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A true blast from the past...
BlackJack_B6 November 2003
The Match Game shows of the 70's were a huge favorite of mine as a kid. Like "The Gong Show", I was allowed to watch this program as a kid despite the content of it being a little too "adult" at times, although I think it's much tamer than the crap that airs on FOX. It was a time, the 1970's, when everyone was much looser and there wasn't the hypocrisy and falsehoods of political correctness.

Match Game was similar to games like "What's My Line". The contestant was given a phrase with a blank in it and he/she would give a response and try to see if they could get matches from the celebrities. Whoever won the game would then go into a bonus round where they could win various amounts of money (depending on the version of Match Game) where they just had to match the response of the celebrity they chose.

Match Game was famous for their regular panelists. Richard Dawson wasn't just a comedian, he brought moments of arrogance, cockiness, and dry British wit that was so intriguing to watch. He may have not been a favorite of the regulars but the female contestants were in love with him. He was the guy who most of them chose as the one to match answers with in the bonus round before the celebrity wheel showed up. Of course, Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly were awesome, too. Those two were a hoot. I also like Fannie Flagg; she was so out there.

The real star of the show was always Gene Rayburn. The Master of Ceremonies; he always played it cool and collected. He was a gracious, friendly, entertaining, non-overbearing host. I liked his rich tone of voice and charm to make the contestants feel comfortable. I always enjoy watching Match Game on the Game Show Network; I kind of wish they'd dump most of their homegrown game shows like Cram, Lingo, and others (except Whammy) and show more 70's and 80's classics like Match Game. I think re-showing stuff like "Regis' Gig" and "The Weakest Link" isn't a good idea.
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A blanking good time!!!!
stargazer2428 July 2001
This show proves that game shows were actually fun once! Even though this game doesn't tax your brain like Millionaire, you also don't feel like falling asleep in the middle of it. I've found myself more than once practically falling on the floor laughing at the hijinks of Richard Dawson, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Gene Rayburn, Betty White, Fannie Flagg, Patti Deutch, etc. The list could go on forever.

This show has produced more funny, memorable moments than all the episodes of Friends and Frasier put together. If you've ever seen the Admiral Color TV incident or the "nipple" incident, you know what I mean.

The only thing that ruined this show was the star wheel. People were getting sick of the contestants always picking Richard for the Big Money Super Match that they came up with this stupid star wheel that picked a celebrity for you. Bad move.

Thank God for these people that were willing to completely let loose and keep us entertained for years and years to come!!!!!
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A fave of mine
mkaiser-17 August 2005
Match Game started modestly enough with only Richard Dawson as the sole regular. Brett and Charles were added on by a happy accident. When Brett commented that Charles wasn't wearing any socks, someone thought it might be interesting to seat her next to Charles (she sat on Richard's right on her debut week) and another odd couple was born.

At the start of the '78 shows, Richard Dawson was gradually becoming less enchanted with Match Game. He wanted out, but he had to wait for his contract to expire. Richard's behavior took a noticeable turn around April 1978, when he stopped smiling, spoke only to reveal his answers (in a low, monotone voice), wouldn't look at the camera, and overall looked bored and miserable. It didn't help when they added the Star Wheel, meaning that he'd participate less in the bonus game. When Gene noticed this very sudden change in behavior, he tried to co-erse him to smile. The audience shouted requests, and when Richard flatly refused, Gene resorted to nearly strangling him to the ground before finally getting a smile out of him. Unfortunately, this didn't help his behavior for the rest of the run. 6 weeks later, they finally let him go. Richard's last show was without fanfare, and there was no direct mention that it would be his last (other than his statement "Fare thee well" which he wrote on his card at the start of the show). Word has it Gene did mention Richard was leaving, but those comments were edited out. It may have been edited out either because they may have thought Richard would return, or they just felt Richard didn't deserve a "goodbye" after his erratic behavior.

The following week, Bob Barker was the first to fill Richard's chair, and he noticed a card that Richard left behind that said "The sun never sets in England". Gene commented "He thought he was going to be here forever" Very little was mentioned of Richard after he left, but on the show's finale, when a contestant insisted on kissing Mc.Lean Stevenson, despite his having a cold, Betty White quips "May I suggest you pass that on to Richard Dawson?"
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A staple of the 1970's game-show classics
raysond5 August 2003
GET READY TO MATCH THE STARS.......................

