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Season 3

14 Jul. 1975
Portrait in Black
A photographer is poisoned in his darkroom with a chemical used in the development of photographs. A police constable uncovers a story of greed and blackmail.
21 Jul. 1975
Final Drive
A racing team owner is killed in his car. Each of his family and colleagues wishes him harm, but which of them cut his brake cable?
28 Jul. 1975
Pop Goes the Weasel
A row is brewing within a famous pop group - the Weasels. But before the showdown ensues, one the group is murdered on stage.
4 Aug. 1975
Evidence of Death
A murder is committed in a research lab, and the only clues are a ring and a matchbox.
11 Aug. 1975
Nothing to Declare
How did a suitcase of clothes become a suitcase of uncut rubies and emeralds? And whose cases were they?
18 Aug. 1975
Death at the Top
The Chairman of the Board has been murdered. Whodunnit, and how? Was it a drink? Was it his pills?
25 Aug. 1975
Too Many Cooks
The chilling case of a frozen chef; whofrozehim, and why? A story of the CIA, MI5 and the French security services.
1 Sep. 1975
Worth Dying For
This week's puzzle for the panel is a cleverly planned shooting. The gun is found, but all is not as it appears - and the main red herring could be a dead rat. Can you spot the killer?
8 Sep. 1975
Fly Me, I'm Dead
On a flight from Barcelona to England, there's a murder at 30,000 feet over France.
15 Sep. 1975
Beware, Wet Paint
The managing director is dead. But how did his body get across a freshly painted floor? And whodunit?

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