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4 Jan. 1976
The Forgotten Room
When a prostitute is murdered the investigation seems completely stymied until Kojak finds the vital clue in a room no one knows about - except for the killer.
11 Jan. 1976
On the Edge
An aging detective with a troubled home life is hard-driven to crack one last headline-grabbing case, even if it means breaking the rules to get it done.
18 Jan. 1976
A Wind from Corsica
An escaped prisoner comes to the city looking for revenge. But even worse is that he is sick with the plague and threatens the whole city with an epidemic.
25 Jan. 1976
Bad Dude
A hit man from Detroit is in town and Kojak races the clock to find the intended victim before it's too late.
1 Feb. 1976
A Grave Too Soon
A body dumped on the street turns out to be an undercover cop. The trail leads Kojak to a Mafia boss who may be out to avenge the death of his own sons.
8 Feb. 1976
The Frame
Kojak arrests a thief, a long time nemesis, but can't find any incriminating evidence in his apartment. The thief then claims Kojak extorted $3,000.00 from him. While awaiting review from Internal Affairs, can Kojak clear his name?
15 Feb. 1976
Deadly Innocence
A man is killed in a hit and run incident. Kojak eventually learns the death was no accident and is linked to the victim's son, a Vietnam war hero who was also a heroin addict.
22 Feb. 1976
Justice Deferred
The discovery of a skeleton at a demolition site reopens an 18-year-old murder case.
7 Mar. 1976
Both Sides of the Law
Kojak competes with a world-famous criminologist to recover five priceless Rembrandt drawings.
26 Sep. 1976
Birthday Party
Three liquor-store robbers, two men and a woman, kill a cop while escaping. The woman and the younger man get away, but the older killer is captured. When allowed to make his one phone call, he talks in Greek to the younger robber, telling him about Kojak's niece and the birthday party she is having in East River Park. The killers stake out the party and kidnap the little girl, demanding the leader's release as a ransom for letting the child go. Kojak uses a painting the little girl included in a ransom note to figure out where they might be headed.
3 Oct. 1976
A Summer Madness
The police investigate the bombing of a restaurant in which several people were killed, including the mistress of one of the detectives working of the case, who doesn't tell the others about his relationship with her, and who is unaware that the person who committed the bombing is his own emotionally unstable wife.
10 Oct. 1976
Law Dance
The key witness in a robbery/murder trial is murdered just before he was about to testify, seriously damaging the prosecution's case. Kojak's hopes are either to use less reliable witnesses or find another way to nail the killers.
17 Oct. 1976
Out of the Shadows
In an episode originally scheduled as the season opener (it was pushed back a few weeks to allow "Birthday Party," considered a better audience draw, to get the slot), a serial killer plunges a knife into anyone who stiffs him consumerwise -- six murders to date. The chief suspect is a troubled young man who sprays graffiti on walls talking about the character "The Grim Reaper."
24 Oct. 1976
A Need to Know
Kojak's team snares child molester Dettrow, who they are forced to release because he has diplomatic immunity and is helping out the FBI. Kojak won't give up on nailing the arrogant serial sex offender, and doubts the FBI's pledge to keep Dettrow under wraps. Dettrow's psychiatrist counsels Kojak that such a compulsive is most likely to nab a child when he's under pressure. Kojak's shields tail the elusive Dettrow to prevent another molestation, so when they spot the East German embassy chauffeur sweating through a furtive meeting with a Red Chinese, Kojak fears ...
31 Oct. 1976
An Unfair Trade
An undercover street cop shoots and kills a Puerto Rican youth who was pointing a gun at his partner, but the boy's sister tells a different story of what happened, and the community accuses the police of covering up for the officer.
7 Nov. 1976
A Hair-Trigger Away
A cop with an addicted girlfriend is determined to continue on the drug case he was working on, even after accidentally killing his own partner during an attempted arrest.
14 Nov. 1976
By Silence Betrayed
Two longshoremen are murdered, but Kojak can't break through the code of silence of their co-workers and get any of them to testify against the mobsters who killed them. The workers are more concerned with dealing out their own justice on whoever of their own may have helped set up the victims.
21 Nov. 1976
A Shield for Murder: Part 1
A young man is killed by police after he attempts to kill an assistant district attorney at a courthouse. Kojak learns that the young man was a boyfriend of an ice skater who is in prison for the murder of her mother two years before. But when he tries to look further into the case, he gets pressured to drop it, with the orders ultimately coming from a powerful political operative.
21 Nov. 1976
A Shield for Murder: Part 2
As he continues to investigate the case of an ice skater imprisoned for killing her mother, Kojak is framed for attempting to intimidate an informant.
28 Nov. 1976
The Pride and the Princess
A nun is shot in a churchyard by an assailant. Later she escapes from the hospital, and Kojak learns she is not a real nun but a dethroned Yugoslavian princess who, with the help of her bodyguard, is planning to get back the family jewels lost in World War II that are now in the hands of the mob.
5 Dec. 1976
Black Thorn
Rosey Grier returns as modern-day bounty hunter Salathiel Harms, now looking for a hit man who has come to New York after jumping bail on the West Coast. His search complicates Kojak's case, as the detectives try to learn the identity of the target of the killer's $100,000 contract.
12 Dec. 1976
Where Do You Go When You Have Nowhere to Go?
Joe Arrow, a Mohawk Indian recently fired, sneaks into his former boss's apartment to beg him to give him his job back, but a scuffle breaks out and he ends up accidentally killing the man. Joe's frustration and anger keep dragging him deeper and deeper into trouble.
19 Dec. 1976
Dead Again
A young woman comes to police headquarters and tells Kojak that she just recognized a man on the street as an old neighbor of hers, a mobster who was reported killed a year ago. She fears he is going to kill her because she knows he is alive. Kojak takes her home and convinces her she was probably mistaken. But shortly afterward, she is killed in a fall from her window, and Kojak is guilt-stricken for not believing her.

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