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Lincoln: The Truth That Spielberg Failed To Mention

When I first saw Daniel Day-Lewis, the world’s most able actor, dressed up in gear as Honest Abe, I like many was at first taken aback, wondering who this was, Daniel or Abraham himself? The life of the sixteenth President of the most powerful nation in the history of this planet is sketchy in places, particularly in sexuality and his views on racial issues. Apart from his constant re-reading of Shakespeare and Blackstone’s legal commentary, he barely scraped the surface of novels or biography, instead mastering law and the most over-rated writer in history – the Bard himself.

The Lincoln taught to children is not education, it is a relay of information printed into pages in layman’s terms, and the information is almost never directed from more than one source, no contemporary biographies are studies, no accounts, only what the Education board says. Thankfully, I failed everything except English in school,
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