"Match Game" was without a doubt a grand staple of the game shows that were produced in the 1970's. When the show made its premiere on CBS-TV in the summer of 1973,the show quickly became a surprised hit and it was very successful against another celebrity oriented game show as well,"The Hollywood Squares",which was on a rival network. But the show will always be one of the classic game shows from that decade. The late announcer Johnny Olson and the perfect show host,the late Gene Rayburn were simply marvelous. Each episode will have contestants attempting to match six-well knowns to fill in the "blank" that was based on a mildly provocative question often with hilarious results from the panel of celebrity guests.

The show made household names out of Brett Somers,Betty White,Charles Nelson-Reilly,Bill Daily,Fanny Flagg,Richard Dawson,and Bob Barker. The show also had contestants on the show as well who will make names for themselves as well including earlier segments which featured future talk-show host Jenny Jones and future actresses Marliu Henner,Joyce DeWitt, and Kristie Alley. The show also had some walk-ons to add a bit of spice to the show and help the contestants along as well including cast members from various CBS shows at the time appeared on Match Game when the show aired including the cast of "The Carol Burnett Show", "All In The Family" "MASH",and one that included the cast of "The Waltons",and "Good Times".

Recently,The Game Show Network did a day-long marathon of this series and it brought back some grand memories. It amazes me to this day,that they don't make great game shows that this anymore since the only daytime game show still on network television today is "The Price Is Right",which has been on CBS for over 30 years and still going strong with Bob Barker!!! Gone are the those great game shows of the past which included "Gambit", "The Jokers Wild","Press Your Luck","Tattletales","Tic,Tac Dough".

But still Match Game will always be a grand staple of which game shows were based from the golden age of the 1970's. Kudos to Gene Rayburn and Johnny Olson.
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Those Were The Days
HailMary6 May 2000
I think what made the Match Game such a hit was that anybody who watches it can't help but play. Even though the game had a very weak structure, the comedy, the contestants, the celebrities, and most importantly the revolutionizing questions, make the greatest game show ever. This show didn't make you a millionaire, but for thirty minutes, it made you feel like you had seven friends who's only job was to make you laugh. God Bless You, Gene Rayburn, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dawson, and Patti Deutsch. (Pardon my spelling)

Peace Be With You, DPF
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A Seventies Classic
Brian Washington30 June 2003
This will always be one of the classic game shows. The late Gene Rayburn will always be the perfect host of this show. Rayburn really enjoyed his image as a lecherous host and his playful banter with both the contestants and the celebrity panel were what made this show great. Also, Bret Somers and Charles Nelson Reilley's playful arguing helped make this show the perfect game show for the 1970's.
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HailMary is right...those WERE the days (sigh)...
14jade20 February 2002
I remember so clearly the morning TV schedule I shared with my mom during my preschool years (and summers from school later on): "Love of Life," "The Price Is Right," "The Young and the Restless," and of course, "The Match Game." Boy, did I love this show! Even "The Price Is Right" (which I am also quite fond of) couldn't outdo Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers. Even as a little kid, I could appreciate their magical chemistry. They were hilarious, especially CNR!

I never understood the drama with Richard Dawson until years later, but that's okay. He was great when things were "normal." While I prefer his version of "Family Feud," "The Match Game" could not have continued without CNR and Brett.

