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28 Jan. 1973
Requiem for a Son
Barnaby Jones comes out of retirement to find the man who murdered his son in cold blood. Teaming up with Barnaby is another private investigator by the name of Frank Cannon, an old friend of his late son Hal.
4 Feb. 1973
To Catch a Dead Man
A millionaire sets up a bomb in his boat to fake his death. Barnaby is contacted by the girlfriend of his boat "captain" to investigate what happened. Small clues like hand-tied flies, a cat boarded at a vet's, and an apple slicer bring Barnaby to a confrontation with a killer.
25 Feb. 1973
Sunday: Doomsday
A black funeral wreath on his office door predicts Barnaby's death on Sunday. Even after he figures out who the psycho ex-convict is with a vendetta against him, Barnaby is stymied until his daughter-in-law is held hostage. It's a race against time to save her and himself.
4 Mar. 1973
The Murdering Class
Pressure to get good grades at a private high school leads to the death of an instructor. The conspirators try to place the blame first on the victim's drinking and then on the black tennis coach. Barnaby is called in by the victim's sister to sort out the lies.
11 Mar. 1973
Perchance to Kill
After a blow kills his lover's husband, the quick-thinking killer calls police and, pretending to be the victim, lays the blame on two hippies. Barnaby realizes there's something wrong with the story and works to find the facts.
18 Mar. 1973
The Loose Connection
What's the perfect heroin-smuggling plot? Hide it in the radiator of a car owned by a tourist above suspicion--Barnaby Jones. When the shipment is replaced by sugar, Barnaby finds himself being threatened by both shipper and receiver, desperately trying to find the truth.
25 Mar. 1973
Murder in the Doll's House
An author whose novels feature his hometown disappears; the publisher hires Barnaby to find the last chapter of the newest novel. A senile aunt introduces Barnaby to the "family" in her dollhouse, providing the clue to more than one murder.
1 Apr. 1973
Sing a Song of Murder
"Rock star found with head smashed in empty pool" That headline would end the gravy train so his managers fake a kidnapping to salvage something, but they are unaware of a witness.
8 Apr. 1973
See Some Evil... Do Some Evil
A blind pianist whose sight has been restored kills his blackmail victim just before Barnaby arrives. Barnaby suspects him but must prove he can see.
15 Apr. 1973
A suspicious hit and run brings Barnaby to a little town where sudden riches are obvious. "Town council meetings" are a cover for plotting murder, and Barnaby is in their sights.
22 Apr. 1973
To Denise, with Love and Murder
A murdered mistress and a missing wife bring Barnaby Jones onto the case. The problem? Two weeks have passed, and the killer has covered his tracks.
29 Apr. 1973
A Little Glory, a Little Death
Barnaby investigates the death of a woman who was killed in a car accident after the woman's daughter claims that it was no accident. An aging movie star with something to hide is Barnaby's number one suspect.
6 May 1973
Twenty Million Alibis
Barnaby investigates the theft of a million dollar necklace and the murder of the butler who unwittingly walked in on the thief. The leading suspect is a retired jewel thief with a rock solid alibi-he was on TV at the time of the theft.
16 Sep. 1973
Blind Terror
Barnaby's investigation into the disappearance of a young girl hinges on a roommate who may have witnessed what happened to her. But the roommate herself now suffers from hysterical blindness because of the traumatic event. Barnaby must find a way to crack the case before the roommate becomes the next victim.
23 Sep. 1973
Death Leap
While investigating the death of an apparent suicide jumper Barnaby learns there was a jewel robbery in the building next door at the very same time the man jumped. Following his gut instinct he suspects the two incidents are connected.
30 Sep. 1973
Echo of a Murder
At the request of his late son Hal's friend, Barnaby investigates a lodge owner who is suspected of murdering his wife. Even though he finds conclusive evidence to exonerate the man, Jones suspects that all is not as it appears.
7 Oct. 1973
Day of the Viper
While investigating the death of a man bitten by a rattlesnake, Barnaby soon suspects that there is more than one snake involved...and it's one that wears cowboy boots and has a prison record.
14 Oct. 1973
Trial Run for Death
A race car driver gets caught cheating on his wife by his brother-in-law, and in order to keep his indiscretions secret he resorts to murder. Barnaby is hired to investigate by the father-in-law who thinks competitors killed his son.
21 Oct. 1973
Catch Me If You Can
A detective friend of Barnaby who is intent on catching a murderer, has been receiving letters from the man who is taunting him. But when he gave him too much information the man kills him and Barnaby sets out to find him.
28 Oct. 1973
Divorce - Murderer's Style
After a woman's niece is shot and killed in a botched robbery attempt, she suspects that she was intentionally murdered and hires Barnaby Jones to investigate.
4 Nov. 1973
The Deadly Prize
After an overseas shipping worker is killed on a dock under some suspicious circumstances Barnaby Jones investigates the death for an insurance company and discovers a trail of death on his way to uncovering the truth.
11 Nov. 1973
Stand-In for Death
Barnaby investigates a jealous husband who he believes murdered a man for having an affair with his wife. But did he murder the wrong man?
25 Nov. 1973
The Black Art of Dying
A man dies under suspicious circumstances after being warned by a psychic and Barnaby Jones is hired to investigate. Barnaby doesn't buy the psychic mumbo-jumbo and suspects that once again money is at the root of all evil.
2 Dec. 1973
The Killing Defense
Barnaby Jones investigates the disappearance of a man he believes was involved in the theft of one million dollars in precious jewels. It isn't long before Barnaby suspects the man met with foul play and that the wife and defense lawyer of the man are involved.
9 Dec. 1973
Fatal Flight
The owner of a company calls Barnaby in to investigate after one of the members of the Board of Directors dies in a plane crash, shortly after leaving him a mysterious message hinting at possible troubles within his company.
16 Dec. 1973
Secret of the Dunes
Barnaby investigates the death of a motorcyclist found in the desert and discovers that it may be related to another case involving the disappearance of a beautiful young woman who was set to marry a wealthy, but disreputable business man.

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