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Season 1

26 Mar. 1973
8 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3261
Paul has to break the news of Andy's shooting to Farren. With help from Traci and Danny Brad manages the unthinkable and scores several distribution deals for Jabot. Kay meets with John's attorney Grant Stevens to discuss the divorce proceedings. She insists about not being subpoenaed in court when Grant badgers her to reveal the person who took the discriminating photos of Jill. Later, Kay desperately tries to get a hold of Lindsey. Michael tells Jill that John submitted them all financial details so that they can work out a settlement. Jill is shocked how much money...
10 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3263
Mary consoles Paul who is worried about Andy. Paul and Farren pray for Andy to pull through and later receive happy news from Dr. Steele. Esther is surprised that Mrs. Chancellor is having another visitor at this late hour. Jack wants to discuss the further proceedings in regards to the indiscriminating photos. Both Jack and Kay hope that Lindsey and Jill will comply so that John will never find out that Jack is the man in the picture. Grant Stevens explains to his client John that he is optimistic to reach an agreement with Jill now that they have leverage against ...
13 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3264
Lindsey finds John in Joanna's office who has been putting her charms on him. Lindsey confesses to John that she took the photographs of Jill's night of infidelity. With tears in her eyes, Lindsey tells John that she didn't come forward earlier because she was in love with the man who slept with Jill. An ecstatic Jill is in a flirtatious mood during her discussion with Michael Crawford about her divorce settlement. Paul and Farren are glad when Andy finally wakes up. The bizarre living arrangement with Shawn takes an unexpected turn for Lauren who finds out that Shawn...
14 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3265
Jill learns from Michael that John's fortune is much bigger than expected. John questions Lindsey about her former lover and asks her to reveal the name of the adulterer. Esther realizes that Kay is anxious to get back the photographs and decides to anonymously extort money from her employer in exchange for them. Paul explains to Andy that his shooting was no accident but so far the investigation remains fruitless. He then tells Andy of his break-up from Lauren. Later, Paul runs into Shawn and Lauren at Gina's.
15 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3266
Jack is anxious to find out whether Lindsey revealed his name to John. He is glad to hear that Lindsey kept mum. Farren consoles Paul after his unexpected meeting with Shawn and Lauren. Esther deposits her blackmail letter to Mrs. Chancellor. Jill daydreams of her new life in richness and tormenting her nemesis Katherine as a side effect. Lindsey explains to Jack that lying to John was everything but easy for her. Ashley and Victor plan a rendezvous. Nikki follows her husband to the secret cabin.
16 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3267
Ashley is late for her meeting with Victor who receives an urgent message from Dina. Hence the plans for a rendezvous fall through. Nikki is nevertheless convinced that Victor is having an affair with Ashley and that the cabin is their hiding place. John tells Lindsey that he won't badger her any longer to reveal the mystery man's name. On the next day, Nikki is having a photo shoot at Jabot just as Victor and Ashley finally meet at the cabin. Katherine receives a letter with the offer to get the photographs of Jill's tryst with Jack - not knowing that it was sent by ...
17 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3268
Victor and Ashley bask in the afterglow of making love in the cabin. Nikki's plan to go to the lodge is delayed by a visit from Casey. John lets Grant know that Lindsey took the photos of Jill's adultery and can confirm that it happened during the marriage. Grant is confident that this will reduce Jill's chances to succeed drastically. Esther prepares another blackmail letter. Shawn surprises Lauren with plans for a worldwide tour which she isn't thrilled about. Lauren informs her mother of the imminent divorce from Paul and Shawn's often erratic behavior which seems ...
20 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3269
John tells Jack that Brad scored several distribution deals. Jack is infuriated by Brad's success and demands that Brad stays away from Traci. Lauren questions Shawn about his childhood. She picks up on Shawn's deep devotion for his early deceased mother. Paul, Jazz and Amy continue to investigate Andy's shooting. Farren calls for Paul for help when she is having plumbing problems. They learn that Andy is released from the hospital the next day. Casey consoles Nikki who is desolate over confirmation of Victor's affair. Nikki vows to fight Ashley. Traci asks Brad out ...
21 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3270
Lauren visits Andy and then runs into Paul at the hospital. Andy deduces by their behavior that they both still have feelings for each other. Jill offers Brad a job as her assistant but it is evident that Jill has more in mind than a mere professional relationship. Jack confronts Brad for dating Traci - in spite of his explicit orders. Shawn offers Lauren to make her a huge star - and, to back up his notion, he presents with a ready to sign-contract for a worldwide tour. Kay receives another blackmail letter and wonders if there are still photographs of Jill and Jack ...
22 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3271
Kay pays Jill a visit. Infuriated by Jill's self-overestimation Kay decides that the blackmailers demand for 100000 $ cash is easily worth it. Esther can hardly hide her happiness upon hearing that. Victor sees Ashley in a new light. Casey worries that Nikki's seek for revenge is a bigger threat for her marriage than Victor's affair itself. Andy is greeted by his friends upon his release from the hospital. Traci receives flowers from Brad and confides her feelings to Mamie. The dinner party at the Abbott mansion in Brad's honor begins and Jack can't help himself but ...
23 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3272
Lauren receives a phone call from Turk who she tries to convince that Shawn does no longer need his services. Jazz suggests a new theory to Paul that Andy wasn't the intended victim of the shooting. Jill is having dinner with Michael and they grow closer. Traci berates Jack for his behavior and constant interference in her life. A furious Nikki listens in on a conversation between Victor and Ashley. Katherine has the money for the blackmailers delivered to her house.
24 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3273
Shawn arranges a lush dinner at the Colonnade Room to celebrate Lauren's soaring singing career. Lauren continues to press Shawn, who cannot stress enough his devotion for her, for information about his childhood. Later, Lauren falls ill. Victor and Ashley meet at the cabin while Nikki has an impromptu rendezvous with Jack. As Katherine deposits the money in the park as ordered, Esther dresses up as a homeless woman to remain unwitnessed by her employer.
29 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3274
During her date with Jack Nikki drowns her sorrows in booze. Jill receives an unexpected visit from John the night before the court hearing. Jill declares that despite all bitterness she still has feeling for John. Katherine is livid: she paid 100000 $ but got nothing in return. Esther worries that the scheme will blow up in her face. Danny tells Traci of his medical problems. Ashley helps Victor buying a horse for Victoria. Nikki and Jack make love.
30 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3275
Jack's and Nikki's night of passion is cut short when Victor unexpectedly shows up at the ranch. Nikki can barely usher Jack out of her bedroom as he loses his scarf... Brock realizes that the "Duchess" is occupied but she won't budge telling him about her night affair. Later, Esther surprises Kay with plans to move out. Kay is shocked that an inconsolable Esther was behind the blackmail. She forgives her maid and is instead happy to finally have the proofs of the photos to prove Jill's adulterous tryst. Meanwhile Jill has another meeting with Michael Crawford ...
31 Jan. 1986
Episode #1.3276
Victor finds Jack's scarf but Nikki manages to give a plausible explanation. Shawn presents Lauren with her tour poster and is surprised that she is now looking forward to leave town. Despite Paul's urging, Andy shows up at the office and wants to live on his life as if nothing ever happened. John learns from his lawyer about Jill's outrageous demands for a settlement. Jill asks Lindsey for confirmation that all proofs of the indiscriminating photos have been destroyed. Esther is still desolate over betraying Katherine. Kay has only one thing in mind: to tell John of ...
3 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3277
Katherine hands a surprised John the photographic display of Jill's adulterous affair just as Jill confesses to Michael that she kept an important part of their case a secret. Casey and Matt discuss their brothers' and sisters' complex relationship. John asks his lawyer to push ahead the divorce and send Jill copies of the pictures. Lauren assures Shawn that she is looking forward to the tour.
4 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3278
Casey urges Nikki to make amends with Victor instead of seeking revenge against Ashley. Victor and Ashley spend a peaceful night at the cabin. Turk warns Shawn not to trust Lauren. Paul, Andy and Amy learn of Lauren's plans for a solo tour in Japan. Victor, Nikki and Matt show Victoria her new pony, Bright Star. After her intense talk with Michael, Jill gives a call to Sven, the hotel masseur, to render his services. Nikki tells Victoria a fairytale featuring an evil witch called Ashley. Shawn listens in on Lauren confessing to a still comatose Tamra that she despises...
5 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3279
Danny tells Traci that he will undergo medical treatment. Brad receives a bonus cheque from John for his outstanding services at Jabot. He then goes to buy a lovely dress for Traci and asks her out to the Collonade Room. Amy and Andy set up a meeting between Lauren and Paul but the former couple cannot reach an understanding. Lauren's former psychic Tamra is fighting for her live after Shawn issues poison into her body. Joanna tries to stop Lauren from leaving town. Still reeling with Lauren's confession, Shawn changes travel plans for him and Lauren.
6 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3280
Shawn books a one way plan tickets to San Francisco. Both Lauren and Paul are still thinking about each other. Traci feels flattered by Brad's devotion. Michael and Jill have a talk about the latest twist in their case: the resurfaced photographs. Michael informs Jill that they will have to lower their demands drastically. Lindsey is unnerved when she sees John with Joanna at Gina's. She asks for Jack's allegiance in order to improve her chances with his father. Matt notices that Victor is having a tough time deciding whether he wants to stay with Nikki or move on. ...
7 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3281
Over breakfast, John informs his children that chances for a quick resolution of his divorce are looking bright. Jill is having nightmares about life in poverty as Katherine's maid and being tormented by her nemesis. Just then Katherine arrives at Jill's to gloat. Upon departure, Danny wishes Lauren great success. Shawn however doesn't buy Lauren's act that she is looking forward to her tour anymore. At the hospital, Tamra Logan begins to awake from her coma and murmurs two words: Lauren and danger! Lauren pays a visit to Mary and apologizes for everything she put ...
10 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3282
Jack has another argument with Brad over Traci. Nikki continues to tell Victoria the story of a witch called Ashley. Matt encourages Nikki to settle her differences with Victor. Pondering to end her affair, Ashley confides in Lindsey about her feelings for Victor. Lauren explains to Andy that she and Paul had no breakthrough and he still wants a divorce. Tamra's doctor finally understands what his patient wants to tell him and he tries to reach Lauren who has left on her trip with Shawn. Katherine warns John to be cautious because Jill always has a trick up her sleeve...
11 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3283
Andy confides in Paul that he thinks Farren is holding sth. back. He wonders if another man could be the reason... Farren invites Paul over for dinner with her and Andy. Lauren is surprised to learn that their travel plans have changed and that Shawn has arranged a stop-over in San Francisco. Victor notices that Nikki is pre-occupied but she won't tell him the reason for her unrest. Tamra's doctor shows up at Paul's office to inform him that his patient is asking for Lauren. Ashley tells Lindsey that she is hoping that Nikki moves on with Jack. Lindsey urges her to be...
12 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3284
Amy is thrilled about Nathan's progressing writing skills. Nathan intends to gain his high school diploma. Later, Tyrone invites Amy to his law graduation party. Brad and Traci try to lift Danny's spirit who is still worried about the operation on his vocal chords. Lindsey opposes to Ashley's idea to have a talk with Nikki. When Ashley cancels their meeting, Nikki pledges with Casey to make Ashley reconsider. Nathan feels inferior to Tyrone, thinking that Amy deserves better than a former illiterate. An ecstatic John tells Dina that his divorce proceedings hit a ...
13 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3285
Shawn and an unsuspecting Lauren check into a two-bedroom suite in San Francisco. Casey tries to convince Ashley to meet with Nikki. Traci worries about Danny's surgery.
28 Feb. 1986
Episode #1.3296
After learning that Lauren never arrived in Tokyo, Joanna asks Andy for help. He learns that Shawn canceled Lauren's concert tour. Joana gets increasingly worried about Lauren's whereabouts. In San Francisco, Shawn tells Lauren how his mother died in a fire at their home 14 years ago, yet leaves out some important details. A sobbing Ashley breaks it off with Victor. Kay interrupts Jill's massage by Sven and the woman quarrel. Danny is confronted by the mother of a pregnant teenage girl who accuses him of promoting sexuality through his songs and therefore being ...
3 Mar. 1986
Episode #1.3297
At Williams & Richards, Andy and his team continue their search for Lauren as Joanna continues to worry about her daughter's disappearance. In San Francisco Shawn's descent hardens; he is keen on putting his plans for Lauren in motion. Back in Genoa City, John makes the shocking realization that Jill told him the truth: The man in the photograph is indeed his son Jack!
20 Mar. 1986
Episode #1.3310
Paul, Andy and Jazz are still frantically searching for Lauren. Elsewhere in San Francisco, Shawn is at his mother's graveside, intent on putting a devious plan into motion. He starts digging, puts an unconscious Lauren into a wooden box which he then heaves into the ground. Finally, Shawn closes the hole and leaves Lauren buried alive! A heartbroken Jack confides in his mother seeking for advice how to make amends with John. Jill is celebrating her impending victory in the divorce proceedings with Michael Crawford. The lawyer stuns Jill by kissing her. Grant Stevens ...
21 Mar. 1986
Episode #1.3311
Tyrone informs Amy that he got some lucrative job offers but not in Genoa City. Amy tells him she does not want to leave town and therefore decides to call it quits. Andy and Paul catch Shawn in Fisherman's Wharf as his henchman Turks arrives with a gun in his hands. The situation escalates when the police are surrounding the docks: In panic Turk shoots Shawn before getting killed as well. Brad is overseeing a photo shoot with Nikki at Jabot as Victor confronts Ashley with his suspicion that she ended their relationship after Nikki used Victoria to issue pressure on ...
25 Mar. 1986
Episode #1.3313
Paul and Andy race to save Lauren who has only 40 minutes left to live. Farren is intrigued when she catches a glimpse of woman posing in a magazine ad. Amy then fills Farren in that the woman is Diane Jenkins, Andy's ex-wife. Meanwhile, Diane arrives in Genoa City and meets with Ashley at Jabot. Jill gets nervous that John might not comply with her demands after all. Dina shows up at Jill's hotel room gloating that John won't call her and that she can either make a fool of herself at her press conference or call the parade of reporters off. At the cemetery in San ...
27 Mar. 1986
Episode #1.3315
Paul, Andy, Jazz, JoAnna and Mary fly Lauren home to Genoa City. At Memory Hospital, Dr. Casey Reed takes over the patient. She has to inform the family that Shawn poisoned Lauren and is likely to remain in a coma for the foreseeable future. Jill gets panicky about whether or not to call off the press conference. In spite of Michael's advice she decides on going through with it after all when a movie producer approaches her and offers to shoot a film on her life. In the press room Katherine is parading amidst the reporters. She's surprised to find John in the ...
22 Apr. 1986
Episode #1.3333
Paul and Lauren reconcile and are then paid a surprise visit by Andy, Jazz, Nathan and Amy masquerading as musical waiters. Brad buys an engagement ring for Traci. Ashley and Victor have a heart to heart and sex at the cabin while back in Genoa City Nikki sees Matt bonding with Victoria. Diane asks Farren about her intentions regarding Andy and it seems she's not entirely over her ex-husband.
30 Apr. 1986
Episode #1.3339
John gives Brad his blessings in regards to Traci. Jack unsuccessfully applies for a new job. Matt stuns Nikki with a kiss as Victor and Ashley have another meeting at their cabin where he maintains that his future lies with her and not Nikki. At Gina's, Jack runs into Sven who's drowning his sorrows with alcohol after being fired by Jill as her masseur and subsequently at the Genoa City hotel. Kay flashes back to the times when Phillip asked for a divorce. She then swears revenge against Jill and pulls out of a drawer her caliber .38 rifle.
1 May 1986
Episode #1.3340
Paul and Lauren return from their trip to the Bermudas. Jill tries to convince Ashley of her sincerity to make a mark at Jabot and presents her first project to which Ashley refuses to pay attention to. Traci informs her mother Dina of her engagement to Brad. Under a pretense Jack gets a revolver from Leo, the bartender at Gina's, as Katherine pays him a visit to gloat over Jill. Later at home, Kay is overcome by further memories of her late husband and how their marriage crumbled the minute Jill set her sights on him, destroying her life just as she destroyed John's ...
5 May 1986
Episode #1.3342
Nikki who seems to want to move on with her life plans on going apartment hunting with Jack. At their cabin, Victor and Ashley profess their love for each other. Jill is furious when John downright rejects her ideas for a new Jabot marketing campaign. A drunk Jack swears to himself that he won't let Jill get away with ruining his life. After practicing her shooting skills in the garden, Katherine takes another drink and then goes to the Genoa City Hotel where Jill is living. Esther informs Brock how Mrs. Chancellor is spiraling out of control on this day that would ...
6 May 1986
Episode #1.3343
Brock and Esther wonder where Katherine has gone. Meanwhile Nikki is waiting for Jack who's late for their date. Joanna is also waiting for her date John who's conspicuously late. At the Genoa City Hotel, Michael finds Jill soaked in blood in the shower. As Jill is rushed to the hospital, police detectives Carl Williams and Salena Wylie take on the case and start to question Michael about who would have motive to kill Jill.
9 May 1986
Episode #1.3346
John is questioned by Det. Williams and Wylie. He is shocked to learn that Jill has been shot. Paul tells Andy that Lauren and he might be divorced on paper but he is decided on changing that formality soon. Andy's love life is far more complicated these days with Farren being jealous of Diane's return. Jack is fielded questions about his relationship to Jill by Carl and Salena. John calls Elizabeth Foster in London to inform her of her daughter Jill's grief medical condition. Liz makes immediate plans to come to Genoa City, Jill's son Phillip is on vacation though. ...
12 May 1986
Episode #1.3347
At breakfast, John breaks the news of Jill's shooting to his family. At the Williams home Carl discusses the case with Paul. Diane catches up with Lauren and confesses that she still has feelings for Andy. Brock badgers his mother where she went last night. A now sober Kay can't remember. Meanwhile the police investigation takes another direction: a gun is found near Genoa City Hotel and Carl Williams receives the bullets with which Jill was shot. After questioning Katherine's chauffeur, Det. Williams and Det. Wylie pose their questions directly to Kay who after the ...
13 May 1986
Episode #1.3348
While questioning Kay and Brock, Det. Williams and Det. Wylie learn from Esther that Katherine has no alibi for the time of the shooting. Jill is still in a coma. Liz visits Jill's son Phillip in boarding school to tell him about the shooting. It is obvious that the teen hosts deep resentments towards his mother to whom he has rarely contact. In ballistics, a CSI checks whether the gun found near the crime scene is a match with the bullets retrieved from Jill's body. Even though the results are inconclusive, they don't rule out this possibility.
14 May 1986
Episode #1.3349
Nikki is shocked how deep Jack's hatred towards Jill runs and learns from Leo that Jack and his former mother-in-law had a run-in at Gina's just hours before her shooting. Andy pays Diane a visit to look over her modeling contract with Jabot. Kay is at Genoa City Memorial Hospital to check in on a comatose Jill. Danny and Lauren work on his song to promote sexual awareness, a rewritten version of "Addicted to Love". Liz Foster arrives in town, with her Phillip who's still tentative to visit his mother. Det. Carl Williams has his prime suspects Jack, Katherine and John...
15 May 1986
Episode #1.3350
Michael Crawford hires Paul to investigate Jill's shooting. Carl arrives at Gina's to question Gina and Leo in regards to Jack. While Farren is waiting at home, Andy is still at Diane's and the former spouses kiss! Despite his resentments towards his mother, Phillip offers to donate blood since Jill has a very rare blood type and is in desperate need of a transfusion.
19 May 1986
Episode #1.3352
Lauren is suspicious that such a good looking man like Brad would marry Traci without having any agenda. On her hunch she pays both Traci and Brad visits. Liz is shocked that Phillip wants to leave for Europe again, even though his mother is still in critical condition. Traci tells her father that she and Brad want an intimate family wedding instead of a big event. Carl and Paul question Michael about Jill's divorce settlement because this could have been John Abbott's motive to shoot Jill. At Genoa City Memorial, John meets Jill's - now grown up - son Phillip for the...
21 May 1986
Episode #1.3355
Katherine is confronted by the police about being at the Genoa City Hotel the night of the shooting. Brock urges his mother to cooperate. Michael, Liz and Phillip by her side, Jill finally awakes for a few seconds.
27 May 1986
Episode #1.3358
Paul questions Esther about her employer's recent behavior and learns that Katherine lost her rifle, the one which likely could be the one Jill was shot with. John decides that Brad can move into Jack's old room. In his apartment at Gina's, Jack later unsuccessfully tries to convince Ashley that Brad is a no-good and will eventually hurt their sister. Traci urges Brad to finally mail the wedding invitation to his parents which he - unknown to Traci - does not. Traci chooses a wedding dress with Lauren's help.
28 May 1986
Episode #1.3359
A devastated Esther fears Katherine could take another drink but Brock can stop his mother. Jill is finally able to be questioned by the police and accuses Jack of being her shooter.
30 May 1986
Episode #1.3361
Jack is ready to board a no-return flight to Tahiti when Det. Salena Wiley shows up to take him to the police station. Carl Williams informs Jack that he is prime suspect in Jill's shooting and that he is therefore no longer allowed to leave the country. Lauren raises suspicions in Brad regarding Traci's feelings for Danny. With good intentions Victor warns Nikki that her involvement with Jack means trouble. Nikki is incredulous that even when she wants to move on with her life Victor keeps interfering. Carl and Paul learn that Nikki is Jack's supposed alibi and ...
2 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3362
Jill's state has vastly improved. Tyrone pampers Amy with champagne and caviar. Their happy mood turns sour when Tyrone reminds her that he is leaving Genoa City next week. To his surprise, Amy still hasn't decided whether to follow him. Kay pays Jill a visit in the hospital. Jill is shocked that Kay doesn't remember what she did the night of the shooting and toys with her nemesis' insecurities before telling that she put the blame on Jack. Jazz gives his brother a goodbye present. Amy confides in Andy that she is torn between her feelings for Tyrone and Nathan. Nikki...
4 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3364
Tyrone is convinced that Amy will join him when he leaves town the next day. While packing boxes at the PI office Amy has flashbacks of Nathan and is now even more undecided than before whether she wants to be with Tyrone or him. Jill is unsuccessful in making amends with her son. Both Katherine and Jack are optimistic that the police are looking for other suspects. In Jack's case this feeling is clearly premature because Carl and Paul pay Nikki another visit. They confront Nikki with the fact that Jack was late for their date the night of Jill's shooting and hence ...
6 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3366
Carl and Paul have divers come to the lake where Jack went the previous night. And indeed, they can retrieve the caliber .38 rifle from the water which is then brought to ballistics. Amy receives a letter - from former illiterate - Nathan in which he expresses his feelings for her. Amy is deeply touched. Heartbroken she breaks it off with Tyrone who then leaves town alone. Ashley visits Jill in the hospital where the latter maintains that Jack tried to kill her. Later, Nikki and Ashley have a run in during which Nikki warns her nemesis that, in the end, Victor will ...
10 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3368
Even though still being in hospital, Jill is ready to jump back into work and has David bring her several documents. Liz who's leaving for London again urges her daughter to not overdo it. Phillip takes Katherine up on her offer: he decides to move into the Chancellor Mansion for the summer to get closer to his father whom he never met. Brad asks Danny to honor his relationship with Traci. Amy informs Paul of her break-up with Tyrone. Jill has a nightmare about Jack just as he himself arrives in her hospital room. Jack accuses Jill of destroying his life and falsely ...
11 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3369
Leo tells Carl that he gave Jack a caliber .38 rifle just around the time Jill was shot. Diane is worried since Andy hasn't called her in a few days. Meanwhile, Andy assures Farren that he's trying to get information on her past. A curious Esther is surprised that Katherine has taken care for Phillip to finish the school year at her home. Lauren makes preparations for an engagement for Traci and Brad. Esther wonders why her employer would do that considering the relationship of Katherine and Jill. Nikki and Victor have an argument about Jack. Carl, Salena and Paul ...
12 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3370
Jack is taken into police custody by Carl and Salena. Joined by family and friends, Danny and Lauren throw an engagement party for Traci and Brad in Jabot's photo studio. In Brad's office, Lauren skims through Brad's desk and finds the wedding invitations intended for his parents which were apparently never mailed.
19 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3375
For the first time since the shooting, Jill leaves the hospital and returns to the scene of the crime. Jack is working on a defense strategy with his attorney Howard Morrison. In light of her sister's wedding, Ashley has a daydream of marrying Victor. Brad begs Jack to attend his wedding - for Traci's sake. Cricket is talking to her uncle Joe when a young girl named Molly shows up at the Jabot photo studio who desperately wants an autograph of her idol, Cricket.
20 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3376
It's Brad's and Traci's wedding day and friends and family gather at the Abbott house for this special occasion. Elsewhere in Genoa City, Jill has spent her first night after the shooting in her hotel suite and arrives back for work at Jabot. Cricket pays Jack a visit and is surprised to learn that he does not intend to attend his sister's nuptials. Brad receives a bouquet of flowers and a meaningful letter from Jill. Then, the ceremony begins. As Jack is lurking in the background, Traci and Brad become husband and wife.
