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Moses Pray: I got scruples too, you know. You know what that is? Scruples?

Addie Loggins: No, I don't know what it is, but if you got 'em, it's a sure bet they belong to somebody else!

Addie Loggins: I want my two hundred dollars.

Moses Pray: I don't have your two hundred dollars no more and you know it.

Addie Loggins: If you don't give me my two hundred dollars I'm gonna tell a policeman how you got it and he'll make you give it to me because it's mine.

Moses Pray: But I don't have it!

Addie Loggins: Then get it!

Cafe Waitress: [walks over after Moses slams his fist on the table] How we doin', Angel Pie? We gonna have a little dessert when we finish up our hot dog?

Addie Loggins: I don't know.

Cafe Waitress: What do you say, Daddy? Why don't we give Precious a little dessert if she eats her dog?

Moses Pray: Her name ain't Precious.

Trixie Delight: You already got bone structure. When I was your age I didn't have no bone structure. Took me years to get bone structure. And don't think bone structure's not important. People didn't decide to call me "Mademoiselle" until I was seventeen and getting a little bone structure.

Moses Pray: [calling up to Addie on the hill] Let's go!

Trixie Delight: Hurry up, Doctor. This baby gots to go winky tinky!

Moses Pray: [patting Trixie's shoulder] Don't worry.

[calling up to Addie again]

Moses Pray: Hey!

[Moses starts walking up the hill]

Moses Pray: Come on, we're ready! Come on, now!

Addie Loggins: I ain't comin'!

Moses Pray: You listen here, child...

Addie Loggins: No, I won't listen here.

Moses Pray: What the heck's up with you then?

Addie Loggins: I wanna sit in front! And how come we ain't workin' no more?

Moses Pray: 'Cause we're on vacation, that's why, and Miss Delight and me are sittin' in front because we are two grown-ups and that's where grown-ups do the sittin'! And little children do not tell grown-ups what to do with their lives, you understand that?

Addie Loggins: Well, she ain't my grown-up and I ain't plannin' no more to sit in the back. Not for no cow!

Moses Pray: Will you keep your voice down? And Miss Delight ain't no cow. She's a proper woman. She has a high school diploma. And right now she's got to go to the bathroom, so you get on down to the car!

Addie Loggins: She always has to go to the bathroom! She must have a bladder the size of a peanut! Well, I ain't gettin' back in that car... not until she gets out of it!

[disgusted, Moses goes back to the car and talks to Trixie]

Trixie Delight: [making her way up the hill] Hey, what's up, kiddo? Daddy says you're wearin' a sad face. Ain't good to have a sad face. Hey! Hey! How'd you like a coloring book? Would you like that? You like Mickey the Mouse?

[Trixie trips and falls]

Trixie Delight: Oh, son of a bitch!

[about Trixie Delight]

Addie Loggins: How come she had to leave that job back there?

Imogene: Cause the boss-man tried to make her put out for his friends, and she don't believe in puttin' out for free!

Addie Loggins: She put out much?

Imogene: Just like a gum machine. You drop some in and she'll put some out.

Moses Pray: I know a woman who looks like a bullfrog but that don't mean she's the damn thing's mother.

[repeated line]

Addie Loggins: I want my two hundred dollars!

Imogene: You know the little white speck on top of chicken doo-doo?

Addie Loggins: Yeah.

Imogene: Well, that's the kind of white I think miss Trixie is. She's just like that little white speck on top of old chicken shit.

Addie Loggins: [about the Harem Slave show at carnival] How many times you gonna see it?

Moses Pray: As many times as I like, that's how many times!

Addie Loggins: You've seen it half a dozen already.

Moses Pray: And I might see it half a dozen more! Now why don't you go play bingo or somethin'?

Addie Loggins: I don't wanna play bingo!

Moses Pray: Then why don't you go write another love note to Saint Roosevelt?

Addie Loggins: Maybe I will!

Moses Pray: And stop standing around here checking on me! You don't have to worry. I ain't about to leave some poor little child stranded in the middle of nowhere. I've got scruples too, ya know. You know what that is... scruples?

Addie Loggins: No, I don't know what it is but if you've got 'em, it's a sure bet they belong to somebody else!

[Addie stalks off]

Moses Pray: [calling after Addie about President Roosevelt] And his name ain't Frank, it's Franklin!

Trixie Delight: I just don't understand it, Daddy, but this little baby has got to go winky tinky all the time.

Moses Pray: Well, don't you worry none. We'll just plan on stoppin' here for dinner.

Addie Loggins: [furious] But we just stopped for her to winky tink at lunch!

Moses Pray: That's right and now we're stoppin' for dinner. Come on!

Addie Loggins: I ain't hungry!

Addie Loggins: I need to go to the shithouse.

Moses Pray: I want one child's price ticket.

Station Master: That will be $11.45.

Moses Pray: I want you to send this here telegram to Miss Billie Roy Griggs of Cosmo Road, St. Joseph: "Train arriving 9:52 AM and bringing love, affection, and $20 cash." Oh, make that "$25 cash", and sign it just "Addie Loggins".

Station Master: 10 words, that will be eighty-five cents more, that will be $12 and 30.

Moses Pray: $12 and 30, huh? You better say in that message there "Love, affection, and $20 cash."

[repeated line]

Moses Pray: Eat your Coney Island!

[last lines]

Moses Pray: I told you, I don't want you ridin' with me no more.

Addie Loggins: You still owe me two hundred dollars.

Addie Loggins: Moze, look!

Addie Loggins: Imogene, what do you suppose Miss Trixie'd do if somebody offered her $25 to put out.

Imogene: Ooo Wee! You crazy? For that much money, that woman'd drop her pants down in the middle of the road!

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Imogene: [of Miss Trixie] I tried to push her out of a window in Little Rock once.

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Addie Loggins: [about Trixie Delight] She always has to go to the bathroom. She must have a bladder the size of a peanut.

Moses Pray: I told you, I don't want you ridin' with me no more.

Addie Loggins: You still owe me two hundred dollars.

[first lines]

The Minister: Judge me, oh Lord, for I have lost in mine integrity. I have trusted also in the Lord, therefore I shall not slide. Examine me, oh Lord, and prove me. Try my reins and my heart, for Thy loving kindness is before mine eyes, and I have walked in Thy truth.

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