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15 May 1978
The Lost Gods: Flight of Fancy
During solo flights in John's glider, Mike's mind connects strongly with an emerging Tomorrow Person, a sacrificial priestess in an Asian temple.
22 May 1978
The Lost Gods: Life Before Death
Mike finds himself transported to the temple in the middle of Hsui Tai's sacrifice. There he is hailed as the god Kishnu...and scheduled to be sacrificed alongside Hsui Tai.
5 Jun. 1978
Hitler's Last Secret: Men Like Rats
Adolf Hitler's genetically engineered 40-year-plan for world domination unfolds prematurely.
12 Jun. 1978
Hitler's Last Secret: Seeds of Destruction
As John suspects today's youth have been genetically programmed to blindly obey Adolf Hitler, TIM aims to reveal that Hitler has always been nothing but a true slimeball.
19 Jun. 1978
The Thargon Menace: Unexpected Guests
A Thargon slimship crash-lands on a Pacific island under the control of the infamous dictator General Papa Minn. When the Tomorrow People investigate, the crew claim they are on the run from Thargon slavers.
26 Jun. 1978
The Thargon Menace: Playing with Fire
Flyn and Sula join up with Papa Minn, who agrees to help them construct a powerful ripple ray. John jaunts aboard the Thargon government ship, whose crew give a very different account of their quarry's nature.
9 Oct. 1978
Castle of Fear: Ghosts and Monsters
The Tomorrow People all dream of a headless Highlander and suspect a new Tomorrow Person of breaking out. This is Andrew Forbes, a boy with the power to create illusions - but his father is far from pleased with his new abilities.
16 Oct. 1978
Castle of Fear: Fighting Spirit
To calm Andrew down, John must play him at his own game.
23 Oct. 1978
Achilles Heel: A Room at the Inn
Two aliens come to Earth to mine a rare mineral that can rob all intergalactic Tomorrow People of their special powers.
30 Oct. 1978
Achilles Heel: Everything to Lose
John, Liz and Mike jaunt to Glip's ship, but when Yagon and Cantor return, they use the barlamin to disable them. The only hope of stopping their plans lies with Andrew and Hsui Tai, but the barlamin has already robbed them of their powers.
6 Nov. 1978
The Living Skins: A Harmless Fashion
A shopping trip sees Mike and Hsui Tai purchasing the new bubbleskin jumpsuits. When they subsequently exhibit strange behaviour, the other Tomorrow People wonder if there is more to the new fashion craze than meets the eye.
13 Nov. 1978
The Living Skins: Cold War
Mike comes to Andrew's rescue and manages to stun John and Liz, who are now under the control of the bubbleskins. When they discover John's suit has already begun to detach, they wonder if they could be on the way to a solution.

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