The Game Show Network has brought back some fond nostalgia. HailMary is right...those WERE the days (sigh)...
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Very Funny!
brijess-226 November 1999
Now that the Game Show Network is showing old episodes of the best incarnation of the Match Game, it allows a whole new generation to watch one of the most popular game shows of all time! The show was kind of silly: Fill in the blank of a story, poem, rhyme, etc and hope that you match famous people. But the way Gene Rayburn conducted the show with the celebrity panel, it made for excellent viewing. Many people felt like the "regulars" on the show were "has beens," but Charles Nelson Riley would never fail to make people laugh and have a good time on the show. This show is worth catching night after night! I give this program an A.
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Get ready to match the stars on the star-studded, big-money Match Game!
Ashley9 January 2004
To coin an old cliche, "The just don't make 'em like this anymore." Match Game is and will always be one of my favorite game shows of all time! There's simply nothing like it. Filling in the blanks and trying to match a celebrity panel may seem silly and trite, but that simple premise provided for one of the most entertaining shows in game show history. Led by the dapper Gene Rayburn, the panel consisted of three regulars (until the later episodes, anyway): splashy and fun Brett Somers, funny theatre veteran Charles Nelson Reilly, and Family Feud's dashing and suave Richard Dawson. Then you had the semi-regulars: hilarious comedienne and book author Fannie Flagg, cute and perky actress Joyce Bulifant, or the lovely and enchanting Betty White. Occasionally, you'd also see the likes of M*A*S*H's Gary Berghoff, Patty Duke, Marcia Wallace, and many other familiar faces. This show made these people household names, and I simply love the fact that, through re-runs, Game Show network has given the chance for younger folks (such as myself) to experience this hoot of a show. (Though I must admit, it just wasn't the same when they introduced the wheel and Richard left.) It just doesn't get any better than Match Game -- be it one of the daytime series or Match Game PM. Go ahead, laugh your nk] off.
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THE Celebrity Game Show
RNMorton26 April 2003
The best celebrity game show, where contestants attempted to match six well-knowns in filling in the blank, usually on a mildly provocative question. Fair balance between humor and competition. Helped make Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson household names. Everybody seems to be having a great time (True Hollywood Story will probably blow the lid off that). Best moments were when the sometimes-too-caustic Rayburn chided a contestant for a stupid answer, and it turned out to be a winner.
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Finally a DVD set!!
Einzelgaenger6 December 2006
At last, the show that became my favorite as a pubescent and post-pubescent boy in the 1970s is out on DVD! Where else could a kid pick up vocabulary like "boobs" and "tinkling" and "derriere"? Gene Rayburn was one of the most underrated TV personalities of all time, starting out as the "Ed McMahon" to Steve Allen's Tonight Show; and Match Game was the feather in his cap. With an ensemble to loonies like Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dawson, Betty White, Fannie Flagg, Joyce Bulifant, and Patti Deutsch, I could count on a half-hour party every day I came home from school. However, my parents might not have approved, but luckily they were both at work!

I had watched the reruns on Game Show Network, but couldn't stand the cropping, the annoying logos, and worst of all, speeding up the tape to make room for more commercials. Now at last, I can sit back and watch 30 episodes mostly complete, and I say "mostly" because the famous ticket plugs (where one celebrity's face would be superimposed over another's body and so forth) are missing.

I rate the DVD set an 8 mainly because the episodes chosen cover a general spread of the show's nine year run instead of concentrating more on MG's peak years in 74-77. It does have an interview with Match Game's reigning queen, Brett Somers, but the interview was not edited well. (It was just a question flashing on the screen then cutting to Brett for the answer). Also, Brett appears in the brief tribute to Gene Rayburn, which could also have been better, but better than nothing. And nowhere does Match Game's "prince" Charles Nelson Reilly appear in any interviews. Not sure if it's because Charles did not want to participate or if the producers of this DVD didn't think to ask him for an interview (???), but this is a glaring omission.

Other than that, I'm blankin' happy with the DVDs and hope it's the first of many more releases to come.
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...guarenteed a laugh!
Sapphire-1527 October 2001
I must say, ever since our acquisition of the Game Show Network not a day has passed when I have not enjoyed watching Match Game. If I am not home I make sure that it records so that at least when I am home in the evenings I can guarentee that I will have something to look forward to.

The 1973-77 seasons of Match Game have to be the best. Consdering that right now they are showing the 1973 and 1977 episodes on GSN, I am thrilled. Before Dicky Dawson left. Before the Star Wheel. When everything seemed lighter and more fun oriented. At least to me, Gene Rayburn will be considered the best host of Match Game.

Match Game PM is also good, but I don't like it as much because there is less time for jokes. There is a new game each time the show opens, always two new contestants.

I prefer the time spent on the jokes to the time spent actually playing, though the answers most of the time are good enough for a laugh. Especially when the answers that are "really out in left field" get ridiculed, or if the judges are forced to take back their decision. Match Games 73-77 captures this comedic essense.

