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Season 30

31 Dec. 2008
I Was a Hitman for Primrose Dairies
Clegg hears his new neighbor - retired milkman Luther 'Hobbo' Hobdyke - has strong links to MI5 and the secret service. Although he recalls his adventurous past as a spy to Alvin and Entwistle, they know him better for not having been a particularly good milkman - but Hobbo insists the dairy work was merely a therapeutic measure to alleviate combat stress.
19 Apr. 2009
Some Adventures of the Inventor of the Mother Stitch
While Morton is still depressed over his divorce, Hobbo attempts to find a good friend for him. Meanwhile Barry is depressed to find that Toby is moving next door to him and cements ill-will when he breaks Toby's lamp.
26 Apr. 2009
The Mother of All Mistakes - Or Is It?
Adopted as a baby, Hobbo is determined to trace his natural mother. He has found out her name and exactly where she lives, but how should he approach the poor woman to tell her the good news? Meanwhile, Howard is in trouble when Marina, on finding out that he has been making inquiries about another woman, turns up at his house. As Hobbo passes Howard's house, he makes an astonishing discovery.
3 May 2009
Will Howard Cross the Atlantic Single Handed?
Hobbo is still searching for his birth mother and is still off the mark. Glenda puts Barry in another horrible suit. Howard announces his next crazy project. Morton goes into Auntie Wainwright's shop.
10 May 2009
Who's That Looking Sideways at Nelly?
Hobbo disguises himself as a German. The villagers are curious about where Nelly goes in the afternoon. Barry, Morton and Toby try jogging. The local PC's display their usual level of competency.
17 May 2009
Nobody Messes with Tony the Throat
Howard is unnerved by Pearl's unexplained Day Outings with Nellie. Hobbo helps to follow them in order to find out once and for all. But Howard finds the answer more troubling than the question and must intervene disguised as a mobster to give his presence some clout- driven in Entwhistle's pickup.
7 Jun. 2009
In Which Romance Springs a Leak
Toby is beginning to realize that the benefits of going back to his ex-wife far outweigh the advantages of living alone in a sparsely furnished house with no one to cook or clean for him.
14 Jun. 2009
Variations on a Theme of Father's Day
In order that Hobbo can find out more about Nelly, his supposed mother, he has Howard eavesdrop on her when she is visiting Pearl. Realizing what Howard is up to, the women plant a completely false story about Hobbo's father being a hippie.
21 Jun. 2009
Goodnight Sweet Ferret
Hobbo, Alvin and Entwistle promise a friend, who is laid up with a bad leg, that they will bury his dead ferret in the churchyard.

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