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During the final scene when Mose and Addie are driving off down a long dirt road, there's a clearly visible contrail from a high altitude plane across the sky in the distance. The film was set in the early-1930s when high altitude flights were far from commonplace.
Fibber McGee's famous "closet gag", so anticipated by Addie while listening to the radio, didn't start until 1940.
When Addie is listening to Jack Benny on the radio, Benny can be heard referencing his famous feud (it was a fake feud) with Fred Allen. This film takes place in 1935 but the "feud" did not start until 1937.
When Moses is being chased through the streets of St. Joseph, modern electrical transformers can be seen on utility poles in the background.
The Goodyear sign overhead the store porch in the later part of the movie displays their modern-letter logo, not the 1930s version.
In the scene with the $20 bill "gift" from Addie's "aunt", the $20 bill Moses gives to the cashier is vintage. The $5 bill Addies gives to the cashier is modern.
If you watch closely, when Addie is reading the obituary of Mr. Morgan, just above and below Mr. Morgan's are two obituaries, respectively, one Bessie Lees and one Oscar G. Olsen, both entering rest on April 28th, 1971. This film takes place in the mid-30's. Also worth noting, is some of the obituaries state San Francisco as the home of a few of the deceased. This film takes place throughout Kansas and Western Missouri.
When Addie says, "Don't knock, use the key!" and sends Moze to Trixie's hotel room, we see a window behind Addie with a lace curtain. However, though this lace curtain, we can see cars that are of late 60's / early 70's style.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

On several occasions throughout the picture, autos can be seen speeding away, with tires screeching as though on asphalt, even though the vehicles are almost always on dirt roads.

Boom mic visible 

Just before Mose takes Addie to the store for a hair ribbon, Mose and Addie are in a hotel room. As Mose passes by a small wall mirror you can see the shadow of a boom mic and an arm holding it.


Addie's Nehi soft drink bottle rotates numerous times between shots without her handling it in the restaurant scene where she "wants her money".
Addie is inconsistent in the direction in which she rotates her hand when turning off her radio, and more often than not she rotates it clockwise (usually this would be "on") in order to turn it off.
When Addie sets up Trixie for cheating on Mose at the hotel, Addie leaves Trixie's room 235 and returns to her room. The room number on Addie's door is also 235.
The straw in the "Nehi and Coney Island" scene moves several positions during the scene. First the straw is straight and sticking out above the rim of the bottle then it's submerged then straight and above again and then leaning to the left and then back to straight again.
The Sheriff leaves Addy and Mose in his office to go get a cup of coffee at around 5 a.m., but when they run out shortly afterward, it's in clearly much later in day.

Crew or equipment visible 

The camera crew's shadow can be seen as Mose, Trixie and Imogene leave the circus tent.
As Mose and Addie are escaping the sheriff, the camera shadow is visible as the car careers toward it.
When Addie and Mose are escaping from jail, you can see the reflection of the crews legs in the car door after Addie closes it.

Errors in geography 

When Mose and Addy are agreeing to meet after they arrive in St. Joseph, he tells her to meet him on the 'Corner of East Wearing and Burlington.' There is no Wearing, (east or west) or Burlington in St. Joseph, MO. The streets in downtown St. Joseph, MO are numbered and/or named after the children of St. Joseph's founder, Joseph Robidoux.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

The film is set in 1935 and there are multiple references to bootlegging. Although national Prohibition was repealed in 1933 by the 21st Amendment, the Amendment did not legalize liquor: it left regulation of liquor to the states. Kansas did not legalize the sale of cereal malt beverage (also known as 3.2 beer) until 1937, and the first post-Prohibition legalization of alcoholic liquor did not occur until the state's constitution was amended in 1948.
Moze tells Addie that "...this particular person don't like cigarette smoke." He is referring to Trixie Delight. However, we later see Trixie smoking a cigarette when Imogene informs her of Lloyd's proposition. This apparent goof is part of Miss Trixie's efforts to create a "proper" impression for Mose; she doesn't want him to be aware that she does n fact smoke.
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Revealing mistakes 

After Mose and Addie leave the hotel upon finding Trixie "cheating" with the desk clerk, they are driving in the rain. There is wind blowing Addie's hair and ribbon from the back, although the windows are clearly closed, as it is raining very heavily.
When the hotel clerk is writing the note to accompany the box of candy he's sending to Trixie's room, the sheet of stationery he uses has white tape over 2 areas - one just above and another just below the word "Hotel" at the top - that blocks off some type of text.
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