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21 Mar. 1973
A cop in Newark, New Jersey, defies his superiors to try to bring down the head of a Mafia numbers racket.
8 Nov. 1973
Blockhouse Breakdown
In what's almost completely a two-character play, Toma learns that a rooftop sniper has taken 12 shots at 12 cops -- and has scored on every hit. But none of the victims has been seriously injured. Toma tries to figure out the gunman's motivation in a definitely-do-not-try-this-yourself way -- he takes a rifle, runs across the rooftop himself under heavy fire from the cops (who have been ordered to miss) and nose-dives into the gunman's wheelhouse, a control room for the building. His so-called mission is to "help" the gunman go after more cops. The gunman doesn't ...

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