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13 Mar. 2005
The Swan Man of Ilkley
Alvin teaches Nora Batty to line-dance and soon all the ladies in the coffee clutch are joining in. Howard & Smiler each take up a new hobby. Barry goes golfing with the boss, who is awful at it.
20 Mar. 2005
Watching the Clock
The ladies got to Auntie Wainwright seeking a charitable donation. Norman is stuck in a tree. Barry is thinking about starting to think about the really big questions.
27 Mar. 2005
Has Anyone Seen a Peruvian Wart?
Billy wants his sister-in-law to leave, so he and the Boys decide the best way is to hook her up with some gentleman friend, Alvin suggests Corcroft - but Truly thinks Corcroft needs to warm up on Nora Batty first. Clegg puts his old diaries into manuscript form.
10 Apr. 2005
Hermione (the short course)
Norman has posted a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on his door, peaking the curiosity of the community. Smiler received a 'Dear John' letter. Barry's boss, Mr. Teasdale, bullies him into attempting to repossess a car. The men convince Howard that Pearl has hired a private detective.
17 Apr. 2005
Who's That Mouse in the Poetry Group?
After Truly sees a professor on the Telly that looks just like Smiler, Tom & Smiler set out to make him an Intellectual - which lends Smiler a date with Marina. Alvin asks for Nora's help to train for the Space Program.
24 Apr. 2005
Available for Weddings
After Clegg ends up with his foot in a plaster and an arm in a sling after a bike trip with Billy & Alvin, Truly and the Boys try to invent a bike that also an ATV. Barry gets bit by the camping bug.
1 May 2005
The McDonaghs of Jamieson Street
Glenda shows Nora and Tom that she can drive just as well as her mother ever did. Howard is afraid that he his showing his age, so he goes on a quest to make his appearance more youthful (and we learn a little about he & Pearl's courting days). Smiler is longing for the woman he fell in love with during the war, so Clegg enlists the Boys to find her - but the street she used to lived on was torn down.
8 May 2005
The Afterthoughts of a Co-op Manager
Clegg is trying to remember the name of a supervisor from his days of working at the Co-Op but no one knows who is is talking about so Truly & company try to hunt down some one who might remember and in the process Marina vows to keep herself chaste (at least in public). Mr. Tins dale (the repo man) tries to get a cuddle from his wife.
15 May 2005
Lot No. 8
Auntie blind buys "Lot 8" from a catalog which describes it as consisting of 4 very useful containers ... Although Auntie finds that people probably won't buy them, Truly, Tom, and Alvin find a use for them - as a derby car! Glenda is upset that Barry looks married.
29 May 2005
Little Orphan Howard
What started as a joke takes on a life of it's own when Clegg tells Howard that he was adopted and that his real parents were dead. Alvin is very insistent that he will get a kite to fly - and finds several ways to try to get it done.
18 Dec. 2005
Merry Entwistle and Jackson Day
Truly and Norman are drawn into Howard's latest escape plan. Auntie Wainwright dresses Smiler as Father Christmas and Tom as an elf. Glenda tries to help Barry get over a negative reflective mood. The local police think that the men are gang trying to dispose of a body,

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