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Forever young, forever classic!

Author: Peter Young from Earth
16 August 2009

Raj Kapoor's "Bobby" will never get old. It is a brilliantly made modern teen romance. Raj Kapoor's direction and imagination are excellent, ditto for his realistic portrayal of the modern 1970s India and its middle-class Christian community. The romance is portrayed beautifully, injected with many youthful energies and further aided by colourful and vernal locations, beautiful romantic songs, comedy and drama, and two very charming fresh talents in the lead roles.

This is the love story of a pretty, smart and headstrong Christian school-girl named Bobby, and a romantic, rich and well-mannered young man named Raj, who, unlike most of his contemporaries, prefers to sit at home and write poetry. He falls in love with her the first minute he meets her, and surprisingly enough, it does not look clichéd. The story shows how they start dating each other and how they later fight parental opposition.

Interestingly, while Raj Kapoor made this film to launch his son on the big screen, he titled it after Dimple Kapadia, who impressed him very much and reminded him of his muse Nargis. In a documentary about the life and craft of Raj Kapoor, he said that Bobby's first meeting with Raj in the film was loosely inspired by Kapoor's first meeting with Nargis at her home. And I completely understand why the memory of meeting her stayed with him for the rest of his life when I see this scene. It is a magic moment.

Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia make for a very good couple. This is according to me Rishi Kapoor's best performance along with his role in Mera Naam Joker. Maybe his dad was the one who could extract his talent to the fullest. He is likable, impressive and very convincing as Raj. Dimple Kapadia's is undoubtedly one of the greatest debuts in the history of Hindi cinema. She was natural, compelling, beautiful and acted with total aplomb. Her western outfits and sex-appeal are still very memorable. The rest of the cast are excellent, with Prem Nath standing out in a wonderful comic act as Bobby's loving father. Pran was also very convincing as Raj's witty, proud and dignified father, and Durga Khote and Aruna Irani provided fantastic support. Oh, and how can one forget Farida Jalal's Alka Sharma? A five-minute role which stays with you forever just like the film.

The film's cinematography is effective, the editing is good as well, and the art direction is fantastic. The characters are well-written, and most importantly - the music is simply outstanding. My favourite songs are "Main Shair To Nahin" (as is Aruna Irani's wonderful dance for the song) and "Chabi Kho Jaye (Hum Tum)". All in all, Bobby was a trend-setter, and it still remains an all-time sensational and fresh love story, which will never look dated.

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A Beautiful Love Story

Author: Gowri from USA
18 March 2005

"Bobby" is a fresh teenage love-story that has all the elements to make it a commercial, yet unique film.

Raja (Rishi Kapoor) is the son of a rich family. He was naughty in his childhood, and is sent to boarding school. He was never truly given the love of his own parents.

He grows up and comes back home. In his birthday party he catches a glimpse of Bobby (Dimple Kapadia). Raja is swept away, and for him, it's love at first sight.

Raja finds out that Bobby is the granddaughter of his governess Mrs. Briganza (Durga Khote). All his life, Raja had treated Mrs. Briganza more like his mother than his own mom, Sushma (Sonia Sahani). Bobby's dad is a fisherman named Jack Briganza (Prem Nath), who definitely likes his rum. He longs nothing more in the world than his daughter to be happy.

Raja and Bobby start to get to know each other better. And as they had suspected, they were soul mates. Now all they needed was permission to get married.

But they soon learn that the road may not be as smooth as they'd predicted. Raja's dad, Nath (Pran), has a lot of pride in his money and his "khandaan". Nath doesn't get along with Jack...and because of this, Raja and Bobby and prohibited from seeing each other.

But as the world knows, love has no boundaries...but in this case, could it be possible that Raja and Bobby can never be together? Was money that big of a deal? Or will it be a happy ending? Watch Bobby to find out!

I certainly loved this movie! The star cast was chosen nicely. Rishi Kapoor delivers a strong screen presence all while being pinch-my-cheek cute! Adorable I tell ya! Dimple Kapadia also looks cute in many scenes, and acts pretty good. Aruni Irani is wonderful in her role, and the character she played was expressed very well through her actions. Pran, well, what can I say? Akhir Pran hi tho hai! Woh hume kabhi disappoint nahin karega! Prem Nath acted nicely, and so did Durga Khote. Sonia Sahani had a small role, but she played it well to a nice extent. Farida Jalal had a significant special appearance. She played it perfectly.

The music! My god the music! Laxmikant-Pyarelal made beautiful evergreen tunes! The songs...the background music...everything was absolutely perfect. Well, except one thing. This is my opinion, but I didn't think there was any need to use Shailendra Singh for these marvelous songs. I think even more beauty could have been added to the songs if someone like Rafi, Kishore, or Mukesh had sung the songs. Besides, SS's voice didn't even suit Rishi that well.

I just have to talk about Lata of course! She once again proves how extremely flawlessly beautiful her voice is. When I finished watching the movie, her melodious voice continued to sing in my head. All the duets like "Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein", "Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai", and "Jhoot Bole Kauva Kaate" are sung perfectly by Lata. Her solo "Aye Phansa" is quite enjoyable too, it shows her versatility. Her one-line song, "Akhiyon Ko Rehne Do", is quite effective in the movie.

The hit song "Mein Shayar Tho Nahin" is composed perfectly...the lyrics are quite nice too. "Na Chahoon Sona Chandi" is quite entertaining, Manna Dey sings very nicely.

