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Fun show!

Author: tmolthan from USA
15 May 2002

This was a fun show that deserved to be more popular. Not as magical as "Bewitched" or "I Dream of Jeannie," and not as silly as "The Flying Nun," Sally Field played a girl with ESP...think "Nanny and the Professor". I would love to see this again.

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Only in the 70's

Author: shanakin from United States
3 January 2017

So this morning I get up and remember I set my DVR for a show called The Girl With Something Extra. I was always a fan of Sally Field and figured I would give this show a chance. You see I was born in 1970 and being that I was just a little to young to remember this show I figured I would give it a try.

What a wonderful breath of fresh air this series is, Sally Fields talents are on display even in the first episode, it really shows why she is such a talented actress. And I must admit I was impressed with John Davidson, I mean I knew him as a singer but never had explored any of his acting credits.

I certainly will be looking forward to the rest of the series now that a network is taking the time to show some obscure series that unfortunately did not last to long. I just wish that there was more then 22 episodes. But boy am I looking forward to them.

Very rarely do I do a review of a series after only one episode but it certainly is a charming show.

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Jack Sheldon Makes this Show Watchable

Author: Mister_D_Loomis
22 April 2017

This series showcased Sally Field and John Davidson in their earlier years. Unfortunately the supernatural shows like Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie and many others had exhausted the premise and this series only waters down the flames of this genre as it faded away.

Highlight of this show to me is the very underrated Jack Sheldon, playing John's eccentric, hilarious brother as a musician. Jack in real life was a fabulous musician notably in Merv Griffin's show orchestra and is even credited as part of the infamous "Wrecking Crew" of the LA music scene. He has a most recognizable voice in some of the most popular "Schoolhouse Rock" segments on 70's Saturday morning cartoon on ABC, notably Conjuction Junction and I'm Just a Bill and also appeared in memorable roles on Dragnet 1967.

Otherwise, the show falls flat as a typical couples sitcom with familiar rehashed story lines and "jokes" heard many times before and since.

Overall the show seemed miscast in its leads and lacked energy or interest for any reason to continue past one season. However it's worth watching at least once all the way through the episodes if you enjoy cameo appearances by veteran TV actors who guest star throughout the 20-some episodes.

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Short-lived for a reason

Author: Jack_1515
6 January 2017

I saw this show during its first run, and likely has not been on the air since it was canceled, so the recent rebroadcast of the series is a nice trip down memory lane – but only to discover how incredibly boring a show it was.

The Girl With Something Extra is a late entry in the "magical person in a real world" scenario that infected the television landscape in the 1960s and 1970s. My Favorite Martian, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie are the better examples, but other efforts include Living Doll, Nanny and the Professor, The Smothers Brothers Show (the sit-com where Tom was an Angel) The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and Sally Field's first post-Giget series, The Flying Nun.

Unfortunately, there is little going in the series. Frankly, for a show about someone who can read minds, the show is a talk-fest. The pilot, except for one brief scene between Davidson and Jack Sheldon, was in its entirely a series of two-person scenes between Field and Davidson. The approach was more akin to a two-act off-off Broadway production than a sit-com.

The gimmick here, ESP, is most of the time entirely superfluous. It seldom drives or resolves story lines and in many episodes is not needed at all. Indeed, the plots could be used in almost any series without a "magical" device. The use of ESP is perhaps one of the worst magical gimmicks to use. It is a passive ability and not used to set up slapstick or farcical scenes, which are the stock and trade of these sorts of sit-coms.

There is an attempt to integrate on-location shooting in the production, which does improve the series overall look. Effort is often made to put Field in a pair of short-shorts or bikini (Thank You BTW), and Davidson is probably the first husband on TV to be shown sleeping in bed bare-chested, but such diversions were not enough to keep the series going.

With wispy scenes of walking on the beach and the focus on a young couple working out their newlywed problems, the series has a post-Love Story focus on romance that may have been appealing at some level, but was overall a drag on the sit-com premise. If the show debuted in the 1960s, it might have squeaked out two seasons, but as it was, by 1973 the magical person sit-com was long past it's due date, and it shows.

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A Great Series For DVD Release

Author: mulroon02 from United States
3 July 2017

21 of the 22 episodes of NBC's The Girl With Something Extra were rerun this year on Get TV. I was unfamiliar with this series during it's original run, having watched its competition, Roll Out on CBS, and The Odd Couple on abc. The Girl With Something Extra works very well as a light comedy, without getting bogged down in the magic of E.S.P., and like Sally Field's earlier Screen Gems series, Gidget, and The Flying Nun, her supporting cast is excellent. I was pleasantly surprised and would love to see a complete series DVD, if only to see the missing episode.

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Missing actors names

Author: atlaswinks from United States
21 October 2006

Why don't you list the two major actors who play Sally & John Burton on this page? I did a search and their names only appear in the synopsis of the plot. Sally Field played the wife with ESP, but who was the husband?

I really enjoyed this show in my middle childhood and was sad when it didn't return for a second season. I found the ESP facility, used in a comedic manner to be very entertaining. The energy/chemistry between the actors who played husband and wife was wonderful. It reminds me of the energy between such television couples and Samantha and Darren on Bewitched, Dharma and Greg and Jeannie and the Major. My memories of this TV series are a bit fuzzy as it was so long ago, but I would love to see it on DVD.

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cast list

Author: ciecie from mayville, new york
17 December 2006

I think that Sally Field, John Davidson and Jack Sheldon should be the first three names listed. They were the stars of the show. I think that having the three stars names at the bottom of the cast list is an insult to the three of them,. I think that should correct this error immediately. I also fondly recall watching this delightful show when I was growing up. There was an episode at Christmas time that was based on O. Henry's Gift of The Magi. I'm hoping that this show is put out on DVD or shown on TVLand. This is the kind of show that would fit into TVLand's line-up. I think that I will e-mail them and ask them about putting this show in their line-up.

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