24 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3378
After questioning Phillip, Brock confronts his mother about using the young boy in her latest quest against Jill. Cricket and Danny arrive at the hospital where they find Molly, the young girl who earlier went to see Cricket at the photo studio. Katherine offers Jack her help in his upcoming court battle. Jack thinks this is motivated by feelings of guilt since Kay was the actual shooter. Matt asks Nikki out on a date. Carl and Salena badger John to reveal the contents of his divorce settlement with Jill. Meanwhile, Katherine has a run-in with Jill at Gina's.
25 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3379
John discusses with his lawyer Grant the subpoena for Jack's trial. After a visit with Ashley, Victor arrives home and finds Matt and Nikki kissing. On their honeymoon, Brad and Traci bask in their happiness. Danny and Cricket have a social worker talk to Molly. Lauren shares her doubts about Farren with Andy. She isn't convinced that Farren really doesn't remember her past and thinks she could be faking her amnesia.
26 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3380
Jill is certain that Jack and Katherine are plotting against her, again. Michael wonders why Jill is finding solace in the fact that her son left town so she tells him the story of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Kay has flashbacks and remembers offering Jill money in exchange for the young boy which she declined. Cricket and Danny bring Molly to a home for young runaways where she meets her roommate Nina Webster, another pregnant teenager. Katherine finds Phillip at his father's grave. Ashley informs Jack that in compliance with a court order John will have to tell all ...
27 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3381
Kay throws a party for Phillip at the mansion but he can't enjoy himself at all. Victor tells Ashley that Nikki seems changed and ready to move on with her life. Meanwhile, Nikki and Matt are playing with Victoria by the pool. Jack confesses to shooting Jill to Carl and Mary.
30 Jun. 1986
Episode #1.3382
Diane tells Lauren that she's giving in and leaving town because Andy and Farren are rock solid. Lauren can convince her otherwise. Later, Andy asks for Lauren's help to dig into Farren's past. Jill jumps back into work, intent on making her mark by creating a men's line for Jabot. On his honeymoon, Brad is charmed by two beauties on the beach who he then bedazzles by showing his lovely wife. Jack pleads guilty in court.
1 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3383
Jack's confession causes shock waves: Both John and Ashley are dumbfounded that he shot Jill. Andy and Lauren arrive in Minneapolis to delve into the little information they have on Farren's past. They question the doctor who first treated Farren last year when she wound up in the city. Danny and Cricket are still concerned for Molly and meet with Karen Olsen at the shelter. Molly meanwhile gets acquainted with the her room mate. Later, Nina calls a woman called Rose DeVille who offers the young girl her help.
3 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3385
Nathan is concerned that Amy regrets staying in Genoa City and breaking it off with Tyrone. Amy tells Nathan that she doesn't. Katherine spoils Phillip with gifts. They then talk about his estranged relationship to Jill. Andy and Lauren arrive at the police station where Farren's accident took place. They learn that Farren's car was burnt out completely leaving no traces about it's origin or owner. There were also no missing-person-reports matching Farren's description so that the police had to close the case unsolved. The only clue they gained was that Farren does ...
4 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3386
Brad and Traci return home. Traci then goes to see Jack. Cricket and Danny interview young girls at the hospital to get to the source of the increasing number of teenage pregnancies. Elsewhere in Genoa City, Molly writes a letter to her parents and Nina meets with Rose DeVille who offers her a place to stay - for free. Lauren informs Paul about her trip to Minneapolis with Andy. She now admits that Farren's story is true and that were no leads as to her real identity than a burnt powder compact which survived the fire. Nevertheless, Lauren suspects that Farren might ...
7 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3387
Jill hires a French chemist to bring her ideas for a Jabot men's line to life. Ashley unsuccessfully tries to bug Jill's assistant David for information about Jill's plans. John offers Brad Jack's former position as head of marketing. Carol asks Jack why he falsely confessed shooting Jill. Farren pays Lauren a visit who then shows her the powder compact which does not trigger any memories in her though. Jack learns from his attorney that a prison sentence will be the likely result of the judge's verdict. Carl advises Jill to take the stand at court the next day to ...
8 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3388
Kay advises Jack to flee the country before the judge passes his verdict. Ashley tries to reason with Jill and to prevent her from putting up a grand show in court. Casey finds her sister Nikki in a kiss with Matt. Jack asks Gina for money who encourages him in his plans. Jack books a no-return flight.
9 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3389
Traci is ecstatic for Brad when she learns of his promotion. Brad receives his plane ticket which he booked under a false name. Jill tells Michael that Ashley tried to persuade her from refraining to show up at court by threatening to block all her plans for Jabot. Katherine sees Phillip smiling at a Jabot ad featuring Cricket. She tells Esther that a good friend is exactly what the young man needs to feel right at home and therefore contacts Cricket. Nina tells Molly that she's leaving the shelter to live at Rose DeVille's. After a talk with JoAnna John goes to make ...
10 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3390
Cricket arrives at the Chancellor mansion. After a quick chat with Kay, she is introduced to a surprised and timid Phillip. The meeting is a disaster and Phillip warns Katherine to never run him over again. Brad confronts Jill about the flower bouquet she sent him to his wedding. Jill retorts that he probably wouldn't be at Jabot if it weren't for her. She sees similarities between the two of them since they both had to fight and work hard for current position. Coyly, Jill alludes that she wants to ally herself with Brad for her big project. John tells Ashley about ...
14 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3392
Distraught over Jack's pending conviction, Ashley seeks solace from Victor. Molly receives a letter from her mother. Yet, she gets nervous when Karen Olsen from the shelter presses her to reveal her parents name and to contact them. In court, Jack realizes that Jill's statement hurt his case badly. When he is given the last word before the judge announces his verdict, he therefore proclaims his regrets and talks about disappointing his family. Jack is shocked that his indirect to appeal to Jill's conscience isn't unheard: Jill informs the judge of her change of mind ...
15 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3393
Rose DeVille is all chummy with Nina but hints at her how much trouble a child can be for a young mother. Under a pretense, Rose has Nina sign a document. Later, Nina calls Molly and encourages her to join her at "Aunt Rosie's". Jack surprises Leo and Gina that he still is a free man. John and Ashley are shocked that Jill said merits on Jack in court. Meanwhile, Jack goes to Jill and enters her hotel suite by force when she doesn't want to let him in. He says that he didn't shoot her and that the real culprit is still out there...
16 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3394
Jack meets his probation officer. Jill reminds Ashley that she owes her now. Victor and Matt learn of Jack's conviction.
17 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3395
Danny and Cricket learn from Karen that Molly left the shelter for parts unknown. Meanwhile Nina introduces Molly to Rose DeVille. "Aunt Rosie" is reluctant to let Molly stay at her house, citing that her pregnancy is not as far advanced as Nina's. Lauren plans a dinner party for Andy and Farren. Unbeknown to anyone Farren has left town! Nikki and Ashley have a run in at Jabot's photo studio. Rose makes a call, telling the person on the other end of the line that Nina signed the papers and that they therefore can set their plan into motion...
18 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3396
After receiving the results of Nikki's tests, a frantic Casey tries unsuccessfully to reach her sister. Both Victor and Matt charm their respective lovers during a lush dinner. Andy tells Lauren and Paul that Farren went missing. Soon after Farren returns and announces she's ready to face her past. JoAnna encourages John to have a face-lift.
21 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3397
Casey summons Victor to her office. She has to break devastating news to her brother-in-law: Nikki is suffering from a grave illness which could likely be terminal. Victor and Casey they must keep this news from Nikki and secretly start medicating her. At "Aunt Rosie's" place Nina and Molly meet their neighbor Stephanie, a young girl and mother of two. The two girls are shocked to witness how much work little children are. Nikki meets with her attorney Peter Endicut to discuss her plans for divorce. Victor's lawyer Martin Gentry arrives and the men start to work on ...
23 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3399
Nikki tells Matt of her surprise that Victor is extremely generous and cooperative in their divorce. Victor talks with Casey and she later hands Nikki her medication. Nikki isn't told of the severeness of her illness, though. Rose is in the middle of negotiations for another baby brokerage transaction when her henchman shows up. Even though he lost his license a long time ago, Dr. Felix Burke then checks up on Nina while Rose further scares the young girl how much responsibility raising a child does pose. Danny and Cricket meet with Jason Carter, Molly's boyfriend, ...
25 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3401
On cue, Jill arrives at the Chancellor mansion throwing accusations at Kay. Katherine thinks she got caught red-handed for letting Phillip stay at her place but is stunned when it turns out that Jill accuses her of making Jack take the rap for her in regards to the shooting. As Jill tries to warn her nemesis better not to dare another attempt on her life, Kay only quips "Don't tempt me". Nikki is surprised when Victor decides on spending the day with her and Victor instead of going to the office. Farren's recent disappearance has fueled Lauren's mistrust again. She ...
28 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3402
Danny convinces Traci to join him back on-stage for his concert benefit to raise sexual awareness. Matt notices Victors melancholic mood but Victor won't tell him what it is about. Farren undergoes medical tests. In another room of Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Lauren pays her psychic Tamra - who's recovered greatly in recent months - a visit. Lauren hands Tamra Farren's powder compact and asks for her insight. Victor asks Casey if there's any news on Nikki's state. Casey delivers a grim outlook for Nikki's future and begs him not to divorce Nikki.
30 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3404
Danny and Cricket spend a wonderful evening at the Collonade Room when a frantic Molly calls them because Nina is missing. Nina is still having heavy contractions and could go into premature labor. Rose is ecstatic and makes plans to sell the baby right away. Lauren tells Diane that if Farren regains her memory this could easily break up her and Andy. At the hospital, Farren and Andy are waiting for test results.
31 Jul. 1986
Episode #1.3405
Jack is informed by his probation officer that he will serve his community service at a local homeless shelter. At the shelter, Jack is shocked by the immense poverty and fragility of the attendees. He also meets Ron and his boss Ellen who's facing another budget slashing by city council. Dr. Burke manages to stop Nina's contractions. Rose is furious since she already ordered the Lansings to her office, ready to sell them the baby. Later, Cricket arrives at "Aunt Rosie's" looking for Nina but instead decides to follow Rose who's going to Burke's clinic. There, Nina is...
1 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3406
Molly moves into Jack's former room at Gina's. The hotel masseur is booked out, so Jill calls a surprised Sven to come by her hotel suite. Cricket masquerades herself with a wig and then goes to see Rose at the clinic. Jack is berated for his attitude by his new boss, Ellen, at the shelter. After giving birth, Nina is panicky and wants to see her child. Rose tells her however that the baby died. Later, Cricket ushers to Nina's side as Rose sells the child to the Lansings. As Cricket sees the couple with the tiny baby on the street she puts one and one together: She ...
4 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3407
Jack offers Ellen his help with accounting. She thinks that Jack only tries to shirk responsibility and to flunk his community service with the elderly and homeless. Danny asks Paul to help him find Cricket. Carol welcomes John - who's hiding himself behind sun-glasses - back at Jabot. He goes to see JoAnna who admires the new John, after his face-lift. Cricket and Nina confront Rose that the baby isn't dead after all. Rose admits that she gave the child away but remains that it was for the best. Sven then realizes that Cricket is faking to be pregnant and furiously ...
5 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3408
Ashley and Traci compliment John on his younger look. Jack tells Brad that time is running out and that we will soon expose him as a fraud. Rose hires two henchman to get rid of Nina and Cricket. Dr. Burke sedates the girls just as Paul and Danny at the clinic. They are too late: Nina and Cricket are gone. Casey meddles in Victor's and Nikki's lives.
6 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3409
Paul and Danny rescue Cricket and Nina. Carl and Salena arrive at the scene but can't capture Rose DeVille. Amy is proud of Nathan whose reading skills have further improved. They kiss. Victor is caught aback when Nikki looks extremely pale and feels dizzy. He wonders whether Casey is right and that he must not divorce Nikki in order to give her a few more months of happiness before the inevitable. After a brief chat with Diane, Lauren goes to the hospital where Andy is anxiously waiting for Farren's test results. A heartbroken Nina realizes that she might never see ...
7 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3410
Jill tries to convince herself and Michael that Kay was her shooter. Katherine ponders the thought that she might have shot Jill but just can't remember. She asks Brock for advice now that Jack has confessed and Jill insinuates he didn't do it. At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Molly consoles Nina. Molly then tells Cricket that she and Jason are moving in together. Nina on the other hand secretly plans to leave town and writes a goodbye letter. Dr. Sloan informs Farren that there is no medical reason for her amnesia. It's simply a question of time and the right context...
8 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3411
Molly, Cricket and Danny find Nina's letter. Jason is having second thoughts about about moving in with Molly and the responsibility of raising a child. Andy proposes to Farren. Victor finds Nikki in pain. He questions Nikki about her feelings for Matt and encourages her to find happiness.
12 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3413
Jack infuriates his probation officer by telling him his current post is beneath him. Jill breaks it to Sven that she is convinced that Kay Chancellor went into cahoots with Jack Abbott for the attempt on her life. She therefore hires Sven and wants to him to become Kay's masseur in order to get proof for her suspicion. Ashley shows John Brad's latest proposal for a marketing campaign. They're both, unlike Jack, fond of his work. Sven arrives at the Chancellor Mansion and offers his services. Ellen Winters is unnerved by Jack's attitude and ready to let him go just as...
13 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3414
Farren and Andy break the news of their engagement to Paul, Amy and Nathan. Lauren suggests to Diane to publish Farren's story in national newspapers to find her relatives. She decides to pay a visit to her old friend Gary Thompson, editor at Genoa City Chronicle. Molly is thinking of her mother who she misses dearly. Beverly Stark arrives at Danny's and wants to know where she can find her daughter.
14 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3415
Andy and Farren decide to have an impromptu-wedding at Paul's apartment. Paul, Amy and Nathan are by their side. Lauren however cannot be reached. Across town, Lauren informs Diane that she set their plan in motion and pretty soon someone will react to the newspaper articles and unveil Farren's identity. Nikki is crushed when she learns from Matt that Victor is having dinner with the Abbott family. John tells Mamie that he can't help but feel concerned when it comes to Ashley's involvement with Victor. At Jabot, Cricket gives Molly a make-over to cheer her up. Later, ...
15 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3416
Lauren is shocked to learn that Farren and Andy married. Andy arrives home and finds an unexpected visitor in bed: a naked Diane. When Farren shows up Diane hurries to hide herself. Victor and Ashley are having dinner with her family. As Danny tells her that Molly's mother is in town Cricket worries how their first meeting will go. Mrs. Stark is still under the assumption that her daughter went to Genoa City for a job. She tells Molly however that she will return home with her the next day and that they will work everything else out.
18 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3417
Lauren unsuccessfully tries to pull the article on Farren now that she and Andy married. The menage à trois at Andy's is cut short when Farren shows a shocked Diane her wedding band. A teary eyed Nikki tells Victor that it will break her heart to inform Victoria that her parents are separating. Molly further tip-toes around her mother when it comes to the real reason she left home: her pregnancy.
19 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3418
Lauren is shocked when Traci joins Danny, Amy, Nathan and her for a last-minute gathering and announces she's singing at the concert. Molly argues with her mother as Beverly lets it slip how difficult life became when she got pregnant at such a young age. She therefore urges her daughter to quit her job in Genoa City and excel in school. Cricket and Danny join the Starks for launch and try to help Molly to break the news of her pregnancy. Matt realizes how bitter Nikki still feels towards Ashley. Casey tells Victor that she is now convinced that Matt could make Nikki ...
20 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3419
Molly tries to run away but is caught by Danny and Cricket. Jill is furious when Sven unexpectedly shows up at her hotel suite. He's hesitant to continue with their plan but Jill convinces him to call Kay to make another appointment. John and Ashley wonder why Jill is conspicuously silent at Jabot. Meanwhile Jill shows David the first samples for her men's line. Kay worries that Phillip is still very timid and has little friends in town. Danny is extremely happy when fans are already camping in front of the concert hall anxiously awaiting the event. Molly finally ...
21 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3420
Sven tries to gain Kay's confidence by telling her his resentment towards Jill. Even though Katherine is intrigued by this news, Jill later reprimands Sven for taking things to slowly with her nemesis. Beverly Stark is shocked that her daughter is pregnant. After a heated argument she decides to leave town - alone. Ellen tells Jack that she still has hope that he will eventually find some reward in his service at the shelter. Jack pays Jill a visit and urges her to find the real shooter.
22 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3421
It's the day of Danny's concert benefit: singer Michael McDonald joins Danny and his friends as a special guest. On stage Danny, Lauren, Traci, Amy and Nathan perform various songs promoting their message that "it's OK to say no" as a means of self-determination and to prevent teenage pregnancies. Backstage Molly and Beverly Stark reconcile as Danny and Traci sing "Be good be true".
25 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3422
In the aftermath of the concert Danny holds a press conference and introduces Cricket to the reporters. JoAnna unsuccessfully tries to bug Jill for information about her plans at Jabot. After paying Ashley an angry visit Nikki is surprised when Matt apologizes for taking Ashley's side the other day. Then, Casey calls Nikki in for another medical evaluation. Nikki is questioning why Casey wants to do other tests if her state is supposedly fine. A music producer from L.A. calls Danny and offers him a record deal.
26 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3423
Danny invites Cricket to join him for a month in L.A. - But is Cricket ready for such a huge step? She confides in Joanna as Danny tells Traci the great news. Nikki's latest tests are inconclusive. Nikki and Victor try to prepare Victoria for their eventual separation. Cricket informs Danny she's not ready to move with across the country.
27 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3424
Lauren snaps some nude shots of Paul. JoAnna informs John that Jill is working on a secret project but wouldn't tell her any details. Lauren receives news that the article on Farren has gotten feedback from Minnesota. This unexpected move doesn't change Diane's mind, though: The former Mrs. Richards has decided on going back to London despite Lauren's praying to stay. Andy and Farren bask in their newlywed happiness. Jill urges Sven to move along with the plan to spy in on Kay Chancellor and Sven ponders who could have had motive to shoot Jill. Katherine pledges with ...
28 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3425
Lauren is about to open the letter when Paul comes home and she has to hide it quickly. Katherine tells Phillip how much he reminds her of his father. Sven is surprised to find Esther waiting for a massage instead of Katherine. Jack banters with Ellen at the shelter. Andy and Farren have a belated wedding celebration with Paul and Lauren. Jill informs Michael of the promising developments regarding her men's line.
29 Aug. 1986
Episode #1.3426
Sven is pleased when Kay eventually comes home and wants to have a massage. Lauren reads the letter according to which Farren's real name is Jennifer and she has husband waiting for her! Lauren immediately calls Wayne Navalle and asks him some questions. As this proves to be false lead Lauren pleads with Gary from the Genoa City Chronicle to pull any further articles. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger looks at an article about Farren and writes a letter... Carol visits Jack at the shelter. Katherine wants to spoil Phillip and buys him a sports car. Jack confides in ...
1 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3427
John is extremely proud of Brad's work at Jabot. Michael consoles Jill about her insecurities and fears that her shooter could return to finish the job. Jill admits doubts that is wasn't Kay who tried to kill her. Jack asks Ellen for an half hour off at work to pay Gina and Leo a visit. He wants to know who knew of the rifle that Leo gave him. However they do not come up with a plausible explanation. Jill takes Sven up on his offer to have dinner together. There Sven tries to make Jill believe that Jack was indeed the culprit.
2 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3428
As Jack turns up late back at work, Ellen has already called his probation officer. Marvin is this-close to report Jack but Ellen intervenes. JoAnna implies that she could help Jill's case at Jabot if she were cooperating with her. Phillip takes Katherine for a ride in his new Corvette and the two further bond. Farren fears that Lauren might not support her marriage. Lauren says that Andy's happiness is her only concern. Then, Gary calls and informs Lauren that a new letter regarding Farren has arrived.
3 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3429
Farren thanks Paul for his advice to talk with Lauren. She is convinced that Lauren is not opposing to her marriage any longer. Lauren has scruples to open the latest letter and decides to burn it... Victor notices Nikki's constant tiredness and complains to Casey that the medication isn't working properly. Meanwhile Nikki remembers happy times with Victor. Kay urges Phillip to resume his father's legacy and officially change his name to Phillip Chancellor III. At Gina's, Jill questions Leo about his revolver and whether Kay Chancellor knew about it.
4 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3430
Matt returns from his business trip and showers Nikki und Victoria with gifts. Victor's presence riles up Nikki who thinks that his doting is only due to Ashley being away. Jill tries to entice Brad in her secret project but remains vague about any details. The homeless shelter is mugged and one of the intruders forces him onto Ellen. Jack can drive them away though. Joe consoles Cricket who's already missing Danny at a photo shoot. Then, Doug, one of the models, flirts with Cricket. Leo discusses with Gina who could have shot Jill instead of Jack. Leo remembers that ...
5 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3431
Ashley meets with Victor's first wife Julia in Paris. Julia tells Ashley that she and Marc Mergeron split and that she is now single. The former Mrs. Newman wants to know how Victor and Nikki are doing and is then shocked that Ashley is dating Victor. Jack explains to Jill why he pleaded guilty. Now all doubts that Jack shot her are gone and Jill is terrible fear for her life. Meanwhile, Gina badgers Leo to remember who witnessed the moment he gave Jack the rifle. Eventually Leo realizes that the man was at Gina's just hours earlier but he doesn't know his name.
8 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3432
Matt and Nikki are having a pick nick while Victor is haunted by images of Nikki dying. Katherine convinces Phillip that he was falsely robbed of the Chancellor name - leaving out the little detail that it was her doing! Phillip calls his mother to tell her the good news but can't reach her. Jill is still with Jack reeling in shock that the shooter is still out there. Ellen is incredulous that Jill would pay Jack a visit if he was the one trying to kill her. In Paris, Ashley is feeling sick and goes to see a doctor.
9 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3433
Victor and Nikki are consoling Victoria who had a nightmare of losing her mother. Ashley tells Julia that Dr. Flaubert gave her happy news: she's pregnant! Jill is starting to act paranoid. When Brad is offering his cooperation at Jabot, Jill wonders whether he had in order to get his current job motive to pin a crime on Jack. She confides in Michael. Jack dreams of re-gaining his freedom. Leo and Gina try to find out more about the man who sat at the bar earlier and is Jill's likely shooter.
10 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3434
Matt and Nikki make plans but Victor sends his brother out of town on an impromptu business trip. Ashley is basking in happiness about her pregnancy with Julia. She can't wait to travel home the next day to tell Victor the great news. Leo and Gina can finally talk to Jack to inform him about the turn of events. Jill locks herself in her suite where she skims through newspaper articles about her shooting. Then, she realizes that Sven knew details which were never printed in the papers, meaning he must have been the shooter. When Jill cannot reach Michael on the phone, ...
11 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3435
After talking to Leo and Gina Jack realizes that Sven was the one trying to kill Jill. Sven is surprised when Jill acts extremely nervous. She tries to get rid of Sven under a pretense but to no avail. The new academic year begins with both Cricket and Phillip enrolling at Genoa City University. Nikki gives Matt a goodbye kiss before he has to leave. Nikki wonders why Victor would send his brother away out of a sudden. Ashley is anxiously awaiting to return to Genoa City to see Victor.
12 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3436
Nikki questions Victor about his motives to send Matt on a business trip just when she and Matt have grown closer. Jack is frantically looking for Jill. He badgers the manager of the Genoa City Hotel for information about Sven. Meanwhile, Sven pressures Jill into coming to his apartment in an old warehouse. There Sven taunts Jill who desperately tries to keep up her facade and pretends she does not know that he was her shooter. Phillip tells Kay about his first day at college. She is intrigued when Phillip mentions Cricket who he is sharing some courses with. Cricket ...
15 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3437
John and Traci are surprised when Ashley arrives home early. Jack tries to convince Carl that Sven shot Jill and is now ready to finish the job. Carl wants proof for these allegations before taking action because he's sure that Jack just wants to pin the guilt on someone else. Then, Jack goes to see Carol. Victor has Miguel prepare dinner for him and Nikki. In his warehouse apartment Sven is donning a massage to a reluctant Jill. As Jill wants to leave, Sven confronts her about her suspicion that he tried to kill her.
16 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3438
It's the day of the Jabot board meeting. John is anxious as to what stunt Jill is going to pull at this occasion. Traci is extremely proud when John invites Brad to join for the meeting. Jill has spent the night at Sven's. Sven lets her call Michael but is listening carefully in on their conversation. Afterwards, Sven restrains Jill from fleeing his apartment... Cricket is overjoyed when Danny arrives back in Genoa City. Carol still cannot believe that Jack lied about shooting Jill and is now trying to save her life. Nikki tells Casey about the complex situation that ...
