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Daddy's Deadly Darling
alanmora29 January 2007
This film has many titles. Among them are "Pigs" "Daddy's Deadly Darling" and "The Strange Exorcism Of Lynn Hart". It was meant to be a star vehicle for the director, Marc Lawrence's daughter Toni Lawrence (if only she could act!) but turned out to be one of the only movies she ever made. It is filmed in the style of a "Last House on the Left" or "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" that grainy style of film making that always gives the viewer that "not so fresh" feeling. An often overlooked cult classic in it's own right "Pigs" is worth a one-time viewing for die hard horror fans but viewers beware the version currently in circulation that is being distributed by Troma is actually a censored version of the film (why anyone would care to bother censoring a film with so much of NOTHING in it is beyond me) it is missing a few key scenes (such as a scene where a victims hand is fed to the pigs) and is disappointingly void of extras (I would LOVE to hear how Marc Lawrence feels about this film nowadays or at least see the theatrical trailer for this sleaze fest).
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A truly bizarre stuff!
HumanoidOfFlesh29 November 2002
Lynn(Toni Lawrence-the daughter of Marc Lawrence)stabbed her father to death after he raped her.She believes that her daddy is still alive.She escapes from the asylum-stealing a car she flees into backwoods America,ending up at Zambrini's roadside diner.Zambrini(Marc Lawrence) has twelve pigs-he butchers people to feed his animals!"Daddy's Deadly Darling"/"Pigs" is another overlooked classic from early 70's.The script is wonderfully bizarre,the acting is pretty good and there is a bit of gore.The photography is grainy,even ugly looking at times-the film actually reminds me "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre","Last House on the Left" or "Eaten Alive".Some scenes are pretty creepy,so if you like horror movies give this little gem a look!
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"One little girl as deadly as can be."
Vince-519 October 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Possible minor spoilers.

This incredibly odd little picture (which I saw as Pigs) almost defies description. Mark Lawrence made the film as a vehicle for his daughter, Toni, with Jesse Vint appearing as a favor. Toni is Lynn Webster (referred to at the end, for some unexplained reason, as Lynn Hart), whose history of madness and patricide is relayed in less than five minutes. This loopy Linda Lovelace-lookalike then escapes the nut barn in a stolen Volkswagen and nurse's uniform. She ends up at a middle-of-nowhere cafe, working for Zambrini (Marc), who robs graves and feeds the corpses to his bloodthirsty pigs. When our busty, batty heroine is reminded of abusive rapist Daddy, she grabs the nearest sharp object and starts hacking. Zambrini and his pigs cover for her. The sheriff (Vint) mostly stands around looking puzzled.

Pigs is an absolute wonder to behold--jerky editing, leering camerawork, pointless characters, a funky soundtrack ("Somebody's waitin' for you/Somewhere down the road/Keep on drivin'...") that starts and stops of its own accord, an obvious double for Toni at the end...and somehow it all works brilliantly! It's like some bizarre hallucination from the brain of the disturbed heroine. Pigs squeal like rusty vaults being forced open, Lynn go-gos next to the jukebox, old women look scared--doesn't matter why. The acid-trip plot and cheap, over-saturated color give it a kind of creepy-beautiful tone reminiscent of an underground art film, with a perfect atmosphere of backwoods isolation. The Lawrences are terrific, particularly the appealing Toni, and the supporting players are quite convincing. The music makes me wish for a soundtrack LP. If a film ever had Cult Classic stamped all over it, it's this one.
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Fun Little Film
mglasson20 June 2003
Good Times! Marc Lawrence makes another memorable character in the old, crotchety Zambrini - an ex-circus performer who supposedly came back from the dead after a tragic high-dive. Well, now he owns and operates a little cafe in the middle of nowheresville and feeds his pigs dead humans after midnight. As luck would have it, his newest employee of the cafe is a runaway psychotic from an insane asylum who likes to cut up men who come on to strong to her. She is really the film's main character and, as it turns out, Daddy's Deadly Darling is actually Marc Lawrence's deadly daughter in real life. Seems that he wanted to jump start his daughter's career so he gave her the lead. Well, unfortunately, she doesn't carry nearly enough quirkiness or depth to bring that character to life, unlike her father, who is a real gem to watch.

