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Season 1

30 Apr. 1973
The Slaves of Jedikiah: Part 1
Adolescent Stephen Jameson doesn't know it but he's about to break out, and several other special teenagers, as well as two thugs, hope to find him when or before he does.
7 May 1973
The Slaves of Jedikiah: Part 2
Stephen has been abducted from the hospital by Ginge and Lefty, who take him to the mysterious Jedikiah. John, Carol and Kenny attempt to locate him and get him safely back to the lab.
14 May 1973
The Slaves of Jedikiah: Part 3
In the Tomorrow lab, Jedikiah lays in wait to catch Tomorrow People like flies in his web of technology.
28 May 1973
The Slaves of Jedikiah: Part 4
John, Carol and Stephen recover to find Jedikiah has left, taking Kenny with him. They follow them back to the mansion in order to perform a rescue only to discover Jedikiah has set a trap for them.
4 Jun. 1973
The Slaves of Jedikiah: Part 5
John and Stephen jaunt up to cyclops' spaceship in an attempt to rescue Kenny, Ginge and Lefty. There they finally meet the cyclops and discover the real reason why he wants telepaths.
11 Jun. 1973
The Medusa Strain: Part 1
Jedikiah is recovered from space by Count Rabowski, who is already holding prisoner Peter, one of the Time Guardians. Jedikiah tricks Peter into transporting them to the 20th century so he can get his revenge on the Tomorrow People.
18 Jun. 1973
The Medusa Strain: Part 2
Carol and Stephen jaunt to the Tower of London where they encounter Jedikiah. Jedikiah takes Carol back to Rabowski's spaceship, hoping to use her as leverage with Peter.
25 Jun. 1973
The Medusa Strain: Part 3
Rabowski finally coerces Peter into opening another Time Arch, where Jedikiah sends Rabowski to assault the lab in a prelude to eradicate the existence of Tomorrow People for all time.
2 Jul. 1973
The Medusa Strain: Part 4
TIM jaunts John and Stephen back to the lab where Kenny attempts to revive them. Meanwhile, Jedikiah forces Peter to take them back to the 20th century one last time.
9 Jul. 1973
The Vanishing Earth: Part 1
The Tomorrow People investigate a series of natural disasters which are threatening the entire planet. Meanwhile, Ginger and Lefty take a day trip to Clacton and encounter a sinister pier attraction.
16 Jul. 1973
The Vanishing Earth: Part 2
Ginger is brainwashed by the mysterious Spidron, who puts him to work in his mine operation. Meanwhile, Stephen and Lefty return to the pier in search of their friend.
23 Jul. 1973
The Vanishing Earth: Part 3
John and Carol return to the lab where they find Stephen has been returned safely but no-one has any memory of what has happened. Meanwhile, Steen returns to the pier to continue his investigation into Spidron.
30 Jul. 1973
The Vanishing Earth: Part 4
The Tomorrow People and Steen must find a way to save the workers trapped in Spidron's collapsing mine workings. Then they must track down Spidron and Sandor and stop them escaping or the entire Earth will be destroyed.

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