and enjoy this movie by itself. Any kid with imagination will love Disney's "Robin Hood" and any critic will be able to appreciate the studio's inventive take on this well-traversed tale. It's a classic.
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Animated version based on famous character filled with musical numbers , entertainment and fun
ma-cortes30 December 2012
Again Robin Hood and his Merry Men but this time they are a menagerie! The story of the legendary outlaw is portrayed with the characters as humanoid animals . Classic version based on the legendary character with exciting adventures , breathtaking animated battles and load of action and romance . Greatest adventure of the centuries ¡ , greatest thrill of the screen ¡ an adventure the world has thrilled to for centuries , in a picture it will never forget . He lives again , a hero of every villain , friend to those who have friends . In 13th century England , dashing Robin (voice of Brian Bedford ,Tommy Steele was the original choice to perform the voice of the title character, but he was dropped shortly after recording sessions began) and his band of marauders confront general oppression and corruption of wicked Sheriff Nottingham (a wolf ,was originally a goat and voice by Buttram) , leading an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power , foiling evil Prince John . When the Norman Lords begin oppressing the Saxon masses in King Richard's absence , a Saxon archer named Robin Hood fights back as the outlaw leader of a rebel guerrilla army . The legendary Sherwood forest's hero Robin Locksly again and Lady Marian (lovely Maid Olivia De Havilland) along with his Merrie men brought by him : Friar Tuck (voice by Andy Devine) and Little John (voice by Phil Harris). Robin Hood (a fox) , Little John (a brown bear) and Friar Tuck (originally, was to be a pig, but was changed to a badger to avoid insulting religious sensibilities) cleverly revolt against over-taxation carried out by the king John Without Land and other royal men. Robin wins the heart of royal ward Marian (a vixen with voice of Monica Evans) . While there is organized an archery tournament held by Prince John, with the winner receiving a kiss from Maid Marian .

This cartoon/swashbuckler has great animated sequences well staged with stylish and vitality , adventure , romance , outstanding final dueling and is pretty entertaining . An imaginative and jolly Disney adaptation of the Robin Hood legend with brilliant drawings and catching score by George Bruns . There are great songs , enjoyable action sequences in forests and castle , including amusing ending confrontation at the climax of the film .Initially, the studio considered a movie about the European fable, Reynard the Fox. However, due to Walt Disney's concern that Reynard was an unsuitable choice for a hero, Ken Anderson used many elements from it in Robin Hood. Robin Hood, also known Robin O'Locksley and the Earl of Huntingdom, is probably and sadly a creation of romantic imaginations . The motion picture was well directed by Wolfgand Reitherman , a good craftsman from Disney factory .He often animated fast action sequences or dances , and known for "re-using" animation from older films and placing them in newer films . He co-directed several Disney movies such as Aristocats , Jungle Book , 101 Dalmatians , Peter Pan , Cinderella , Dumbo , among others .

The story is indirectly based on historic events and is developed after third Crusade when Richard Lion Heart abandoned Holy Land . If Robin Hood did exist, it's almost certain that he was not a Saxon , though his enemies may well have been the Norman sheriff of Nottinghan and Prince and later king John Lackland.In route England Richard was captured by Leopold II of Austria and ransomed by his own subjects . But Richard returns England to put down a revolt against him though his brother John without Land takes over the kingdom with his underling evil Sheriff of Nottingham . Though Richard eventually returned from battle and foiled John's rebellion, John eventually became king anyway after Richard's untimely death (1199) in battle without an heir. Queen Eleanor supported John against rival claimants until her death in 1204.

Other versions about this famous personage are the following : the classical (1936) ¨The Adventures of Robin Hood ¨ by Michel Curtiz with Errol Flynn , Olivia De Havilland , Basil Rathbone , Alan Hale , ¨Robin Hood and his Merrie men ¨(1952) by Ken Annakin with Richard Todd and Peter Finch ; ¨Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960) by Terence Young with Richard Greene , Richard Pasco and Peter Cushing ; ¨Robin Hood price of thieves (1991) ¨ by Kevin Reynolds with Kevin Costner , Alan Rickman and Morgan Freenan , the same year was exhibited ¨Robin Hood¨ by John Irvin with Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman but was a flop though the critics considered best adaptation . Furthermore , recent and revisionist version titled ¨Robin Hood¨(2010) by Ridley Scott with Russell Crowe , Cate Blanchet and Oscar Isaac .
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Wonderful, but so underrated
Weather_lord_71 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It really makes you wonder why can't Disney do more movies like this? I thought this was one of the most wonderful of any film that Disney ever made. Of course, the people of today do two things with this masterpiece: leave it unnoticed, or bash it to the ground, so they can watch some overrated stuff. Backgrounds: supreme, wonderful. Character designs: Done by the oh-so-wonderful Don Bluth, plus, this film has the most funniest villains ever to be shown on the silver screen (who wouldn't laugh at that mama's boy, Prince John?) and it as all kinds of emotion here: cute, mushy romance, a bit of drama here and there, and lots and lots of humor. Also, that little rabbit kid, Skippy, is one of the most adorable cartoon kids I've ever seen. One last things I'd like to add: the songs, some catchy and fun "Phony King of England" while some are really morose "Not in Nottingham". Overall, I give it two thumbs up.
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Best animated movie ever.
adamkg20 February 2001
I watched this movie every day after school as a child, but unfortunatly we had it on BETA and when our BETA machine broke we were not able to find it on VHS. I eventually forgot about the movie until it came on TV recently and I rushed out to buy it on DVD. This is the only disney animation, or any animation for that matter, that i feel is worth owning on DVD.
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The Best Version of Robin Hood
Badonkadonkhr6 June 2006
Robin Hood is definitely in my Top 10 Disney movies list.Everybody I know loves this movie .It is the best version I've seen.You won't get bored during it I promise.

First off, you've got the heroes : Robin Hood and Little John then you've got the heroine :the pretty Maid Marian , and last but not least there's the villain :the very funny Prince John and Sir Hiss. There's even some good songs like : "O De Lally" , "Love" ,"The Phony King of England" , and "Not in Nottingham".Finally there's some action and romance.

Robin Hood will not disappoint you.
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A classic Disney movie
jpalz110 October 2002
When you talk about Disney movies with someone the first ones named are, for example, "Beauty and the Beast" and so on. And when you name "Robin Hood" (generally) people say: "It's one of the worst movies ever". The thing is, they are unfair. OK, maybe the animation isn't that good and has its flaws, but when you see it you forget everything they told you and enjoy as a child. Really, actually it's much better than many kiddie movies that promised to be great and finally they only promoted toys (do I have to name them?). But the best is that it has that classic Disney spirit that you can find in so many classics like "The Jungle Book", "Bambi". It has some really good characters (specially Prince John- when you see it you'll know why), some songs are really good ("Not in Nottingham")and you have a really good time watching it. So forget any nasty comments, rent it and enjoy one of the most (unfairly) overlooked Disney movies of all times.It is much better than many people think, and all because it isn't famous.
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