I can barely watch the 90's episodes - when they show Brett Sommers again I might warm to it. I miss Charles (CNR) giving her the "Pathetic Answer Awards" though most of the time I end up matching her the most. It's hard not to play along when you watch Match Game. It is a complete riot and can have you laughing at possibly some of the most minimal things. I always crack a smile when Brett mentions Jack Klugman and I wish he had done a longer stint on the show (in 73).

All of that said, it is definitely a game show worth tuning into :)
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One of the Funniest shows ever
Niv-110 July 2001
Match Game was one of the funniest shows of all time. Some sitcoms never get to the level of humor this game show did. You had on Match Game really funny people like Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Betty White, and others. Gene Rayburn was also very good as the host. He was such a natural that you would think being a host was easy. THe writing was also very good. The short sentences or stories were excellent. Especially good are any blanks that had to do were Dumb Dora or Old Man Periwinkle. Gene Rayburn did that character particularly well. Any version that plays on Game SHow Network is good. THe regular or Prime time edition. If you like game shows this is the one to watch.
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Best Game Show Ever !!!
Marty Munjak27 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I are both retired and try to catch "Match Game" as much as possible. It's on 4 times a day M-F on GSN. We DVR it for all episodes, so sometimes we have 18-20 shows to watch, if we forget. Then we binge watch all night. The shows alternate between Match Game 73 & Match Game 77.Love the Closed Captioning, as I am a little hard of hearing & so much "cross talking" is going on all the time. Sad to say, all the 4 leads ( Gene Rayburn,Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Richard Dawson) have all passed away. If you're checking out the "Cast & Crew" on IMDb , what's great is they have EVERY guest who's ever appeared on Match Game73. You can check out everybody's Bio. Spent a good chunk of a night seeing who's still alive & how their careers turned out. GREAT job, IMDb!!! OH, and YES, we LOVE the show !!
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70's Match Game THE BEST ONE!
ShelbyTMItchell4 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
You can remake any version of this classic. But the 70s...IS THE BEST ONE! As a panel of six celebrities mainly the late Charles Nelson Reiley, Brett Sommers, and the still alive Richard Dawson. Fill in a one word blank read by the late and great host Gene Rayburn.

The contestants had to guess and match it up with them. It is mainly matching wits and charm between the contestants and the players.

But the real stars are the panel. As they were the comic reliefs along with Rayburn. Who was cool, calm, and collective when they get zany. The contestants were there to play the "straight man" really. While having fun with it.

The show you can say "jump the shark" when Richard Dawson left to devote himself full time to "Family Feud" and had that star wheel thing in which everybody picked him before the star wheel as contestants won money by matching him. Big and huge mistake.

But still the 70s Match Game had lots of wit and charm. And great chemistry among the host and panelists.
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More Memories, But These Are Better (SPOILERS)
I_Am_The_Taylrus19 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers

As you know if you read my comments, nobody does, by the way, I am a huge fan of game shows. Well, this little game show just happens to be my favorite. Come on, how could you not this? You know everyone has fun, this is anything but serious, everyone is probably a bit drunk, you can basically do anything but doing something bad or nasty, and come on, this is just plain fun! How could you not like some of the most famous game show moments of all time, including the 1977 School Riot, other mistakes, puns, and more. I can not name all the moments, that would take days. Gene Rayburn (RIP) is one of the greatest game show hosts of all time, along with Bob Barker from the Price is Right, and he was a panelist for a short while, by the way. Everyone knows, though, that the best and most prolific panelists are Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers, and Richard Dawson. On Head-To-Head Match you should always choose Richard. Most of the time he matches the contestant. Then he left in 1978 for time to do Family Feud, which is another great game-show. This show was the best game show until the Star Wheel came. That kind of ruined it. That made the contestants spin a wheel. When it landed on a certain celebrity, you had to try to match that celebrity.

Here is how you play. There are six celebrities, called panelists, and they are two contestants. Gene Rayburn says something, with the word blank in the sentence. The panelists write down what they think is that blank. The contestant tries to match the panelist. There are two rounds. Whoever wins gets $100 and then plays Audiece Match. There is something like Rocky *blank* and the contestant calls on 3 panelists. They give what they think is that blank. The third answer is $100, second is $250, and the top is $500. If they get one of those they play Head-To-Head Match. Let's say that they won $500, they then play for $5000. They try to match the celebrity. If they do, they win the $5000. If they do not, they win the $500.