17 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3439
Jack is still hiding at Carol's apartment. Carl wonders why Jack would risk his probation after receiving such a low sentence. John is questioned by Carl and Salena to track down Jack's whereabouts. Nikki learns from her lawyer that a court date for her divorce hearing has been set. Both she and Victor are stunned by this news, unsure whether they want to proceed with the divorce. After having a hone conversation with Julia, Ashley fantasizes about giving birth with Victor on her side. As Sven is covering his tracks, Jill plans on seducing Sven in order to get out of ...
18 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3440
Lauren tells Amy that she's looking for a lean on her life. After the ordeal with Shawn she wants to quit singing and searches for a new undertaking: she wants to work at the P.I. office! Carl and Salena intensify their search for Jack. The Jabot board meeting goes ahead without any further commotion - and without Jill. Victor meets with his lawyer and instructs him to delay the divorce. Jack learns that Jill did not go with Michael on his trip as planned. Lauren informs Paul of her plans to work jointly with him but he is not convinced that this is a good idea. Casey...
19 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3441
Faking concern, Sven alerts Jill's assistant David that his employer went missing. He then files a missing persons report to distract the police from himself. Carl and Salena are surprised but decide to pay Mr. Petersen a visit. Jack shows up at Sven's and accuses him of shooting Jill. He flees when Carl and Salena arrive... Nikki remembers her love story with Victor and later learns that her divorce hearing has been postponed. Victor explains to Casey that Nikki's illness has changed everything for him. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Ashley who wants to tell Victor ...
22 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3442
Jill has spent the night locked up in a storage room at Sven's warehouse apartment. Meanwhile Sven makes plans for Jill's demise and already books under an alibi a flight out of Genoa City. Carl and Salena get a new theory on Jill's disappearance: she could have left town on her own. Carol urges Jack to join forces with the police to find Jill. So Jack calls Carl pressuring to search Sven's place because this is where he keeps Jill hostage. Nikki tells Victor that despite Casey's reassurance she still feels conspicuously tired all the time. Brad finds Ashley sobbing ...
23 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3443
Paul seeks advice from Andy and Farren about Lauren's idea to join them at the PI office. Unlike Paul they can fully understand Lauren's motives. Lauren informs her mother of her plans. JoAnna reminds her daughter that is sometimes better to separate private and business life. Sven tells a tied up Jill that the room he's keeping her in used to be a giant freezer. Sven also lets it slip that he's making plans to leave town. He locks the freezer, puts on the cooling system and covers the door intent on leaving Jill to die. John notices that Carol seems preoccupied - ...
24 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3444
Carl and Salena find Jack at Carol's apartment. Jack can convince Carl that Jill is at Sven's place and in grave danger. Jill realizes that Sven won't be coming back as it is getting colder and colder in her prison. Matt tells Nikki that his trip to Venezuela didn't seem that urging. He is surprised when Nikki declines his offer to go apartment hunting. Meanwhile Victor and Ashley meet at the cabin. Ashley tells a shocked Victor she's ending their relationship. Paul declines Lauren's request to work with him citing the dangers of the job as a reason. Nikki overhears ...
25 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3445
Traci wonders why her father has no sympathy for Jack anymore. Carl and Jack finally find Jill and free her out of her freezing prison. Julia is surprised to learn that Ashley hasn't told Victor about her pregnancy yet and decides to come to Genoa City. Nikki still cannot get over the fact that Victor is stalling their divorce proceedings. With Jill on the way to the hospital, Carl takes Jack to his home until his charges are cleared. Jack is glad, and still a tad shacked, that Carl believes him and is now convinced that Sven shot Jill.
28 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3446
Amy finds the nude snapshots of Paul taken recently by Lauren. Jack has spent the night at the Williams home. Jill is still traumatized but glad that Sven was caught by Mexican police. Traci is surprised when John offers to accompany her to court for Jack's hearing. Ashley goes to see a doctor and has her pregnancy confirmed. As the hearing begins, Jack meets his new attorney and learns that despite his innocence in the original case he could still face a prison stay for being a fugitive until his charges are cleared.
29 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3447
In court, Carl takes the stand and issues a statement in Jack's favor but even the DA is in line to drop all charges against Jack. As the judge ponders why Jack confessed in the first place, John realizes that Jack tried to protect him and the family from the revelation of his affair with Jill. Kay talks with Phillip about life in college and dating girls. Later, Phillip meets Cricket and cautiously flirts with her but is taken aback when Danny shows up. Jill speaks on Jack's behalf. The judge doesn't drop the charges till prior examination of the facts but sets Jack ...
30 Sep. 1986
Episode #1.3448
The news of Jack's regained freedom spreads across Genoa City. Matt is made aware of Nikki's changed behavior and the fact that she is torn up about her feelings. Victor is still reeling from his break-up with Ashley. Ashley tells Julia the news and begs her to keep her pregnancy a secret. Matt receives a call from Casey. Jill is determined to finally push her idea for the Jabot Men's Line forward. Jack and Jill try to come to terms with each other.
1 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3449
Jack pays Ellen a surprise visit at the shelter and tells her of his proven innocence. Ashley discusses with Julia the pros and cons of raising the baby as a single mom in contrast to an abortion. Cricket informs Danny that Molly wrote her a letter. This brings back memories from the summer and they wonder where Nina might be. Just then, Cricket and Danny find a dirt covered Nina lying on a park bench sleeping. John goes to see Jill to find out whether his intuition is right and Jack only confessed to cover up the affair. Meanwhile, Gina and Leo throw a party for Jack...
2 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3450
Cricket is shocked that Nina is apparently living on the streets. Despite Danny's reservations Cricket decides to take Nina to her apartment. Victor surprises Nikki with a lovely dinner as Casey tries to tell Matt not to interfere with their marriage. John informs Ashley of his visit with Jill and then learns of her break-up with Victor. After running into Victor and Nikki having dinner, Matt goes to see Ashley to get confirmation as to whether his brother and Nikki are reconciling.
3 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3451
Matt is shocked to learn that Ashley and Victor have split. Nikki is blown away as Victor kisses her passionately after a romantic dinner. Brad tells Traci that they should be worried about Ashley who seems pre-occupied these days. Jack is moving back into his little room at Gina's. Gina is surprised to learn that Jack intends to continue working at the shelter and not to slip back into his old life so easily. Cricket and Danny are worried about Nina's quest to find Rose and her baby. Matt, who's furious with Victor for playing him like a fool in regards to Nikki, ...
6 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3452
John comforts Ashley after learning of her break-up with Victor. Matt confronts Victor for playing him like a fool. A fistfight ensues. Nina is having second thoughts about staying with Cricket. She feels like a no-good and doesn't want to burden her. Matt confesses his love to Nikki in hopes to change her mind but to no avail. Lauren is ecstatic over the nude shots of Paul she shot. Paul is not slightly as overjoyed about them. Later, Lauren learns of sexy photo sweepstake of a woman's magazine. She thinks Paul would have a good shot at winning and ponders to hand ...
7 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3453
Ellen is surprised when Jack shows up for work at the shelter. The Abbotts are Nikki tells Casey of her reunion with Victor. Matt tries to find out whether Ashley is still in love with his brother and what caused their break-up. Jill jumps back into work at Jabot and receives a first pricey invoice for her men's line project.
8 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3454
Casey is shocked to learn that Nikki is no longer taking her medication and sees no need to do so again. Upon her departure Julia bids Ashley farewell. Carol encourages Jack to speak with his father to make up. The proceedings for Phillip's name change move along swiftly. Phillip is amazed how Kay always manages to get what she wants. Katherine's attorney Mitchell Sherman is more than slightly astounded that Kay has taken in the child that she originally had black-labeled as a bastard. Mitchell reminds Kay that the situation could get complicated because Phillip is ...
9 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3455
Victor informs his attorney that he no longer wishes the divorce to be stalled but to be canceled. Nikki is overjoyed by this news. Cricket tries to get Nina get a new perspective on life. When Cricket goes to work, Nina dresses up and suddenly feels very much at home. Kay orders Mitchell to get the name change done quickly, no matter what. Matt realizes that Ashley is pregnant.
10 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3456
Jack and Ellen are out on their first date. Matt is troubled by Ashley's pregnancy. She unsuccessfully tries to convince Matt that the child is not Victor's. Meanwhile at the ranch, Victor and Nikki make love. Danny finds a redesigned Nina and encourages her not to look back but forward. Cricket invites Nina and Danny to the campus cafeteria where they run into Phillip who's shy as usual.
13 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3457
Jack pays Brad a visit at Jabot and sends him a dire warning not to get too comfortable in his office. Nina thanks Cricket for all that she's doing for her. Matt receives unsatisfying answers from both Ashley and Victor in regards to their break-up. Later, Matt finds by accident a cup of Nikki's pills at the ranch and gets curious.
14 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3458
After informing him that her divorce is canceled, Nikki apologizes to Matt for letting him fall in love with her. It is evident that Matt doesn't intend to give up on Nikki so easily. He goes to see Casey and badgers her for information about Victor's change of heart and learns shocking news about Nikki's health. Lauren displays a pin-up of Paul at the office but has greater things in mind: she wants to hand in Paul's nude shots for the sweepstakes of a woman's magazine. Ashley dreams of reunion with Victor before running into him at their secluded cabin.
15 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3459
Matt searches for Nikki to tell her of the real reason why Victor came back to her. At Gina's Nikki learns of Jack's innocence and that he's still working at the homeless shelter. Kay hires a new attorney to speed up her claim. His advice is not much different than that of Mitchell Sherman. Kay is dismayed that Jill has to be informed of the name change and a possible custody suit. Jill receives a visit by the French chemist she hired who demands payment for his research. Jill tries to stall him and wants him to start production on the cosmetics line. Victor informs ...
16 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3460
Matt complies with Victor's wishes not to tell Nikki about her illness, yet doesn't agree with it. Even though he is now a free man again, Jack continues his work at the shelter. Then, he tearfully bids Nellie, the old homeless lady, and Ellen farewell. Jill brings John the happy news of Jack's rehabilitation. Brad is about to leave on an important business trip and Traci is extremely proud of her husband. Ashley ponders with Matt her option in regards to her pregnancy. Jill realizes that if the can manage for Jack to return to Jabot he could instrumental in the ...
17 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3461
Kay tells Esther that the lawyers gave her unsatisfying news. Jill has to be informed about any law suit, enabling her to paint herself as a perfect mother in any court proceedings regardless of the truth. Jill encourages Jack to talk with John about returning to Jabot. Jack however does not want to become a pawn in Jill's latest scheme and is hesitant. Nina thinks she's disturbing Cricket at her apartment. A worried Cricket tells Danny that Nina could run away again. Nina meets Phillip at the campus cafeteria. Katherine devices a new plan and now wants to adopt ...
20 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3462
Gina realizes a change of attitude in Jack towards life. Jill goes to see John informing him of the real reason why Jack confessed shooting her. Phillip informs Kay that he changed his mind and is now willing to go to court in order to get his name changed. Ashley ponders whether to raise her child as a single mom or to abort the pregnancy. Matt presents her with a different option and proposes to her! Victor has dinner with Nikki at the Colonnade Room where Gina takes the stage and sings their song "Memories". As they dance, Nikki collapses and Victor rushes her to ...
21 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3463
Ashley is shocked by Matt's proposal. Matt tries to see her reason in his idea when Miguel calls to break the news about Nikki. Victor arrives with an unconscious Nikki at Genoa City Memorial Hospital. Victor, Matt and Casey keep vigil at Nikki's bedside. After having dinner with Farren, Lauren assures Paul that she's now fully behind Farren and Andy's relationship. Jill implores John to see that Jack confessed shooting her to protect him from public humiliation. Eventually Lauren opens the letter and learns that previous letter which she burnt was written by the same...
22 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3464
After a long night in the hospital Nikki finally wakes up. As Victor, Matt and Casey have different opinions as to what to tell Nikki about the cause of her breakdown, Nikki comes up with plausible explanation herself and wants to leave the hospital quickly. Joanna fills John in about Jill's latest actions at Jabot. Phillip reassures Kay that he wants to proceed with his name change. Katherine then calls Mitchell to have him file a suit in court. Meanwhile, Jill encourages Jack again to have a heart to heart with his father.
23 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3465
John goes to see his son at Gina's, just as Jack goes to see his father at the Abbott mansion where he runs into Traci. Eventually the two of them meet, struggling to close their rift. Katherine and Phillip have a meeting with Mitchell Sherman to discuss the further proceedings. Later, Mitchell reminds Kay that all of Phillip's claims would be superfluous if she hadn't striped the young boy of the Chancellor name in the first place. Katherine dismisses this notion and orders him to inform Jill of their suit. Nikki is glad to return to the ranch and to see Victoria. ...
24 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3466
Lauren re-reads the letter by Farren's supposed husband Evan Sanderson when Farren stops by for a visit. Farren tells Lauren that she Andy plan on having a baby. Amy urges Paul to reconsider and to hire Lauren at the PI office. Ashley has a check-up with her OBGYN and discusses the possibility of an abortion. Cricket tells Nina that she can do great things in her life, she just needs to move on. Later, Nina takes money from Cricket's purse. Casey accuses Matt of not loving Nikki because he still wants to tell Nikki of her illness. Lauren discusses Farren's case with ...
27 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3467
When Paul arrives home, instead of Lauren he only finds a letter where she vaguely explains her absence. Farren and Andy go house hunting. Ashley and Traci are happy to hear that John and Jack made first steps of reconciliation. Jack tells Gina that although he and John made progress there is still a long way to go; so far John hasn't offered him to return to either home or Jabot. Cricket has to do a last minute photo-shoot for Jabot and therefore misses out on a date with Danny. Nina offers to wait for Danny but then decides to flirt with him. Lauren shows up at the ...
28 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3468
Lauren learns that the Sandersons have a 5 year old daughter, Betsy. Everything implies that Farren is actually Michelle Sanderson. However, Lauren tells Evan that this isn't the case and that his wife and her good friend aren't the same person. Farren explains to Andy, Paul and Amy that she's no longer curious about her past but just looking forward. Jill explains her complex relationship to her son to Michael, maintaining that she loves him more than anything despite their frictions. Across town, Mitchell Sherman presents Kay the petition for adoption but warns ...
29 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3469
Jack learns of impending budget cuts for the homeless shelter. Ellen is desperate. Jill's attempts to lure Jack back to Jabot are in vain. He intends to save the shelter and calls his banker. At Gina's, Traci runs into her former lover and professor Tim Sullivan who tells her that his marriage is in shambles. Paul is furious with Lauren for her disappearing act. Since she keeps mum about the reason for her trip, Paul storms out.
30 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3470
Ellen is heartbroken over the closing of the shelter. In the last minute a cheque arrives enabling Ellen to keep the shelter open. Jill is experimenting with new men's fragrances and then suddenly kisses her assistant David just as Joanna enters the office. To strengthen her self-esteem Cricket gives Nina a make-over. Jill decides to meet with all non-Abbott Jabot board members and to convince them of her idea. Lauren apologizes to Paul who is still infuriated by her secrecy. In Pittsburgh, Evan Sanderson can't help but see a resemblance between his wife and the woman...
31 Oct. 1986
Episode #1.3471
Cricket and Nina meet Phillip in college. Nina tries to flirt with Phillip but his main focus is on Cricket. Nikki makes plans to go on cruise with Victor and Victoria. Casey however warns Victor that Nikki's illness could cause unexpected complications and is against this idea. After a chat with Farren Paul goes to see Lauren and apologizes for his overblown reaction. Matt convinces Ashley to accept his proposal.
3 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3472
Jill has David do background checks on all Jabot board members. She wants to ally herself with them against the Abbotts to push forward her idea for a men's line. Gina realizes that Jack has fallen for Ellen. Kay encourages Phillip to have friends come over. Shortly after, Nina arrives at the Chancellor mansion. Esther's and Kay's jaws literally drop to the floor upon the sight of the young girl. Ashley thinks marrying Matt would be no solution for problem as few people would believe that he is the father of her child and they don't love each other. Jill is served ...
4 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3473
Traci informs Danny that she met Tim Sullivan and now feels reminded of their love story started. Victor is curious as to why Matt is so close with Ashley recently but Matt tells his brother to butt out. Kay hesitantly invites Nina into her home. Phillip is also surprised to see Nina but she convinces him to give her a grand tour of the Chancellor estate. Brad returns from his business trip and Traci falls back into his arms. Cricket is furious with Nina for taking her car without asking. Ashley makes a doctor's appointment for an abortion.
5 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3474
Katherine and Phillip are surprised that Jill hasn't reacted to their petition yet. Jill explains her plan to override the Abbotts at Jabot to Michael. Later, Kay stops by at Jill's who explains that she does not intend to dignify that ludicrous and baseless claim of Katherine just for one second. Nikki assures Casey that she's doing fine and gets her sister's permission to go on a cruise. Matt is worried about Ashley and urges her to rethink her decision to have an abortion. Just when Ashley is ready to leave for the clinic, Victor shows up in her office.
6 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3475
Victor realizes his presence is tough on Ashley and therefore quickly leaves. Jill meets with one of Jabot board members to gain his allegiance in her quest to bring Jack back to Jabot. Gina confronts Jack about his anonymous donation for the homeless shelter and new take on life. Katherine swears Phillip in for their joint fight against Jill. Matt breaks it to Victor that Ashley is pregnant with his child but having an abortion right now. Victor races to the hospital to stop Ashley but he is too late.
10 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3476
Amy jokingly suggests to Lauren to hand in Paul's nude shots for the sweepstakes of a woman's magazine. Carol tells John that she's worried about Ashley who's been behaving erratic all day. Meanwhile Victor arrives at the hospital but he is too late: Ashley has already undergone the abortion. Ashley is heartbroken to speak with Victor. Jack and Lauren have a chat about Brad and his miraculous rise in social and business spheres. Traci wonders if Brad is opposing to Jack's re-hiring at Jabot. Jill has a bitter argument with John which further fuels her ambitions to ...
11 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3477
A thunderstorm hits Genoa City. Jill is late for her meeting with Jabot board member Steven Petrie but easily manages to charm him. At the ranch, Victoria is anxious for her daddy to come home. Nikki wonders as well where Victor is. Victor is under the impression that he arrives in time. So Ashley has to break it to Victor that she did undergo the abortion who reacts angrily upon this news. Ellen is stranded at Gina's when her car breaks down and runs into Jack. Gina tries to push Jack into Ellen's direction by singing a romantic song. Cricket is furious when Nina ...
12 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3478
Michael surprises Jill with a swell dinner in her suite and later on proposes. Jill however shies from an immediate answer. Cricket suggests to Nina to go back to school which she declines. Kay realizes that Phillip still is very timid and encourages him to be bolder. Phillip decides to give it a try but ends up with a date not with Cricket but Nina. Victor tells Matt that Ashley aborted their child and that they had a nasty fight at the cabin. Matt goes to see Ashley and consoles her.
13 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3479
At "Contemporary Woman" magazine the editors take their final pick choosing Paul as man of the year! After snide remarks from Amy Paul wonders if Lauren really threw away all his nude shots. Lauren tells Chronicle editor Gary the complex story about her visit with Evan Sanderson, Farren's husband. The Jabot board is about to assemble and Jill has David lure John away under a false pretense. Jack arrives at the shelter to have a chat with Ellen but is then worried about Nellie who is having health problems. Later, Jack takes the imitative with Ellen and kisses her.
14 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3480
When his appointment doesn't show up, John has a brief chat with Gina before returning to Jabot. There, the board comes together for an informal meeting and Jill presents the gentleman with her suggestion to reinstate Jack. After Ashley pledges her support for this idea the board issues a statement for John on Jack's behalf. The "Contemporary Woman" editors try to inform Lauren of Paul's selection as man of the year but can't reach her.
17 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3481
News of Jill's little coup spreads at Jabot. Jill arranges for Jack to meet John at Jabot just as he is about to read the boards letter pledging for Jack's return to the company. Finally, John and Jack come to terms with each other. At Williams & Richards, Paul walks in on Andy and Nathan glancing through a men's magazine. Meanwhile Lauren learns of Paul's win in the magazine sweepstakes. A feeble attempt of Lauren to stop the editors from publishing the photo is crushed when she hears that the price is 10000 $ cash. Lauren then tells Amy the surprising news who ...
18 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3482
Jill is anxious to find out whether her little scheme played out. Jack thanks John for allowing him back at Jabot. Ashley, Traci and Carol are thrilled to hear of Jack's return although he quickly explains to that he'll be keeping a low profile for now. Victor, Nikki and Victoria prepare for their cruise. After Amy's pressing Lauren calls Susan Brown and implores the editor of "Contemporary Woman" to stop the publication of Paul's nude shots by admitting that she forged Paul's signature in the letter of consent. Unbeknownst to the women, the new issue of the magazine ...
19 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3483
Jack confronts Jill about her little scheme. Jill is outraged that Jack is not the slightest bit thankful. Brad tells Traci that he is not opposing to Jack's return. Nina is excited for the date with Phillip. Believing that Cricket is his date Katherine and Esther are equally excited but shocked when Nina stands in the door. A rendezvous between Danny and Cricket is interrupted by the call of a well-known music manager. Victoria has caught the flu so the cruise for the Newman family is canceled. Matt consoles a guilt-ridden Ashley.
20 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3484
Record producer Terry Weston arrives at Danny's apartment to talk about his bright future. Cricket is surprised that Terry turns out to be a man. Jack tells Gina the happy news of his return to Jabot. While Phillip and Nina are out on their date, Kay goes to see Cricket and tells her that she would make a much better companion for Phillip. Nina and Phillip have a surprisingly swell evening and kiss. Traci wants Jack to move back into the Abbott mansion but John reminds her that this is still a long shot and Brad might react not too thrilled about it.
21 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3485
Kay tells Esther of her suspicions in regards to that little no-good Nina Webster. When Phillip returns home, Kay questions him why he went out with Nina instead of Cricket. He explains that Cricket is with Danny and Nina is similar to him in many ways. Meanwhile Nina tells Cricket of her date and is surprised how calm she is when Danny is with another woman. Terry Weston wants to celebrate Danny's new record deal and puts the charms on him. Victor learns that Victoria has fallen ill. They make plans to have a second child. Matt continues to console Ashley who's still...
25 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3486
The Abbotts wonder what is troubling Ashley. Michael continues to be worried that Jill through away a letter from Kay's attorney and wants to delve into this matter. Katherine and Phillip have a meeting with Mitchell Sherman. They decide to file their petition for adoption in court. Jill reacts furiously to this news and races to the Chancellor Mansion. It's Jack's first day back at Jabot but when he learns that there is shortage of helpers at the shelter he decides to help Ellen out instead. Paul learns that he will be elected on local commission for being a moral ...
26 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3487
Jill is shocked that her son is siding with Katherine. She suspects Phillip being brainwashed by Kay and demands to speak with him privately. Paul informs Amy and Lauren of the great honor he's receiving. Lauren meanwhile is panicking about the prospects of the release of Paul's nude shots. Ellen still cannot believe that Jack is baling out on his first day back at Jabot and instead helps out at the shelter. Nellie is happy to see Jack. Jack is very concerned about Nellie who's having a cold but cannot afford to heat her room and wonders if she has any family. Phillip...
28 Nov. 1986
Episode #1.3488
Jack finally comes back to Jabot but offers John another possibility to opt out. Dr. Andrews advises Nikki and Victor to cancel their cruise due to Victoria's sickness. Jill informs Michael of Kay's scheme to steal Phillip from her. Jill assures Michael that she's going to fight Kay for everything there is. Phillip wonders whether Kay uses him as a pawn to get back at his mother. She can convince him of her good intentions, though.
1 Dec. 1986
Episode #1.3489
Paul informs his parents that the mayor elected him on a commission to fight crime and pornography. Amy calls Nathan, Andy and Farren for help. Lauren wants to cash in the 10000 $ checque and to use the money to buy all magazine issues available in Genoa City. Half-heartedly, Jack offers Brad a successful cooperation in business affairs. Ashley and John discuss the prospect of Jack moving back into the mansion. To John's surprise Jack declines the offer because he does not want to burden the family. Jill explains to David that her plan to push her idea for a men's ...
2 Dec. 1986
Episode #1.3490
Amy, Nathan, Farren and Lauren hurry to buy all "Contemporary Woman" magazines off the newsstands as Andy keeps Paul busy. Ashley has a hard time believing that Jack declined John's offer to return to the family home. Nina questions Cricket about her relationship with Danny. Nina is amazed by Cricket's calmness when Danny's new record producer is a sexy woman. Paul gets suspicious of Lauren and his friends and wonders what they are up to. Jack runs into Victor at Gina's and questions him about his break-up from Ashley.
3 Dec. 1986
Episode #1.3491
Andy cannot believe that Lauren still has not come clean with Paul. He informs her that Paul got recognized by two women the other day, so that the truth about the centerfold could come out any time. At Williams & Richards, Amy and Nathan have to field phone calls as a result of Paul's new stardom. Julia is back in town and meets with Matt. Ashley is in a business meeting at Jabot when visions continue to haunt her. Brad realizes that Jack is envious of his close relationship to John. Nina is sorry for troubling Cricket by talking about Danny and Terry. Meanwhile ...
