Season: 1 | 2 | 3
Year: 1973 | 1974

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Strangers on a Train

9 January 1973
Bob is now engaged to Thelma with plans to move onto a middle class housing estate. On a visit to London, he visits a strip club, as does Terry, just demobbed from the army, though they miss each other. However on the train home the pair share a railway carriage but the lights go out and only go back on again after Bob has regaled the 'stranger' with the tale of how his friend Terry joined the army by default. The remainder of the journey home is not without incident.

James Bolam ... Terry Collier
Rodney Bewes ... Bob Ferris
Brigit Forsyth ... Thelma
Deirdre Costello ... Woman on Train (as Deidre Costello)
James Mellor ... Steward
Angelique Ashly ... Stripper in Club

Season 1, Episode 2: Home Is the Hero

16 January 1973
Terry pays a surprise visit to his parents but they are away at a funeral so Bob agrees to his staying in his and Thelma's new house until they return. After telling Bob he is separated from his German wife, Terry goes to sleep on the bed settee but gets a shock when he wakes to find that Thelma has turned up and, thinking he was Bob, has hopped into bed with him. Needless to say Thelma is even more taken aback.

Season 1, Episode 3: Cold Feet

23 January 1973
With their wedding only a matter of weeks away Bob is beginning to wonder whether he and Thelma should actually get married as he has always regarded her as socially superior and wonders whether they are compatible. Terry gives him advice - not exactly cheering, positive advice, as a result of which Bob makes his mind up. He should be marrying Thelma - probably.

Season 1, Episode 4: Moving On

30 January 1973
Terry is despondent when Bob takes him on a tour of their old haunts,only to find that most of them have been demolished. He decides to move to Berwick to look up his old army mate Hughie, for whom the sky's the limit, declaring that he will get a good job. After he has been absent for a while Bob travels to Berwick to find that Terry is working in a car wash and living in a grubby bed-sit whilst Hughie is mortgaged to the hilt to buy his café. Bob brings his friend home.

Season 1, Episode 5: I'll Never Forget Whatshername

6 February 1973
Bemoaning the fact that all the girls in his little black book seem to have moved or married Terry comes across one who really turned him on on an outing to Blackpool but when he rings her number it turns out to be Thelma. Bob tries to fix his friend up with a couple of dates but both girls remember Bob, not Terry, as being the red hot lover.

Season 1, Episode 6: Birthday Boy

13 February 1973
Terry thinks everybody has forgotten his birthday but Bob and Thelma have organized a surprise party for him and send two girls to the pub to collect him. Unfortunately they have never met him and bring back total stranger Colin, who thinks he has been abducted by a coven. Bob eventually fetches the birthday boy and blindfolds him to keep the surprise going. However, not realising which guests are present, while blindfolded, Terry inadvertently offends and drives them all away with only Colin left to congratulate him.
Rodney Bewes ... Bob Ferris

James Bolam ... Terry Collier
Brigit Forsyth ... Thelma
Sandra Downs ... Janey (as Sandra Downes)
Michael Ralph ... Hugh
Christopher Biggins ... Podge

Norman Mitchell ... George - Barman

Shirley Steedman ... Deborah
Elissa Derwent ... Clare
Olive Milbourn ... Mrs. Collier (as Olive Milbourne)
Brian Grellis ... Colin
Stephanie Turner ... Mary
Derek Etchells ... Stan

Season 1, Episode 7: No Hiding Place

20 February 1973
England are playing Bulgaria at football and Flint, whom the lads meet in the hairdressers, bets the pair they cannot get through the day without learning the result. Despite Flint's efforts to pass the news on to them, they survive, or so they think, but Bob has left his front door open ....

Season 1, Episode 8: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

27 February 1973
Bob invites Terry to a trendy dinner party.

Season 1, Episode 9: Storm in a Tea Chest

6 March 1973
Bob plans to move some of his old belongings into his new house but Thelma, regarding them as junk, gives them to the vicar for the church jumble sale. Unaware of this Bob reports them stolen. Later he buys them back from the vicar but gets arrested for the 'burglary' he reported. Ultimately he disposes of his memorabilia only to find Thelma filling the house with her old things.

