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good movie

Author: batcavehotline from United Kingdom
31 May 2006

amazing i saw this film when i was 14 and still remember it today.was very moving and as it was on in the afternoon was quite shocking for the year ,wish i could buy it on DVD.excellent acting from all party's and a real tear jerker,I've always been a film buff and even at a early age i kept a log of films i would like to see again ,unfortunatly I've never seen it aired again,we get American love stories here on TV here every afternoon now(england) and i always check the listings for it,sadly no sign of it yet.any body with imfo please e mail me, or if you have any comments about my view,thanks for taking time to read my comment,steve

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a great early martin sheen performance

Author: Keith Ingber from United States
23 June 2005

i've read all of the other reviews but no one mentions martin sheen . i saw this film by chance. it must have been a rebroadcast in 1975 or 1976. and i have never forgotten the magnificent, underplayed performance by martin sheen, exhibiting the quiet strength that is so characteristic of much of his later work. it made me a lifelong fan. and yes, bonnie bedelia was also wonderful (although frankly, until i read the other reviews, i had not remembered it was her, this being so early in her career). a powerful film, that says so much about how little we sometimes know about the people we are closest to, until something surprises us (noting the daughter's comment near the end of the film, speaking of her father).

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Author: debbiejeff from United States
17 October 2005

I saw this movie years ago before i had my first daughter, i have two now that are almost thirty.It touch me so deeply that i swore if i ever had a daughter and knew my time to die was near that this was the most clever way to bond with her. It made me cry a lot. Well the daughters name was Maranda and that's my second daughters name.Over the years i've never heard a name even close other than the miranda rights. My daughter hated the name because no one else had it. But now through the 90's its appearing even in movie stars. So to the writer thank you for writing a movie that i will never forget and I'm 50yrs. young and for helping me name my daughter.I'm searching for a copy so she can see it too. The message was very clear and the movie well written. Its sad that movies these days aren't as powerful in showing true love and this one.

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A voice from the grave, a mother's love comforts.

Author: Brigid O Sullivan (wisewebwoman) from Toronto, Canada
17 November 1999

This is a movie ahead of its time in its portrayal of a troubled young woman who decides not to have an abortion. In her tapes to her daughter, she is real, angry at times, hostile to her own parents. When I saw it years ago on TV I remember a different soundtrack, a John Denver one, with "sunshine on my shoulder" being the theme. I must have mixed up movies. The movie itself left a lasting impression on me, as my mother had died two years before. I bought it the other day. It is dated and rather choppy now. The daughter's character is not fully explored but the mother's is. A good double hanky number.

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Author: Ripshin from North Carolina
25 March 2004

I saw this, at age eleven, when it first aired in 1973. My parents had left us alone for the evening, and I'm certain they would have been quite angry if they'd known we had watched a film involving a potential abortion. Frankly, I can't even imagine a current network TV movie daring to approach this subject in the same way. This film had a lasting impression on me - so much so, that I clipped the TV listing from the paper, and put it in my box of "favorite movies" after I saw it. I just came upon this title again, while performing a cross-reference IMDb search. Now, if I can only find that box with all those TV clippings - I'd love to revisit the films which meant so much to me as a child.

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I watched in Chile

Author: Andres from Santiago, Chile
1 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed this film an afternoon in 1979. Here in Chile was called "Mensaje a mi hija" (a simple translate from the original title). The audio was Latin-Spanish (dubbing in Mexico). First, I called my attention the transfer from record reel to the "brandnew" cassette (the mp3player from yesterday). I never forget the incredible communication that the died mother has with her daughter via tapes recorders. At the end, another unforgettable scene: she called by telephone to her stepfather, and say him "papá me puedes enviar dinero estoy en bancarrota" ( Dad, may you send me money, I have't any dollar). Yes, this American film is this kind of movies that its owner is the world. Very beautiful film, I never couldn't see again, but i can remember every scene.

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Very well done-- Should check to see if a Library has it.

Author: inquiryworks from Bridgeport, CT
22 March 2008

I was looking for a Martin Sheen movie similar to this, and re-connected to this movie. It's so long ago, but all three characters were (are) moving to me, and very well played. It could very easily have been sappy or preachy, but it played quite well.

I watched this when I was "between", about 22-23, beyond teen-age angst, but not a grown up parent. All three characters spoke to me. Truly one of those "open filming" movies that were shown 1971 approximately, and now they cut or fuzz over, topics or body parts.

I guess I remembered Bonnie Bedelia strongly from this movie, and she had not been in many movies, particularly just after that. If I find a place that owns it, I will let you all know.

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Author: peaches102754 from United States
29 March 2009

I saw this movie in 1976 while I was pregnant with my son. I thought I would never stop crying....(actually I haven't) but I remember if I had a girl I was going to name her Miranda...his name is Matthew so that never happened but it made an impact on me. I am going to get if for my 21 year old daughter to watch since she has a one year old now. My daughter was on her way to have an abortion, but did not do it. She decided to keep her child even though there would be a lot of difficulty since her father and I are divorced and I live in another state now. She has not been diagnosed with a terminal illness however leaving a recorded message to our daughters is not a bad idea. As we grow and age and times change basically we all have the same human behaviors and feelings of those who have gone before us, the fears and rejection. There is no greater rejection than abortion even though it is a woman's right to choose.

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The First Really Sad Movie I Ever Saw

Author: Reteena from United States
13 August 2006

The first time I saw this movie I was 9 or 10. The movie is much more about the mother whose recounting events on a audio tapes for her daughter. Her daughter listens to the tapes when she is about 17 or 18. I don't want to give too much away, but by the end of the movie you are totally experiencing the multiplicity of emotions that her daughter experiences. I loved every single person in this movie - all of them. If you need a super deep cry, grab this one and a large box of Kleenex. It is moving, touching, and as the other reviewer said, way ahead of its time.

PS - This is not sappy, unrealistic or predictable, either. It's not a "Terms of Endearment" or anything like that, either.

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Salem's Lot

Author: richard.fuller1
8 April 2005

I'm watching it as I type.

Bonnie Bedelia. I am always reminded of how beautiful she is and that she looks like Molly Shannon, formerly of Saturday Night Live, I think, anyway.

I had heard of her Oscar nominated performance in "Heart Like A Wheel" a movie about race car driver Shirley Muldowney, and I knew Bedelia was in the Die-hard movies, two of them anyway.

I looked her name up to see what else she might have done that I had seen.

Message to My Daughter, a 1973 telemovie.

About the right time. A quick read of the plot confirmed it. This is what I saw way back then.

I didn't watch all of it, but it seemed incredibly intriguing, and I do remember the abortion attempt, but she changed her mind.

It was the year of Roe v. Wade.

So was this movie pro abortion or anti abortion? 1973 wasn't a tame year for subject matter, but it is astonishing that more isn't heard about this film.

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