4 Dec. 1986
Episode #1.3492
After his argument Brad Jack decides to move back into the family mansion. Brad confides in Traci that Jack issued threats at him. Julia pays Ashley a surprise visit. Ashley's behavior deeply concerns Julia. Paul is having lunch with the mayor when several women recognize the latest centerfold model of "Contemporary Woman". Lauren is still hoping that the whole fiasco will blow over, as Mary confronts an unsuspecting Paul with his nude shots.
5 Dec. 1986
Episode #1.3493
Amy and Andy worry about Paul's reaction to the centerfold. At Gina's, Lauren asks Gina for a prominent place in the restaurant for the Williams family dinner hoping that public display will limit Paul's fury. Carl and Mary don't show up but Gina's never-ending graciousness stops Paul from causing a scene. Back at home, Paul then confronts Lauren with her actions. Traci, Brad and Mamie are surprised when Jack moves back into the Abbott mansion. Nina explains to Cricket why she's having such a hard time trusting men and is therefore critical of Danny.
8 Dec. 1986
Episode #1.3494
Matt and Julia continue to worry about Ashley. The Abbotts throw a dinner party in honor of Jack's homecoming. Everyone is happy - except for Ashley who's still haunted by sounds of a crying baby. Danny tells Cricket that he and Terry eventually went with her suggestion to publish "It's OK to say no" as his album's first single. Cricket is disconcerted by Danny's choice of words and wonders whether their age difference is really a non-issue for their relationship. Lauren tries to explain herself to a furious Paul but to no avail.
9 Dec. 1986
Episode #1.3495
Paul steps down from his post as city council advisor. Jack finds Ashley playing with her baby doll and wonders about the real reason for break-up from Victor. Victor worries over Nikki who has caught a cold and is constantly tired. Jill is still furious over Kay's plans for revenge. She explains to Michael that Katherine actions are especially outrageous since it was her who ripped the boy of the Chancellor name in the first place. With the semester upon a close, Katherine realizes that Phillip has lived with her for 6 months now and she couldn't be happier. Paul has...
10 Dec. 1986
Episode #1.3496
At the hairdresser, Joanna finds out about Paul's newfound fame. Paul still gives Lauren a hard time. She shows Paul the lot of magazines they bought to prevent the spreading of the centerfold. Cricket tries to convince Nina to go back to school when the new semester starts in January. Danny is working in the studio when Terry gives good news but also a kiss. As Christmas is approaching, Phillip wonders what to give to Mrs. Chancellor. Jill is unsure how to react to Michael's proposal. He thinks married live would increase Jill's chances in court but she remains ...
11 Dec. 1986
Episode #1.3497
Jack and John continue to worry about Ashley. Julia urges Ashley to tell Victor the real reason for her abortion. Joanna tries to appease Paul by telling him that Lauren's tendency for thoughtless actions lies in her difficult upbringing. At the homeless shelter Ron notices that Ellen seems to miss Jack. Just then, Jack shows up and asks Ellen out on a date. Paul and Lauren make up.
5 Feb. 1993
Episode #1.5045
Michael calls Hilary. Jill tells Rex that she wants to have a baby with John. Victor and Douglas talk about Eve. Brad questions Traci about Steeve. Paul and Nathan talk about Michael Baldwin. Christine is upset when she learns that Danny hired Paul to protect her. She confronts her husband and tells him she wants to forget Michael Baldwin.
5 Jan. 1994
Episode #1.5278
Cole and Victoria stop at a rural diner. Robert wants to know where April was before the holidays. He doesn't believe she was at her mother's. Victor and Hope talk about Victoria. Ryan and Nina argue about her bringing a stranger into their apartment. Lauren invites Brad for diner. Paul tells Christine he's here for her if she wants to talk about Danny. They talk about April. Paul decides to call her. April assures him that she's fine.
25 Feb. 1994
Episode #1.5313
Robert begs April to come back to New-York with him. When April comes back to Mary's place, she explains that she went walking because she needed fresh air. Paul doesn't believe her. He's sure she saw Robert. He tells her he wants her to stay at his place. Victor explains to the judge why he wants Eve Howard's body to be exhumed. Jack runs into Hope in a restaurant and he invites her to join him. Cole talks about his mother with Nikki.
3 Mar. 1994
Episode #1.5318
This show was a Primetime episode. Victoria calls Cole. Victor arrives at the ranch. He wants to talk to his daughter. Jack and Hope discuss Victor and Victoria's relationship. Hope wants to go to the ranch and talk to Victoria. Nathan has vanished with little Nate. Thanks to Lynne, Neil gets Nayhan's address. He goes to Nathan's place, soon followed by Olivia and Drucilla. Nathan is adamant; he wants little Nate to stay with him. Olivia collapses. Robert calls Heather, tells her that April doesn't want him to see her and asks her if there a way for her to meet him ...
14 Apr. 1994
Episode #1.5346
Katherine pays Victor a visit to talk about Nikki. Victor kisses Hope and goes to the ranch. He confronts Nikki who gets upset and assures him she hasn't been drinking alcohol for two years. Esther has another date with Norman. They both decide to be honest with each other. Christine and Paul question April about Robert. April explains she did her best to protect her daughter. She adds everything would have been different if Paul had loved her when Heather was born. Paul says they were kids. April kisses him and Christine leaves.
20 Apr. 1994
Episode #1.5350
Lauren and Brad kiss. The phone rings; it's Tracy. Nina pays Christine a visit. She wants to know how April is doing. Blade and Mary-Jo argue. April blames herself for what she put her daughter through. Paul tries to convince her that what Robert did to her isn't her fault.
25 Apr. 1994
Episode #1.5353
Paul, Mary, Heather and April are at Gina's for April's birthday. Paul tells Heather he's glad he got a chance to meet her. The young girl notices that people are looking at them. Then, they hear a man asking Gina how she could allow a murderess to enter her restaurant. Paul wants to intervene but April tells him not to. Heather stands up, goes to the man and reminds him that her mother hasn't been convicted of anything, so who is he to judge her? Back at Paul's apartment, April tells Paul how happy she was to celebrate her birthday with him and their daughter as a ...
1 Jun. 1994
Episode #1.5380
Ashley and Blade talk about Brad. Jack comes in. The doctor asks what Brad was doing when he had a heart attack. Lauren says that she and Brad were making love. Tracy is furious. She and Lauren fight in the hospital. At April's trial, Paul explains that he found the doctor who took care of Aoril's injuries. The judge finally agrees to let the doctor testify.
8 Jun. 1994
Episode #1.5385
Lily Bell tells Olivia it's time for her to leave. Mamie, Drucilla, Neil, little Nat and Olivia gather to say goodbye to her. Mary-Jo asks Blade how his new family would feel if they knew he is responsible for the death of his brother. Paul wants Heather to talk to him. Heather admits that she's scared. Paul promises her to take care of her if her mother is convicted.
17 Jun. 1994
Episode #1.5392
It's Victor and Hope's wedding. Nikki arrives at the reception. Victor asks Douglas to take her back to the ranch. Paul invites Chris on a vacation. She promises to think about it. Later, Jack questions Christine about the owner of the Saigon Shack. Drucilla tries to convince Neil to invite Malcolm to dinner.
21 Aug. 1995
Episode #1.5681
Matt is conscious but still does not speak. Dr. Clemens explains to Victor and John Silva that Matt's brain could have suffered as he was bleeding heavily after being shot. Victoria rants at Sharon to come clean for Nicholas' sake. But Sharon has had enough of being bullied by Victoria and Nikki and tells her to shove it. Paul tells Lauren that his health is improving and that he wants to surprise Chris. Danny informs Cricket that his divorce with Phyllis will take place tomorrow. He is disappointed that she thinks he should stay with Phyllis. John badgers Jill for ...
12 Oct. 1995
Episode #1.5716
Nick learns that the judge who married him and Sharon was a fake. He goes to Christine to find out if his marriage is legal. Lauren decides to move out. She says goodbye to Paul.Olivia tells Drucilla about her wonderful evening with Nathan at the Colonnades. At the same time, Neil confronts Nathan. Jill isn't happy with her life. She asks John Silva for advice.
30 Oct. 1995
Episode #1.5730
Jack tells Jill that he believes in Nick's innocence. Chris tells Paul she'll do everything she can to help Amy. Later, Paul calls Victor to tell him that Amy is back in Genoa.
5 Dec. 1995
Episode #1.5755
Nick arrives at the prison. At Victor's request, Christine, Paul, John Silva and Mitchell Sherman gather in Victor's office. Victor tells them that he wants a new trial for Nick. Later, Sharon arrives at Paul's office. She wants to help to clear Nick's name. Ashley introduces Blade's twin brother Rick to her father.
6 Dec. 1995
Episode #1.5756
Olivia shows Drucilla the ring that Nathan gave her. Danny runs into Nina at Gina's. Sharon tells Paul about Frank and the baby. Paul decides to go to Madison to talk to Frank. Christine and Victor are at Fairview to see Amy.
7 Dec. 1995
Episode #1.5757
Paul tells Christine he has to go to Madison to talk to Franck. He would like her to come with him. At first, she declines, but later, she calls him to let him know she's joining him.
8 Dec. 1995
Episode #1.5758
Paul and Christine are in Madison. After talking to Franck, they wonder if the gun used to shoot Matt might have been brought in Madison.
11 Dec. 1995
Episode #1.5759
Paul and Christine find out that Matt brought a gun in Madison, but the salesman who saw his boss sell the gun doesn't want to make an official statement. Matt tells Drake that Amy is back in Genoa. Katherine gives Danny a letter from his deceased father. In that letter, Rex hopes that Danny remarried Christine.
17 May 1996
Episode #1.5870
John Abbott confides in Victor about William's custody's issue. Later, Victor confronts Jill and warns her he'll make her life in Jabot a hell if things don't get better between John and her. Nina and Christine discuss Victor, Paul and Danny. Nina leaves when Paul arrives. He tells Christine he doesn't imagine living without her. Christine agrees to date him again, but she wants to wait before wearing his engagement ring again. They kiss. Malcolm explains to Drucila and Olivia why he married Keesha before she died. Later, Olivia calls Nathan to tell him about Keesha's...
27 May 1996
Episode #1.5877
Sharon gets upset when she see Nick talking with a nurse. Ryan and Nina plan to have another baby. Then, Nina tells Ryan that Victor Newman got shot. Neil tells Drucilla he'll get new responsibilities at Newman Entreprise since Victor's severely injured and Brad Carlton got fired. He makes his wife promise not to tell anyone, but as soon as he leaves, she phones Olivia to spread the news. Danny Jr is spending the night at Danny's. Phyllis arrives; she forgot to give them Danny Jr's favorite blanket. At first, Danny's angry but then, he realizes that it means a lot for...
18 Jun. 1996
Episode #1.5893
Nick talks to Nikki about his future. He says he wants to wait before starting a family. Doris asks Sharon when she'll tell her husband she's pregnant. In the evening, after making love, Sharon tells Nick they're going to have a baby. She's surprised that Nick doesn't answer and realizes he felt asleep. Paul proposes to Christine in their new empty apartment. Ryan is questioned by the police about Jill's relationship with Victor. Jill tells Mari-Jo to speak to Jack for her if she doesn't want Jack to learn about Keemo's fax. Jack listens to Mari-Jo's speech, but ...
19 Jun. 1996
Episode #1.5894
Sharon tells her mother that she wants to wait before telling Nick she's pregnant.Nick that Doris called earlier in the morning and she sounded weird. Victoria appears. She, Nikki and Nick discuss Doris and Sharon. Adam meets with Ashley. John Abbott tells Jack that Dina left. Later, the police arrive at the Abbott's place. They are looking for Jill's gun. Paul and Christine wake up in their new empty apartment. Mary pays her son a visit. She's surprised to see Christine. She can see that her son is happy and she's happy for him.
15 Jul. 1996
Episode #1.5912
Sharon is thinking about having an abortion. Victor is in Kansas. Hope is upset to learn he was shot. She confronts Victor and Cliff for hiding that from her. Phyllis tries to convince Sasha to have dinner with Peter. Christine tells Paul that Victor is suspicious of someone for the shooting. Paul tries to find out more but Christine doesn't want to talk about it. Jack wonders why Mari-Jo didn't clear Jill sooner.
1 Aug. 1996
Episode #1.5925
Paul and Christine decide to get married next Wednesday. Paul spreads the news to Mary and Lynne while Christine invites Victor, Nina and Ryan to her wedding. Victor tells Jack that Mary-Jo did shoot him and kidnapped Christine Blair. Nikki invites Joshua Landers to the ranch. Malcolm shows Danny and Phyllis the pictures he took of Drucilla and Phyllis the night before. Danny is impressed.
7 Aug. 1996
Episode #1.5929
Mary, Lynne, Nina, Ryan, Malcolm, Neil, Victor, Nikki, Nick, Sharon and Victoria are intending Paul and Christine's wedding. Gina pays Danny a visit. Later, Phyllis arrives at the apartment with Danny Jr. Nathan calls Olivia who calls Paul. She would like him to come over and help her with Nathan. Paul says he'll come as soon as possible. He spreads the news to Christine who tells him to go. As for her, she has to go to Denver for Newman Entreprise.
19 Aug. 1996
Episode #1.5937
Olivia, Paul and Drucilla find Nate asleep at Olivia's doorstep. The little boy explains that his dad brought him back here. Cole and Nina are in Boston. They are having dinner together while Ryan and Victoria are in the ranch, near the swimming-pool. Nathan wakes up and sees Paul and Lynne at his bedside. Later, he asks to see his son. He dies soon after saying goodbye to his little boy. Phyllis and Tim are about to leave Genoa. Christine calls Paul; her work in Denver is over. "See you soon in Nevis", Paul says.
20 Aug. 1996
Episode #1.5938
Phyllis and Tim are in Nevis. Neil is about to fly to Copenhague. Nick would like to go with him. Grace helps Sharon to choose a new dress. Victor questions Victoria about Nikki. Malcolm and Drucilla try to help Olivia and Nate to overcome Nathan's death. Christine and Paul arrive in Nevis for their honeymoon.
13 Sep. 1996
Episode #1.5954
Nate is sad and resents Olivia for Nathan's death. The florist, who's the last person who saw Nathan alive comes to Olivia's apartment and tells Olivia, Drucilla and Malcolm how Nathan's accident occurred. Christine tells Paul she wants to help Nina. Olivia and Ryan kiss.
26 Sep. 1996
Episode #1.5963
Paul would like Olivia to move in into his former apartment. She finally accepts and thanks him. Nina tells Chris that Ryan moved out after seeing her in Cole's arms. Drucilla, Neil and Malcolm wish Nate and Olivia lots of fun in Florida. Nikki tells Victoria that Victor kissed her. Back from his business trip, Nick is looking for his wife. He questions Doris who thinks Sharon is about to have an abortion.
24 Oct. 1996
Episode #1.5983
Cole tells Nina that Ryan punched him after learning that Cole and Victoria made love. Ryan confronts Victoria, but they end up kissing. Mary asks Paul when he plans to start a family. Later, she confronts Christine. Katherine hires Kurt. Victor tells Ashley that he wants to keep Ryan away from Victoria.
25 Oct. 1996
Episode #1.5984
Christine questions Lynne. Has Paul ever confided in her about his wish to start a family? He hasn't. So, later, Christine questions Paul who realizes she and Mary had a talk about that. He wants to know what his mother said. Phyllis and Joani talk about Danny Jr; he looks tired and sleeps a lot lately.Jack learns that Diane has become an architect. William tells his father that he saw his mother kissing Mr Silva. John reassures his son, but later, he confronts Jill. Drucilla and Neil have an argument about her career.
4 Dec. 1996
Episode #1.6011
Nick wants to know why Victoria spent the night at the ranch. She confesses she's still in love with Ryan. Christine tells Paul that things are getting better for Ryan and Nina, but she's afraid of Victoria's behavior and leaves to confront her. Philip is happy that Ryan is back home. At the hospital, Katherine enters the room of Ashley's saver and she recognizes Kurt. Later, while Ashley is at his bedside, Kurt opens his eyes. Sharon tries to find a boyfriend for Grace. At the same time, Tony tells Grace he's still in love with her.
13 Dec. 1996
Episode #1.6018
Christine tells Paul that Phyllis and Danny might get back together. Victor, Hope, Nikki, Josh, Victoria and Cole are at the Colonnades. Victoria and Cole go home and make love. Drucilla is back from her trip. Neil wants her to focus on her family. Phyllis and Danny tell Danny Jr they'll be a family again
6 Jan. 1997
Episode #1.6033
Paul and Christine tell Lynne that the police have no evidence in the hit and run, so they are dropping the case. Christine is disappointed that the monster that tried to kill them will never be found. At the same time, Phyllis is confiding in Tim Reid; she did something scary two years ago and now, the police is about to catch her. She wants to fly the country. Tim advises her not to do so. Cole asks Nina to work for him again. Neil wonders why Drucilla has so much work. At the same time, Drucilla thinks she should tell her husband the truth about her new contract. ...
22 Jan. 1997
Episode #1.6044
Christine tells Paul that she might be pregnant. Kurt is back in Cape Cod. His neighbor tells Ashley that he has changed a lot. Cole congratulates Nina for her work. Ryan calls. Cole advises Nina to save her marriage. Nina wants to go on working with Cole and he agrees. Nick, Jill and Jack argue with Victor about work.
23 Jan. 1997
Episode #1.6045
Nick is disappointed. He tells Sharon he argued with his father about work. Nikki overhears that conversation. Later, she confronts Victor. Neil and Olivia have dinner in Neil's apartment. They discuss while their children are watching a movie in Lily's room. Mary tells Lynne she thinks that Christine is pregnant. Paul would like his wife to take a pregnancy test, but Christine is hesitant.
27 Jan. 1997
Episode #1.6047
Nick tells Sharon he can't stand anymore the way his father treats him. He wants to give up Newman Entreprise and move out after the birth of their baby. Nikki tells Victor how Nick is upset. Victor finally listens to her and agrees to talk to his son. Phyllis learns that Sasha moved in with her boyfriend. She's glad. Unfortunately, Sasha is in fact in the hospital. She's very ill and she broke up with Peter. Christine bought a pregnancy test. She finally takes it but knocks over Paul's glass of wine on to the tester. Paul offers to bring her another one but Christine...
30 Jan. 1997
Episode #1.6050
Nick tells Nikki that he doesn't work anymore at Newman Entreprise. He and Sharon will leave town after the birth of their baby. Ashley reads the break-up letter that Linda left for Kurt. Hope thinks that Ashley should tell Kurt the truth. Paul is visiting his mother who is knitting baby booties. At the same time, Christine gets a visit from Phyllis. Later, Paul convinces Christine to take a pregnancy test; tonight, they'll know.
21 Mar. 1997
Episode #1.6084
Christine wants Paul to go with her to the party that Danny is organizing to celebrate Phyllis and Danny Jr's return. Paul would rather stay home; he's injured and he's suffering. Christine insists and Paul finally agrees to go with her. At Danny's, Phyllis gives Paul, Lynne and Christine the cold shoulder, so they all leave. Diane and Victor have lunch together. She would like him to change his mind about Jack. Nick tells Doris that he might get a job in Seattle.
16 Apr. 1997
Episode #1.6102
Sasha blackmails Phyllis. Noah is released from the hospital. Sharon and Nick are thrilled to show him his house. Grace and Tony wonder what to do with Cassie. Christine tells Paul and Lynn that something was wrong with Phyllis today.
21 Apr. 1997
Episode #1.6105
Nick's interview with the members of a company in Seattle is a huge disappointment; they only wanted him because he is the son of the famous Victor Newman. Sasha blackmails Phyllis. She wants $20,000. Drucilla helps Malcolm and Olivia to get closer. Victor pays Sharon a visit. She says she'll miss him when she and Nick are in Seattle. Danny wants he, Phyllis, Paul and Christine to have dinner together soon. Paul and Christine question him about Sasha.
24 Apr. 1997
Episode #1.6108
Nick is back in Genoa. He tells Sharon they won't move to Seattle. Victoria tries to convince Victor to give her her former job back. Jill wants to move out with William. John disagrees. Christine walks into her husband's office and sees Lynne fantasizing about Paul. Later, she tells Paul her theory. Paul can't believe it but says one thing is sure; they've got to get Lynne a man.
29 May 1997
Episode #1.6133
Christine searches out a tabloid writer to check out a possible story about Danny.
20 Jun. 1997
Episode #1.6149
Ryan is having dinner with Tricia. Nina is spying on them. Malcolm think about Keisha. Megan introduces Jeremy to Jill and Keith. Jack tells Victor he saw him and Diane at The Colonnades. He wants Victor to stay away from his fiancée. Christine calls Glen Hauserman but doesn't learn anything. Paul suggests that Christine goes back to New York to question Glen while he pays Phyllis a visit. Later, Phyllis denies taking anything from Christine desk while Christine and Danny run into each other at the airport.
23 Jun. 1997
Episode #1.6150
Christine is in NY, trying to make Glen Hauserman talk about the story Sasha told him. Glen ends up giving Christine his notes. Back in Genoa, Christine tells Paul she was successful. Phyllis and Michael meet for the first time. He tells her he's a lawyer. Cole offers to help Nick... to no avail.
24 Jun. 1997
Episode #1.6151
Hope doesn't want Victor Jr to know that Victor Newman is his father. Victor goes to the ranch to confide to Nikki. Christine shows Paul the notes that Glen Hauserman gave her. They now know that Danny Jr isn't Danny's biological son. Must they tell Danny the truth? It's Grace birthday. Sharon invites her to come to the ranch. Nick confides to Cole.
23 Jul. 1997
Episode #1.6172
Danny gets the paternity test results: He IS Daniel's father. Paul and Christine are stunned. Back home, they decide to have a nice weekend away from Genoa. Nick confides in Grace. Sharon wants to find out what's wrong with her husband. She questions Cole. Ryan confides in Neil. He wonders if moving back with Nina was the best thing to do.
14 Aug. 1997
Episode #1.6188
Phyllis is mad at Danny because he had a meeting with his lawyer in their own apartment. Christine finds Michael Baldwin waiting in her office. He tells her he'll be working with his boss on Phyllis and Danny's divorce case. Later, Christine goes to Paul's office and tell him the news. Paul's worried for his wife. Olivia and Malcolm are having a wonderful evening. Drucilla is back. Neil's disappointed to learn she isn't pregnant. Victor and Diane are spending their honeymoon in Grece. Nick wants to go out with his wife but Sharon tells him they can't tonight; she ...
15 Aug. 1997
Episode #1.6189
Diane would like to tell Jack about her wedding but Victor convinces her not to do so. Jack and John wonder where Diane is. Paul visits Michael. He warns him he won't let him hurt Christine. Phyllis confronts Christine. She tries to impress her by giving her the name of her lawyer, but Christine informs her that Mr Baldwin came himself to tell her he'll be involved in Danny's divorce's case.
2 Sep. 1997
Episode #1.6200
Megan and Jeremy invite Tricia to have breakfast with them but she declines. Nina confesses to Jill that she lied when she told her about her hot night with Ryan because she knew that Tricia was listening to their talk. The Newmans have a special breakfast in honor of Nick who just graduated from university. Christine surprises Paul with breakfast in bed. They're interrupted by the phone. It's Michael Baldwin advising Christine that Danny is coming to his office. Paul is not happy but Christine has to go. She manages to get Danny out of Michael's office. Back at ...
22 Sep. 1997
Episode #1.6213
Christine runs into Danny and Danny Jr at Gina's. After Danny and his son left, Paul arrives but Chritine is distracted. He tells her he will always been there for her. Tricia leaves her father's house with Ryan. Keith is devastated. Jill tries to calm him down, to no avail. Neil confided in Jack. He's disappointed that Drucilla isn't pregnant. Drucilla called Sid; she wants to leave Genoa as soon as possible.
2 Oct. 1997
Episode #1.6221
Ryan and Neil are in Saint-Louis to identify a body that could be Nina's one. Victoria sees Cole kissing Ashley. She goes to Newman Entreprise to tell her father she's back in town. Paul tells Danny he wants to go to New-York alone with his wife. Later, at the airport, Paul tells Christine that Danny won't be coming with them.
10 Oct. 1997
Episode #1.6227
Tricia is questioned by two detectives. Ryan is at Nina's bedside. Victoria arrives to support him. Paul and Christine are in NY. They wonder whether they should tell Brian he might be Danny Jr's biological father.
23 Oct. 1997
Episode #1.6236
Danny questions Peter about Sasha's book. But Peter doesn't know anything. Brian understands he is Danny Jr's biological father. He accepts to help Danny against Phyllis. Danny's alone with Christine when he learns the good news; he kisses Christine. Cole tells Victoria he is seeing another woman: Ashley Abbott. Nina is getting better. Her son Philip is very happy.
24 Oct. 1997
Episode #1.6237
Christine and Danny realize that Phyllis did to Brian what she had done to Danny. Christine is crying. She later phones Paul to tell him she won't be coming home. Phyllis and Michael are making love. Nikki advises Victor to have a vasectomy.
