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MPAA Rated R for strong language and disturbing images

Sex & Nudity

  • The demon who takes over the girl is called "Pazuzu." At the beginning diggers uncover his statue. He is making a "devil horns" gesture with his hand while he has a big erect penis.
  • A girl is seen masturbating with a cross. It looks more like she is mutilating her vagina with a cross. She speaking in a demon voice and tell God to F*ck Her. Lots of blood, will probably leave mental scars for young audiences.
  • a girl shouts sexual insults at a priest and a woman.
  • a man is grabbed by the crotch and thrown to the ground.

Violence & Gore

  • A police officers tells a priest , in graphic detail, about a murder that occurs off screen.
  • A demon possessed girl slaps her mother halfway across the bedroom. She lands on her back and cries out in pain (in reality she broke her tailbone and the cry was real).
  • A man rolling down a bunch of stairs and dies in a bloody mess.
  • A demon possessed girl crawls down a stair and spit out blood.
  • Demon girl vomits green goo on people.
  • A man beats up a little girls. He throws her on the ground, mounts her and deliver blows to her face.
  • A girl is poked with a needle on the neck. Blood sprays out.
  • the appearance of the possessed girl is both frightening and violent.
  • a girl gets graphic cuts on her face
  • a man is grabbed by the crotch (see sex and nudity) and thrown to the ground.


  • A drunk man calls a German man many negative "Nazi" terms.
  • The demon has a very dirty mouth, says things like "fuck, cock, cunt, hell, shit, bitch, ass," and many many more.
  • 2 "c" words shouted loudly and clearly (very strong language)
  • 95 "f" words (strong language)
  • some smaller profanities

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are adults socially drinking at a dinner party.
  • The mother is shown drinking alcohol to cope with the situation.
  • The mother smokes cigarettes, as does a priest.
  • In one scene, a visibly intoxicated man is shown.
  • A 12 year old child is injected with sedatives against her will, as well as being put through a hospital procedure that involves being injected in the neck with contrast fluid.
  • A verbal reference is made to marijuana.
  • The drugs Ritalin and Thorazine are referenced.
  • Two priests share a drink from a bottle stolen from another university dean; both are also showing smoking.
  • Even though there are frequent scenes involving alcohol/smoking they are very mild and neither glamorize, nor promote the use of drugs; one scene in fact decries drug use.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Adding to this movie's catholic religious tone , we should sum the fact that Exorcist is a existing procedure , to freed possessed people from demons , increasing the fright and paranoia of the catholic faithful's audience
  • Will probably scared those people who believe in God, for those who believe in free will, this movie may shock you but will probably not turn you into a Christian.
  • May be frightening to some people. in the past, this was the scariest movie ever created. The effects are still good and this movie does not hold back.
  • very intense.

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