Overall, this is one of the finest game shows ever. It is one of the funniest, one of the most famous, and one of the most iconic ever. This totally deserved to be number one of the Fifty Greatest Game Shows Of All Time. When I say that I mean it was number one, and it could not have been anything less. Yeah, it is that good. Trust me, if you absolutely love game shows, you have to watch this. Nothing is wrong with this, well, except for the Star Wheel. Anyway, I guess there is nothing else to say. This is an excellent game show. Everything has already been said about this game show. Well, I guess I can say just watch this and be entertained for one of the best thirty minute-long game shows ever.


Recommended Shows: Family Feud, The Price Is Right, and Wheel of Fortune.
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So funny you'll laugh your ________ off!! (insert clean word here)
Ryan Jones30 December 2006
"Match Game" has to be, by far, the funniest game show that I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I didn't grow up during the "Match Game" era, but I've seen lots of episodes. I particularly liked the chemistry between Gene Ryaburn and the other panelists His wit and humor made that show what it was.

However, during the years, you could tell a definite loss of enthusiasm for the show. In the 77-78 seasons, Richard Dawson tried to put a damper on the show with his attitude. He wouldn't smile, and didn't interact with the other panelists like he used to His actions and his success eventually led the producers of the show to add a 'Star Wheel' where all the panelists had a chance to win on the 'Celebrity Match.' Very shortly after the wheel was added, Richard left.

After 'Match Game' was canceled on CBS and put into syndication, the show began to slowly grind down. It appeared to me that some of the panelists who were brought on tried to upstage Gene. Stars like Bart Braverman, Jon "Bowser" Bauman, Bill Daly, and Elaine Joyce overdid themselves trying to be funny, and to me it took away from the classic humor of the show. Gene rarely did his little bits of humor, and a lot of times seemed upset at the stars or disinterested. Eventually, the show was canceled altogether, and 'Match Game' went down as a TV classic. It was revived several times, but none of the other versions lived up to the classic format of the 70's.

All in all, I have to give a big two-thumbs-up for the 70's version. I would recommend that anybody watch the episodes (they air on "Game Show Network"), or buy the DVD (in select retail stores).
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The best game show ever
jahughes263 March 2003
This was the best game show ever. I always enjoy the banter between Charles Nelson Reilly and Bret Somers, Richard Dawson giving away another $5000.00 and the host Gene Rayburn with his goofy smile trying to keep everybody in check. There will never be another show as good.
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Match Game is the !!
wachovia_13823 November 2002
Gene Rayburn IS Match Game, no question! My friend and I love Match Game, and we watch it all the time! It also has one of the coolest themes, with that crunchy "WAHH" guitar. To the person who said something about the weird audio/video splicings, that's the fault of Game Show Network. GSN often does "time compressing", i. e. they slightly cut up the shows.
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The Funniest Game Show
chopstikz8510 August 2002
I am a big fan of Game Show oldies and when Game Show Network brought back the classics, it was such a relief to see that Match Game was one of them. Once you hear the comical intro and theme song, be ready for tons of laughs and wise cracks. From the dazzling and farce celebrity panelist to the wacky and crude sentence fragments, match game is certainly a game show that makes you laugh out loud. The host of it all, the late Gene Rayburn really knew how to work the crowd and made sure that they never left without a laugh, no one else could of done the same.

It was also so funny to see the comedic duo, Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly bickering and making a mockery of each other's answers. The chemistry between them always grew into a slapstick parody of some sort that never made a dull or boring moment on Match Game. Even when Brett wins the "Pathetic Answer Award" from Charles, the two will always be a unique caricture of the show and will always remain one of a kind. For lots of laughs this would be the one show to see, Don't miss out.
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Not just a game show, but good laughs too
Natal028 March 2001
When you watch an episode of "Match Game" juxtaposed with a more modern game show such as "Jeopardy!" or "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," what is so astounding is how much time the host, the panelists, and the contestants waste. Only about 15 minutes of each half-hour show seems to be occupied by actual game play. The unique and extraordinary thing about "Match Game," though, is how that time never (or very rarely) drags on. Most of the time, the witty diatribes between the panelists or the panelists making fun of the readily-mockable Gene Rayburn is more entertaining than anything going on in the game. "Match Game" is always fun to watch, and unlike any other game show, watching contestants give grossly unrelated answers is much more interesting than watching them give correct ones.