27 Oct. 1997
Episode #1.6238
Diane tells Victor she would like to have a baby. Victor tells her it's not possible because he had a vasectomy. Paul wants to know why Christine went to Atlanta; he questions John Silva and Danny.
7 Nov. 1997
Episode #1.6247
Malcom, Drucilla and Olivia try to understand why Neil is so standoffish.Victoria tells Ashley she had a wonderful evening with her husband. Danny and Paul wonder how Phyllis got the tranquilizers that knocked out Brian. They think that Doctor Tim Reid might be involved.
12 Nov. 1997
Episode #1.6250
Paul wonders why Christine went to Atlanta. The door opens and Christine enters. Paul's thrilled to see his wife again. He kisses her and says he would like the two of them to play hooky. Unfortunately, Christine can't; she and Danny are meeting Phyllis and her lawyers today. Victor tells Diane that Nikki has invited them for Thanksgiving. Later, Jack tells Diane that he heard Nikki advising Victor to have a vasectomy. Nikki and Josh are enjoying spending time together at the ranch. Phyllis is stunned when she finds out that Brian Hamilton and Tim Reid will testify ...
15 Dec. 1997
Episode #1.6272
Danny is dreaming of Christine while Christine has a romantic evening with Paul. Malcolm tries to help Neil and Drucilla to no avail. Jack advises Diane to fake illness in order to avoid spending Christmas with Nikki at the ranch. Michael wants Phyllis to read her previous statement again. Veronica is upset that Victor is visiting Nikki once again.
18 Dec. 1997
Episode #1.6276
As Christmas is inching closer and Malcolm and Nate are decorating the apartment, Olivia notes how much happier Nate is now with Malcolm living with them. Jill wonders whether Nina will use the spirit of the season as chance to reunite with Ryan. Sharon is anxious to plan Tony's and Grace's wedding. Victoria, clad in a sexy negligee, wants to surprise Cole and what a surprise it is when she walks in on Cole and Ashley in bed!
26 Dec. 1997
Episode #1.6280
Sharon wonders why Tony, Grace and Cassie didn't come to the Ranch for Christmas. Grace and Tony argue about Cassie. Grace wants the little girl to stay with them. Ryan is at Nina's apartment. He brought presents for Philip. Paul and Christine have been having great time together in their apartment while everyone think they are away. Mary comes and asks for an explanation. Diane is in the hospital. Victor is mad at Nikki who thought that Diane was faking being sick.
2 Jan. 1998
Episode #1.6284
Tony warns Grace; if she doesn't tell Sharon the truth about Cassie, he will. Danny is happy to spend a few hours alone with his son. Drucilla and Lily are back from Hawai. Neil is happy to see his little girl but gives his wife the cold shoulder. Victoria runs into tony at the coffeehouse. He doesn't want to tell her why he is so upset. Mary tells Paul and Christine there must have been a reason for wanting to spend their Christmas vacation alone in their apartment. Could there be any grandchild on the way?
5 Jan. 1998
Episode #1.6285
Paul learns from Katherine that Phyllis accused Christine of still being in love with Danny. Paul wonders why Christine hasn't told him about that. Victor advises Neil to go home and spend time with his family. Drucilla dances. Nick phones Sharon to tell her that Tony and Grace broke up. He reads the letter Tony left for Grace. He doesn't understand what that means, neither does Sharon.
7 Jan. 1998
Episode #1.6287
Tony goes to Jabot to say goodbye to Victoria, but when he learns that Grace went to the ranch, he tells Victoria he'll talk to her later. Grace tries to tell Sharon that Cassie is her daughter. Diane is released from the hospital. Victor takes her to their apartment. Nikki tells Jack not to give up on Diane; Victor won't be able to give her the child she wants; she'll come back to him. Paul asks Christine why she didn't tell him what happened in the courtroom. Later, Paul, Christine, Danny, Michael and Phyllis are in the courtroom for the end of Danny Jr's custody's ...
12 Jan. 1998
Episode #1.6290
Danny tells Paul how Phyllis was upset that he and Christine got Sasha's manuscript in New-York. Later, the judge decides to adjourn court until he has read that manuscript. Victor and Diane couldn't celebrate Christmas because Diane was hospitalized. So they'll celebrate tonight. Nick questions Josh about his first wife. He answers she's dead. Sarah, who was listening to their talk drops a cup. Malcolm learns that Neil wants to talk to a lawyer about divorce. He spreads the news to Drucilla.
14 Jan. 1998
Episode #1.6292
At Danny Jr's custody's trial, the judge is admitting Sasha's manuscript into evidence. Phyllis is devastated. Later, Paul tells Lynne that Christine did a wonderful job in the courtroom today. Drucilla wants to have another baby while Neil is thinking about divorce. Sharon tells Doris that the little girl she gave up is back in her life. Olivia and Malcolm want to help Neil and Drucilla.
16 Jan. 1998
Episode #1.6294
Danny and Christine prevent Phyllis from flying the country with Danny Jr. They get a call and have to go back to the courthouse where Paul and Michael are waiting for them. The judge grants permanent custody to Danny. Josh tells Nikki he is very happy with her and would like them to have a baby. Sarah is listening their talk. Drucilla asks Neil to forgive her. Malcolm and Olivia are talking about Neil and Drucilla.
19 Jan. 1998
Episode #1.6295
Nikki wants to know what Victor is planing to offer to Victoria for her birthday but Victor keeps it a secret. Victoria complains to Jack. If she doesn't get a promotion soon, she'll work for another company. Paul and Christine are celebrating the end of the trial. Lynne calls. Paul has to go back to the office. Soon afterwards, Christine leaves to visit Danny Jr who is missing his mom. Christine is back home before Paul. While she's kissing her husband, Danny is looking at a picture of himself and Christine on their wedding day. Victor is furious when he finds Jack ...
22 Jan. 1998
Episode #1.6298
Danny calls Christine; he would like her to visit him and Danny Jr. Christine says she can't; she's about to have dinner with her husband. Later, Paul has to leave for work. Chris finally goes to Danny's place. Danny admits that his son was already sleeping when she called back, but he lied because he wanted to see her. Christine arrives home a few seconds before Paul. He remarks that her hands are as cold as ice. As he warms her up, he tells her he thinks it's time for them to have a baby. Victoria tells Tony that her birthday party was a wonderful surprise for her. ...
29 Jan. 1998
Episode #1.6303
Nick wonders what's wrong with Sharon. He questions Nikki. Sharon would like Cassie to live at her place. She suggests that Grace tells the little girl she's be out of town for business. Jack finds Ashley crying at Jabot. She tells him that Cole is at the ranch with Victoria. Ryan and Tricia are about to spend the night together. Danny arrives at Christine's office. He tells her he never stop loving her. Christine says she has a meeting and leaves in a hurry. She goes to her husband's office. Paul kisses her and talks about having a baby.
11 Feb. 1998
Episode #1.6312
Nina's short novel will be published. Nina shares the good news with Christine. Mary tells Paul that Christine isn't ready to have a baby with him because she still has feelings for Danny. Paul says this talk is over. Nick, Victor and Nikki wonder why Cassie is so important for Sharon. Grace's upset when Tony tells her that Cassie is at the ranch with Sharon. Katherine advises Danny to fight to get Chrsitine back. Danny invites Christine to Danny Jr's birthday. Christine goes to Paul's office and insists they both should go to their godson's birthday's party. Paul ...
12 Feb. 1998
Episode #1.6313
Paul, Christine, Danny and Danny Jr are celebrating Danny Jr's fifth birthday. Danny's very disappointed that Christine went with Paul. Nikki and Victor are discussing Sharon. Nick comes home. he's disappointed to find Cassie there. John Abbott would like getting William's custody. Jill disagrees. Alice is back in Madison. Millie tells her that Cassie isn't living there anymore.
13 Feb. 1998
Episode #1.6314
Paul and Christine are celebrating Valentine Day at The Colonnades. The man who got William Foster's corneas pays Jill a visit. Jill introduces him to Victor. Alice called the police, but they won't look for Cassie. Danny tells Katherine that Christine came with Paul at Danny Jr's birthday party. Katherine advises him to keep fighting to get Christine back. Cassie is happy to spend time with Noah and Sharon at the ranch. Grace arrives earlier than expected. Cassie catches Sharon and Grace's row. Nick questions Tony to learn what's wrong with Grace... to no avail.
19 Feb. 1998
Episode #1.6317
Paul enters Christine's office. He wants to have dinner with his wife. She says she can't; she's waiting for a client. Paul leaves. Sharon tells Christine that she gave birth to a little girl seven years ago. Grace found this little girl about a year ago and doesn't want to give her back to her. At the same time, Grace and Tony argue about Cassie. Nikki, Nick, Victoria, Jack and Victor gather in Victor's office. Diane arrives and shows them her present for Newman Entreprise's anniversary; it's a big portrait of Victor. Victor enjoys it. Nikki is disappointed. Later, ...
27 Feb. 1998
Episode #1.6323
Cassie is going to spend a few days at the ranch. She says goodbye to Tony and Grace and she leaves with Sharon. Paul and Christine are kissing in his office. They are talking about having a baby. Later, Mary arrives and wants to know if Christine is pregnant. Paul asks her to stop bothering him. Victoria tells Nikki that Cassie is once again at the ranch. Sarah is in the hospital, hoping to see Josh, but he asked a colleague to take care of her.
2 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6324
Victor gets upset when he learns that Nikki is thinking about having a baby with her new husband. Katherine questions Paul about Christine. Paul gets suspicious of her sudden interest in his marriage. He tells her not to worry and to greet Danny. he adds he has to leaves; he has a meeting and then he wants to spend time with his wife. Christine's feelings are confused. She confides in Nina. Later, she decides to tell Paul the truth. Sarah is in the hospital. She wants Josh to be her doctor. Cassie isn't happy at the ranch.
3 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6325
Danny questions Nina about Christine. Christine tells Paul she loves him, but she still has feelings for Danny too. Victor tells Jack that Nikki is thinking about having a baby with her new husband. Ryan and Tricia wonder whether they should move in together immediately. Nikki wonders how her children would react if she had a baby; she questions Victoria. Alec invites Megan to have dinner with him at his place.
9 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6329
Paul blames Danny for manipulating Christine. Nikki isn't happy with Sarah's work. Megan tells Tricia that Jill would be an awful stepmother.
10 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6330
Paul wants to understand how Christine feels. He questions Nina. Grace and Cassie are in a cab. Grace plans to take the little girl away from Genoa. Megan and Tricia discuss their mother and Jill with Ryan.
10 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6331
Olivia and Malcolm try to help Neil and Drucilla. Later, Neil arrives home with champagne and flowers. He kisses his wife and they start making love. Victoria, Diane, Nick and Katherine are at the Colonnades to celebrate Victor's birthday. Nikki crashes the party. Sharon is devastated when she learns that Grace is about to leave the country with Cassie. She calls Christine, but Paul answers instead. He explains he didn't discharge the P.I. who was following Grace. He and Christine are on their way to the airport and they will stop Grace. Danny tells Katherine that ...
11 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6332
Grace calls Sharon; she's coming to the ranch. Later, Christine and then Cassie, Grace and Paul arrive at the ranch. Nick, Katherine, Diane and Victoria are celebrating Victor's birthday at the Colonnades. Nikki crashes the party. Cole visits Nina. He thinks she's ready to write a novel. Later, Ryan stops by. He wants to talk about their divorce but Nina says she has to work. Nikki tells Josh she agrees to have a baby. Sarah overhears their talk.
17 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6334
Mary tells Paul that Christine doesn't deserve a man like him, but Paul defends his wife. Christine comes back home. She asks Paul to be patient with her. Jack and Nick discuss Nick's work. Sharon and Grace explain to Cassie that she has to stay at the ranch. Tony and Victoria run into Cole and Ryan at Gina's.
19 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6336
Sarah tells Josh that she's in fact his wife Veronica. Josh wants her to go away. Victoria is spending the night at Tony's. Mary visits Christine at her office. She blames her for the way she has been treating Paul. Later, Paul tells Christine he loves her but wants her to move out of their apartment. Katherine and Jill are stuck in Jack's office because of the storm.
20 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6337
Paul tells Lynne and Mary that he asked Christine to move out. Later, he tells Danny he'll fight for his marriage. Nina welcomes Christine. She says she can stay at her place as long as she needs. Miguel calls. It's raining too much; he doesn't know when he'll be able to come back to the ranch. Josh tells Veronica to leave. She does but comes back with a gun. She shoots him twice. Later, Veronica argues with Nikki and ends up shooting her. Malcolm and Olivia have dinner in her office. Neil's happy that Drucilla chose her family over her career. Later, Sid calls. ...
31 Mar. 1998
Episode #1.6344
Casey and Nick keep vigil at Nikki's hospital bed. Nick learns from Miguel that Sharon has moved out of the ranch with the children. After learning of Nikki's shooting, Sharon heads to Genoa City Memorial. She tries to comfort Nick, but he doesn't want anything from her anymore. Cassie is still having trouble to understand why she cannot be with Grace but has to stay with Doris instead. Jack and Diane wonder what announcement Victor is about to bring up. In spite of their failing marriage Cole offers comfort to Victoria. Later, Neil and Victoria share a friendly chat....
1 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6345
Nikki wakes up in the hospital. She asks for Josh. Casey, Victoria and Nick don't want to tell her that Josh has been killed. Victor explains his request to Diane. He wants to fulfill a dying Nikki her greatest wish, but remarry after her death. Diane is still dumbfounded. Victor promises her his eternal gratitude so that she signs in on his divorce proceedings in the Dominican Republic. Paul is miffed when Mary tells him he shouldn't budge with Christine, but he now thinks his ultimatum is counterproductive. Lynne tells Paul that Christine and Danny are at Gina's. ...
2 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6346
Victor gets a divorce in the Dominican Republic. Jack is furious at Victor for asking Diane to divorce and then remarry Victor. He embraces Diane and eventually kisses her, and she doesn't pull away. Casey realizes she must tell Nikki the truth about Joshua's murder, as Nikki's health takes a turn for the worse. Nick and Victor panic when Nikki starts to flat-line... Olivia and Dru say their goodbyes. When Olivia expresses her incomprehension that her sister is leaving Neil, Dru can't help it but to hint at the fact she thinks that Olivia has feeling for Neil herself....
3 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6347
At Genoa City Memorial, the doctors try to save Nikki's life. Nikki already has visions of leaving this world as she sees the deceased Joshua... Diane learns that Nikki is about to die and she worries that Victor might not arrive in time to marry her. Jack returns to the penthouse and is shocked to learn of Nikki's grave state. Doris convinces Sharon to return to hospital and comfort Nick, but he dismisses her, so she turns to Victoria for comfort. Victor has John Silva file a last minute petition in court in order to receive a marriage certificate which Judge ...
6 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6348
Sharon thinks Nick will not be forgiving to learn the truth about Cassie. Doris warns her to hide the truth any longer and encourages her to come clean with Nicholas. Later, Tony comforts Sharon and kisses her. Jack and Diane still believe that Nikki is dead. Jack explains to Diane that amidst the tragedy she can have her husband back - and maybe even reverse the vasectomy Nikki brought on Victor. Victor breaks the news to his thrilled children and Casey that he intends to marry Nikki. They call Katherine who immediately hurries to the hospital. The chaplain arrives ...
7 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6349
Jack and Diane are still pacing the floor at the penthouse waiting for details of what is going on at the hospital. At Genoa City Memorial, everyone is thrilled for Nikki and Victor. Kay tells Nikki that she has always considered her a daughter whereas Nick and Victoria are simply thrilled to see their parents reunited. Casey urges Victor to go home and get some rest. Neil shows up at the hospital to offer Victoria his support. Diane awaits Victor and they share a tender embrace. Meanwhile, Dr. Walker consults Olivia on Nikki's case and they make a startling discovery...
8 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6350
Olivia and Dr. Walker tell Casey that Nikki is getting better. Jack visits his ex-wife and is relieved to hear that she might survive after all. Victor thanks Diane for her noble gesture and explains how he and Nikki remarried. Victoria urges Nick to open to his wife, but he feels rejected by her inexplicable concern for Grace's niece, Cassie. Cassie thinks that Nick doesn't like her. Doris urges Sharon to tell Nick the truth about Cassie, but Sharon doesn't think he is ready for it right now. Danny tries to convince Paul to let Christine alone to have sort out her ...
9 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6351
Michael tries to calm down Phyllis who delivers a tirade against Christine as she toying with a redux-romance with Danny as she was hoping for a reunion with her estranged husband herself. Then, Michael visits Christine at Legal Aid hoping to get her come around in his attempt to get his law license back. Ashley is very encouraging to Cole offering his support to Victoria in this time of crisis. When Nikki wakes up in the morning, she thinks her wedding with Victor was just a dream. The doctors arrive and confirm that Nikki is no longer in critical condition! Veronica...
10 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6352
Jill discusses Keith's marriage proposal with Jack. Jack advises her to turn him as he is not going to make her happy. Sharon wants to take a few days off away from Genoa with her mother and the kids. Doris phones Nick; she urges him to talk to his wife. Lynne picks up on Mary feeling blue and unneeded. Paul cancels all his meetings to spend time with his mother. Neil tells Malcolm that he hasn't hard from Dru or Lily - and is concerned that his marriage status is still unresolved. Victoria runs into Neil at Yves and they decide to have lunch together. Neil explains ...
13 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6353
Megan and Tricia pay Jill a surprise visit with an even more surprising request: putting aside their previous differences, they want her to accept her father's marriage proposal! Meanwhile, Katherine tells Keith that, since Jill is not wearing his ring yet, he should better prepare for her rejection. Tony fails to cheer up Grace who is looking through a box with memories of Cassie. Later, Cassie calls to tell her about Sharon's plans to go away. Grace heads over to Christine to help her stop Sharon. Grace explains how Tony found the girl and that the foster family ...
14 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6354
Jill tries to buy herself more time to answer Keith's proposal. Keith reveals that Katherine already warned him that she would turn him down. Hurt by Jills's words, Keith says he is sorry, but he does not want to live with someone under the same roof who is not committed to him. Forced out on the street, Jill heads over to the Chancellor Estate and Katherine begrudgingly invites her to stay with her and Esther for now. Diane is anxious to get her life back on track, but Victor tells her that he needs more to handle Nikki. He brings make-up to Nikki at the hospital, ...
15 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6355
Jack wonders when or if Victor will return to Diane. Victor however thinks this is none of Jack's business and leaves for the hospital. Nikki believes Victor and she are destined to be together forever. Victor does not answer and simply kisses Nikki's forehead. Victoria and Nick are stunned when Diane tells them that Victor doesn't plan to stay married to Nikki. Grace refuses a dinner invitation from Tony. Tony worries that Grace is pining for Nick. Christine advises Sharon to stay in Genoa City. Christine tells Paul that she still hasn't decided between him and Danny...
16 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6356
Casey informs Victor that Nikki has further stabilized. A hopeful Diane packs for her second honeymoon with Victor, but Jack believes Victor won't go away with Diane. Victoria and Neil confide in each other. Still stunned by Diane's words, Nick and Victoria angrily confront Victor after and he admits his farce. Victor is torn by the predicament and clueless of what to do next. Malcolm asks Olivia to look after Neil. Olivia is surprised to find out that Neil is doing fine without Dru as he is now eager to focus on work again. Jill explains to Megan and Tricia why she ...
17 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6357
Ashley and Cole continue to celebrate their engagement. Nick explains to Grace how he feels overwhelmed by not just having one child of his own, but also Sharon's 7-year-old. Sharon Doris and Sharon notice that Cassie seems sad. They let Cassie visit Grace who is thrilled to see her. A hopeful Sharon visits Nick, but he shatters her dreams about reuniting. Instead of kind words of forgiveness, he instead asks her to keep Cassie a secret from the rest of the family. Jack apologizes to Diane for being so negative about her future with Victor and assures her it will all ...
20 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6358
Paul pays his mother a visit. Mary's still depressed. Later, Paul tells Christine how worried he is for his mother. Christine calls her mother in law's friends who go to Mary's. After her friends have gone, Mary calls her son. Paul's happy to hear she feels better. He thanks her wife for her help with a kiss. Victor confronts Sharon and Nick; he wants the two of them to reunite for Nikki's return as the family is facing enough turmoil already. After debating with Jack whether to go or not, Diane tells Nikki at the hospital that Victor remarried her because she was ...
21 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6359
Nina is surprised to see Michael working at the hospital. Nina supposes that he expects her to tell Christine what a great humanitarian he is, but Michael says he isn't going to pressure Christine any more about helping him. Jack and Jill realize that they are both single now. Jill advises Jack not to get his fantasies up too high, just because they once were having an affair. Nick and Grace are having drinks at Ginas's, just as Tony shares a coffee with Sharon at Crimson Lights. Christine receives a post card from Danny on his tour where he expresses how much he ...
22 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6360
Diane is sitting alone in the dark penthouse wondering what she did to deserve Victor's rejection. Jack is surprised when Victor asks him to look after Diane. He realizes that Victor and Diane are over and offers her his support. Casey says goodbye to her sister as she has to return to work. Victor proposes to Nikki to build a new house in light of the tragic events at the ranch. Nikki explains that as long as she has and the children with her, she will be able to face returning to the scene of the shooting. Victoria and Neil talk again, realizing that they have quite...
23 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6361
Paul and Christine discuss Sharon and Cassie. Chris thinks they should get more information about Cassie's adoptive grandmother from Tony and Grace and if possible have the grandmother sign over her guardian rights to Sharon. In Madison, Alice Johnson is angry with Millie for not remembering who took Cassie, though she is unsure whether her mother is honest to her on this issue. Doris tries to convince Sharon to return home and be there for Nikki, but she seems to be too afraid of losing Nick and Cassie. Sharon orders Christine to drop any legal action in regards to ...
24 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6362
Victor arrives at the hospital to pick up his wife and finally go home. Doris sets Sharon straight as to welcome Nikki back alongside Nick. Nick is angry at Victor for continuing the sham-marriage, but Victoria informs him that Victor intends to stay married to their mother; so it is imperative that he and Sharon get his act together as well. Nina is surprised when Danny and Paul arrive at her apartment. They urge Christine to decide between them, but she wants to have more time to make a proper decision. Malcolm suspects there might be something going on between ...
27 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6363
Nikki is thrilled when Victor shows her the redecorated bedroom so she doesn't feel weird in it since Joshua was murdered. Victoria thanks Cole for supporting the family even though they are divorced now. Nick thanks Sharon for being there for his mother. He thinks that they will just have to pretend that everything is okay until she gets better. Sharon says that she was hoping that they could meet each other half way and come to some kind of understanding. Nick tells Sharon that their marriage can't survive because of Cassie. Diane is still beating herself over ...
28 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6364
Jack hints at Victor that he doesn't appreciate his behavior with Diane. Victor pays Diane a visit to further explain his motivations for marrying Nikki. He professes his love and offers her financial stability for her act of kindness. Diane is furious: all she wants is his love and him being her husband! Realizing he cannot make up to Diane, a miserable Victor leaves. Nikki tells Katherine how thrilled she is to be Mrs. Victor Newman again. She then asks her friend to help organize a memorial service for Joshua at the hospital. Nick has Jack send him on out of town ...
29 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6365
Diane is sitting alone in her dark apartment wailing in self-pity. After a chat with Jack she decides to contact a lawyer and by coincidence reaches Michael Baldwin! Michael is thrilled when he realizes that Mrs. Victor Newman in contacting him. He immediately rushes over to Diane's and lets her fill him in on the whole story. Diane explains that she never signed anything and Michael adds it looks like Victor misled her. Michael states that there is a case, but it is up to Diane whether she wants to go through with legal proceedings. Jack catches up with Nikki, but ...
30 Apr. 1998
Episode #1.6366
Michael explains to Christine that a major opportunity has arisen for which it is imperative that he gets his law license back. Chris only sees her point validated that Michael is still an opportunist and she is not willing to play his games. Diane tells Jack that she contacted a lawyer but isn't sure whether she wants to sue Victor. Phyllis thinks Michael is deluding himself that Christine will ever help him to get his license back. Michael vows to doe whatever it takes to get his license back. Miguel and Veronica meet at the Coyote Grill again as Ashley and Cole ...
1 May 1998
Episode #1.6367
Ashley tells Jack that she and Cole are engaged. Victor informs Nikki that the police want to question her about the night of the shooting. Phyllis tries to seduce Michael when Diane calls. Diane feels that the lawsuit will be a wake up call for Victor. In order to buy himself more time to get his license back and to be able to function as her lawyer, Michael explains that the case needs some time for preparation although Diane is giddy to fire right away. Tricia explains to Megan that she wants Phillip to learn to trust and like her because she feels that he is the ...
4 May 1998
Episode #1.6368
Jack is stunned that Diane believes that Victor is only staying with Nikki out of a sense of obligation and will eventually return to her. Victor is with Nikki as she is questioned by the police about the night of the shooting and Sarah the maid. Nikki is having a tough time remembering the night, so Victor quickly puts an end to the questioning. Miguel is still smitten with Veronica. When he realizes that she is short on cash, he promises to help her find a job. Malcolm teases Neil about his budding relationship with Victoria, but Neil continues to insist that they ...
