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Words cannot describe the 'badness' of this movie

Author: AwesomeWolf from Australia
20 November 2004

Version: English dub.

Woah. I bought this movie for $10 - it had Jackie Chan on the cover (at the time, I didn't recognize the cover of "Eagle Shadow Fist" was also the cover of "Battle Creek Brawl"), and the blurb talked about Jackie Chan. So I'd never heard of it before - $10 isn't much for a movie I've never heard of, or so I thought.

So I put the movie on. Where's Jackie? And who is that guy who is apparently the main character? Wait, that guy looks like a very young Jackie Chan - wait, that guy IS a very young Jackie Chan (the young Jackie is shown in small photos on the back, in contrast the older Jackie on the front). Anyway, so Jackie isn't the main character, I can still enjoy this movie, right?

Wrong, so very wrong. Story wise, it is similar to Bruce Lee's "Fist of Fury", and Jackie Chan's sequel "New Fist of Fury". Unfortunately, "Eagle Shadow Fist" lacks a real plot, and any watchable action sequences. The dubbing is bad, and not even in a funny way. Simply put, "Eagle Shadow Fist" is just horrible. It should not be viewed by ANYONE - this includes Jackie Chan fans, martial arts fans, b-movie fans, etc. NO ONE should watch this movie. Don't even buy it for 50 cents.

1/10. Have I mentioned that this is one horrible movie, and should not be watched by anyone?

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It's a 1973 martial arts film!

Author: tyrrellpaul from Northampton
17 February 2011

I love this film as I do all early martial arts films.

This film is typical of the 1970's style of early martial arts films, ie not much plot, same plot as other films, more choreographed fighting than dialogue, bad dubbing, etc etc, because of this it is what it is, and highly enjoyable too.

Don't be fooled by the film cover Jackie Chan is not the lead actor and does not get much screen time nor do you see him fight up close much, but you can still see the development of his unique style.

All in all its still a great movie. Try and get the US uncut version so the fight scenes don't feel too disjointed and enjoy it for what it is.

Those who out and out disparage the film should appreciate that without these early films Chan would not have developed as he has.

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One of Hong Kong's darker memories...

Author: abentenjo from Swindon, UK
27 May 2002

Set amid the turbulent China years of Japanese occupation during the Second World War, we follow a group of actors / resistance fighters who are kicked from their theatres and into shabby hideouts. It's from here they fend off the appallingly presented Japanese (one's depicted with a Hitler moustache) who's only intent, it seems to me, is to generally rape, maim, kill and terrorise. The only reason this one hasn't sadly been banished for the rest of eternity is due to a sprightly support from our man Jackie, but even hardened Chan fans may find this pulp a little hard to swallow. To simplify – this is a bad, bad film.

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Horrible garbage..stay away from!

Author: heartofmetal from IL, USA
4 March 2004

Now,I'm not a real huge fan of martial arts movies but love the well done movies with J.Chan (like both Drunken Master flix) whom I find to be simply amazing. Do NOT let this movie fool you..this is NOT a Chan movie eventhough he appears in it. Fight sequences are very bad along with everything else including totally unneccessary scene where kids are brutally murdered.Chan does very little fighting and when does,he is beaten down fiercly.Plot is weak (but that's ok if fighting is decent..which is not) Just a total blower of a movie. I got this for about $3 on dvd and I have to say,it was not worth one tenth of what I paid. PURE CRAP.DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Typical Early 70s kung fu

Author: cdwegner
9 November 2015

This movie is a typical low budget 70s Kung fu with the Chinese heroes against the Japanese occupying army and local bad guys.

It is pretty mediocre compared to some of the great 70s Bruce Lee and Sonny Chiba flicks that came out during that same time period.

Jackie Chan is really young in his movie and doesn't get much screen time. You can tell that he is going to be big though. His personality shines through.

This was recently broadcast under the name Eagle Shadow Fist. This version claimed to be the unedited /director's cut.

It is decent if you need a kung fu cheese fix.

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Jackie Chan in 2nd role

Author: CrashHolly8 from Varkaus, Finland
24 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The main guy is Hao Li and Jackie Chan dies in this movie. Chan has quite few fight scenes and its not until very end at 1 hour mark, when he dies. The movie opens with opera performance, the guys has make-up and they're about to go to stage, but Japanese invades and cancels the show. Japanese and Chinese guys brawl a bit (Fight, that includes Chan and Hao Li). After that they show Chinese working men and they're forced to pay for Japanese. One guy doesn't pay, thus getting beat up. Then Hao Li and Chan arrives and Japanese open fire, but heroes manages to stay away of bullets. Hao Li and Chan are looking for a place to stay, they bump in old and sick man and his relative promises a place. Then they go there and Hao Li is rickshaw rider and he threatens 1 hooker and that hooker tells about bad rickshaw rider, thus getting Japanese to invade Hao Li's and Chan's hideout. Both guys arrive in nick of time and beat 4 Japanese guys, after that Hao Li goes to restaurant and Chan goes to wander around. Japanese return to hideout and this time both heroes are away. Japanese easily kill old man, then Chan returns, but is no match to Japanese and they take Chan as hostage. Daughter goes to seek Hao Li and finds him, but everyone is beaten up, when Hao Li arrives. Of course Hao Li goes after Japanese to save Chan and giving Japanese a lesson. 4 guys Hao Li beats easily, but the guy with black clothes is bigger threat to Hao Li. Black clothes guy climbs to roof, but Hao Li doesn't see it, when he saves Chan, Chan sees the guy and tells it to Hao Li. Then its Hao Li versus black clothes guy in roof. After that small group of Chinese (Contains Hao Li and Chan) goes to secret hideout and Chan and girl are going to pay to guy, who will help them out of there. When they return, they're ambushed and Chan gets blade to stomach, he makes it to hideout and tells, what to do, but dies. Then Hao Li goes to save girl and gets to know, that place, where his friends are going, is ambush. Then Chinese people (Hao Li's friends) gets killed by Japanese and Hao Li returns and kills the killers. Then main bad guy arrives and its end fight. Fighting in this movie was very well choreographed, its not best fighting in movies, but watchable. End fight impressed me.

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I couldn't stand more than 40 minutes of this

Author: callanvass from victoria b.c canada
18 December 2013

Jackie made a few early duds in his career, with movies that didn't deserve a talent of his caliber. From what I saw, it's a boring historical drama set in Japan during WWII. Jackie isn't the star in this movie, and he's merely a supporting player. He has a hideous looking army cut with short hair. You have to remember that this was very early in his career. I just wish Jackie had a lot more to do. The fights from what I saw looked very routine and unexciting. There was one dubbed line that made me cringe with how bad it was. "Shut up you b*****ch. Better wipe your ass clean!" when a woman stumbles into some water. I get this was done in the early 70's, but so many of these early martial art films are crude. I realize this isn't a very good review, but its god awful, and I couldn't finish it. I'm a huge Jackie Chan fan myself, so I'm not even sure if die hard Jackie fans can finish this


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This movie is not good.

Author: jgusw from USA
15 December 2000

This was not a good movie. I'm ashamed to have it in my video collection. If you're a Jackie Chan fan, then stay away from this movie, because you might not be one after seeing this trash! So, don't subject yourself to this garbage and watch something more entertaining; like Barney.

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absolutly brilliant

Author: mark klan from Leicester England
9 October 2002

this film is by far one of jackie chans best films, the fight coreography is superb. not to mention the picture quality on the video its outstandingly good. i would buy many copies of this film as its really good. if anyone was thinking of staying in and renting a film this is the one that you want. its really good.

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