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7 Jan. 1978
Justice for All
Kojak has been recruited to be lead investigator for a powerful law firm--great salary and benefits. His involvement with a series of deaths due to "hot smack" leads him to believe the offer has strings. A young man who has bankrolled the drug operation is represented by the firm, and his father has bribed a lower echelon dealer to confess ($150,000 per year in prison). Kojak decides to remain on the force because of his sense of justice.
21 Jan. 1978
When an enforcer for a bookie pushes a "mouse" of a man too hard, he winds up needing an ambulance. Kojak doesn't believe the eyewitness description of the assailant. How could such a small man have done the deed? He (Abernathy) was furious because a surgeon who "killed" his mother with an unnecessary surgery was pressuring him for money the doctor needed to pay his bookie; the enforcer was part of the pressure. When Kojak learns the circumstances, he arrests Abernathy (but omits Miranda warnings, warrants, and other civil protections); in interrogation Kojak sees the...
28 Jan. 1978
Chain of Custody
Tired of paying a loan shark, Kojak's tailor decides to swear out a warrant. While officers are en route, Henessey shoots the tailor and steals a cab to escape. Understandably frustrated when the case falls apart due to an incompetent ADA, Kojak verbally attacks him just outside the courtroom. He is convinced there was a fix in place and refuses to back down. IAD suspends him, but Kojak is determined to catch his friend's killer. Is the fix the judge or the ADA--or both?
4 Feb. 1978
The Captain's Brother's Wife
Captain McNeil's brother's widow (Shelly Winters) relies on Kojak to rescue her, get her employment, even pick up a bad check. She always has an excuse; now she's using her job at a brokerage to lay off bets and winds up losing $12,000 for some hoods. Meanwhile, Kojak's men are protecting a threatened witness that was involved with the gamblers. He decides to make a run for it, so the hoods take the ditsy widow as hostage. Kojak's attempts to insulate his captain break down, but in the end, justice is done and love conquers all.
11 Feb. 1978
No License to Kill
Kojak's efforts to stop a professional assassin are confounded by a jealous police lieutenant.
18 Feb. 1978
The Halls of Terror
A mystery about an unseen, psychotic strangler who is stalking the corridors of a hospital.
25 Feb. 1978
May the Horse Be with You
Horse stealing in New York City is the focus of this episode, focusing on the kidnapping of a mare in foal and the attempts to sell her offspring (which has already been pegged as a champion racehorse) to various bidders.
4 Mar. 1978
Photo Must Credit Joe Paxton
Even retiring as an actress does not stop paparazzi from pursuing her, especially Joe Paxton. Diane sets up a fake jewel theft and kidnapping to elude him when she returns from Paris. When someone robs her for real and she is shot, Kojak arrests Paxton who was found at the scene. The real thief doesn't know that the jewelry was long ago replaced with paste and tries to fence it. Kojak and Paxton (who escaped from custody) try to catch a thief.
11 Mar. 1978
60 Miles to Hell
Crocker is ready to extradite a prisoner from Las Vegas when they are kidnapped, along with a theatrical agent and one identical twin (half of the "Only Topless Magicians"). Kojak, who flies to Vegas, and the other twin try to discover the reason for the snatch--including a casino crawl and interviewing Liberace, a client of the agent. The two of them join the Jeep posse out in the desert, but it's Crocker's booby trap which saves the day.
18 Mar. 1978
In Full Command
Kojak has cultured an informant to solve a series of gangland killings. An assistant chief inspector, often passed over for promotions, sees an opportunity to achieve the position of commissioner he so desperately desires. He moves in on Kojak's investigation, though he is sabotaging it and is a danger even to himself. Kojak tries to sidestep him but risks an inquiry launched by the vengeful senior officer (played by Danny Thomas). After a successful capture of the gang bosses, the truth comes out at the inquiry, but Theo is gracious, not gloating.

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