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26 Feb. 1975
Secret Weapon: Lost & Found
John, Liz and Stephen sense the breakout of a new Tomorrow Person, Tyso Boswell. Unknown to them, however, he has already come to the attention of Professor Cawston, who introduces him to the mysterious Colonel Masters.
5 Mar. 1975
Secret Weapon: Not Quite a Sleeping Beauty
Cawston agrees to help the Tomorrow People find Tyso by introducing Stephen to Masters; however, as soon as Masters takes Stephen away, John and Liz lose contact with him.
12 Mar. 1975
Secret Weapon: Whose Side Are You on Professor
Masters is now aware of the Tomorrow People's existence and is determined to harness their powers. He tries to recruit Cawston to his cause, revealing the true fate of Stephen and Tyso.
19 Mar. 1975
Secret Weapon: A Present from Russia
TIM summons Chris to the lab where he is able to cure John. With the rest of their friends being held prisoner, Chris comes up with a novel way to thwart Masters' plans.
26 Mar. 1975
Worlds Away: Secret of the Pyramid
The Tomorrow People are visited by Timus, an ambassador from the Galactic Federation. He tells them of the planet Pyrie, where telepaths are oppressed by the servants of the alien Khultan, and asks them to go there to help them.
2 Apr. 1975
Worlds Away: Hound of the Night
The Tomorrow People meet up with Tikno, the clone brother of Timus who is on Pyrie for the same reason as them. He takes John and Stephen to meet the local telepaths, the Vesh, to try and persuade them to join forces.
8 Apr. 1975
Worlds Away: More for the Burning
Liz, Tyso and Lenda have been captured by the Veshtakers and sentenced to burning. While Stephen and Arkron try to rescue them, John, Tikno and the Vesh infiltrate the Khultan's pyramid in an attempt to restore everyone's powers.
16 Apr. 1975
A Man for Emily: The Fastest Gun
A group of aliens stop off on Earth for supplies, but since their only knowledge of Earth's culture comes from watching cowboy films, it is not long before their visit results in violence and the Tomorrow People become involved.
23 Apr. 1975
A Man for Emily: Here We Go Round the Doozlum
The Tomorrow People attempt to rescue Elmer from the police and return him to the ship, otherwise his family will destroy Earth in retaliation.
30 Apr. 1975
A Man for Emily: Shotgun Wedding
The Tomorrow People persuade the British authorities to turn Elmer over to them so they can return him to the ship, but unknown to them Emily has plans for John.
7 May 1975
The Revenge of Jedikiah: Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
When one of his colleagues goes missing after an expedition to Egypt, Professor Cawston goes to the Tomorrow People for help. They soon realise the expedition unearthed Jedikiah, who is attempting to track them down.
14 May 1975
The Revenge of Jedikiah: Last Chance
Tricia takes Jedikiah to the EWE, where he kills Colonel Masters. As a result, the EWE start hunting for the Tomorrow People.
21 May 1975
The Revenge of Jedikiah: Farewell Performance
John and Liz are on life support at the EWE. Their only hope of recovery lies with Stephen and Tyso, but Cawston refuses to let the boys near them, afraid one of them might be the shape-shifting Jedikiah.
21 Oct. 1975
One Law: One Law for the Poor
John, Liz, Stephen and Tyso return to Earth to see if any more Tomorrow People have broken out in their absence. They sense the presence of another telepath, Mike Bell, and decide to leave him to break out in his own time. Unfortunately, his abilities have already attracted the attention of some criminals
28 Oct. 1975
One Law: Another for the Rich
Lord Dunning takes Mike's family prisoner in order to force him to use his powers in his service. Meanwhile, John, Liz and Stephen attempt to discover his whereabouts by interrogating Slow and Two Tone.
4 Nov. 1975
One Law: Which Prohibits Them Equally from Stealing Bread
John, Liz and Stephen are able to secure Mike's release but are unable to prosecute Dunning without revealing the Tomorrow People's existence. However, Mike then goes to Dunning and offers him a partnership.

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