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Classic Shatner
BillReames20 February 2005
Wow.. where do I start? This is one of those bad quality, early 70's movies that played at 10:00 AM Staruday Mornings. Usually, it was part of the particular TV Station "sales pitch" for the local replacement window & siding company... You know, they sponsor the movie and set up the commercial breaks to look like telethons; phones ringing... lots of activity... OH,, yeah, Back to Our Movie...... Without divulging anymore than the title of the movie does, I can tell you this: ABSOLUTELY, SPECTACULAR, TOTALLY OVER THE TOP PERFORMANCE BY WILLIAM SHATNER. Completely out of control with his searching looks, pauses (extended) during dialogue, made every effort to steal every single scene in the move. (I wouldn't have respected him if he hadn't) But wait... there's MORE. He's wearing those Gow-Awful Choclote Brown double knit suits complete with matching vest, plaid collared shirt with no button down collars... but worst of all... It was the dreaded and feared 1970's Necktie. Thick.. very odd pattern on it... about 9 full inches in width at the widest point and to top it off, His necktie (which should have had a registration number on it) was adorned with the most perfectly executed "Double Windsor" knot I have ever seen. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it, but if you can find a reasonable to "scam" a copy from somebody. I promise it will be worth your while.
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Eye witness to filming of this movie.
hotelsoldier125 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I was on location during the "Indict and Convict" scenes that were filmed in the Naples area of Long Beach, CA. My brother's house and the neighboring houses were used for both exterior and interior scenes. The furniture and other items that one sees belonged to the residents of the houses and were not props. I have quite a few slides that I took during the filming that show the background stuff as well as actual scenes being filmed.

The plot of this movie is based on an actual event that took place only four doors down from where the part of the movie that I witnessed being filmed was shot. This event was the Kirschke Murders(I hope I spelled the name right). I believe that the real event happened in the late 1960's or early 1970's.
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Classic Shatner
reamesb6 December 2005
If you like the out of control, over-acting William Shatner... this movie is for you. Bad brown suits, mutton chops, gigantic 70's neckties with double windsor knots... HUGE sedans... Great movie on a Saturday afternoon just after Soul Train. In fact, on of the other main characters in the move is the guy who played Tawney Kitaen's father in the movie "Bachelor Party". I also love the old style telephones and bad TV's. All furniture is very 70's dark with odd shaped lamps, etc. All fabric is genuine naugahyde or pleather... Nice corduroy jackets with patches on the elbows. Who invented plaid jackets and why? Did anyone really think they looked decent in them? White belts? White shoes? Zip up boots? Keep killing me.
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