And last but not least, the direction by our showman Raj Kapoor. It was great, every scene is directed and edited with care, in order for the movie to be organized as well as entertaining. Some scenes made me cry. The character development is displayed well through the direction. One flaw though, and this is just my opinion. Sometimes the shorts/skirts for Dimple are just too short, and tended to give her a sleazy look. I was just waiting to see her in a pretty sari, but unfortunately I didn't get to see that.

But anyway, "Bobby" is definitely a classic. I give it a nine out of ten. Definitely worth watching.

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Crazy Romeo & Juliet story

Author: meitschi from Vienna, Austria
9 May 2004

A completely crazy Romeo and Juliet-style story about two teenagers, him rich and her poor, who fall head over heels for each other and defend their love against all adversity. Maybe not Raj Kapoor's best, but certainly interesting and groundbreaking for its time. This was actually the first Bollywood film I ever saw where it was clearly expressed (even though through a song and dance scene) that the pair was sleeping with each other - even more unusual as the couple consisted of two teenagers! Very Seventies in style with a severely overacting cast, but great fun nevertheless. In many ways a movie of a much freer and more uncompromising spirit than most Bollywood fare of today - but then, it was the Seventies...

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Too Much Sexuality To Disturbing Extent !

Author: ahmed elshikh ( from Egypt
5 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off, I can't hold my feelings against the way director Raj Kapoor was displaying his heroine Dimple Kapadia. I've never seen before in Indian movie, or else, such a passion to show and just show off a teen girl's body as plentiful as this ! It sure turned the taste of the movie from a romantic tale to a lunching of a 16 year old sex symbol ! Making the whole story from another Romeo and Juliet to another Lolita !

Raj Kapoor was always interested in hard love stories, this one is, yet with a happy ending and without far melodramatic turns. However, no movie he directed up till that moment was having this desire to exploit sexily a very young girl as increasingly as we've watched! That already exceeded the proper bounds of the movie's basic love story; to an extent makes you think that Bobby's main point wasn't its love story only !

It was the 1970s. Earlier there was the free, swinging and hippie 1960s. So, it was ordinary to have a risqué fashions in a 1973 movie. But away from any historical conformity, with the night gowns, the short skirts; the visible panties underneath them, and the red Bikini (!) Kapadia looked strangely naked for most of the time (and according to the romantic movies, the Indian cinema at the time, and the girl's age : shockingly naked !). Clearly it isn't a movie about seduction, and if it's about the sexual dimension in love; then the nakedness was too abundant. It isn't even a sex comedy; and you know what ? If it is, then that's the wrong age to use!

So could that be part of some kind of general development was happening back then (values, tastes, modes, movies..)?, or simply Kapoor was desperately commercial, dispatching this sexuality to certain audience, giving them a new yet "teen" sex goddess ?? (That's itself new enough !). At any rate, it is what the audience needed in India 1973 (putting in mind its rank as super hit). And Kapadia grew up to be one of the boldest temptation queens in the history of Indian cinema anyway !

As someone who savors the classic Indian songs I must say that save (Mein Shayar Tho Nahin) no other song got my admiration or attention. Raj Kapoor's famous love of using wide lens is evident in here. He always was thinking of the viewer as they must see huge sets and performers all the time. The drown behinds the décor were part of the romantic sense with its exact colors and smooth design. By the way this movie can be as useful as a dictionary for anyone who wants to study all the early 1970s gaudy and vociferous costumes for boys and girls.

Prem Nath was nice in his supporting role. I touched a slight state of being influenced by Raj Kapoor's direction and acting. And we all know that Pran is god's gift to the supporting roles in the Indian cinema. He's one of few actors all over the world that can define The supporting role enjoyably and by countless movies too.

Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia have great charisma. Yes, the performance was plausible but what makes it super is originally the casting. The 2 of them are real teens. Being in the right age for a romance was always a problem in movies. The bet at the newcomers here was right. Sadly I didn't see both of them as bright except very few times later.

I didn't like the script. Too ordinary makes the story not only old and familiar but weak as well. Simplicity has been forever the shortest way to being classic, but wholly not this time.

(Bobby) is supposed to be a naive love story with all the clichés, the stereotypes but on a richly entertaining level. It didn't work for me because its true naivety sometimes, and its distracting, rather disturbing, use of its heroine. It was importunately determined on manufacturing a wet sexy dream out of pretty young girl with, or more than, a romance between a boy and a girl.

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Author: ( from toronto, canada
5 August 2003

I saw the movie recently on a DVD given to me by a friend. I was aware about the movie when it was released many years ago. "Bobby" is a gorgeous girl and the scenery was awe inspiring. The producers took a chance in conservative India to feature her in mini skirts and somewhat promiscuous scenes. Anyway she reminds me of a famous American star Kristie Ally from an old TV series Cheers. How can I join her fan club?

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Fabulous and Epoch Making Film !

Author: Umar Mansoor Bajwa ( from Lahore, Pakistan
4 September 2008

Raj Kapoor proved himself as a successful director by the release of Bobby. He introduced his next son Rishi, (younger than the elder Randhir) who later in years became a screen icon along with Amitab.

Bobby was released in 1973 during the Rajesh Khanna years and this film was eventful in the sense that people learned and became aware of a young entrant of an old Indian cinema family - The first being the Prithvi Raj Kapoor.

The songs composed by R.D. Burman are mesmerizing and the direction is also superb. This film along with Amitabh's "Zanjeer" both released in 1973 served a real shock to the "Khanna phenomenon" which was the talk of every town for the last so many years.

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