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8 Feb. 2004
Jurassic - No Parking
Howard is in a dilemma, he needs to get a gift for Marina's birthday but he can't get out of the house, so Truly & Billy agree to find something special. Barry wins a prize which arrives at the house while he's at work, so Glenda calls him home right away.
15 Feb. 2004
The General's Greatest Battle
It is the annual parade to commemorate Hero of the Battle of Mazurka, and Auntie has hired Tom and Smiler to deliver the star of the show - which of course means all the men need to get involved. Meanwhile, Marina asks Clegg to deliver a message to Howard and seals it with a kiss - causing Clegg to forget what it is.
29 Feb. 2004
While walking along the road, Clegg, Truly, and Billy run into a "damsel in distress" - she lost her husband. They take her to Pearl to cheer up while they hunt for her husband - the most depressing man in the world. Meanwhile, Nora's new neighbor, Alvin, tries all day to get a photo of Nora smiling but she's having nothing to do with it - being as suspicious of him as she was with Compo.
7 Mar. 2004
Happy Birthday Robin Hood
Howard sees Marina in a wedding gown. Mr. Entwistle and Auntie Wainwright negotiate an alliance. Billy and Barry don grass green suits.
14 Mar. 2004
Who's That with Barry and Glenda? - It's Not Barry and Glenda
Barry has been sneaking around, and Glenda asks Trult & company to find out if there is another woman involved. Barry confesses to TheBoys what's going on but now he's afraid that Glenda has begun to sneak men to the house while he's at work, so he asks them to find out if there is another bloke.
21 Mar. 2004
An Apple a Day
Nora Batty is assigning "volunteers" to take out old persons for the day, despite the fact that the volunteers appear to be the same age as the "old people". The old people, Bert and Sal need help looking for an escaped "Lad" who looks just as old as the old people. Glenda has assigned Barry to "do a little something" for the Children's Concert. Howard seeks an out of the way Inn for the safety of a certain young lady.
28 Mar. 2004
Barry Becomes a Psychopathic Killer But Only Part Time
Barry's acting skills are needed to save Clegg when he gets kidnapped by Smiler's new girlfriend after Smiler breaks up with her.
4 Apr. 2004
Things to Do When Your Wife Runs Off with a Turkish Waiter
Alvin purchases linoleum from Auntie Wainwright. Barry is stuck entertaining a recently divorced man that he and Glenda met on holiday. Billy, Truly and Norman hear faerie music in the woodland. The local police have car trouble.
11 Apr. 2004
Beware of Laughing at Nora's Hats
While trying to talk Nora Batty into a bike ride, Alvin discovers that Nora and her best-friend Audrey had a tiff several years earlier when Audrey laughed at Nora's hat. Alvin enlists the help of Truly, Billy, Howard, and Marina to get them back together. Glenda hires a caddy for Barry.
18 Apr. 2004
Yours Truly - If You're Not Careful
Truly just can't get the hang of his new cell phone, he keeps missing a persistent caller and Billie takes the advantage to make Truly believe his ex-wife has come looking for him. Howard and Marina are smoking hot.
19 Dec. 2004
Variations on a Theme of the Widow Winstanley
Feeling too old for a bicycle, Howard purchases a "secret" car. Barry is having a spiritual crisis.

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