5 May 1998
Episode #1.6369
Victor is curious about the nature of the relationship between Neil and Victoria. Neil says he feels himself becoming very involved with Victoria. Victor tells Neil to enjoy his dinner date. Sharon tells Doris that she hopes Nick will come around. When Sharon visits Nikki with Noah, she hides her marital problems. At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Danny wakes up and Gina rushes to his side. She wants to be tested as kidney donor immediately. Joanie is miffed that Phyllis is playing matron of the manor. When Phyllis learns the seriousness of Danny's condition, she ...
6 May 1998
Episode #1.6370
Jill thinks Jack is spending an awful lot of time with Diane and is certain that he is still interested in the former Mrs. Newman. Jack notices that Jill seems busy with everyone else's life as she does not know what to do with her own life right now. Michael and Diane are discussing her legal options. She starts to get impatient and fears Michael is stalling which he manages to convince her otherwise. Victor and Nikki decide to focus on the future instead of looking back at the past. Tony feels rejected by Grace who is busy at work again. Doris gets worried that ...
7 May 1998
Episode #1.6371
Malcolm visits Olivia who has been working non-stop at the hospital to give her flowers and a kiss. Phyllis realizes that Michael is up to something, but he won't reveal what it is. Gina, Christine and Paul are still with Danny as his condition gets worse and worse. Then, news arrives that there is a donor! Elsewhere in the hospital, Michael gets ready for surgery saying that this is his only chance... Ryan tells Phillip that their time together made him very happy, but he can't help but notice that his son still hasn't warmed up on Tricia. Back home, Nina is shocked ...
8 May 1998
Episode #1.6372
As Nick's returns is looming, Sharon is anxious while Grace is thrilled. Tony realizes that Grace is still pining for Nick. Victor asks Sharon to move back to the ranch as it is evident, that despite their differences, Nick loves her dearly. Nikki is seeing vision of Sarah as Miguel arrives with Veronica. He introduces her to Nikki. After a short conversation full of double entendre Miguel and Veronica leave. Victor welcomes his son back to Genoa City, but is surprised that Nick seems so pessimistic about the state of his marriage. Nick won't reveal any details for ...
11 May 1998
Episode #1.6373
Victor informs Nikki that their son is back and that Sharon has been living with her mother for weeks now. Doris encourages Sharon to go welcome back Nick with Noah while she takes care of Cassie. Neil and Victoria are at dinner talking business. Across the room are Malcolm and Olivia who are very curious about the blooming relationship of Neil. Christine is speechless that Michael donated the kidney for Danny. Phyllis is sitting by Danny's side when Christine stumbles into the room revealing that Michael was the donor. Phyllis heads over to Michael's room and ...
12 May 1998
Episode #1.6374
Christine tells Paul that Michael is Danny's donor. Paul thinks that Michael does nothing without an ulterior motive. Jack cannot believe that legal action has not been taken yet and urges Diane to hire a different attorney. Michael calls and explains to Diane that he is at the hospital. Diane is very impressed that he donated one of his kidneys and tells Jack to back off. Nikki breaks Miguel's request to Victor to hire his friend as the new maid. Victor is not opposed to the idea, but wants to make sure an extensive background check is done on Veronica... Grace picks...
13 May 1998
Episode #1.6375
Jill finds Jack in a sour mood over Diane. Jill complains about living at the Chancellor estate with Katherine. Every day she wakes up and remembers that that used to be her house. She reminds Jack that Phillip Chancellor gave it to her, but Katherine went to court and got it back. Actually it was Katherine who has ruined her chance at happiness from the beginning when she killed Phillip! Jack then alludes to Jill to their previous romantic entanglement, but Jill is not interested. Phyllis visits with Danny and breaks the news about his donor to him. Both Danny and ...
14 May 1998
Episode #1.6376
Cole apologizes to Ashley for being absent with his thoughts, but he has a hunch that something is wrong with Victoria. Victoria is having another dizzy spell and decides to see a doctor the next day. Nikki explains to Victor that Miguel seems deeply infatuated with his new lady love. She think they should hire her, but Victor reminds her of what happened with the last maid and wants to be certain about Veronica before inviting her into their home. At the Coyote Grill, Miguel stuns Veronica with a proposal to prove his devotion. Veronica jumps from the table in panic....
15 May 1998
Episode #1.6377
Katherine and Esther are suffering from Jill's moody and snappy behavior. Jill explains that all those memories are coming back to her. Katherine cannot believe that Jill is still clinging onto the past, especially since Jill was far from innocent as he stole her husband! Olivia tells Malcolm that she spoke to Dru a couple of days ago who said that she and Lily are fine, but she barely asked about Neil. Malcolm is still concerned about Neil's involvement with Victoria for different reasons: her family. Meanwhile, Victoria hides the identity of the man she is dating ...
18 May 1998
Episode #1.6378
Michael bemoans to Phyllis the fact that he has done everything he can to prove himself to Christine, but it is not enough. Michael wonders if he will ever be forgiven for what he did 5 years ago. Paul reassures Christine that she is doing right thing; Michael is not changed, he gave Danny his kidney as a ploy to force her into testifying on his behalf at the hearing. Tricia tells Meg that her plan for getting Phillip and Ryan together has backfired as the boy is more adamant than ever in his rejection of her. Nina grows worried when Phillip continues to hint that he ...
19 May 1998
Episode #1.6379
Michael is confronted by the committee with his statements after harassing Christine. He tries to make them see that he is a changed man now. Christine enters and explains that she is there neither to support nor oppose Michael's reinstatement, but the committee presses her for a definite statement. Michael uses the chance to publicly apologize for his past misdeeds and then asks for a chance to redeem himself through his work a lawyer. Sharon starts to get fed up with Nick who fails to come around. Then, Nick asks her to join him for dinner. Nikki explains to Victor ...
20 May 1998
Episode #1.6380
Jack wants Diane to hire another lawyer, but she trusts Michael. Phyllis wants to celebrate with Michael, but he turns her down to work with Diane on her case. Nick and Sharon meet for dinner. He thinks he was too young when he got married and has too many responsibilities. Sharon cannot believe that Nick is implying that their marriage is a mistake and leaves frustrated. Christine visits Danny in the hospital. She tells him how Michael got his law license back and promises to make a decision about her marriage before he is released. Mary advises Lynne to make the ...
21 May 1998
Episode #1.6381
A troubled Sharon confides in Victor that Nicholas confessed his fears that he got married at a too young age. Late at night in the office, Grace is extremely supportive of Nicholas. Doris tells Tony to stay away from her daughter. Ashley thinks Cole needs a research assistant. Miguel suggests his girlfriend Veronica for this post. Later, Veronica wonders if she should take the risk of returning to the Newman ranch. Malcolm informs Olivia that Neil and Victoria are seeing each other. Neil is surprised when Victoria tries to avoid him but she does not want to reveal ...
22 May 1998
Episode #1.6382
Nikki has picked up on her son's marital woes. She tells Victor that she fears Nick's focus on work could cost him his marriage and decides to pay her daughter-in-law a visit. Malcolm is curious why Olivia is adamant not to talk about Neil and Victoria. He feels his wife is keeping something from him. Victoria is sitting in her office reflecting on her life. She is in love with Neil but pregnant from Cole. Miguel is disappointed that Cole will not need a new research assistant until a few weeks. Cole and Ashley then talk about Miguel's sudden romance. Miguel pleads ...
25 May 1998
Episode #1.6383
It's Memorial Day: Christine reflects with Nina on her life with the two men she fell in love with. But she has to make a decision now: should she stay with Paul or reunite with Danny?
26 May 1998
Episode #1.6384
Katherine and Gina pick up Danny from the hospital. Danny calls Paul over and they argue about who Christine will choose. After Katherine encourages her to pick Danny, Lynne arrives at Legal Aid and reminds Christine that she and Paul are having the perfect marriage which deserves a future. Victoria is having dinner with Cole trying to tell him that she and Cole are having a baby. When Ashley arrives, an unnerved Victoria leaves without revealing that she is expecting. Nick confides in Victor about the situation with Sharon. Grace assures Tony that she is spending so ...
27 May 1998
Episode #1.6385
Mary tells Paul today is her wedding anniversary. She still hopes that Carl who has been missing for nearly a decade will come back one day. In Norfolk, Virginia, a man with a striking resemble to Carl Williams shares a kiss with his wife Ruth... Diane is thrown for a loop when Victor stops by at the penthouse. They almost kiss when Victor says that he misses her and encourages her to continue with her plans to redesign the Newman Enterprises headquarters. Nikki tells Nick she knows that Cassie is Sharon's daughter. She advises Nick to do everything he can to save his...
28 May 1998
Episode #1.6386
Assuming that she chose Danny, Paul is not in the mood to talk to Christine. He is overjoyed though when she explains that he is the man she loves. They kiss. Victor explains to Victoria that he is very fond of Neil but worries that he is still married. Victoria dismisses this, but hides that she is having second thoughts about her romance now that she is expecting. Neil confronts Malcolm for meddling with Victoria as the she seems to avoid him for over a week now. Sharon tells Doris that she is reluctant to talk to Nick again as she is not ready to face the end of ...
29 May 1998
Episode #1.6387
Jack makes Victor confess he'll never go back to Diane. Later, Jack wants Diane to listen to the recording of the talk he had with Victor. Katherine thinks about the late Philip Chancellor II, remembering the day, Phillip handed her divorce papers. It was all because of Jill, she ruined her marriage! Victor asks Jill why she's still living at the Chancellor Estate. When Jill arrives at the mansion, Jill and Katherine get into it blaming each for destroying their lives. Christine is back home. After talking on the phone to Lynne and Nina and listening to Danny wishing ...
1 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6388
Sharon is back at the ranch with the children. Nick welcomes them and has a little talk with Cassie. Danny tells Phyllis that Christine chose Paul. Phyllis gets new hope for a possible reunion with her ex. Paul and Christine have a very romantic night. Malcolm wants to go to Neil but Olivia advises him not to do so. Neil is stunned that Victoria is pregnant. He reassures her and says he'll be there for her and her baby. Cole tells an ecstatic Ashley that his divorce hearing is tomorrow, so that no more obstacles will be in their way. Victor tells Nikki to show some ...
2 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6389
Michael scores himself a huge and impressive office at Whitman, Walker and Wilson when he hints to his retiring boss that he won Diane Newman as a client. Phyllis is very impressed by Michael's new domain. Victor expresses that he feels sorry if he misled Diane, but he never intended to. Diane will not hear him and plays the tape. She screams that his words are as meaningless as the vow he made on their wedding day! Nick and Sharon still walk around on eggshells with each other. Eventually, they decide that they have to forget the past few weeks and go on from there. ...
3 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6390
Victoria is nervous before the court hearing and ponders if she should tell Cole about the pregnancy first. In court, Victoria dodges the questions regarding children or marital relations after their separation from Mitchell Sherman, John Silva and the judge. Divorce is eventually granted and Cole parts ways with Victoria who stays behind in tears. Tricia is over the moon after Ryan's proposal. Alec and Megan drop by for a celebratory breakfast. Diane thanks for his support as she just now realized that he has been right all along. When Michael arrives, Diane gives ...
4 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6391
Katherine tries mending fences with Jill. She thinks they should forget about the past, as they are both no longer the women they were when they fought for Phillip. Jill does not intend to let go so easily. Michael explains that the divorce Victor rushed into to marry Nikki could be void as Diane never signed her consent. Diane is in shock: could she still be Mrs. Victor Newman after all? Jack is thrilled to hear about this new approach. Phyllis is disappointed when Michael rejects her charms to focus on his mysterious new client. Sharon breaks it to Victor that ...
5 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6392
Chris visits Mary and wants to know more about Paul's father. Mary explains what struck her was that Carl just vanished which was totally out of character for the police detective and loving husband. In Norfolk, the mysterious Jim Bradley talks to his wife Ruth, remembering how she found him beside the road beaten almost to death many years ago. Ruth wonders if Jim ever wanted to find about his past or real name as his memory is still totally blocked. Jim states that his marriage to Ruth is his life and he is very happy with that, so why care about the past. Back in ...
8 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6393
Nick and Victor discuss Cassie. Victor worries about the legal ramifications, but Nick assumes Christine is handling this matter. Tony reminds Grace that they used to be very close. He wants to start over again and asks Grace to become his wife which she accepts. Jack is on a fishing expedition with Nikki to find out Victor's next move with Diane. Phyllis is busy seducing Michael in his office when Jack storms in. Michael informs Jack that despite his assumptions he has been extensively preparing for Diane's legal battle with Victor. Cole confronts Victoria about her ...
9 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6394
Ryan sets up a dinner at Gina's with Nina and Phillip. When Tricia joins them, Phillip spots her engagement ring and becomes very quiet and wants to go home. Tricia tries to console Ryan who is frustrated by his son's reaction. Phillip tells Nina that he does not want to see his father again as long as he is involved with Tricia. After seeing Nick and Sharon together Grace seeks solace from Tony who by accident finds out about the reason why Grace is so down. Victoria is stunned that Neil informed Cole that she is expecting a child. She explains to Neil that she told ...
10 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6395
Tricia tells Megan and Alec about the dinner fiasco at Gina's. Ryan is heartbroken when Phillip shows him the cold shoulder. Later, Tricia offers to step aside so that Ryan can repair his relationship with son. Ryan turns her down. Jack thinks Diane should hire a different attorney, but Diane trusts Michael. Michael instructs Diane to stand firm because battling Victor Newman won't be easy. Neil tells Malcolm that his relationship with Victoria is on the brink as she has a lot on her mind lately, but he is not ready to give up yet. Ashley demands the truth form Victor...
11 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6396
Malcolm pitches a new campaign for the Jabot skin line to Jack and Ashley. Jack notices that his sister is preoccupied, but she won't disclose the reason. John is back from his trip with Billy. Ashley confides in her father about her engagement and the situation with Victoria. Tricia suggests to Ryan to go to family counseling with Phillip. Nina doesn't take Ryan's suggestion well, though. She accuses him of getting in an insta-engagement with "Barbie" while Phillip is still dealing with this parent's divorce. Ryan refuses to take all the blame. Victor hands Diane a ...
12 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6397
Victor tells Nikki who is sporting a new short hairdo that he is optimistic that Diane will accept his offer. Diane is surprised when Michael tells her that Victor's offer is not cutting it as she thought it sounded generous. Michael reminds her if she accepts this settlement, she accepts that she is a divorced woman. He doesn't think that she should accept the divorce as a fait accompli. Diane doesn't like the image of herself as the greedy ex-wife out to get all that she can. Michael reiterates that Nikki is the ex, she is Victor's wife! Jill is very worried about ...
15 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6398
Katherine urges Jill to stop obsessing about a man who died over 20 years ago. Jill reminds Kay that not only did she kill her husband, but she is also partly responsible for her son's death after she tried to strip him off the family legacy. Katherine begs Jill one last time to leave alone the past and live in the present. Phillip continues to be very cold with Ryan. Nina is shocked to hear that her son is doing poorly in school as of late. Ryan decides to move back in so that he can be with Phillip full time, hoping that the boy will soon come around and no longer ...
16 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6399
Ryan breaks it to Tricia that he'll be living at Nina's for a while to help his son. Later, he and Nina tell a thrilled Philip the news. Megan is shocked that Tricia is supportive of Ryan's decision. Jack and Nikki talk about Diane when she has a flashback of the night of the shooting. Michael bluntly tells Victor that he and Diane aren't legally divorced. Victor is furious. Diane takes one last attempt to make him see that she is not fighting for money but his respect and love. Victor is unmoved and rescinds the settlement offer. Paul and Christine advise Mary to ...
17 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6400
Paul, Christine, Mary, Lynne assemble with Reverend Davies at the chapel for Carl's memorial service. Mary recalls that many years ago, she and Carl were married at this very place, but now it is time for her to close that chapter of her live as Carl is dead. In Norfolk, Ruth Perkins is perplexed when her husband Jim by accident calls her "Mary"... John advises Ashley to talk to Cole about Victoria's pregnancy. Neil and Victoria are having lunch at Yves. Neil thinks, Cole has a right to know about the baby, but Victoria disagrees. Phyllis wants to know more about the ...
18 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6401
Diane is surprised to find Nikki at her door. Nikki cannot believe Diane turned down the settlement offer. Diane cannot believe Nikki's nerve and advises her to enjoy her marriage with Victor now as it will not last. Victor questions Christine about Michael. Christine does not want to divulge much about their background and simply says that he is a very sharp attorney, always intent on winning. Later in a conversation with Michael, Christine can't help but notice how overly confident Michael is about this case. A happy Cassie tells Sharon that she think that Nick ...
19 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6402
It's Day of Compassion, a day for AIDS awareness, and this brings back memories to Malcolm: the late Keesha Monroe, his former girlfriend, died nearly 2 years ago. Olivia comforts her husband. Jack tells a miserable Jill to move out of the Chancellor Mansion as the memories bring her down. Jill says that she isn't obsessed; she is just fighting for what was stolen from her twenty years ago. Then, a woman named Beatrice Tucker shows up at Jabot. She is a former maid of Katherine and hands Jill a picture of her and the late Phillip Chancellor. Nick, Sharon and Cassie ...
22 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6403
Nick, Sharon and Cassie enjoy their barbecue by the pool. Tony learns that Grace stayed late in the office to finish a project after Nick left. Grace explains that it was very important for making a mark at Newman Enterprises. To celebrate, she and Tony spend a fun night dancing at Crimson Lights. A shaken Cole arrives at the Jabot lab to tell Ashley that Victoria lost their baby. Neil is shocked that Victoria lied to Cole. He cannot understand what Victoria tries to accomplish with all of this. Tricia storms out on Megan and Alec when they allude that Ryan and Nina ...
23 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6404
Paul tells Christine he's thinking about offering his mother a job at his office. Christine has a better idea: they should find a man for Mary. Asked about the plan, Lynne says she knows the perfect man for Mrs. Williams. Victor congratulates Nick and Grace on their great work on the latest project. Nina worries that Phillip will fall back in moody state as soon as Ryan leaves again. While playing with his son, Ryan thinks of Tricia. Later, he pays her a visit. Nikki tells Victor she visited Diane and advised her to accept his offer. John Silva thinks that Victor ...
24 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6405
Katherine tells Nikki that Jill is driving her crazy with her constant harping on the past. Jill sends Esther on an errand so that she can finally walk up to the attic to find proof that Phillip wanted her to have the Chancellor Estate. Diane is about to back down and accept Victor's settlement offer when Michael storms into the penthouse to tell her that he consulted with other attorneys and they all agree that her divorce will not hold in court. Michael explains to Diane and Jack that she has the trump card: if Victor wants to be married to Nikki, he needs to pay ...
25 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6406
Diane tells Jack she refused to take Victor's money. Phyllis vows to hold onto Michael who is overly excited about working on Diane's case. Lynne, Christine and Paul arrange for Mary to run into eligible bachelor Charlie Ockwell at a restaurant. Charlie is a former cop and widower who Mary does not seem uninterested in... Victoria is released from the hospital. Neil still thinks Cole should be told the truth, but Victoria brushes him off. Nikki insists on having dinner with her daughter. Victoria who wants to hide her pregnancy for now is horrified when Nikki notices ...
26 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6407
Victor confronts Diane for turning down the settlement offer and causing havoc in his life. Diane retorts that it was him who caused havoc in her life when he ran off to get an insta-divorce to remarry his former wife. The little fact that Nikki still seems ignorant that her marriage is invalid peaks Diane's interest. Cole tells Ashley that he feels bad for being that harsh to Victoria in light of their mutual tragedy. He goes to Victoria to apologize and asks her if she also wonders if a baby could have saved their marriage. Tricia is sure that Ryan will come back to...
29 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6408
Nikki is annoyed when Diane shows up at the ranch. Diane teases Nikki and eventually explains that legally she is still Victor's wife. Nikki cannot believe Diane's nerve and reminds her that she had a wedding with witnesses at the hospital. Diane cooly advises Nikki to ask Victor about the state of their marriage and leaves. John Silva informs Victor that divorce proceedings could take years and become very costly. He strongly advises Victor to reach an agreement with Diane. Nina tells Ryan that she starts to believe that family counseling could actually be the best ...
30 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6409
Jill is still in the attic of the Chancellor Mansion. After hours of search she finds a box marked "Phillip Chancellor: Private and Personal" containing a legal envelope that has her name on it. As she hears Katherine calling out to her, she quickly hides it. Katherine is aghast when she sees the condition Jill is in. They soon get into another heated argument. As the two begin to wrestle around again, Jill gets the better of Katherine and they fall to the floor where rats are running around... Jill begins choking Katherine promising to kill her. Katherine is on the ...
1 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6410
Victor tells Victoria about his divorce and that Nikki left town to visit her sister Casey. Later, Victoria confronts Diane who tries to make Victoria see her take on the story. After their epic fight in the attic, Jill and Katherine realize that Esther called the police. Katherine wants Jill to leave the house immediately. Later, in her office, Jill reads the documents she found in the attic, most importantly a letter written by Phillip in which he bestows her the Chancellor Estate! Jill cannot believe it, the house is actually hers... Paul and Christine pay Mary a ...
2 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6411
Christine is hesitating to go to Romania on business. Paul realizes he is the reason she can't make up her mind. He advises her to go; it means a lot to her career. Jack calls Brad, but he doesn't tell him anything. Nina tells Philip that Ryan left the apartment. Ryan tells Tricia he's back for good. They're going to marry.
3 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6412
Nick and Sharon decide to throw a 4th of July barbecue pool party for family and friends. Grace is reluctant to go, but Tony insists they see Cassie. Victoria invites Neil and the entire Winters family. Ignorant of the party, Victor has invited Cole and Ashley for dinner which causes some weird moments. Veronica is having one of her bad days. Looking at herself in the mirror, she begins having a flashback of the time when she was in the mental hospital. Agitated she screams that she never wanted to hurt Joshua, but it was all due to Nikki. Then, Miguel calls and asks ...
6 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6413
The 4th of July celebrations on the Newman Ranch are in full swing. Both Victor and Victoria notice that Grace has a jealous look on her face while she watches Nick and Sharon dancing. Grace is put under fire when Tony boasts that he plans on marrying Grace very soon. Neil asks Malcolm to stay out of his relationship with Victoria. After Miguel confided in him that he is still bitter that his girlfriend is not allowed to work on the ranch, Nick asks his father to give hiring Veronica another chance. At the Coyote Grill, Veronica is harassed by her boss. Miguel steps ...
7 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6414
Diane tells Michael that she is worried because she hasn't heard from Victor since their last meeting. Victor consults with John Silva wondering why Diane and Michael have not made another move yet. He orders John to come up with a strategy besides simply making a higher settlement offer. Cassie is thrilled when Tony shows up for a visit. She tells Tony that she still misses Grace. Meanwhile at the office, Grace is overcome with her conflicting emotions and confesses her love to a stunned Nick. Alec tells Tricia and Megan that he was only Phillip's age when his ...
8 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6415
John Silva reads Jill the riot act for going to the Chancellor Estate earlier. Jill is both surprised and angry when Katherine walks into her office unannounced. Katherine reminds Jill in no uncertain terms that she is no longer welcome at her house. Cole surprises Ashley with a ring and the prospect that they will be able to marry in a few weeks. She postpones telling him about Victoria's pregnancy. Malcolm and Olivia wonder about the effects when the pregnancy is being revealed. Victor thinks that Victoria is hiding things from him. He assumes that the divorce has ...
9 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6416
Phyllis and Michael are getting all hot and heavy when Diane calls. Victor blasts Jack for leaking his story to the press. Jack is really getting fed up with Victor's constant threats and insinuations. Jack later warns Michael not too overstress his luck as Victor is definitely on the warpath now. Ashley still holds back that Victoria is pregnant, while Olivia warns Victoria that Ashley is onto her. Hence, Victoria is surprised when Cole arrives at her office to announce his impending marriage to Ashley. Realizing her life with Cole is definitely over, wishes him and ...
10 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6417
Victoria warns Sharon no to let down her guard where Grace is concerned. Sharon assures her that she has it covered. Jack accuses Michael of only trying to make a name for himself at Diane's expense. Michael rebuffs this accusation. John Silva advises Victor to see Diane without any lawyers present and try to settle the issue once and for all. Victor is furious that John seems to know no remedy to crush that shyster Michael Baldwin. At Yves, Michael runs into Grace who is drowning her sorrows about Nick in booze. Phyllis seems jealous when she spots Michael and the ...
13 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6418
Nina learns by accident that Ryan is about to marry. When Phillip asks about his father, Nina tries her best to dissuade him, but eventually tells her son the truth. Megan and Alec accompany Ryan and Tricia to the court house where they intend to get married. As the judge asks if anyone can show just cause as to why Ryan and Tricia should not be married, the door to his chambers slowly opens and Phillip steps quietly inside... Jack warns Diane that the dinner invitation is one of Victor's tricks. Diane prefers to look at it as a good sign. John Silva reminds Victor ...