The best thing about "Match Game" though, is certainly the celebrity panelists. Unlike modern versions of "Hollywood Squares" or "To Tell the Truth," all of their little humorous interjections during the show do not seem to be rehearsed ad-nauseum. Until 1978 when he decided he was too important for the show, Richard Dawson could be consistently counted on to keep the audience and the contestants entertained. But the two most crucial "Match Game" panelists are the ones who stayed with it for the entire duration of the show. It is hard to imagine "Match Game" without the faux-bickering between Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Sommers who had more to do with the longevity of the show than the man the announcer calls "the star of 'Match Game'" at the beginning of each installment.
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Great Show
marcphilipweiss7 February 2001
This is by far one of the best game shows. In fact, the show was very dumb, but it was the people who made it one of the best game shows. I found it ironic that the man who left a comment before me had written it three days before Gene Rayburn's death. That was a sad day in game show history.
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If you watch it, you'll love it!
Cureboy10 January 2000
I've been catching re-runs of these 25 year old Match Game episodes. And I don't know if people in the 70s found the show to be funny, but personally I think the show is a riot!!

The late Gene Rayburn hosted the show for years and years, and he was a scream. Whenever Gene would read a question having to do with Count Dracula (a regular match-game question character) the impression was brilliant. He's a guy who can make fun of a contestants answers and yet the contestant wouldn't ever be insulted.

The regulars on the panel are also a hoot. The team-up of Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly was fantastic. These two would play off each other so well. It was very rare when these two's hijinks didn't have me laughing. Richard Dawson was also a comedy riot. He was always able to come up with a perfect one-liner at the drop of the hat.

And I have to say, even the show's questions were a "star of the show". It was very rare when a question didn't have the audience laughing. Over the years, some characters from the questions became so popular that they were repeated often. Characters such as: Dracula, Old Man Periwinkle, The Godfather, Mr. Robot and of course, Dumb Dora (How dumb is she???)

Another great part of this game, which I think it essential to a good game show is: the ability to play along at home. Its always fun to see which celebrity would match you if a question was asked, "Trixie, the beautiful stewardess, lost her (blank) over the Rocky Mountains"

I guarantee that if you watch this show, if only for a week, you'll be coming back for more.
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This may possibly be the greatest game show ever produced...
gotribe2721 November 2001
I am 16 years old, and first discovered 'Match Game' on Game Show Network about 2 or 3 years ago, and since then, I am hooked. The show began in 1973 on a spinoff of the old 60's series, 'The Match Game'. Gene Rayburn was the perfect match as a host of the show. The game itself was very simple: two contestants filled in the blank on a question, rhyme, poem, etc, that usually had a definitive answer to it. If the contestant's response matched that of a celebrity, they got a match. There were six celebrities on the panel in all, and whoever got the most matches after the end of two, sometimes, three rounds, they moved on to play the 'big money Super Match', where they had to match one celebrity head-to-head for a chance at anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 dollars, depending on what version of the show it was. The show was simple in itself; it was the interaction between Gene Rayburn and the six celebrity panelists that made it funny. Typical panelists included Richard Dawson, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Betty White, Bob Barker, and Fanny Flagg, however, literally dozens and dozens of more appeared from one time to another. The show ran on CBS in the afternoon and evening until the early 80's. Several shows have since tried to remake 'Match Game', but none have been successful. 'Match Game' runs on Game Show Network weekdays at 9:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 6:30 PM, and 9:00 PM. On the weekends, it runs at 9:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 6:30 PM, and 9:00 PM on Saturdays. Tune in, you won't want to miss it.
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Alex Karras
davjazzer28 April 2017
I thought Richard Dawson was pretty rude in '78,but the All-Time Sourpuss is Alex Karras in '75. He sat there with his hand on his chin,puffing on a butt,looking totally bored out of his mind. He only came to life during a skit with a lady wrestler contestant. It's surprising because Alex was always a fun,engaging guy and a pretty good actor,for a jock. Maybe he was having a bad week during the tapings. Anyone else notice?
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