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Alternate Versions

The film was released in two versions in the UK. The 18-rated release features a pre-cut print which removes around 8 minutes of explicit pornography and a troilistic group sex scene. The R18 release, which limits its availability to licensed sex shops only, contains the all hardcore material.
The U.S 2008 VCX DVD print is shortened down to 66 minutes. This Editon claims to be the uncut version, but 2 minutes has been censored out. This edition also claims to be digitally remastered, but it has a dull picture.
The U.S 2006 DEFINITIVE COLLECTOR'S EDITION 2 DISC DVD Print by Raincoat THEATER is the Complete Uncut Vversion and is digitally remastered.
There are 8mm Prints, Super 8mm Color & Sound Prints, and even 16mm Color & Sound Prints of the films Theactrical Trailer. These Prints can some times be found on ebay
Some prints omit the lesbian scene.
Arrow video prints has several changes.The after credit sequence cuts to Justine in the bathroom instead of the shot opening on the city street and following her undressing in the mirror and the lesbian scene is completely missing. The 1990 "Special Edition" not only does not insert the footage back in but it has a much darker grainy film plus the opening sequence has a sepia tint
VCX offers the complete uncut theatrical version

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