14 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6419
Phillip slips into the room just as the wedding ceremony begins. He watches as Ryan and Tricia exchange vows and become husband and wife. As they kiss, Phillip has tears running down his face and is finally noticed by Ryan. Tricia calls a worried Nina to inform her that Phillip is at the court house. Ryan is happy that Phillip seems to finally accept his relationship with Tricia. Nina realizes that her son is terrified of losing Ryan to Tricia. Cole tells Ashley that his meeting with Victoria went well. Olivia starts to believe that Victoria still has feelings for ...
15 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6420
Diane fills Michael in on her meeting with Victor. Michael claims Victor only tried to manipulate her, but she is firm that she won't let that happen. Jack walks in a very much in love Ashley and Cole at the Jabot lab. Ashley confides in Jack that she is certain that Victoria is pregnant - by Cole. Jack advises his sister to break the news to her fiancé as soon as possible. Malcolm realizes that Victoria's child is not actually Neil's. He is stunned that Neil claims this does not matter to him at all as he wants to be with Victoria every step of the way. Paul quizzes ...
16 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6421
Victor is happy to have Nikki back home. Nikki is surprised that the situation with Diane is not resolved yet. Diane fills Jack in on her meeting with Victor, noting it was shockingly cordial. She now is torn whether to continue playing hardball or to accept his offer. Jack advises Diane to trust her instincts. Victoria thanks Neil for his offer, but she thinks it would be best for her to relocate to the Los Angeles office to avoid the fallout with Cole. Neil tries to make Victoria understand that isolating herself would be the worst possible idea at such a time. Jill...
17 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6422
Reluctantly Victoria confirms to Nikki that she is indeed pregnant. Victoria asks her mother to stay out of her affairs and most importantly keep her secret. Ashley finally fills Cole in about her suspicion that Victoria is pregnant with his child. When Cole does not believe her, Ashley tells Cole that he has to find certainty as this is looming over their relationship. Grace tells Sharon that she now accepts that she and Nick will never be more than business colleagues. Sharon advises Grace to tie the knot with Tony. Victoria asks her father for a transfer to the Los...
20 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6423
Cole confronts Victoria and after evading an answer for as long as possible she finally confirms her pregnancy. He is stunned that Victoria wants to relocate and he begs her to stay. Malcolm feels that putting some space between herself and her problems is a good move for Victoria, but Neil is disappointed once again at Malcolm's attitude. Neil tells his brother that Drucilla, judging by her latest letters, does not even pretend that they share a marriage, so he intends to make a commitment to Victoria. Tony is thrilled when Grace comes home early. At the ranch, ...
21 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6424
Jill takes flowers to the late Phillip Chancellor's grave for his birthday and tells him how much she still misses him. As she imagines the life she would have had with Phillip, Katherine comes up and the women surprisingly share some civilized words together instead of fighting. Nikki blasts Diane for her innocent act and involving the press in this private matter. When Nikki taunts Diane how happy she is with Victor and that he dropped her in a heart beat, Diane has had it. She claims that Victor will not get rid of her that easily and swears to make sure for Nikki ...
22 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6425
A thunderstorm brews over Genoa City: Nick is called back into the office because of a partial power outage at Newman Enterprises. He is surprised to find Grace there working. Michael brings Diane a copy of the National Inquisitor and she is delighted with it. Nikki and Victor are bombarded with questions from various reporters as the tabloid article causes waves. John Silva explains to a furious Victor it would be best to lay a profile and not to sue the publication as a lawsuit will not be successful due to freedom of speech. Neil is relieved and hurt at the same ...
23 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6426
As the thunderstorm continues to rage, Nick and Grace are busy working in the office. The heat rises with the air-condition being out, so they both drop some clothing... Grace makes a brief call to Tony, but she conveniently forgets to tell him that Nick is there also. Before long, Grace puts unambiguous moves onto Nick who out of a sudden rushes out, leaving Grace with a satisfied smile on her face. Michael visits with John Silva and orders him to reign in his client. Michael notes that he is not filing a police report for now, but will not take any further threats ...
21 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6427
Nikki is questioned by the police again. The detective wonders if Nikki is sure that Miss Lindsey said that Joshua was her husband. Nikki admits that Joshua had been married before, but his wife drowned years before she even met him. Victor says that the woman was obviously just delusional. When Nikki begins to get upset again, Victor calls a halt to the questioning. Despite Ashley wishes to give Cole some time, Jack goes to Cole and urges him to make up his mind. Cole simply tells Jack to get a hike. Ashley warns Victoria not to use her pregnancy to manipulate Cole ...
27 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6428
Ashley is annoyed when Jack tells her of his visit with Cole. Cole tells Victoria he is convinced that she got pregnant on purpose. Despite the lousy timing, he wants to be there for his baby and be a part of his or her life. Victoria is overjoyed until she realizes that Cole still wants to marry Ashley. With a sad face, Vicki thanks him for being honest and asks him to leave. Malcolm is still puzzled by the weird resemblance of the woman in the photograph he took for Phyllis. He and Olivia then make plans for a romantic evening. Elsewhere, the mystery woman ponders ...
28 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6429
Victoria apologizes to Neil for the way she reacted to his offer of help. Neil says that he was the one in the wrong for pressuring her when she was already under enough pressure. Nikki accuses Ashley of stealing her daughter's husband. Ashley counters that their marriage was over before she even entered the picture, but also assures Nikki that Cole will play a pivotal part in the upbringing of Victoria's baby. Cole and Jack make peace for the sake of the family. Victor visits Paul to get the full story on Michael, just as Phyllis advises Michael to be pro-active and ...
29 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6430
Christine is back in the US. In Norfolk she runs into the amnesiac Jim Bradley. Lynne does her best to prevent Paul from going on a business trip to Milwaukee. Jack and Brad trade insults. Victor tells Diane about Michael's "glorious" past.
30 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6431
Victor wants to know why Victoria canceled her trip to L.A. Malcolm runs into Callie at Gina's. Paul and Christine celebrate Christine's return from Romania.
31 Jul. 1998
Episode #1.6432
John Silva has to leave for court, but warns Jill that Beatrice Tucker's timing is just way too convenient. Jill doesn't care. Sharon and Cassie pay Nick and Grace a surprise visit in the office. In Madison, Alice Johnson tells her mother that she has found a way to find her little girl: she's going to track down Cassie's birth records! Tricia suggests a vacation to Ryan as bonding time with Phillip. Ryan is stunned when Nina tells him that Phillip will be gone for summer camp all August. Nina orders Ryan to leave when he accuses her of sabotaging his relationship to ...
3 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6433
It's Cole and Ashley's wedding day: John is with Ashley while Victor and Cole discuss Victoria's pregnancy. Cole tells Victor he will do anything to help Victoria but his future is with Ashley. Nikki comforts Victoria, but also asks her how she would feel about Cole using the tack room as an office until his and Ashley' s new home is renovated. Jill boasts to John Silva that Beatrice will testify on her behalf and give a deposition. When John asks Jill if she gave Beatrice money, Jill admits that she gave the poor woman a check. A stunned John tells her that the money...
4 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6434
Ashley is anxious for the wedding to go underway. Neil is shocked by Victoria's request, but she insists to go. Veronica tries to chicken out of going to the wedding, but Miguel hands her a brand new dress. Veronica is deeply moved by this gesture. Jill is relieved when Beatrice calls again. She promises Beatrice to live up to her offer as soon as she is back from the wedding. The caterer for Katherine's party stops by the Chancellor Estate. Esther is perplexed that it is not the same handsome man who came the other day. Marissa wonders why Diane is suddenly thinking ...
5 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6435
Cole and Ashley exchange their vows without any interruptions despite the fact that Victoria appears to be in some kind of distress. Victoria even congratulates the happy couple and then leaves with Neil. Malcolm and Olivia are relieved. At the wedding reception, Katherine interrupts John talking to his ex-wife Jill and the two ladies exchange a few insults. Cole introduces Veronica to his editor, Steve and praises her work. Veronica is on cloud nine and finally accepts Miguel's marriage proposal. Jill meets with an upset Beatrice. Jill tries to explain why she had to...
6 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6436
Nikki is stunned when Victoria brings Neil as her date to dinner. Both Victor and Nikki are further taken aback when Victoria announces that she and Neil attended the wedding. Veronica cannot believe how happy she is. She is reluctant to move to the ranch though, but promises Miguel to give this idea some more thought. Grace manages to talk Nick into going to the concert with her. Without telling Sharon and Cassie that he is going to spend the evening with Grace out of the office, Nick wishes them a good time. Cole and Ashley are toasting their marriage with champagne...
7 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6437
Miguel boasts to Nikki about his engagement. She assures Miguel that she is fine with Veronica living at the ranch and she will talk Victor into accepting it also. Ashley and Cole cut their honeymoon short as Cole wants to get on with his latest writing project. Veronica is shocked when she finds a folder of materials including a photograph of her posing as Sarah Lindsey! Callie collects her pay check at the Crow's Nest Lounge. Rob the bar owner then fobs off a caller who is looking for Callie. Meanwhile, Malcolm is surprised to see an ad of the bar featuring Callie, ...
10 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6438
Jack warns Diane to meet alone with Victor again. He says that she may not be able to trust Michael completely, but he was doing a brilliant job representing her interests. Nicholas is spending some extra time at home with Sharon and Cassie. Grace meets with Michael for lunch at the Lodge boasting that his advise to win over her boss is working splendidly. Later, Nick thanks Grace for keeping last night a secret. Tony calls Sharon and tells her that they need to talk about Nick and Grace. When Cole asks for her opinion on the new project, a flabbergast Veronica says ...
11 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6439
Neil asks Grace to sub in for Nick while he will be out of town on business. Grace feels honored by the vote of confidence. Tony tells Sharon they have to discuss something very important with their partners. Nick and Grace fear that Sharon and Tony have somehow learned of their night out at the concert when they are summoned. Victor assures John Silva that he will do anything to keep that shyster lawyer out of the negotiations with Diane. Meanwhile, Michael offers Diane to help her pen her "wish list" for Victor. Megan and Tricia talk about Ryan and Phillip who ...
12 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6440
Michael wants Diane to appear in Leanna Love's show. Cole asks Nikki to allow him to write about the tragedy that led to Josh's death. Nikki confides in him; She starts remembering what happened that night and wonders why Sarah said that Josh was hers. Veronica overhears their talk. Paul and Chris are having a romantic moment at their apartment. Paul tells his wife he has plans for the two of them tonight. Christine visits Mary and later, she tells Lynne that something about Carl's picture is bothering her. All of a sudden, she realizes that the man she met by chance ...
13 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6441
Veronica is in panic mode telling herself that she is not Sarah anymore. Cole notices that she seems not to feel well. Still shaken she joins Miguel at the main house to pose for their engagement picture. When Malcolm begins taking head shots of Veronica, she rushes out - much to the amazement of the two men. Diane explains to Jack that Michael suggests she'd go on the "Leanna Love Show". Jack thinks this is a great idea to stick it to Victor, but when Leanna calls Diane declines her invite to be guest on her show. Victoria and Nikki talk about the baby. Nikki fears ...
14 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6442
Jack chastises Diane for turning down the offer to go on TV when Leanna Love arrives in person. Leanna says that Diane is a wronged woman and she needs to tell the world how she was taken unfair advantage of. Diane is afraid of pushing Victor too far. Neil informs Nick about the trip he will soon be taking to show his profile at various Newman Enterprises plants. Grace then gives Nick the background information he needs. Tony enlists Sharon's help on planning his honeymoon as Grace is still delaying any of his plans. Malcolm brings the proofs of the photo shoot to ...
17 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6443
Malcolm tells Miguel that the pictures didn't turn out very good. Miguel is thrilled when Veronica drops by unexpectedly. She apologizes to Malcolm for running out earlier and agrees to a rescheduled shoot. Nikki and Victor spend a romantic evening by the pool until Victor is called back into the office by Nick. Michael tries to ease Diane's anxiousness before her big TV debut. The interview goes along rather smoothly. Leanna Love drops the bombshell that she, too, was once Mrs. Victor Newman until he tossed her aside. The women console each other with tears in their ...
18 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6444
Leanna thanks Diane for coming onto her show, noting it was very courageous to tell everyone her story especially since Victor is currently living in sin with his first wife Nikki. Leanna then plugs her autobiography on Victor Newman: "Ruthless". After the show is finished, Michael gushes how wonderful Diane did. John tells Jack that he will be going to New York to live with Traci indefinitely and he is taking Billy with him. Jack thinks him losing Jabot to Victor all those years ago is driving John away, but John assures his son that it doesn't matter as one cannot ...
19 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6445
Nick tells a stunned Sharon that Victoria is pregnant. He thinks that Neil is the father. While Malcolm is creating the transparencies, Cole calls the ranch and is relieved when Miguel tells him that Veronica is in his room resting as she does not feel well. Cole is in shock when the pictures overlap, meaning that Veronica and Sarah the maid are the same person... After a chat with Victoria, Victor finally notices the picture of Veronica on the floor. In the stables, Nikki pleads with Veronica for her life. Veronica accuses Nikki of taking Joshua away from her and ...
20 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6446
Malcolm and Cole alarm the police. Veronica is ready to pull the trigger when Nikki tells her that if Joshua had known she was alive, he would never have married her. Nikki begs for mercy, but Veronica is not ready to give her that... Victor runs into the stables and prevents Veronica from shooting Nikki. Veronica falls right into a bale hook and dies in Miguel's arms a few minutes later. Victor comforts a shaken Nikki, while a heartbroken Miguel cries. Nina sees right through it when Christine invites her to the dinner party. Lynne introduces her boyfriend Dean to ...
21 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6447
Victor, Nikki and Cole discuss what happened with Veronica. John Abbott says goodbye to Jack; he's moving to New-York with Billy. Nate would like to play football, but Malcolm disagrees. He explains to Olivia that he used to play football and was devastated when he had to give up because of a severe injury. Dean and Troy tell Lynne that they are together and leave the party. Mary and Charlie arrive at Paul and Christine's when Nina and Lynne are about to leave. While Christine and Charlie are in the kitchen, Paul questions his mother about her relationship with ...
24 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6448
Sharon and Nick's private time is interrupted by a call from the main house: Nikki tells Nick and Victoria what happened the night before. They are both shocked to learn that Veronica and Sarah were the same. Christine apologizes to Nina for her failed matchmaker attempt. She then tells Nina that she saw a man at the airport in Norfolk that looks exactly like Paul's father. After getting confirmation from Lynne that Carl Williams had no brothers, Christine is as bewildered as before. In Norfolk, Jim is dressed in his new security guard uniform. Ruth still isn't ...
25 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6449
John Silva advises Victor to answer Diane's demand list, but Victor will not listen. Michael enlists Phyllis to call Victor under an alias to nudge him to tune into the "Leanna Love Show". Victor quickly hangs up, but is then informed by his secretary that Diane is guesting on TV... Sharon stops by Nick's office because she knows that he was disappointed that their quality time was interrupted earlier. Nick has to rush off to a meeting with Neil, though. Tony is angry when Grace kills his latest time frame for a honeymoon because she has to keep up the fort while Nick...
26 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6450
Michael and Phyllis are glued to the TV to watch Diane's interview. Meanwhile, Christine arrives at Victor's office where he is also watching the "Leanna Love Show". When Diane's assistant Marissa hangs up on him, a furious Victor decides on confronting the other nuisance: Leanna Love! Jill bursts into John's office complaining about the party Katherine is throwing in her house. John urges her to keep a low profile until they have prepared for the legal battle. Jill doesn't listen and heads straight to Katherine to gloat. Victoria visits Cole in the tack house to ...
27 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6451
Victor accuses Leanna of going after him to settle some old forgotten score. Leanna rebuffs this and urges Victor rethink his own actions with Diane. She also states that she is not intimidated by any of his threats. Michael is smiling smugly to himself when Christine bursts in ranting about how he is skirting the edges of ethical behavior with his latest stunt. Nick confides in Ryan that he and Sharon don't have that much time for romance any more between family and work. An excited Sharon tells Doris about her plans for the night with Nick. Malcolm and Olivia ...
28 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6452
Nick is disappointed when he gets home and is greeted by Cassie and several of her friends who are having a slumber party. Sharon explains to her husband, that the original plans for a sleep-over of the girls feel through and she had to step in. When they finally are in bed and want to make love, Nick grows frustrated as Noah begins to cry. Grace tries to make up with Tony, but he isn't buying her apology. Back at the office, Grace can hardly believe her luck when Jack tells her it would be best if she joined Nick on his business trip to Denver. Neil and Victoria ...
31 Aug. 1998
Episode #1.6453
Sharon and Nick make another attempt to get cozy, but Cassie and her friends are already awake. After making love to Grace, Tony thinks his relationship with Grace is back on track. Victor is surprised when Miguel reports back to service claiming work will keep his mind busy from thinking about the recent tragedy. Nikki reassures Victor that Diane's latest stunt will bow over quickly. Nate tells Malcolm that he found the duffel bag with his old football clothes. Malcolm spots a necklace in the bag which Callie once gave him. Olivia is still surprised that Malcolm is ...
1 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6454
Christine wonders if she should tell Paul about the man who looks like Carl Williams in Norfolk. Paul admits that it's painful for him to see his mother with Charlie, even though he wants to be happy for Mary. Phyllis is jealous of Diane and gets worse when the lady in question arrives in Michael's office. Phyllis conveniently introduces herself as Michael's girlfriend. Once Phyllis leaves, Michael happily tells Diane that things are going better than he expected. Victoria and Neil decide to wait to tell her family about their engagement. Cole is overjoyed that Ashley...
2 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6455
Ryan notices Nick's mood and correctly guesses that the romantic night with Sharon didn't go anywhere. Nick explains that he loves his wife and the children, but his life is not like he expected it to be. Sharon asks Nikki's advice on how to keep love alive in a marriage with kids. Grace is daydreaming about her trip with Nick and gently puts Tony off by hinting at a Fall Wedding date. Jack goes over the itinerary with Grace who slips in a little recreational free time for Nick - and herself. Malcolm tells Paul about his college sweetheart Callie Rogers who has shown ...
3 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6456
JJill is shocked when she realizes that Chuck, one of her contractors, has been to the Chancellor Estate despite her explicit instructions. Jill then calms herself down by saying that Esther is a dim bulb and probably did not put one and one together just as Jack walks in. Kay tells Nikki that Nina won't come to the party. Esther continues to quiz Donald the caterer about the handsome Chuck, but he still cannot picture which of his co-workers she is talking about. Diane and Marissa make plans to redecorate the penthouse. Michael advises her to not publicly rid herself...
4 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6457
Jill is still in panic mode. John Silva is also not pleased by the news, but assures her that they will be ready to serve Katherine come next week. As Christine and Paul kiss deeply, Katherine arrives at Paul's PI office. She wants Paul to investigate the mysterious Chuck who measured her house. Neil surprises Olivia with Lily and informs her that Dru couldn't make it. Nate is equally happy to see his cousin. Callie goes back into Malcolm's studio. She now explains to Malcolm that she has trouble with her manager who signed her to a very unfavorable contract. Malcolm ...
8 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6458
Michael realizes he recorded the unpleasant talk he had with Victor. He goes to Legal Aid where he plays the tape with Victor threatening his wife's lawyer to Christine. Paul is investigating the mysterious man who measured the rooms at the Chancellor Estate. He questions a man from a construction company whose van matches the description that Esther gave. Jill fantasizes about giving eviction papers to Katherine and Esther. Olivia walks in just as Callie is saying goodbye to Malcolm. Olivia thinks that Callie is a new model and neither Callie nor Malcolm deny it. ...
9 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6459
Katherine is nervously making last minute preparations with Gina and Esther for the social event of the year. Jack is relieved when he manages to delicately break it to Diane that he cannot bring her as his date as Nikki is Katherine's best friend. At Jabot, Jill gloats to Ryan that she is not invited to Katherine's party, but encourages him to go with Tricia. Nina tells Christine that she won't attend the party. Later, Nina calls Kyle Warner as the Internet dating service named him her perfect match! Grace is stunned when Nick informs her that Sharon will join them ...
10 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6460
Ignoring John Silva's concerns to serve Katherine their complaint tonight, Jill stops by Nina's to steal her party invitation... Tricia is anxious to go to the party with Ryan. He is stunned when he realizes that Victoria is pregnant. Jill crashes Kay's lavish party and gleefully announces that the Chancellor Estate is hers and that she will have Katherine evicted any day now! At the Lodge, a jealous Phyllis catches Michael flirting with Grace. She warns him not to play her for a fool or he will regret it. Megan teases Tony that she is too young for him, but they end ...
14 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6461
Victor informs Leanna he's the new owner of the company that produces her show and as his first order of business he fires her! Katherine throws Jill's complaint to the floor. Christine explains that even though Jill filed this in court, this does not transfer title of the Chancellor Estate at all: it's merely the first step in a long legal battle. As all the guests look incredulous at Jill for ruining the party, Jill goes into the saga of how Phillip did love Katherine once, but her drinking and acid tongue destroyed her marriage. When Phillip found love again with ...
15 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6462
Nikki fills Victor in on the events at the party and that Jack seems not that close with Diane anymore. Victor thinks this is just too convenient and that Jack is laying a ruse. Diane confides in Michael that Jack distances himself from her. Suddenly, Leanna stands in the door offering her full support. Now that Victor fired her, Leanna wants to destroy the man! Jack tells Ashley and Cole that Jill's desperate quest to right a past wrong has inspired him to work on a project of his own, but he won't share any details just yet. Olivia worries about Malcolm and asks ...
16 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6463
Katherine consults with her long-time attorney Mitchell Sherman who was also the executor of Phillip Chancellor's will. She cannot believe what claim Jill might have after all these years. Jill has another meeting with the architects to redesign the mansion when Kay arrives. Jill tells Katherine that she is going to lose this time because the law is on her side. Katherine counters that she will do whatever it takes to keep Jill's contemptible hands off the mansion. Jack offers Ashley and Cole to move into the Abbott mansion. Later, Ashley has another argument with ...
17 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6464
Cole cannot understand why Ashley is angry with him for keeping Victoria's engagement from her. Jack advises his sister to accept that Victoria will always be a factor in their lives and to learn to ignore her provocations. Neil warns Malcolm that Olivia thinks he might have an affair. Callie is rehearsing when her worst nightmare turns reality: Trey Stark has found her! Olivia grows frustrated when Malcolm will not tell her what is really bothering him. Victoria sets up a dinner with her parents to break the news of her engagement. Nikki then notices that Cassie and ...
18 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6465
Paul confides in Lynne that Christine's question stirred up old memories and he wonders if he did everything he could to find his father. Just then, Mary stops by on her way to a lunch date with Charlie wearing a new look. Christine is at the police station and looking into Carl Williams' old records. She finds the anonymous letters which were sent from Virginia... Cole gets a call from his editor as he has missed several deadlines. Steve asks Cole to come to New York immediately. Setting aside their differences, Ashley agrees to join Cole. Malcolm comes clean to ...
22 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6466
Neil and Victoria head home after her parents fail to show up. They are stunned to find a visitor at Neil's: Drucilla! Neil is not too pleased by this surprise, so Victoria excuses herself. Neil reminds Dru that she has been gone a long time. Dru says for two people who were married as long as they were they are sure finding it hard to talk to each other, before going to touch base with Olivia. Nina fills Christine in on her date while Chris brings her up to speed on her investigation on Carl William's disappearance. Christine also explains that she hasn't told Paul ...
23 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6467
Christine joins Victor's legal team. Then, she leaves for Norfolk, but hides the real reason for her trip from Paul. Paul explains that it is hard to watch another man take his father's place in his mother's heart. Victor informs Nikki that he is starting to regain control over the case with Diane. Neil reassures Victoria and maintains his marriage with Dru is a mere technicality. Jack also reassures Victoria noting that she and Neil seem like a strong couple. Meanwhile, Olivia realizes that Dru still has feelings for Neil and was hoping for a reunion. Dru claims this...
24 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6468
Jill rushes into the courthouse after learning that Mitchell Sherman is filing a motion to dismiss her case. John is not too happy to see Jill. Mitchell makes the point that the estate belonged to Katherine long before she married; therefore, Phillip had no right to give the house to anyone. It is not before long before Jill and Kay make themselves heard, but the judge cuts them short. Nick thanks Grace for her diligence in planning the trip and especially the recreational days in Denver. A sad Grace goes to return her lingerie at Intimate Secrets where she runs into ...
25 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6469
Judge Jennings rejects the motion to dismiss Jill's case noting there is some validity to his claim. Katherine storms out even while the judge is delivering the grounds for his decision. Jill is elated, but Katherine shouts that she will never get her house! Victor wants to talk to his daughter about Neil, but Victoria puts him off. Neil informs Olivia that Drucilla and Lily have already left. Olivia wonders if Neil is having second thoughts about marrying Victoria after seeing Dru again. At the Crow's Nest, Rob wonders why Callie is not running away from Trey despite...