As a director, Mr. Lawrence had some good ideas to make some creepy, uneasy scenes to watch, but the version I watched (called PIGS) was very choppy and sloppy from an editing standpoint and the camera seems to enjoy shooting things in pitch black darkness. That's low-budget for you, but there's still something charming about this otherwise standard '70s exploitation fare. And any movie that has Marc Lawrence in it is, by default, going to have something going for it.
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Somebody's Waiting for You
BaronBl00d29 July 2001
Lynn has a problem. Her father abused her, raped her, and beat her. Lynn killed her father, was put in an asylum, and still believes her father to be alive. Lynn escapes from asylum and heads on the highway to get away. Thus is the first five minutes or so of Daddy's Deadly Darling(Pigs was the title of video I saw). Then comes on one of the best and most ridiculous songs for a horror movie I've seen in a long time, "Somebody's waiting for you." I have to admit it is a pretty catchy tune. The tune plays while Lynn drives away from her troubles till she comes to a small cafe in the middle of nowhere that has a position for employment open. She secures her job here as a waitress and soon creates a bond with the cafe owner. His name is Zambrini and he has a bunch of human flesh-eating hogs in the back. Well, the story really gets bizarre here when we see Zambrini feed a freshly dug corpse to his livestock. Lynn too seems to not haven gotten over her killing ways completely and the two work together going hog wild over their work. This film is actually pretty good. I mean it is not a a good movie, but it is a whole lot better than I expected and I think will exceed many of your expectations. Marc Lawrence wrote, produced, directed, and starred in this film. His daughter Toni plays Lynn. Lawrence is able to create a very eerie feel to the film despite the total lack of logic that exists in the script. Some of the scenes are dream-like and Lynn's nightmare scene is very powerful. Lawrence also does a fine job acting in his professional low-key style. His daughter isn't too bad either and let's just say she sure knows how to fill out a nightgown. The deaths are not particularly plentiful or gruesome. The rest of the acting is adequate with a couple of old ladies doing very well as neighbors complaining about the pigs next door. Watch out for video misrepresentation: one of the older women's names is Katherine Ross(she starred in one movie...this one!) but is given top billing on many videos to try and make you think this is the other Katherine Ross(The Graduate and The Legacy). All in all a better than expected cinematic experience.
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Truly bizarre.
Cadaver_20 March 1999
Toni Lawrence stars as a psychotic young woman who kills her father after he rapes her.

