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  • The implication is that he lands a blow on Oharra's neck off screen, crushing his trachea. You can hear a cracking noise that was added in post-production to emphasize it.

  • The extended version shows two more scenes not featured in the theatrical version that lengthen the story line a bit. Altogether the extended version is approximately three minutes longer.

  • In the time of VHS, all Bruce Lee classics were only released as more or less censored versions in the UK. As one can imagine, the nunchakus used by Bruce Lee weren't popular with the censors of the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification). Even Lee's only major US release Enter The Dragon had to be censored. Many of the scenes that had to be removed were very tame. Not only did they cut out the scenes where he uses weapons, simply holding them was enough to have scenes removed. Besides that, it's business as usual: easily imitable moves and techniques, especially from our old friend Bolo, were anathema to the BBFC.

  • In Asia, an independent version of Enter the Dragon was released, which contained different opening and ending credits and some other minor changes. None of those changes seem to have been due to censorship. It seems the film had just been adjusted to the respective audience.


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