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1 Apr. 2001
Getting Barry's Goat
Tom Simmonite is bored with village life. Mrs. Avery cleans out Compo's house. Barry lets Tom store a few "things" in his garage. A debt collector is looking for Tom.
8 May 2001
The Art of the Shorts Story
Pearl makes Howard believe that he has mislaid his shorts. Barry notices that he is getting fat so Tom offers to have Mrs. Avery train him.
15 Apr. 2001
The Missing Bus of Mrs Avery
Howard is in a suspiciously good mood. Auntie Wainwright has minibikes for sale - they must be tested. Tom has direction deficient Mrs Avery driving a minibus for the ladies picnic outing. Glenda obsessively calls Barry.
22 Apr. 2001
Hey, Big Vendor
Barry becomes obsessed with his depression. Wesley invents an go anywhere hot drink dispenser which causes havoc at the church jumble sale and on the golf course.
29 Apr. 2001
Enter the Hawk
Auntie Wainwright takes some time off. Barry obtains a "secret suit". Pearl has a new plan to keep Howard at home.
6 May 2001
Gnome and Away
Howard buys large gift and involves the other men in an attempt hide it from Pearl while delivering it to Marina. Glenda tells Barry that she wants a baby.
13 May 2001
A Hair of the Blonde That Bit You
Mrs Avery and Nora Batty seem to be having a cleaning competition. Pearl finds long blonde hair on Howard's clothing. Marina, hitchhiking to the coast, is picked up by Barry.
20 May 2001
A White Sweater and a Solicitor's Letter
Barry flies a model plane. Billy buys a bow and arrows from Auntie Wainwright. A solicitor's letter arrives for the deceased Compo. Howard pretends to take an interest in tennis.
27 May 2001
Why Is Barry at an Angle?
Pearl has Howard assembling furniture. Auntie Wainwright intends to rent out Smiler for children's parties. The men torment Barry with false stories about a client who is behind insurance payments.
3 Jun. 2001
The Coming of the Beast
To stave off boredom, Truly starts a rumor that a tiger is loose in the village.
30 Dec. 2001
Potts in Pole Position
Tom intends to to give Howard a "going fishing" excuse. Truly, Clegg and Billy meet a polar explorer with a domineering wife. Marina and Auntie Wainwright tart-up the explorer's wife. Pearl and Glenda go hunting for fishermen.

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