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6 Jan. 1977
Sister of Death
While investigating the intentional death of a nun's biological sister who was on life support, Barnaby uncovers a prostitution ring in which the deceased was a part of. The leading suspect is Sister Terry, but Barnaby doesn't buy it.
13 Jan. 1977
The Deadly Charade
While Betty is spending time with a group of friends tragedy strikes as one of the ladies is shot and killed during an alleged break-in. The leading suspect is the estranged husband of the victim, but Barnaby and J.R. dig up evidence (and other possible murders) that indicates it's one of the other friends.
20 Jan. 1977
Testament of Power
A grieving daughter refuses to believe that her mother committed suicide and hires Barnaby to investigate. Together, Barnaby and J.R. unearth evidence that leads them to believe her death was linked to the estate of a recently deceased man who was worth millions.
27 Jan. 1977
Copy-Cat Killing
One of Barnaby's friends, a small town sheriff, catches his beautiful wife cheating on him and murders two men who are illicitly involved with her. In order to try to get away with the killings he makes it look like the work of another killer who's on the loose,
3 Feb. 1977
A Simple Case of Terror
Barnaby and J.R. look into the disappearance of a warehouse worker. What they discover is a diamond smuggling operation and a man that's being set-up for murder.
17 Feb. 1977
The Marathon Murders
A delusional woman slips out from a mental health marathon to kill the wife of the man that she is in love with. Barnaby and J.R. investigate and suspect that's not the only murder she's committed.
24 Feb. 1977
Duet for Dying
Barnaby and J.R. are on the trail of a couple of scheming sisters who they believe killed a couple of men and stole a coin collection in order to fund their singing careers.
3 Mar. 1977
Circle of Treachery
Barnaby and J.R. try to protect a man who is on the run from gangsters who want to kill him before he can testify against them. But a femme fatal gets close to unsuspecting J.R. in order to find him first.
17 Mar. 1977
Anatomy of Fear
Barnaby, J.R. and Betty help a friend who was robbed by three men for a second time and raped by the ringleader of the group because she disobeyed him by going to the police after the first robbery. While investigating they discover that she is not the only one being terrorized by the same group.
24 Mar. 1977
The Killer on Campus
Barnaby and J.R. investigate the death of a college professor that initially looked like a suicide, But as the truth begins to surface they discover he was really a terrorist turned government informant.
31 Mar. 1977
The Deadly Valentine
Barnaby and J.R. are concerned for Betty's safety after she receives threats from The Valentine Killer. Their investigations gives them several suspects, but after they catch the real Valentine Killer the threats continue.
5 May 1977
Duet for Danger
The Starshine Sisters, a pair of singing sisters that Barnaby help put in prison a few months ago have escaped and are back to their larcenous ways. Now calling themselves The Dreammakers, Barnaby and J.R. are tracking them down again, but this time it's to save their lives.
12 May 1977
The Inside Man
The chief of security for an armored car delivery service asks Barnaby to investigate an attempted robbery at the company's headquarters because it looks like somebody inside the company may have helped with the robbery.
19 May 1977
Run Away to Terror
A young girl from a wealthy family runs away with a man saddled with gambling debts and she soon realizes that he is only after her fathers money. After witnessing a shooting he was involved in, she goes into hiding only to find more danger. Barnaby and J. R. race against time to find her before any harm can come to her.
15 Sep. 1977
Death Beat
A TV reporter who will stop at nothing to get a big scoop -- up to and including inventing the story outright. He hires a professional stunt man to fake his own suicide by diving off a bridge while the reporter is there and the cameras roll. Just as the stunt man makes his leap, a priest who has been trying to talk the "suicide" out of jumping makes a last-ditch grab at the stunt man's clothing. As a result, both take a tumble into Los Angeles Harbor, and the priest is killed on impact. When the stunt man, who survived and is now hiding out, calls out the reporter on ...
22 Sep. 1977
The Mercenaries
One of the men that J.R. served with in Vietnam has come up missing after he joined a mercenary group. At the request of his Vietnam buddies wife, J.R. and Barnaby investigate the group in hopes of finding him.
29 Sep. 1977
The Wife Beater
One of Betty's friends comes to her when her alcoholic husband goes off the deep end and becomes physically abusive. Barnaby and J.R. become involved when he becomes a suspect in the murder of the woman's boss.
13 Oct. 1977
Yesterday's Terror
A woman trying to hide her sordid past from her well-to-do husband is blackmailed into stealing thousands in bonds from her husbands company. Investigating on behalf of the insurance company Barnaby unearths the details.
20 Oct. 1977
The Damocles Gun
After a man is injured in a hit-and-run accident, his sister runs for help. But when she comes back a few minutes later, he's vanished without a trace. She then hires Barnaby and J.R. to find him, and they discover that the brother has been involved with some very bad people.
27 Oct. 1977
Gang War
A gang leader sends two of his men to bring Barnaby to him but he's not around so they get J.R. and bring him to him. He tells J.R. that his friend and lieutenant was shot and killed. Most of his gang are inclined to believe that someone from a rival gang may have been the one who killed him and would like to start a war. But the leader doesn't think so. So he wants J.R. to find who it is before a war breaks out. Barnaby upon learning of what happened to J.R. and what he is doing is doing some digging of his own.
3 Nov. 1977
Daughter of Evil
After a security guard is murdered during the theft of a valuable emerald collection Barnaby and J.R. are hired to investigate. What they unearth is a madam, her low life boyfriend, and a call girl running a scheme to rip-off unsuspecting men of their valuables.
10 Nov. 1977
The Captives
Barnaby travels to the small town of Las Mesas looking for a missing woman. He finds her, but he's taken captive along with her and several town residents by a group of men waiting to steal $250,000 from an armored car that is going to come through town. Their only hope to escape lies with J.R.
17 Nov. 1977
The Reincarnation
With the help of his biological mother a young man tries to claim his birthright into wealth by posing as the reincarnation of his late father. Barnaby and J.R. see through the facade and try to prevent another murder.
24 Nov. 1977
Shadow of Fear
While spending time at her cabin in a small town in California, Betty comes between a doctor who's hiding his real identity and the three men who want to kill him because of an incident that happened during the Vietnam War.
1 Dec. 1977
The Devil's Handmaiden
Barnaby investigates the deaths of two people that were predicted by a twelve year old girl. Barnaby discovers that what's behind her premonitions is more sinister than psychic.
15 Dec. 1977
Prisoner of Deceit
Barnaby and J.R. investigate the murder of a man's brother and discover that the ugly truth behind his death lies in a mentally ill young woman and the delusions that she's held onto since her own fathers death.
22 Dec. 1977
Deadly Homecoming
Barnaby and J.R. look into the deaths of two brothers who were murdered just days apart. Their investigation leads them to believe that their deaths are somehow tied a local woman's return after being in a sanitarium for three years.
29 Dec. 1977
Child of Danger
Betty has no choice but to look after the son of an old college friend she hadn't seen in years after he walks out in the middle of a lunch date. What she doesn't immediately realize is that he's involved with two men planning a big heist.

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