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4 Jan. 1979
The Medium
J.R. investigates the disappearance of three women in a five week time period, and then gets involved with a psychic to help him when it looks like she might be his best chance of solving the case.
11 Jan. 1979
Echo of a Distant Battle: Part 1
Barnaby is hired by the family of a man who supposedly died in Vietnam, but later they hear a rumor that he may have deserted, along with another soldier. They want him to find out if it's true. Barnaby tracks the soldier who was with him but he runs away. While chasing him, the man shoots, Barnaby shoots back and hits someone, killing him. Barnaby is relieved of his gun as the D.A. considers whether to charge him or not. Barnaby considers dropping the case but the man's wife asks him not to. J.R. has Betty do a check on the man he shot and learns that he and the one ...
18 Jan. 1979
The Enslaved
Betty goes undercover at a rehabilitation center for substance abuse addicts to investigate a suspicious death and discovers a sinister scheme where they administer dangerous drugs that keep patients coming back.
25 Jan. 1979
Dance with Death
A beautiful disco dancer is harassed by numerous men from the disco where she dance's and her life is threatened. When her roommate is murdered she believes it was meant to be her and she asks J.R. to investigate.
1 Feb. 1979
The Protectors
A high tech security team asks Barnaby to help them with a case in which a wealthy business narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt. Together they discover it was an inside job and the objective is not kidnapping, but murder.
8 Feb. 1979
Fatal Overture
Betty is asked to investigate the death of an inspiring young actress after she witnesses the deceased and another couple in a heated argument at the hotel across from her own on the very same night of her death.
22 Feb. 1979
Master of Deception
A woman that is helping to develop a revolutionary new type of television set disappears without a trace, and the company that she works for asks Barnaby to find out what happened to her.
1 Mar. 1979
A Short Happy Life
Betty's cousin Foxey Dolan comes into town and sets her and Betty up for a night out on the town with a man she just met. He also happens to be on the run from crooks he's stolen from, and they'll kill to get their goods back.
15 Mar. 1979
Child of Love, Child of Vengeance: Part 1
Barnaby investigates why a lawyer for a powerful family corporation is killed soon after he tells him he no longer needs him to find out who is threatening him. He learns it may be related to a missing girls involvement in a religious cult.
22 Mar. 1979
Child of Love, Child of Vengeance: Part 2
J.R. infiltrates a religious cult to help Barnaby get to the bottom of why a lawyer for a family run corporation was murdered, and why the identity of a young woman that is a member there is being kept so secret.
12 Apr. 1979
Target for a Wedding
A young man tries to coerce the niece of gold prospector(and Barnaby's goddaughter)into marrying him after he learns that she is set to inherit the property his gold mine is located on. Barnaby suspects he has murdered the uncle as well.
19 Apr. 1979
Barnaby and J.R. investigate a case where a material witness was murdered by the lone sharking gangster he was going to testify against. During the investigation they learn Lt. Biddle is romantically involved with the gangster's girlfriend.
20 Sep. 1979
Man on Fire
Barnaby grudgingly begins to suspect that an arson investigator that he has trusted for years is involved in setting fires and then ruling them as accidental in order to get a cut of the insurance money.
27 Sep. 1979
Nightmare in Hawaii: Part 1
J.R. fly's to Maui to visit a friend and is quickly arrested for stabbing a man to death. A crime he didn't commit. Barnaby and Betty fly out to help him and discover his friend's family is involved in marijuana harvesting.
27 Sep. 1979
Nightmare in Hawaii: Part 2
J.R. gets into deeper trouble when he escapes from jail, gets blamed for the shooting death of his friend, and then gets seriously injured in a booby-trapped marijuana field. Barnaby risks his own life in order to save him.
11 Oct. 1979
A Desperate Pursuit
Betty is stalked by a deranged little man who is also a reporter. He dresses up as a woman and terrorizes her, then quickly loses his disguise so he can come in and be her hero. Concerned for Betty, Barnaby and J.R. get involved.
18 Oct. 1979
Design for Madness
After spending a year in a sanitarium Barnaby's niece is suspected of shooting and killing the family lawyer during a blackout episode. Barnaby suspects someone is giving her powerful hypnotic drugs to manipulate her behavior.
25 Oct. 1979
Girl on the Road
J.R's ex-girlfriend asks him to try to convince her sister to get her act together and get away from the drug scene. At the same time a rock star's manager thinks her sister may have witnessed a murder committed by his star at a party.
1 Nov. 1979
Indoctrination in Evil
Betty goes undercover to help Barnaby, J.R. search for a missing young girl. They soon find out that what they've stumbled onto it is a white slavery racket.
8 Nov. 1979
Homecoming for a Dead Man
While attending a sporting event Barnaby thinks he's spotted a man who robbed over $500,000 in gold from the gold exchange nearly 10 years ago. He's also believed to have died in a plane crash over the ocean while making off with the loot.
29 Nov. 1979
False Witness
A friend and fellow Community College instructor of Betty's is raped. Much to her dismay, Betty feels that her friend has wrongly identified her attacker and she refuses to reconsider. Barnaby and J.R. help to find the real rapist.
20 Dec. 1979
School of Terror
A counselor at a Fresh Start program for kids with drug problems dies in an accident after allegedly getting high on drugs. J.R. goes undercover as his replacement to find out who has been smuggling those drugs into their school.
27 Dec. 1979
Cry for Vengeance
An ex-cop and friend of Barnaby looks to even the score when his son is killed by a gang leader. Barnaby gets involved and learns that the gang is actually being used as muscle by a crooked businessman who wants the ex-cop out of the way.

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