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Season 28

15 Jul. 2007
The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson
An old friend, Doggy, is almost 80 and getting married again - so The Boys take him out for his bachelors party complete with arranged special lady ... But what starts out as a boring dry affair soon gets pronounced as "better than my first stag" by the groom.
29 Jul. 2007
What Happened to the Horse?
What starts out as a good joke on Howard gets a life of it's own when Truly invents a ghost story that involves a local wooden area.
5 Aug. 2007
Variations on a Theme of Road Rage
Howard feels he has out grown the bicycle so he purchases a car from a woman who says it reminds her too much of her late-husband.
12 Aug. 2007
In Which Howard Gets Double Booked
Howard decides it's time to take Pearl out for a dinner to the "Fox and Duck" - so Pearl invites Nelly to come with, and Truly invites Marina to go with, now if only Howard knew about it.
19 Aug. 2007
Will the Nearest Alien Please Come In
Science-fiction addict Kevin believes aliens from outer space may have landed. Truly, Clegg and Alvin help to convince him he is right.
26 Aug. 2007
Elegy for Small Creature and Clandestine Trackbike
Howard has purchased a track bike and is desperate to hide it from Pearl.
2 Sep. 2007
The Crowcroft Challenge
Alvin and Truly tie one on in a bar and Alvin volunteers to complete the Crowcroft Challenge - a task that has never been completed. Howard volunteers when he realizes that he might be able to get together with Marina during the Challenge.
9 Sep. 2007
Must Be Good Dancer
Tom decides that Smiler should answer an add looking for a dance partner so Truly and gang decide to turn him into "Fred Astaire"; Barry has Glenda help him find the mysterious squeak in his car.
16 Sep. 2007
In Which Howard Remembers Where He Left His Bicycle Pump
Pearl, Miss Davenport, Nora Batty, Nelly, Ivy, and Glenda have entered a baking contest. Howard runs into an old flame while out with Truly, so he takes it upon himself to help the two get back together.
23 Sep. 2007
Sinclair and the Wormley Witches
While standing on a hillside admiring the view, Alvin, Truly, and Entwistle get stoned by a stranger. Smiler does some witchcraft. Pearl & Nelly track Howard.

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