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6 Jan. 1977
Sister of Death
While investigating the intentional death of a nun's biological sister who was on life support, Barnaby uncovers a prostitution ring in which the deceased was a part of. The leading suspect is Sister Terry, but Barnaby doesn't buy it.
19 May 1977
Run Away to Terror
A young girl from a wealthy family runs away with a man saddled with gambling debts and she soon realizes that he is only after her fathers money. After witnessing a shooting he was involved in, she goes into hiding only to find more danger. Barnaby and J. R. race against time to find her before any harm can come to her.
15 Sep. 1977
Death Beat
A TV reporter who will stop at nothing to get a big scoop -- up to and including inventing the story outright. He hires a professional stunt man to fake his own suicide by diving off a bridge while the reporter is there and the cameras roll. Just as the stunt man makes his leap, a priest who has been trying to talk the "suicide" out of jumping makes a last-ditch grab at the stunt man's clothing. As a result, both take a tumble into Los Angeles Harbor, and the priest is killed on impact. When the stunt man, who survived and is now hiding out, calls out the reporter on ...
27 Oct. 1977
Gang War
A gang leader sends two of his men to bring Barnaby to him but he's not around so they get J.R. and bring him to him. He tells J.R. that his friend and lieutenant was shot and killed. Most of his gang are inclined to believe that someone from a rival gang may have been the one who killed him and would like to start a war. But the leader doesn't think so. So he wants J.R. to find who it is before a war breaks out. Barnaby upon learning of what happened to J.R. and what he is doing is doing some digging of his own.

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