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Season 4

21 Oct. 1975
One Law: One Law for the Poor
John, Liz, Stephen and Tyso return to Earth to see if any more Tomorrow People have broken out in their absence. They sense the presence of another telepath, Mike Bell, and decide to leave him to break out in his own time. Unfortunately, his abilities have already attracted the attention of some criminals
28 Oct. 1975
One Law: Another for the Rich
Lord Dunning takes Mike's family prisoner in order to force him to use his powers in his service. Meanwhile, John, Liz and Stephen attempt to discover his whereabouts by interrogating Slow and Two Tone.
4 Nov. 1975
One Law: Which Prohibits Them Equally from Stealing Bread
John, Liz and Stephen are able to secure Mike's release but are unable to prosecute Dunning without revealing the Tomorrow People's existence. However, Mike then goes to Dunning and offers him a partnership.
7 Jan. 1976
Into the Unknown: The Visitor
A spaceship is detected near Earth. John and Stephen jaunt aboard to collect the pilot, Kwaan, who has been injured. When Mike goes up to the ship on his own, it results in several of the Tomorrow People being trapped on board.
7 Jan. 1976
Into the Unknown: The Father-Ship
Liz manages to jaunt aboard the scout ship with a portable version of TIM. When the ship docks with the main vessel, the group discover that a rebellion has deposed Tirayaan.
14 Jan. 1976
Into the Unknown: The Tunnel
Timus arrives at the lab and he and Tyso try to find a way to rescue the other Tomorrow People and their allies, who have been abandoned on the scout ship as it is drawn into the hole in space.
21 Jan. 1976
Into the Unknown: The Circle
The scout ship manages to emerge from the tunnel back into normal space. Unfortunately, the ship then comes under attack from Vektaan, who is determined to destroy them.

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