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Season 3

9 Sep. 1975
Officer Needs Help
Sgt. Billy Humm starts feeling the pressure after he's involved in a few too many on-duty shootings, even though they were judged "good."
16 Sep. 1975
The Cutting Edge
Ed Peebles has 30 years on the force, and after his longtime partner retires he loses his direction, both on the job and in his personal life.
23 Sep. 1975
A Community of Victims
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30 Sep. 1975
Losing Game
Margaret Case moves from Juvenile to Narcotics, but her undercover work puts stress on her marriage to another cop.
28 Oct. 1975
The Cut Man Caper
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7 Nov. 1975
Face for a Shadow
Officers John Kowalski and Dick Elmore investigate a fatal hit-and-run accident that appears to be intentional.
14 Nov. 1975
Test of Brotherhood
Veteran officer JR Peters is paired in a patrol car with his younger brother Clay, a rookie, along with their sibling rivalry.
21 Nov. 1975
The Empty Weapon
On his first day out of the academy, Officer David Singer fails to fire his weapon when a juvenile delinquent he is pursuing pulls a gun on him, with tragic consequences later.
28 Nov. 1975
Little Boy Lost
Detective Ed Brenner searches for a missing 4-year-old boy.
5 Dec. 1975
Vice: 24 Hours
Pairs of vice detectives spend a day trying to bust a violent pimp, a bookie, and a man who wants to hire a hit man to kill his wife.
12 Dec. 1975
Breaking Point
Vince Della Maggiori has to investigate when a patrolman shoots a man in his hotel room, and the stories he is given don't add up.
19 Dec. 1975
Company Man
Married Det. Dave Hansen, under pressure from Internal Affairs, must decide whether to continue working for "the company" (LAPD), or stop seeing his school-teacher girlfriend.
2 Jan. 1976
Spanish Class
Young officer Taylor transfers from the Valley into the Hispanic district for "the action" and the pay bump, and is schooled in the art of patrolling a multilingual beat by veteran officer Fernandez.
9 Jan. 1976
Odyssey of Death: Part 1
Detectives Stoddard and Bagney look for a man involved in an armed grocery store robbery after he shoots and maims Officer Phillips, a personal friend of Stoddard.
16 Jan. 1976
Odyssey of Death: Part 2
Detectives close in on the multi-generational hill-country family responsible for a series of armed robberies, rapes, and murders.
23 Jan. 1976
The Other Side of the Fence
Detectives Benson and Fisk set up a sting to catch a pair of murderous jewel thieves.
30 Jan. 1976
50 Cents-First Half Hour, $1.75 All Day
While trying to box in an armed bandit who specializes in stealing cars and robbing attendants at parking lots, Detectives Hacker and Barnes are assigned a homicide case.
6 Feb. 1976
A daredevil officer is severely burned in a helicopter crash during a SWAT team training exercise, and he fights his injuries and police brass to return to his old life.
13 Feb. 1976
The Long Ball
Everyone around Sgt. Pickett knows he drinks too much. But he doesn't admit it to himself, until the department suspends him and his wife leaves.
20 Feb. 1976
Eamon Kinsella Royce
Detective Eamon Kinsella Royce juggles his police responsibilities and his second job . . . as an insurance investigator.
5 Mar. 1976
Officer Dooly
Despite his best intentions, Dooly is a poor guy who can't seem to do anything right, at least not in his commanding officer's eyes.
12 Mar. 1976
Open City
Vice Detectives Daley and Gentry are on a camping trip when they hear a woman scream in the distance, and a few minutes later, gunshots. Thus begins their investigation into Mob involvement in the pornography industry, and snuff films.

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