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Season 5

27 Sep. 1977
Trigger Point
Veteran Sergeant Wilson can't escape the burdens of being mother hen to, among others, a green lieutenant, an alcoholic superior, and an officer who's becoming dangerously paranoid.
9 Nov. 1977
Manny Mandell, involved in a shootout with a fleeing felon in which his partner is fatally wounded, receives a Police Department medal as a result. The survivor's guilt is bad enough, but as a medal winner he finds the expectations overwhelming.
14 Jan. 1978
River of Promises
Policeman Miguel Rataza works in area where illegal Hispanics encounter difficulties. Going undercover regarding green card scams and protesting unsafe conditions he finds himself falling in love with Rosalie, an undocumented worker.
4 Mar. 1978
Day of Terror... Night of Fear
Officer Ron Tice engages hostage-taker Richey Neptune in protracted negotiations, a task complicated by the fact that one of the five hostages is the Deputy Chief's daughter-in-law.
19 Mar. 1978
The Broken Badge
IA Sergeants Bivins and Petrelli investigate the fatal shooting of a prostitute by a veteran beat cop with a history of bending the rules. The cop is then convicted and sent to the same prison that holds some of the men he sent there.
30 Apr. 1978
No Margin for Error
Three people are fatally shot by three different policemen, two beat cops and a detective. Deputy Chief Hayes must sort through the shooting team reports to find the truth of each situation, possibly at the risk of his own career.
28 May 1978
A Chance to Live
Officer Dan Shay is recruited to operate undercover for the narcotics unit at a high school.
23 May 1979
A Cry for Justice
Police detectives investigate the shotgun shooting of a police officer.

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