This film is pretty bad; many scenes just don't make sense and some of them seem to come out of nowhere. On the plus side, a lot of the dopey characters are fun to watch (especially Zambrini), and the movie has a bizarre, dreamy (and sometimes nightmarish) quality throughout. The scene where Toni Lawrence hears loud pig squeals and then runs screaming through a field for what seems like an eternity is probably the best example of the weird, out-of-nowhere sequences that continuously crop up. Unprofessional filmaking at its best!
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Pretty good for a drive-in flick
Sandcooler17 September 2009
This movie is often marketed under the title "Pigs!", but that's actually pretty misleading. Granted, there are in fact some pigs involved in this project, but if you want to see crazed hogs rampaging and eating people and whatnot, look somewhere else. I have no idea where, but definitely somewhere else. Instead, this movie focuses on a strangely attractive young woman who seduces men and then kills them. And then she feeds the victims to a bunch of local pigs, mainly to justify the alternative title. It's a pretty thin plot, but the surprisingly decent acting and the sheer brutality of it all manage to keep the show on the road. Also comes with a really weird lullaby soundtrack that's difficult to get out of your head.
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This little piggy stayed at home and watched a demented drive-in feature …
Coventry7 January 2008
Ladies and Gentlemen, the hall of 70's exploitation obscurity proudly presents "Pigs", a movie made by, made for and – of course – largely revolving on … Pigs! Just in case you're looking for a totally incompetent yet strangely fascinating and one of a kind drive in class-sick, I warmly recommend this movie which Marc Lawrence (supportive cast member of such acclaimed classics as "Key Largo" and "The Asphalt Jungle") wrote, produced, starred in and directed entirely by himself! "Pigs", which is a much easier and equally appropriate title to use instead of the official "Daddy's Deadly Darling", blends two main story lines that are typical 70's exploitation guff (meaning: absurd and utterly tasteless), yet the wholesome feels refreshing and unique. The opening sequences introduce Lynn Webster. She's a beautiful and impressively voluptuous young girl who has just slain her father because he couldn't keep his hands to himself and a certain other body part inside his pants. One minor problem, however, Lynn refuses to accept her daddy is dead and she even escapes from the asylum to search for him. Why she desperately wants to be reunited with the guy who physically abused her is just one of the many weird kinks in the plot that remains unexplained and neglected. I guess it's because she's mentally unstable and those people tend to desire weird things. Anyway, she arrives at a remote countryside diner where funny farmer Zambrini employs her as a waitress. Zambrini has a couple of issues of his own, though. To a corpse he stole from the local morgue he explains how his pigs accidentally developed a taste for human blood. It started when they devoured a drunkard who fell asleep in their barnyard, but now they exclusively crave human flesh. The rest of the film is pure but amusing nonsense, with Lynn gradually losing whatever's left of her sanity and Zambrini desperately collecting corpses to keep his porkers satisfied. Jesse Vint stars as the handsome Sheriff investigating the odd events at Zambrini's farm and, like any other male character, he falls for Lynn's gorgeous rack. "Pigs" guarantees 80 minutes of uncompromising and demented 'Rednecksploitation' fun! Naturally it's a horrible film, complete with amateurish acting performances and dialogs that appear to have been written by the pigs, but trained admirers of cinematic 70's smut won't be able to resist it. The camera-work looks hideous, Marc Lawrence clearly never heard of editing and the make-up effects wouldn't even scare a child. "Pigs" also features a misfit but incredibly catchy theme song called "Somebody's Waiting For You" (misfit songs were almost obligatory in 70's drive-in classics) and the endlessly repeated "La la lalalla la la" tunes. Marc Lawrence donated the role of Lynn to his real-life daughter Toni, presumably to launch her career. It must have been awkward, for the both of them, to shoot all the sequences where she wears a revealing and too tight nightgown. Do I sense incestuous undertones? Sure, why not … Everything goes in the wondrously twisted world of 70's exploitation, right?
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I saw this under the title PIGS.
capkronos4 May 2003
Lynn Webster (Toni Lawrence, Marc's real-life daughter) is sent to an asylum for shock therapy after killing her father when he tried to rape her. She escapes, steals a car and ends up in a small farming town where weird truck stop owner Mr. Zambrini (Marc Lawrence) gives her a waitress job for room and board. The relationship ends up working out nicely for both -- Lynn goes on a killing spree after almost getting raped again, while Zambrini covers her ass by hacking up the bodies and feeding them to his flesh-craving pet pigs he keeps pinned up behind the restaurant.

Familiar character actor Marc Lawrence made his directorial debut (and as 'F.A. Foss,' also his screenplay debut) with this very cheap and dark-looking, but fairly well-acted and sometimes creepy, low-budget backwoods horror flick. It laid unreleased for about 12 years, but I've seen worse.
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A pleasantly unvarnished drive-in artifact
EyeAskance22 May 2003
A doolally feature so disjointed that it makes you feel like you've been drinking Everclear all night, PIGS is one of the more underrecognized films in the 70s horror canon. An attractive girl fresh from the funny farm-(she killed her Father for you-know-what)-takes a waiting job in a Mayberry-hick diner operated by an old wacko who keeps a pen of flesh-hungry swine(a perfect disposal for those dead bodies that keep turning up).

Enjoyable soup-kitchen quickie with a groovy bubblegum pop intro, PIGS is plenteous with off-base appeal, and is a moderately more proficient contribution than the standard hireling-level picture of its day.

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