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Season 1

20 Jan. 1973
My Hero, Zero
When it comes to multiplications, zero is a real hero. It will always be an important number to the world.
27 Jan. 1973
Elementary, My Dear
Noah helps his son learn to multiply by "twos".
3 Feb. 1973
Three Is a Magic Number
A Magician digs deep into his top hat that proves there's a magic number.
10 Feb. 1973
The Four-Legged Zoo
A field trip to a zoo full of quadrupeds lets a group of students practice the 4 times table.
17 Feb. 1973
Ready or Not, Here I Come
A game of hide-and-seek shows how easy it is to multiply by fives.
24 Feb. 1973
I Got Six
A boy's day in the city and out, overlapping with others' exploits, run through the 6 times table.
3 Mar. 1973
Lucky Seven Sampson
A carefree rabbit is good luck for students when his romp through a store shows them how to multiply by seven.
10 Mar. 1973
Figure Eight
At school, a girl daydreams the 8 times multiplication table in the context of a skating pond.
17 Mar. 1973
Naughty Number Nine
An educational cat and mouse game that unfolds on AQ slapstick pool table.
24 Mar. 1973
The Good Eleven
A look at one of the easiest numbers to multiply with.
31 Mar. 1973
Little Twelvetoes
A six-fingered and -toed alien opens the question for a farm boy whether their condition would make multiplying by twelve as natural as by ten.

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