28 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6470
Malcolm tells Neil that he came clean to Olivia about Callie. Neil warns his brother that the girl could be scamming him. Meanwhile, Callie asks Trey to let her out of her contract as he failed to live up to his promises to make her a star. When Malcolm shows up, Trey informs him that Callie is in violation of her contract. He also tells Rob that Callie will not sing at the Crow's Nest any longer as she needs his permission for public appearances. Nikki and Victor are totally perplexed when Victoria arrives in a very happy mood at the ranch. Victoria thanks her ...
29 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6471
Mary reminisces with Paul about his father, before browsing through a family album with Lynne. Mary gets upset when a picture of Carl is missing... In Norfolk, Christine fails to get any information leading to Carl Williams and prepares to fly home. Unnoticed by her, Jim Bradley is also at the airport. Victor has doubts that Neil is over his feelings for Drucilla and bluntly tells him that he doesn't think Neil and Victoria should marry. Victoria walks in on this conversation and lets her father know that she should voice his concerns to both of them or keep quiet. ...
30 Sep. 1998
Episode #1.6472
Victor has lunch with Paul to quiz him about Michael's relationship to Phyllis Romalotti. Paul thinks more partners seeking to get ahead in life, rather than lovers. Ryan wants to know more about Nina's recent date. Reluctantly, she admits that it was no success. Tricia advises Megan not to get involved with a man Tony's age and Megan immediately calls her hypocrisy. Tony wants to meet with Megan to break the news to her that he is engaged. Ryan is surprised when Tricia tells him that Megan has a crush on Tony. Christine is back in Genoa City and explains to Nina that...
1 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6473
Jack is ready to leave Rome when Brad calls to take Jack up on his offer to conspire against Victor. Jack finally delves a little deeper into his plan and explains that they won't steal the company from Victor, but he will hand it other to them unknowingly. The first crucial step is to get Brad rehired at Newman Enterprises, though. Brad thinks this will be unlikely, but he is up to the challenge. Christine and Paul celebrate her homecoming by making love in the office. Later, Christine realizes that Victor hasn't told John that they will Victor's divorce from Diane. ...
2 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6474
Christine strongly encourages Victor to follow John's advise and move out of the ranch for now. Victor is stunned when she even suggests for him to move back into the penthouse to throw Diane for a loop and to fight the public image that she is creating. Jack is unnerved when Michael shows up at his office, but then realizes Michael's look. Michael informs him that he was abducted, but Jack warns him to accuse Victor without any irrefutable proof. Diane is a nervous wreck as she also believes Victor is behind Michael's kidnapping. Tony consults with Sharon to plan his...
5 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6475
Esther fears she will be out of a job if Mrs. Chancellor loses the mansion. Katherine is not in the mood to deal with Esther's antics when she smells smoke: the kitchen is on fire! Jill tells Jack of her grand plans for the mansion and picks up that Jack seems to have a secret agenda of his own. At Gina's, Cole who is back from New York runs into Nina who asks him if the rumors are true that Victoria is pregnant. Nina reminds him how hard it is to have a relationship with your child when you aren't living with the child's mother. Tricia and Ryan are at odds because ...
6 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6476
Katherine is covered in soot as she bemoans that she has almost lost her home to fire. Esther is in shock and Kay tries to assure her that the fire wasn't her fault. Nikki rushes up after learning of the fire on the radio. Shortly after, Jill arrives shouting that Katherine set the house on fire on purpose! Paul is speechless that Christine suggested to Victor to move back in with Diane. At the penthouse, Victor gleefully plays with Diane's fear announcing that he moved her stuff to the guest room, but she is free to join him in the bedroom! Diane is amazed that he ...
7 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6477
Diane calls Michael in full panic mode. Michael tells her that he may have underestimated Victor, however this is nothing but a bluff. Victor slyly wonders if Diane will join him in the bedroom tonight. Diane just wants to flee the apartment and decides to stay with Michael for the night... A nervous Jack is relieved when Brad finally calls and tells him he is on his way back to Genoa City. Gina informs Olivia that she gave Callie the small room above the restaurant. Olivia asks Gina to keep an eye on Callie for a few days while she is out of town on a medical seminar...
8 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6478
Jack and Brad have a conspirative meeting in the park. Brad informs Jack that he will not be working for Jack, they will be partners, but for now he has to find a way to get rehired by Victor. Victor thanks Christine for nudging him to move back into the penthouse; it was a stroke of genius! Diane is a nervous wreck. Michael reminds her that if she throws in the towel now, Victor will win. Assuming that Victor is gone for work, Diane returns to he penthouse, but is thrown for a loop when Victor appears donning her a kiss on the cheek. A frantic Diane rushes back to ...
9 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6479
Grace is pissed that she and Nick are working overtime for him to have the recreational days - with Sharon. Nick encourages Grace to make a one-day-trip back home to surprise Tony. Meanwhile, Noah has caught a fever and despite Doris' assurances Sharon is hesitant to leave her little boy. Cole feels the baby move and is awed. He and Victoria decide to find out about the sex very soon. Nina stops by to thank Cole for pulling some strings to have her invited at a Writer's Symposium. Nikki slips into Victor's office dressed as a cleaning woman! Brad catches up with ...
12 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6480
Jill wants Jack to testify that Katherine threatened to burn down the house at the party. Jack denies her his support, as he anxiously waiting for word from Brad. Victor is curious as to what brings Brad back to Genoa City after more than 2 years abroad. Brad says that he has heard some things on the corporate grapevine about the behavior of some of Victor's key people and thought Victor should know about it. Outside, Jack can't believe what he is hearing... Grace is packing her bag for the quick trip back to Genoa City. She tells herself that her future is with Tony....
13 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6481
Grace enters Nick's suite in a seductive mode. Nick is surprised that Grace is still in Denver. She comforts Nick who is miserable that he and Sharon do not have time for each other anymore. When Grace makes a pass at him, Nick pulls back at fist, but ultimately surrenders to a massage and a kiss... Back home, Sharon is all smiles and tells Doris and Nikki that Noah's fever broke and that she will fly to Denver and surprise Nick. Tony finds a message from Grace on the answering machine in which she announces her impending return. Jack thinks Brad is selling him out to...
14 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6482
Grace is on cloud nine after sleeping with Nick. However, Nick comes back to his senses and pushes Grace off. Meanwhile, Sharon arrives at the hotel and asks for a room key to surprise her husband! Nick is shocked when he sees Sharon. While she gets undressed, Nick has a tough time getting Grace out of his suite as she considers revealing their tryst. Sharon comes out of the bedroom in a teddy, but Nick has guilt written all over his face and can hardly focus on his wife. Tricia calls Tony names and orders him to stay away from her sister. Tricia is also not pleased ...
15 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6483
Jill, John Silva, Katherine and Mitchell Sherman are reading the report about the fire at the Chancellor Estate. The cause could not be determined what both Jill and Katherine see as a victory for their own agendas. Nina wonders if she's done the right thing when she asked Ryan to take care of Phillip when she's away. Ryan and Tricia reassure her. It's the morning after and Nick feels bad for cheating on Sharon. Sharon is on cloud nine after finally being intimate with her husband again. At the same time, Grace is dreaming of a future with Nick. She then remembers ...
16 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6484
Victor pretends that he is disappointed that Diane did not join in the bedroom last night. Diane hightails to Jack's office asking for his help. Jack makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he does not want to discuss her private woes. Brad runs into his former fiancée Nikki at Gina's and they catch up with each other. Nikki is surprised when Brad explains that he is hoping to get rehired at Newman Enterprises. Paul gets angry when Christine implies that his father might have left town because he and Mary were having marital problems. He asks Christine to leave the ...
19 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6485
Nikki asks Brad if he really believes that Victor would hire him and Bradley says that there isn't a reason why he shouldn't. Meanwhile, Jack is anxiously waiting in the park fearing that "Golden Boy" will stab him in the back. When Brad finally shows up, he tells Jack that he did nothing more but set their plan in motion. Sharon calls Doris to check up on Noah. Grace tells Nick that they both cheated on their partners, but it was meant to be, they are meant to be! Nick strongly disagrees and insists he is committed to his marriage. Just as Grace continues to gush ...
20 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6486
Nikki and Victor are having a romantic dinner in Victor's office, but the touchy subjects of Brad and Diane quickly cause tension. Jack and Brad continue to argue over how to handle the plan to overthrow Victor's company. Jack wants to get Victor to take a step backward because of his personal problems and let him take over the running of the company... Phyllis tries to patch things up with Michael. She confesses her love to Michael who is not in the mood to talk to her. Christine arrives at Paul's office waving a white flag. Paul is happy to see his wife and relates ...
21 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6487
Diane and Victor continue to play their high-stake poker game, each proclaiming how much they are looking forward to rekindle their passion as the clothes fall off... Nikki rants to Katherine about Diane and Victor. Jill is pleased when she and John learn that their emergency hearing in court has been set for tomorrow. Neil is disappointed that Victoria will not move in with him as long as her mother is alone at the ranch. Olivia greets her son upon returning from New Orleans and then decides to join Neil and Victoria at Gina's. There, Callie convinces Gina to give ...
22 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6488
Sharon is on her way back to Genoa City. Grace pleads with Nick once more to not tell Sharon about them. Nick is surprised when he finds out that Sharon has left the hospital already. Cassie and Lisa welcome back Sharon and tell her that Noah is doing much better. Sharon is still extremely frail after her world was turned upside down, but puts on a tough face when Nick calls from Denver. Victor informs Nikki and Victoria that he and Diane sat down and she agreed to give her consent to their divorce. Michael is speechless to learn that Diane is willing to reach a ...
23 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6489
Jill and Katherine rally their troops in the courtroom as the hearing about the fire at the Chancellor Estate begins. First, the arson investigator presents his report, then John gets a reluctant Jack to confirm that Katherine threatened to torch up the house. Katherine looks at Mitchell in exasperation. Callie is surprised when Olivia confronts her with Malcolm's zodiac pendant. She reassures Olivia that does not intend to mess up her marriage, but Olivia points out that despite her intentions she is causing quite the drama. Gina and Callie go over their arrangement ...
26 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6490
Mitchell Sherman calls Esther and Katherine to the witness stand to deliver the back-story on the fight over the Chancellor Estate. John then calls Jill as a rebuttal witness who presents her take on it. Judge Jennings ultimately announces his decision saying that Katherine might be innocent of arson, but as this is a civil court there is enough probable cause to make him believe that it is a possibility that Katherine could hurt the house. Therefore, Jill is granted the injunction and Katherine and Esther must vacate the premises within 24 hours! Neil and Victor join...
27 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6491
Victoria arrives at Olivia's office and tells her that she had a pain earlier, but is feeling well now. At the convention in Denver, Ryan notices Neil's happy mood who explains that Victoria is about to move in with him. Jack joins Mariellen and Ben from the Atlanta and Seattle offices of Newman Enterprises. They want to know what is going on back with all the public drama surrounding Victor which has started to hurt business. Victor walks in on Nick and Grace arguing. He doesn't believe their excuses and also wonders why Sharon is no longer there. Brad pays Ashley a ...
28 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6492
Cole is slightly jealous when Brad joins him and Ashley for dinner. He encourages Brad to introduce himself to Diane who is sitting nearby with her assistant. Brad and Diane then have a flirtatious talk. Michael continues to show Phyllis the cold shoulder. Phyllis tells Michael that one day he is going to be sorry for not being able to forgive her for the kidnapping stunt because she for one genuinely loves him. Nikki and Victor want to know what happened between her and Nick, but Sharon says that it is between the two of them. She only explains that she got into an ...
29 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6493
Cassie notices that Sharon is in despair. In Madison, Alice tells Millie that she is moving in with her boyfriend, Al. Alice accuses her of getting even with her by giving Cassie away. She still thinks Millie knows where Cassie is, although Millie firmly denies it. Paul and Christine realize that Cassie's custody still has not been legally settled. Christine calls Millie who tells her that Alice is hell-bent on finding Cassie. Katherine and Esther leave the house on the court's order. Nikki recommends hiring Michael Baldwin as he seems scrupulous enough to win any ...
30 Oct. 1998
Episode #1.6494
Michael is stunned that Katherine wants to hire him. She bluntly tells him that she knows he's a man without scruples, but that is what is needed to bring down Jill. Michael cannot believe his luck to get such a prestigious client and assures Katherine he will earn her trust. Jill is still ecstatic over her victory and flirts heavily with John. They end up kissing, just as Katherine stops by for a visit. Neil reports to Victor that Nick despite being thrown by the absence of his father held his own at the panel in Denver. Nikki makes another attempt to find out what ...
2 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6495
When Paul tells Christine he has indecent plans for the two of them tonight, he is disappointed to learn that Christine is about to leave for Norfolk once again. Christine fills Nina in that she has located the woman who called her recently. Jim sees Ruth wearing the dress he gave her and compliments his wife. Later, Christine arrives at the house... Victor and Nikki discuss their children's lives. Neil tells Victoria that she cannot keep her being in the hospital a secret from her parents. Victoria then calls Victor saying that she has gone on a business trip. In ...
3 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6496
Jack informs Victor that several key executives contacted him at the convention in Denver with concern that his divorce from Diane has begun to hurt business. Victor reminds Jack that he is in the process to settle with Diane, but Jack maintains that there is a huge image problem that calls for a simple remedy: Victor should step aside for a while and make him CEO. Victor tells Jack to think again as this is never going to happen. Brad watches as Diane and Marissa are greeted warmly by Gina and shown to the table next to him. He uses the chance to flirt some more with...
4 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6497
Mary would like Paul and Christine to have dinner with Charlie and her tomorrow night. Lynne realizes that Mary tries to avoid being alone with Charlie because he seems inclined to bring their relationship to the next level and propose. Olivia tells Victor that Victoria is in the hospital. He joins Neil at Victoria's bedside who in her sleep is murmuring "Cole". Christine questions Ruth about the man who looks like Carl. Ruth finally says that she knows someone who looked similar, but claims that she hasn't seen him lately. Christine is not convinced that Ruth is ...
5 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6498
Cole and Ashley share a romantic breakfast. On a quick stop to the lab, Ashley gets a visit from Brad who admits that he is hoping to rekindle their relationship. To prove his point Brad kisses Ashley and she does not pull back! A shocked Jack watches the scene... When Victoria awakens from a bad dream in which Cole takes the baby from her, Neil thinks it would be good for Victoria if Cole was told, but she insists that she doesn't want him to know that she is in the hospital. Nikki arrives and is glad that her daughter is doing better. Neil calls Cole after all. ...
6 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6499
Jack is furious with Brad for kissing his sister. Brad insists they are just old friends and informs Jack that he is far more interested in Diane these days as she is their key for their plan to overtake Newman Enterprises. Cole is at Victoria's bedside. He comforts her as she fears she will lose the baby. Olivia and Dr. Cromwell are not happy with the latest test results. Suddenly Victoria is in great pain and Olivia rushes her to the OR. Cole informs Nikki, Victor and Neil that her appendix has ruptured. Christine tells Nina about her trip to Norfolk. When Paul ...
9 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6500
Victor tells Neil that he is pleased that he has been with Vicki every step of the way and Neil assures him that he loves her. Victoria's state is still critical, so Olivia and Dr. Cromwell deliver the baby via c-section. Cole learns that it's too early to tell whether the baby will survive. Nick returns to the ranch and Sharon just watches him motionless. They are shortly interrupted by Cassie who is thrilled to see Nick. Sharon then tells Nick that she knows, she knows that he slept with her best friend... Going through the case files, Michael asks Katherine about ...
10 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6501
Sharon tells Nick that she overheard him talking to her so-called best friend. Nick says that he won't deny it, but it was just sex. He is sorry that it ever happened but obviously she didn't stay outside the door long enough to hear him tell Grace it should never have happened. Sharon explains that she cannot live with Nick under the same roof anymore. Grace is back in town and seeks advice from Michael. She is surprised when he encourages her to cut her losses and to move on with her fiancé. Megan begs Tony to open up to her. Tony says that his life is all messed up...
11 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6502
At Gina's, Brad introduces himself to Michael Baldwin. Nikki breaks it to Victoria that her baby's fate is still up in the air. Tony confronts Grace: Did she sleep with Nick in Denver? He has had it with Grace and her excuses. Tony grabs his coat and leaves the apartment with Grace in tears. Ryan informs Victor that he and Jack covered for him a meeting yesterday which Victor obviously forgot about. Victor then tells Ryan that Victoria has been hospitalized. When Christine wants to look over her contract on Malcolm's behalf, Callie explains she has no copy of it and ...
12 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6503
Grace seeks solace from Michael telling him that she lost Tony. He advises her to bury herself in work and soon it won't hurt as badly. Tony arrives at Sharon's and breaks it to Cassie that he and Grace will not get married. Nicholas wants to stay at the main house, but asks Miguel to keep this from his parents. Katherine comforts Nikki over worrying about Victoria. Neil is with Victoria when Cole stops by. Victoria fears that her baby is going to die and she and Cole embrace. Cole lies to Ashley when she calls from New York. Victor is impressed with the job Nick did ...
13 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6504
Victoria admits to Cole that she got pregnant on purpose. Cole is stunned at first, but it makes sense to him that she was hoping to save their marriage. Victoria begs Cole to let her see their baby as she couldn't live with it if she never saw their little angel alive. Olivia informs Neil that it looks like Victoria's baby will not make it. Cole carries Victoria and they stand together in front of their daughter's incubator. Cassie senses the tensions between her mother and Nick and urges Sharon to stay with Nick. Sharon seeks advice from Christine who tries to make ...
16 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6505
Christine tells Paul she has to leave town for a deposition. Later, Mary stops by and asks Paul how he would feel if things were getting more serious between her and Charlie. After Mary's departure, Paul tells Lynne he would like to talk to his wife about his mother. At Legal Aid, Paul finds out that Christine's secretary knows nothing about her alleged business trip. Carl and Ruth plan to leave Norfolk. Victoria sees her baby for the first time. She decides to call her Eve after Cole's mother. Neil berates Cole for taking Victoria out of bed so soon after surgery. ...
17 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6506
Jack watches from across Gina's as Brad and Diane enjoy champagne and he is fuming. When Brad tries to trick him on the phone, Jack heads over to Brad's table and causes a scene. Diane is stunned that the two men are supposed to work jointly at Newman Enterprises. Paul questions Nina about Christine's whereabouts. Nina, who does not want to break Christine's confidence but also not lie to Paul, is glad when Ryan calls. Lynne fails to track down Christine as well and when Chris remains evasive over the phone, Paul decides to have a look into his wife's credit card ...
18 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6507
Victoria is inconsolable and thinks that she is responsible for her baby's death. Nikki and Victor are glad when Cole arrives to comfort their daughter. Olivia tells Neil not to avoid being around Victoria as he, being with her all the way through her pregnancy, has suffered a loss as well. Gina wants to use her contacts to help Callie. Callie therefore calls Trey, but he refuses to give her a copy of her contract. Later, Trey remembers meeting Callie and says to himself that he is never going to let go of Callie. Suddenly there is a visitor at his door: Malcolm. Paul...
19 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6508
Katherine and Michael discuss the strategy behind taking depositions as the trial approaches. He tells her there is hidden gold in the words he deposes. John is not happy when Jill insists on being present during Beatrice Tucker's deposition. Reluctantly they disclose John's notes from the earlier meetings with Beatrice. Asked if Jill tried to pay her off, Beatrice lies and claims no money was involved. Jill is thrilled - not knowing that Beatrice has a copy of the check she wrote her and ponders using to it to her advantage. Nina is worried that Christine hasn't ...
20 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6509
Cole is at Victoria's bedside. Ashley calls but Cole does not tell her that his baby was born and did not survive. In Norfolk, Paul is shocked to see his father. Jim aka. Carl doesn't recognize his son and he wants him to stay away from him. Christine makes her husband leave the house. Later, in their hotel room, Christine narrates to Paul the whole story how she ran into Carl by chance when she came back from Romania. She adds she thinks that Carl doesn't remember his past. Paul cannot wait to get back out to the suburbs being certain that Carl has to remember him!? ...
23 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6510
Brad assures Victor that neither he nor Jack will let personal differences get in the way of business. Victor reminds him that he is to keep his eye on Jack as the man is definitely up to something. Jack and Phyllis awake from a very passionate night and they decide to see each other again. Michael hands Grace a tape recorder so that she is prepared if anything should arise at work qualifying as sexual harassment. He then explains that he does not want to take her on as a client as he has hopes for a far more personal involvement. Then, Phyllis storms into Michael's ...
24 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6511
Nick and Sharon talk about the children over coffee. Sharon admits that she just does not know if they can get past this crisis; at least not the way she feels now. Nick firmly tells her that he is not giving up on her because he loves her too much. Hearing Victor outside, Brad and Jack go into battle mode. Victor is furious with Jack for keeping Grace on the payroll. Jack explains that they cannot fire her because of the chance of a sexual harassment suit, since Nicholas was in a position of power over Grace. Victor informs Jack that Grace's presence is a constant ...
25 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6512
Christine comforts Paul after he had a bad dream. Christine wants her husband to promise he won't tell Carl who he is too soon, but Paul can't promise anything. Paul and Christine find Ruth alone in her house after Jim has stormed out unwilling to have his life turned upside down by those strangers. Christine tries to hold back Paul who angrily confronts Ruth where "Jim" is, just as he returns lecturing Paul about the way he talked to Ruth. Jim wants to know who Paul is. "I'm your son", Paul answers! Tony says goodbye to Megan, Sharon and Cassie. Alice visits Mildred ...
27 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6513
Nina visits Victoria in the hospital and honestly expresses her sorrow as she remembers the loss of her and Ryan's child several years ago. Nikki and Victor discuss Nicholas spending Thanksgiving at the office. Victor blasts Nick for not even trying to mend fences with his family over the holiday. Cassie tells Doris that she understands that Nick did something that hurt her mother and she is afraid that Sharon doesn't love Nick anymore. Brad surprises Diane and Marissa with flowers. Later, Brad kisses Diane. Mary questions Lynne why Paul and Christine did not come ...
30 Nov. 1998
Episode #1.6514
Phyllis tries to seduce Michael - to no avail. Michael thinks they should break up for good. Carl wonders what the connection between Paul and him is. "You're my father", Paul answers. Carl doesn't remember anything about his life in Genoa City. He says he has to go to work and leaves. Paul and Christine question Ruth. She explains that Carl was unconscious when she found him. She didn't call the police because she didn't want those who had hit Carl to find him. Victor reminds Jack and Brad that he will decide on the timing to leak it to the press that they are now in...
1 Dec. 1998
Episode #1.6515
Ryan is surprised to learn that Nick and Grace no longer work together. Sharon riles into Grace and reminds her that she wanted Cassie to be happy - and now she has destroyed Cassie's family. When Grace wants to explain herself, Sharon bluntly tells her to shove it. Nick arrives and informs Sharon that Grace has been transferred to another division. Nick turns back to Grace and tells her that he does not want anything to do with her any longer. Megan is thrilled when Tony walks into Crimson Light as he apparently hasn't left town after all. Esther alerts Michael when ...
2 Dec. 1998
Episode #1.6516
Katherine takes a trip down memory lane and recaps her life's story to Michael. Jill is shocked to find out that Katherine is currently in the Chancellor Mansion. John tells her that it is not her house yet and warns her to go there and cause a scene. Jill does not listen and immediately heads over to the estate. Michael quickly separates Katherine and Jill who gets a brief moment in the mansion on her own. Neil expresses some concern that recently Victoria is trying to distance herself from him. Victoria hurriedly tells him that that isn't the case at all, but she is...
3 Dec. 1998
Episode #1.6517
Tony wants to scare Megan off, but she assures him that she is way too interested in him to let this happen. Sharon interrupts to confide in Tony that she fears her conflict with Nick is going to ruin Christmas for her children. Tony reminds her that forgiveness is the key and Sharon explains that every time she begins to ease up to Nick something like her encounter with Grace happens. Tony slightly brightens Sharon's mood by telling her that he has decided to stay in Genoa City. In Madison, Alice tells her boyfriend Al that she will find her daughter very soon. Nikki...
4 Dec. 1998
Episode #1.6518
Brad has a business meeting with his new assistant and tries to make Grace see the bright side of their new arrangement. Grace is preoccupied when she spots Sharon and Doris having lunch across the room at Gina's. Doris tells Sharon that Nick is truly sorry and she better not uproot her children prematurely because her marriage is salvageable. Tony confronts Nick and a fist fight ensues until Brad breaks them up. Al tells Alice that Cassie is not her little girl anymore and she is just living on pipe dreams. Just then, Alice gets a new lead on Sharon as she learns ...
22 Dec. 1998
Episode #1.6530
In the courtroom, Jill and Katherine learn they'll have to share the Chancellor Estate. Carl feels guilty for the way he hurt Paul. Paul remembered the baseball match he attended with his father. Grace runs into Cassie and Sharon at CL.