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Season 3

15 Oct. 1974
Forfeit by Death
A guy who works for a bail bonds woman who's a friend of Barnaby's, is coerced by a man who wants to be bailed out so that he could sell some stuff he has and says he'll cut him in. But tries to pull a fast one but the guy finds the man and kills him and takes the loot. He gets rid of the body. The bonds woman asks Barnaby to find the man or she'll forfeit the bond. He tries to sell the stuff but the man's partner whom he also cheated wants his share.
29 Oct. 1974
Blueprint for a Caper
A man who works for an insurance company is killed when a guy attacks him and throws him down an elevator. The police think it's an accident but the man's wife doesn't think so, so she hires Barnaby to investigate. What they don't is that the man was providing a group of thieves with info on various clients so they can rob them. And the man who killed him is the leader who just got out of prison. It seems that the man was getting together with the leader's girl who's also a member of the gang. And there's dissension in the gang when the leader insists on restoring the...
19 Nov. 1974
Dark Homecoming
A singer who hit it big goes back to her hometown to perform. She runs into her ex who is now dating someone else, and the girl is very insecure when the singer is with him. She confronts the singer, and the singer hits knocking her out. Her manager who likes her tells her she's dead but in actuality is not. He wakes her up and she gets her out before anyone sees her. They talk and she wants her to pretend to be dead. The manager likes the singer and if can make the singer think she killed her, he can make her do whatever he wants. But she doesn't want to give the ...
3 Dec. 1974
Death on Deposit
Barnaby is hired to look into the mysterious death of a man who was planning to sell his ranch and move. It seems he was planning to withdraw his money from the bank. Meanwhile the banker seems to be dipping into the accounts and the man's plans threaten to expose her so the banker and her boyfriend killed him.
10 Dec. 1974
Web of Deceit
A struggle for a gun between three men leads to a deadly shooting. Two of the men involved make it look like the third committed suicide, but their cover up leads to a web of deceit and a cold blooded murder mystery for Barnaby to unravel.
31 Dec. 1974
The Last Contract
A contract killer after falling for a girl decides to quit. But his brother who idolizes him wishes he would go on. Barnaby is hired by the girl's family to find her. Eventually he asks about her boyfriend, the killer. When his brother learns of Barnaby, he tries to take care of it. But things get out of hand.
7 Jan. 1975
Trap Play
An arrogant football player decides to have a fling. But when he gets rough with the girl, she tries to leave. They get into a scuffle that ends with her dead. He tries to cover it up. Barnaby is hired by the girl's husband to find out what happened. His team mate who knows about it, tries to tell him to come forward.
18 Feb. 1975
Image of Evil
Barnaby investigates the death of an aging and alcoholic actor at the location of a movie shoot. While most believe he was the victim of a tragic accident Barnaby suspects a more sinister means is behind the actors demise.
25 Feb. 1975
Fantasy of Fear
A woman who suffered a mental breakdown in the past over the death of a child hires Barnaby Jones to find out who is trying to push her over the edge once again.

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