Season 1, Episode 10: The Old Magic

13 March 1973
As Terry recovers from the Chilean Flu, Bob has to break it to him that, as he began planning his wedding before they met up again, he had already asked Frank Clarke to be his best man, denting Terry's expectations. So, to make it up to him Bob takes Terry for a meal where, for old times' sake, they test out whether they still have the old pulling power on two girls they meet. Unfortunately one of them turns out to be Thelma's younger sister Susan, who has returned from Canada for the wedding.

Season 1, Episode 11: Count Down

20 March 1973
Preparations for Bob and Thelma's wedding are in full swing, largely down to Thelma's mother, who is organizing everything. Feeling redundant Bob and Terry join Thelma's father, all of them in their wedding suits, in the pub and drown their sorrows. After a few pints and shorts they decide to return their morning suits to the outfitters as a sign of rebellion but back down when they encounter Thelma's mother.

Season 1, Episode 12: Boys Night In

27 March 1973
Bob and Terry plan to spend a quiet night in before the wedding.

Season 1, Episode 13: End of an Era

3 April 1973
The wedding day dawns with Terry, now reinstated as best man, less than happy about it being on a Saturday when he could be watching sports and bitter about Jutta, his estranged wife back in Germany. Nonetheless he is a tower of strength to nervous Bob in church and, at the reception, presents the happy couple with a photograph album and makes a complimentary speech about Thelma. As he sees the newly-weds off at the airport for their honeymoon in Norway he and Bob agree that it is the end of an era.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Absent Friends

14 January 1974
Thelma and Bob are on honeymoon in Norway but Bob has omitted to tell his wife that he gave Terry a key to the house whilst they were away. Terry makes several unsuccessful calls but finally gets through and tells Bob not to worry. In returning the call Bob learns that Terry and Thelma's sister Susan are in the house together. Thelma is far from pleased.

Season 2, Episode 2: Heart to Heart

8 January 1974
Back from honeymoon Thelma is far from pleased to learn that Terry is seeing Susan, who has a boyfriend Peter back in Canada. Then Terry comes round for a heart to heart with Bob, telling him that he is afraid things are getting serious between him and Susan. However he is ultimately relieved to hear that Susan is going back to Peter in the knowledge that things did not go too far with her.

Season 2, Episode 3: The Ant and the Grasshopper

15 January 1974
Bob is working himself too hard whilst Terry is enjoying a life of leisure. Bob can only just stay awake when he meets Terry and a glamorous girlfriend in a restaurant but soon Terry is bemoaning his lack of ambition so Bob sends him for a job interview. He doesn't go but spends the fare on a bet, which sees him nicely in pocket. Now it's Bob's turn to reflect on his carefree bachelor days when he had no responsibility.

Season 2, Episode 4: One for the Road

4 February 1974
Bob is arrested for being over the limit whilst driving home and taken to the police station, where he meets Terry, who has been arrested for fighting at a football match. As Bob is scared that he will lose his licence, Terry agrees to change identities with him for the blood test. Bob subsequently spends a night in the cells (as Terry), and then appears in court and is fined. Just when they are celebrating the success of their swap, Bob realises that Terry had also been drinking the previous evening and the blood sample he gave (as Bob) is even more likely to prove over the limit.

James Bolam ... Terry Collier
Rodney Bewes ... Bob Ferris
Brigit Forsyth ... Thelma
Robert Gillespie ... 1st Police Sgt.
James Mellor ... P.C.
Leonard Maguire ... Dr. McKae
Michael Beint ... 2nd Police Sgt.

Norman Mitchell ... Barman
Gertan Klauber ... Waiter
Phil McCall ... Glaswegian
Brian Vaughan ... Doorman

Season 2, Episode 5: The Great Race

5 February 1974
After Terry is winded playing football Bob accuses him of being out of shape and challenges him to a cycle race to Berwick. Needless to say both cheat, hitching lifts and sabotaging each other but they duly arrive in Berwick. Too tired to cycle home, they go to the station only to find there are no trains till next day as it's a Sunday.

Season 2, Episode 6: Some Day We'll Laugh About This

19 February 1974
Whilst he and Thelma are on holiday Bob lets Terry stay at their house in exchange for doing some work on the house. However, Terry is side-tracked by Sandra, an attractive neighbour, who asks him to fix her taps but whose bathroom he accidentally floods whilst she - almost - seduces him. Bob and Thelma return homer unexpectedly and are injured, due to Terry's half-completed handiwork, whilst Bob gets punched by Sandra's irate husband who has mistaken him for Terry.

