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Army Doctor: Okay, Colonel Peckem, last test is negative. You're all clean, virus free. We can sign you out. The helicopter will be arriving in a few minutes.

Col. Peckem: Any news from Deitrich?

Army Doctor: They're sending a new man from the Trixie project to take over as Dr. Watts' replacement. He should be here in the morning. If only we knew what Watts was working on. We checked the slides he left behind in his microscope and his notes, but we can't make heads or tails out of any of it. He was onto something, we know that. We'll dope it out sooner or later.

Col. Peckem: [sighs] Sooner or later.

Army Doctor: I understand that they found a Reeces monkey at Deitrich, immune. We'll fund a human subject sooner or later.

Col. Peckem: Yeah... sooner or later.

[a soldier arrives with David, whom is not showing symptoms]

Soldier: Hey, you want an immunity check on this one, Doc?

Army Doctor: [to the soldier] Are you kidding me? Put him with the others!

[both Peckem and David make eye contact with each other, in which David smirks and he is taken away by the soldier, as Colonel Peckem also walks away towards the landing zone area]

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