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Plot Keywords

priest girl
faith psychiatrist
actress washington d.c.
attic iraq
demon doctor
teenage girl georgetown university
exorcism exorcist
tape recorder cocktail party
virgin blood swiss american
absent father subway station
greek american director actor relationship
ritalin demonic possession
piano wetting pants
ouija board agnostic
reference to jackie gleason heart attack
filmmaking psychotronic
devil reference to john garfield
basement police detective
reference to sal mineo evil child
film set spinal tap
1970s hypodermic needle
child in peril loss of mother
stabbed in vagina hell's kitchen
bar teenager
good versus evil neurological disorder
lifting someone into the air religion
mouse trap twisting one's head completely around
character says i love you crisis of conscience
mother son relationship saint joseph medal
blockbuster halloween
reference to paul newman famous score
astronaut medical test
bathtub rough neighborhood
female tied up crab walk
suicide boxing gym
supernatural horror neurologist
catholic x ray
possession female in bed
questioning beliefs crucifix
movie making defloration
language lab speaking in tongues
pneumoencephalogram paranoia
bed husband and wife domestic
sign of the cross claustrophobia
skeptic first part
reference to satan reference to groucho marx
running track drunkenness
child swearing emaciation
lifting female in air ex boxer
single mother movie director
baffled doctor thorazine
crisis of faith despair
talking backwards torment
cult film violence against a child
director murder
brain scan medical clinic
subliminal message female masturbation
bed moving by itself hospital
tragic hero bloody mouth
heart condition arteriogram
electronic music score mind game
fear temporal lobe epilepsy
statue desecration
clock urination
falling down stairs dream sequence
iv line leg ulcer
ouija witchcraft
jesuit priest paranormal phenomena
surrealism vision
medical examination nitroglycerine
blood christian
last rites reference to debbie reynolds
movie fan charity ward
film director self sacrifice
nineveh syria possessed human
hypnosis murder investigation
uncle hit in the face
occult autograph
cafe falling from a window
reference to napoleon medication
self mutilation catholic priest
suspense mother daughter relationship
desert death
reference to joseph goebbels head spin
masturbation with a cross levitation
jogging jesuit
catholic church holy water
blasphemy possessed girl
vomit archeological dig
punching bag tied to a bed
slum supernatural power
derelict vomiting
reference to lucille ball based on novel

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