Season 2, Episode 7: In Harm's Way

25 February 1974
When Bob hurts his foot, he visits casualty, and runs into Terry, who is working at the hospital as a porter.

Season 2, Episode 8: Affairs and Relations

4 March 1974
Terry and Bob are staying at a country hotel for a fishing weekend, Bob feeling guilty about not bringing Thelma, when they meet Thelma's father, accompanied by his secretary Beryl for an illicit weekend. When Thelma turns up to say she misses Bob she jumps to conclusions and assumes he is cheating on her but Beryl saves the day - to Terry's advantage though Thelma's father is disappointed.

Season 2, Episode 9: The Expert

12 March 1974
After a big row with Bob Thelma goes back to her parents and Terry comes round to advise Bob on how to win her back. Initially he suggests Bob play it cool but Bob is not convinced so they decide he should be masterful. When he hears somebody in the bedroom he assumes it to be Thelma and locks her in to teach her a lesson - but it turns out to be the cleaning lady. However when Thelma comes to collect her things she locks Bob in the bedroom to show who's boss.

Season 2, Episode 10: Between Ourselves

19 March 1974
Thelma is still absent and Bob is desperate to keep the fact from the badminton club. Terry moves in to look after him but his slovenly ways annoy Bob, who writes a letter to Thelma, saying he wants her back. Terry tries to deliver it to Thelma's colleague, who mistakes him for Bob and refuses to accept it but when Terry tries to give it to Thelma she accuses Bob of being too cowardly to deliver himself and rips it up.

Season 2, Episode 11: The Go-Between

26 March 1974
As Thelma is still at her parents Terry moves in with Bob but soon annoys him with his slovenly ways. Terry sees that Bob and Thelma should reconcile and goes to see her, painting a picture of an unhappy Bob. When he eventually brings her to the house they are shocked to see Bob with his head in the gas oven and fear the worst - though he is only cleaning it after Terry has made a mess inside it.

Season 2, Episode 12: Conduct Unbecoming

2 April 1974
Terry is up in court for fighting in the pub with local lad Dougie Scaithe and is found guilty and is fined. Unaware that Terry and Dougie have patched it up, Bob confronts Dougie and also gets into a fight with him, landing before the same magistrate who fined Terry. In the pub the likely lads argue over which is the better fighter and decide to have a practical demonstration. Unfortunately the magistrate just happens to be in the pub as well and witnesses their set-to.

Season 2, Episode 13: The Shape of Things to Come

9 April 1974
Terry hears that his great uncle Jacob has died in the rest home where he lived and where he made life difficult for everybody with his selfishness. Terry sees this as individualism but, after he has accidentally brought the cremation forward, he and Bob meet a man from whom Jacob perpetually sponged. Bob draws comparisons between the two with himself as the stooge and Terry as the user and tells him he is planning to see less of him, though Terry has already told Thelma they will be off drinking together.

James Bolam ... Terry Collier
Rodney Bewes ... Bob Ferris
Sheila Fearn ... Audrey Collier
Olive Milbourn ... Mrs Collier (as Olive Milbourne)
Jack Woolgar ... Joe Hargreaves
Eve Pearce ... Mrs Hope
Rosalind Bailey ... Nurse
Olive Mercer ... Aunt Rose
Helena McCarthy ... Aunt Kitty

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 0: The Likely Lads: A Special Christmas Edition

24 December 1974
Terry has passed his driving test and is working as a mini-cab driver. It's Christmas and Bob and Thelma are off to a dance and have Terry as their cab driver. However Bob and Thelma row when he meets up with an old girl-friend. She asks Terry to drive her home, unaware that Bob & his ex are hiding in the back. The ex forces Bob to drive her home, leading Terry to believe somebody has stolen his car.

James Bolam ... Terry Collier
Rodney Bewes ... Bob Ferris
Brigit Forsyth ... Thelma
Lillian Verner ... Sylvia
Joanna Ross ... Andrea
John Crocker ... Police Constable

Norman Mitchell ... Jack
John White ... Man in pub
Betty Bowden ... Woman in pub

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