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  • The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. It is assumed that no one who is diligently avoiding spoilers will be visiting this page in the first place.

  • Because the film is careful to avoid showing the motorcycle cops' faces when they kill criminals, it is hard to tell which cop is at which crime scene. Additionally, the voices of the cops conducting the two traffic stop shootings are made to sound similar so you can't make a voice recognition and are left guessing as to whether it's the same cop or two different guys. Some believe Red Astrachan is responsible for either the execution of Ricca and everyone in his car or for the pool massacre, and Mike Grimes for the other one. It is presumed by Captain Avery in the morgue scene (and a mention that Phil Sweet found the pimp's body) that Sweet is responsible for executing the pimp.

    Of the four motorcycle cops, only John Davis is certainly responsible for the assassination of Lou Guzman and his associates, as well as Charlie McCoy, given that we see him taking off his helmet when speaking to DiGeorgio after shooting McCoy in the parking garage.

    However, it is also very likely that Davis might have carried the pimp's murder: Sweet clearly has brunette hair. There is a closeup of the killer cop's sunglasses when he is asking the pimp for his license and vehicle registration, where you can clearly see that he has blond hair sticking out from under his helmet, and Davis is the only one of the four motorcycle cops who is blond. This makes Avery's implication at the morgue that Sweet was responsible for the pimp killing either a continuity error or Sweet was nearby acting as a back-up to Davis.

  • This line caused great controversy amongst gun enthusiasts as it suggested that Dirty Harry used the much weaker 44 Special cartridge in his revolver rather than the tremmendously powerful 44 Magnum (the Smith and Wesson Model 29 capable of using both). According to screenwriter John Milius the crew simply fluffed his dialogue, what Harry means is that he uses a specially prepared slightly lighter version of one of the strongest varieties of 44 Magnum bullets in order to give him 'less recoil and more control'.

  • There are five: (1) Dirty Harry (1971) (1971), (2) Magnum Force (1973), (3) The Enforcer (1976) (1976), (4) Sudden Impact (1983) (1983), and (5) The Dead Pool (1988) (1988).

  • The most likely answer is that the cab driver supplied a description of the pimp to the police. Perhaps he was interviewed by a sketch artist as well. They probably were able to identify the pimp through both a mugshot and through a background check on the victim. Once there, it was a matter of one of the killer cops tracking down the car. It's also possible that the killer had already targeted the pimp for previous crimes or simply for the fact he was obviously a pimp. It was only coincidence that he was killed the day after murdering his prostitute.


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Sweet is killed by Palancio in the dockside shootout. Grimes is killed by Harry running his motorbike over with his car. Red Astrachan is killed by Harry using karate blows to the neck on board the aircraft carriers. Davis rides his motorbike off the side of the aircraft carrier and into the bay whilst pursuing Harry where he is knocked unconscious and drowns. Harry blows Briggs up using the bomb from his mailbox. Ironically this is the only film in the Dirty Harry series where Harry doesn't kill any of the villains by shooting them

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