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Sex & Nudity

  • 6/10
  • Some innuendo, especially between Nobita and Shizuka (for example: seeing her in the bath or her panties), and kids can catch them. The main two characters often travel to the future for see Nobita marring her. There are some dialogs about this, but they're unoffensive.
  • There are some discreet sexist stereotypes through the series.
  • Some characters, kids and adults and for both genders, are seen often wearing swimming suits.
  • In some episodes some kids fall in love. Some of the Doraemon's invents force temporaly to another person to love another.
  • In some episodes for the 1979 anime (and some movies), we can see frontal nudity from both sex, but mostly between children (Nobita's penis and Shizuka's breasts, for example). Butts are seen from both 1979 and 2005 animes; in the latest, Nobita is occasionally seen naked, but nothing more than his butt is seen.
  • For those curious, some episodes with nudity include (and not limited to) the 70th (we see Shizuka's butt and breasts), the 625th (we see Shizuka's butt), the 672th (we see Shizuka's breasts and Gian and Suneo's penis), the 718th (we see Nobita's penis and Shizuka's breasts in a Nobita's transformated body), the 736th (we see a nude woman -with breasts visible- emerging from a can) and the 832th (we see Shizuka's breasts and butt) and the 1313th (we see Shizuka's butt and after she's fully naked but in distance).
  • In an episode for the 2005 anime we can see an invent to see how a marriage will work. Nobita test it with Shizuka, but Suneo and Gian also suffers its effects and they want to kiss and cook for him respectively.
  • In another episode for the 2005 anime some doctors force Nobita to undress, and they make some photos that show how he cover his frontal parts during five seconds intermittently, but in another photo his butt can be seen during a second half.
  • In another episode for the 2005 anime, Shizuka let her skirt in Nobita's and she tells him not to bring it because people will "think bad". However, at the end of the episode, he chases her for the streets trying to give the skirt to her.
  • In another episode for the 2005 anime, Nobita wants to make a baby from any species and tells Shizuka if she wants to help him to make a baby. Shizuka reacts hitting him.

Violence & Gore

  • 4/10
  • Violence is implied, during fights between Gian and Nobita, por example. It's represented as a explosion-like accumulation of people's heads that sometimes protude. Sometimes, when someone punches another one (especially Nobita), appears injuries and blood mainly in the nose or in the knee, but it's very rare and appears only a few seconds until it's healed.
  • Sometimes there are explosions, destructions, falling weights, and mild beating, kicking, etc.
  • Weapons appear sometimes, and kids use their, especially in Western parodies.
  • Sometimes appears how someone (like Nobita) is kidnapped, but it finishes good. Some jokes about missing are common. Nobita wants to suicide in one episode but he's stopped.
  • In some episodes some characters are electrocuted, or lashed with whips, a lot of times.
  • There's also some very mild vocabulary attempting to violence.
  • Some episodes censored in Catalan television include suicide and death penalty references, gestures of shooting himself in the head with a revolver and some war and animal violence (Gian and Suneo were eaten by a dinosaur in one episode, and in another episode some people were pierced by arrows).


  • 2/10
  • Only there's some mild name-calling (at least in the Catalan dubbing) and mentions to God. However, according to Spanish and Catalan's dubs, words like "heck" or "damn" are allegedly said, and in one episode Nobita says that "hearing Gian singing is like a hell". The Spanish "porra" word (translated to "bomb" or "flop") is used commonly in the 2005 anime. According to a viewer, Nobita says "Gian is a f***ing gorilla" ("Gigante es un p**o gorila") in an episode for the 2005 anime.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 3/10
  • Nobita's father is often drunk and seeing his smoking and/or drinking, along with other characters. He often sings along with its boss and Nobita and Doraemon see they. Some negative commentaries about it.
  • Some of Doraemon's inventions avoid to Nobita's father to smoke.
  • As adults, Nobita and his friends are drunk and sing in some episodes.
  • Doraemon, Nobita and possibly other characters drink coffee in some episodes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 1/10
  • Some emotive moments.
  • Context of some episodes cannot be understood by younger children.
  • The series is in many aspects of education, but it's recommended parental guidance for some viewers for the way they deal with different society aspects. Also, the series can show that things are achieved without effort, so beware with it.
  • The 2005 anime contains some more rude humor than the original series.
  • 16/50
  • Suggested rating: TV-Y7 globally, and TV-PG in some episodes for the 2005 anime. (According to the FCC guidelines, Doraemon would be rated TV-PG or TV-14 in the US, considering that anime series differ from Western series.)
  • Suggested age: +7 for some thematic material, brief nudity and innuendo, black humor (rude humor in the 2005 anime), drinking and smoking.

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