Don't Look Now (1973) Poster

Plot Keywords

psychic gondola
death church
grieving hotel
premonition venice italy
italy three word title
drowned child death of protagonist
flash forward flashback
5 year old accidental death
sex refusing to believe
death by drowning suspense
blind woman talking with the dead
house manager chance meeting
subjective camera cult film
slow motion scene character's point of view camera shot
grieving parent grieving father
grieving mother imperative in title
women's restroom vomit
underwear trance
telephone call talking doll
stretcher statue
sister sister relationship shower
sex in public second sight
scaffold saint nicholas
sadness restaurant
rain raincoat
precognition prayer
pond police
policeman police station
photograph old woman
nudity motorboat
mother son relationship mosaic
mirror mental instability
maid loss of daughter
letter ladder
knife kiss
italian italian flag
police inspector hospital
hearse boat haunted by the past
guilt grief
girl female frontal nudity
father son relationship family relationships
fainting dressing
doll dead daughter
dead body dead body pulled from canal
church restoration children
chase cat
candle canal
cafe broken mirror
bridge boy
boat blood
blindness bicycle
bath bare butt
artificial respiration arrest
architecture ambulance
airport accidental drowning
loss of child topless female nudity
rural setting bare breasts
surrealism punctuation in title
apostrophe in title supernatural power
mother daughter relationship male nudity
husband wife relationship hallucination
female nudity father daughter relationship
death of daughter apparition
priest bishop
psychic power macabre
dead child serial killer
medium drowning
occult dwarf
mental illness blind psychic
death of child surprise ending

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