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19 Jul. 1977
Episode dated 19 July 1977
Ron's scheme is placed in jeopardy.
17 Dec. 1979
Episode dated 17 December 1979
Vanessa (K.T. Stevens) causes Casey (Roberta Leighton) to have serious doubts.
7 Dec. 1984
Episode dated 7 December 1984
Traci assures Ashley that she can make Danny love her following the loss of their baby. Lauren informs Paul that they will be having dinner with her number one fan Shawn Garrett. Later, she reminds Shawn of her invitation - unaware that Shawn is a stalker and watching her every move from the other side of the street. Neil confides in Gina that Paul is worried about Lauren's behavior and that he still could get a hold of her mother, JoAnna. Crime lord Mr. Anthony tells Jazz that he is very happy about his thorough method to get rid of "Leon Monroe". Jazz is stunned ...
25 May 1988
Episode dated 25 May 1988
Little Victoria makes breakfast. Paul fields questions from Mary. George Rawlins visits Victor. Jack visits Leanna. Ashley confides in Steven about Brad.
12 Dec. 1988
Episode dated 12 December 1988
A dinner party is fraught with peril for Cassandra Hall and her secret lover, Paul Williams. Lisa Mansfield, who still has Brad in a cage, makes a bone-chilling threat.
27 Mar. 1991
Episode dated 27 March 1991
Paul Williams is outraged that Brad Carlton will inherit Cassandra's estate. Cricket convinces Nina to speak to the prison psychiatrist.
9 Jul. 1991
Episode dated 9 July 1991
Marjorie tells Paul and Lauren that a woman who comes from Michigan and whose last name is Carter collapsed at Fenmore's. Lauren wonders if that woman is connected to Sheila. Ashley is visiting Nikki at the ranch.
12 May 1992
Episode dated 12 May 1992
In a secluded farmhouse, Lauen and Molly are taken hostage by Sheila just as Paul begins to worry where his ex-wife is. Back in Michigan, Sheila fires a gunshot! But instead of Lauren she aims for the television set Lauren gave her mother, accompanied by a tirade how Lauren tried to make her life miserable from day one. At Jabot, Ashley receives a visit from photographer Blade who wants to convince her to give modeling a shot. An envious Victor begins to realize that Jack is becoming a father figure for Nicholas. He asks Nikki to have his son move in with him for some...
15 May 1992
Episode dated 15 May 1992
Paul and Lynne are on their way to Michigan where a thunderstorm is roaring. Now that the truth is out and Sheila has confessed to switching Lauren's baby for her own. Neil urges Olivia to undergo cancer treatment. Olivia declines because it could threaten her pregnancy. Lauren realizes that she won't leave the farmhouse alive and asks Sheila to be a good mother to her child. John Silva questions Scott when he plans on tell Sheila about the divorce and warns him that she will not take this lightly. Molly and Lauren plead with Sheila to let them go. Neil convinces Dru ...
26 Jun. 1995
Episode dated 26 June 1995
Amy learns that Matt went to Maddison to dig up dirt on Sharon. Later, Amy warns Sharon that she will get caught in the cross-fire as Matt seeks revenge against Nick. Victor and Ashley have a heart to heart. Victor calls Hope and expresses how much he misses her. In New York City, Phyllis drugs Sasha to alter the paternity test results. But will she succeed? Danny and Christine realize that Phyllis once worked at the lab and could have influenced the test. Joani who is taking care of Daniel in Genoa City receives a visit from a man who introduces himself as a friend ...
25 Jun. 1997
Episode dated 25 June 1997
Jack is upset when he learns that the mysterious man Diane is working for is Victor. Phyllis tells Danny that she's pregnant. Nina tells Jill she saw Ryan with a pretty young woman. Christine and Paul decide to tell Danny the truth.
18 Dec. 2008
The Young & the Restless
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4 Jul. 2011
Sharon Remembers
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23 Oct. 2012
Episode dated 23 October 2012
Summer sees Ronan talking to a boy named Jamie thinking that he is her mother's lover's son.
16 Aug. 2013
Episode dated 16 August 2013
A major thunderstorm hits Genoa City. Family and friends gather at the Chancellor Mansion as Katherine and Murphy are bound to return from their great world tour. Amidst a power outage Billy tries to rekindle romance with Victoria. Avery returns but only runs into Summer as Nick is at Sharon's with Faith. Jill is startled when she receives a phone call from Murphy who explicitly leaves Kay unmentioned...
3 Sep. 2013
Episode dated 3 September 2013
Family and friends gather to pay tribute to the late Katherine Chancellor. Several former residents of Genoa City return to town. In light of the passing of their friend Nina makes peace with Paul and Christine as Nikki and Jill bury their hatchet. As the memorial begins, everyone shares stories of Katherine. Finally it is Jill's turn: She starts to talk about their tangled 40 year long history but eventually breaks down in tears.
4 Sep. 2013
Episode dated 4 September 2013
Everyone bids their final farewell to Katherine. With Cane's help Jill makes it through the service, recounting the twists and turns of her relationship with Katherine. Paul is the last to receive a letter from the late Grande Dame and takes a drastic step after reading it: he proposes to Christine. His brother Todd officiates the couple just a few minutes later. Murphy announces that the venue where the memorial was held will be called Katherine Chancellor Memorial Park. Longtime rivals Nikki and Jill bond over the loss of their mutual friend.
11 Sep. 2013
Episode dated 11 September 2013
It's the day of Katherine's will reading: Jill, Esther, Devon and Kevin all have certain expectations as they daydream what Kay left them. Business causes newlywed Christine to leave Genoa City yet again. Hillary continues to scheme with Mason. Certain that Cane and Lily try to play her, Hillary comes up with a new strategy and target: Devon. Nikki confesses to Paul that she gave birth to a child more than 30 years ago when they were in the cult. Apparently Kay left Nikki with instructions as to find her long-lost child! David Sherman, son of Katherine's longtime ...
25 Oct. 2013
Episode dated 25 October 2013
The Abbotts are gathering for Billy. Paul tries to get the truth from Michael, to no avail. Nick tries to help Billy. Sharon and Faith run into Adam at Chancellor Park.

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