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5 Jan. 1978
The Scapegoat
J.R. enlists the help of Barnaby after a friend of his is being blamed for the murder of his girlfriend, and his friends lawyer mysteriously seems to want to undermine a case for his innocence.
12 Jan. 1978
A Ransom in Diamonds
A man who works for a diamond retailer hires a seemingly incompetent lawyer and private detective to help get his kidnapped wife back. Barnaby and J.R. get involved after they botch the first ransom attempt and the discover there's more to this kidnapping than meets the eye.
19 Jan. 1978
Prime Target
Barnaby asks a woman who has just been paroled for information on the man she was involved with so he can recover money he stole. She refuses, so J.R. goes undercover to get the info and discovers her life is in danger by this same man..
26 Jan. 1978
Final Judgment: Part 1
After a distraught and depressed woman attempts suicide, Barnaby Jones is compelled to re-investigate a case in which he may have helped wrongly convict her ex-husband of kidnapping a little boy four years earlier.
26 Jan. 1978
Final Judgment: Part 2
Barnaby continues to re-investigate an old kidnapping case in which he firmly believes the wrong man has been put into prison for the crime. But as the investigation deepens, and the murders pile up, Barnaby knows he is close to the truth.
2 Feb. 1978
Uninvited Peril
Betty gets more than she bargained for when she helps a couple find their deranged son. After finding him she quickly discovers that they're even more deranged than he is-and that they'll kill anyone who gets in their way, including her.
9 Feb. 1978
Terror on a Quiet Afternoon
J.R. tries to protect a beautiful young woman from a dangerous stalker and his two cronies, but they get trapped in a deadly situation with them. Barnaby gets suspicious that they are in trouble comes to their aid.
2 Mar. 1978
The Coronado Triangle
Barnaby and J.R. investigate a string of yacht disappearances in the waters off the coast of California and Mexico. Eyewitness reports say they were taken down by a mysterious whirlpool, but Barnaby suspects a hijacking operation is really behind the mystery.
21 Sep. 1978
Blind Jeopardy
Barnaby is one step ahead of three syndicate hit men in tracking down a witness in the remote mountains in a national forest when one of them fires a shot at him, grazing him in the forehead. The force of the blow knocks Barnaby temporarily unconscious, and when he wakes up he can't see. While hoping J.R. will rescue them both, Barnaby must rely on his wits to try to outwit the gunmen.
28 Sep. 1978
A Dangerous Affair
Barnaby and J.R. investigates an insurance case that was reported as a suicide, but J.R. has a feeling that it could actually be a murder stemming from a blackmail conspiracy.
12 Oct. 1978
Deadly Sanctuary
While taking a couple of days vacation to help out a friend, Betty encounters a serial rapist who prays upon women who frequent a local bar- only to learn that a different man has already been sent to prison for earlier similar assaults.
19 Oct. 1978
Hitch-Hike to Terror
Young Shelley Barrett tries to get to Barnaby, whom she believes is her father. She gets arrested on the way. Barnaby has to clear her, help her mother,and prove he is not the father.
26 Oct. 1978
Nest of Scorpions
J.R. investigates the disappearance of a real estate agent at a resort lodge run by two sisters and their aunt.. The murders pile up as he begins to realize that he's in the midst of a nest of scorpions with these women.
9 Nov. 1978
Death of a Friendship
Barnaby and J.R. get involved in a kidnapping for ransom that goes bad and a former associate gets killed during the drop off -or so it appears. Barnaby has a hunch that it was an inside job, then quickly gets wise to the whole scheme.
16 Nov. 1978
A Frame for Murder
Jedediah is set up on a phony rape charge and sets out to clear his name and find those responsible.
23 Nov. 1978
Stages of Fear
While Barnaby and J.R. are tied up working on another case, Betty takes a part in a stage production as a singer and dancer to find out who's terrorizing it's cast members. But when things turn deadly Barnaby and J.R. come running.
30 Nov. 1978
Victim of Love
J.R. gets involved in a dangerous situation when an old friend tells him that her ex-husband is stalking her and their son and using his influence as a police officer to do it.
14 Dec. 1978
Memory of a Nightmare
Betty goes under hypnosis so she can remember the events that led up to a car accident that killed her friend and caused her to lose her memory-and realizes it was no accident.
21 Dec. 1978
The Picture Pirates
In the course of investigating the death of a film editor, Barnaby and J.R. uncover a movie pirating operation that could potentially cost the studio millions in lost revenue.
28 Dec. 1978
Academy of Evil
Betty investigates an academy for girls where a series of accidents have injured instructors and students alike. What she finds is a vicious group of girls who dominate the school through fear and intimidation tactics.

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