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Country Lovin' Down In The Mud

Author: Schlockmeister from Midnight Movie Land
7 January 2003

This movie follows the basic porn movie formula of just using plot to get to the next sex scene. In this case, this is one of Novak's several "Hee Haw" influenced country sex romps.

This was just before hardcore porn was seen in movie theatres so there were definate limits as to what would be shown. No erections, certainly no visible penetration, no visible oral sex, no open crotch shots. But barring all that, this film shows just about everything else, really pushing the line of softcore. Everything is simulated but I think this would be a movie that cable companies would balk at showing.

I am very much attracted to movies like this, they turn me on to see them. In thinking about why, I have decided that part of it is the lure of the forbidden, knowing the conditions these movies were originally shown in. They were considered to be "dirty movies" and there were stigmas attached to admitting you watched films like this. Another reason is the natural bodies, the less-than-perfect looks of the women. These are women you are far more likely to meet on a daily basis than siliconed porn stars. That certainly helps the fantasy along. Part of it too is the ineptness and general sleaziness of productions like this. They were made for the quick buck with no concern for anything beside an hour and a half of stimulation of the male sexual center in the brain. It is unapologetic in it's purpose. Yes, the acting is horrible, but once they remove their tops you know exactly why they were hired and all is forgiven until they have to speak again. It's like the girl from the neighbourhood who "puts out", you tolerate her personality and quirks because you know at the end of the evening that odds are you will get lucky.

Terry Gibson as daughter Moonbeam is adequate to her role, requiring her to mainly lay around near a pig sty and be a recepticle for the men who come by. Her breasts are wonders. Peggy Church as Patty plays the virgin who eventually gives it up to Jasper as long as he promises to just "tap it around her maidenhood". She has very unusual conical shaped breasts that are interesting to look at. It all plays like a locker rroom joke brought to life and is just as absurd. Gina Palucci plays Mrs. Molly Swiner, Moonbeam's mother and she is plain to look at and seems to think that lolling your tongue around your mouth almost constantly is the height of sexiness, but her body more than makes up for anything else.

Yes, it's a guilty pleasure recommendation. You know what you are getting into here if you decide to see this.

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Can I get an "Oink Oink"?

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
21 April 2008

One of my fellow reviewers around here concluded his user-comment by stating "You can find something better to do with this part of your life". Well, no argument there, you can indeed … But then of course, you'd miss out on one of the most joyful, undemanding and shamelessly entertaining American sex-comedies of the 70's. "The Pigkeeper's Daughter" offers a series of silly sex clips connected through an ultra-thin storyline. High up in hillbilly country, the voluptuous wife of pig keeper Swiner worries about the future of their daughter Moonbeam. The girl's already 19 years old and, God forbid, she hasn't found a husband yet! Local boys, like 'stud'' Jasper, frequently pass by to take advantage of willing Moonbeam's luscious body, but they clearly don't have the intention to marry her. Parallel with the steamy adventures on the pig farm, we follow the journey of a traveling salesman. He sings a song about how easy it is to rip off country folks, but it is in fact he who constantly gets fooled. He loses all his money and dignity to a 15-year-old hitchhiker, the pig keeper's wife and eventually Moonbeam herself. "The Pig Keeper's Daughter" is fairly reminiscent to a Russ Meyer movie, but with even less of a plot. All the female cast members have at least a DD-cup size and they're rather open-minded (that is quite an understatement) about their sexualities. The men, on the other hand, are filthier than the pigs wandering around the farm and merely just looking for someone to feast their lusts on. All ladies go full frontal, naturally, but also get prepared to see a lot of hairy and unappealing naked male flesh. Hey, just be glad that the pig keeper, Mr. Swines, keeps his beer-stained shirt and trousers on at all times. The yokel dialogs and accents are extremely amusing, some of the gags are incredibly tasteless and misfit (for example, the salesman encountering a tied up guy) and therefore all the more hilarious and the women's casting clearly just happened based on their chest measurements. What's there to complain about?

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Slop in the Movie Trough

Author: BaronBl00d ( from NC
5 April 2001

What is an adolescent girl that lives on a pig farm to do? Why have some sort of sexual liason with every man she encounters of course! She is not the only one busy with liasons - there are the girl that lives on the farm nearby, some annoying salesman that wants to mount anything he comes across(including a man tied and mugged), a fifteen year-old(looking like twenty-five year-old) hitchhiker, and, of course, the wife of the pigkeeper and mother of Moonbeam, the voluptuous pigkeeper's daughter. This film is really nothing more than a string of sex scenes strung together with little purpose, rhyme, or reason. The plot is so threadbare that it comes apart to nothing shortly into the film, only to be tried and saved in the last minute of the film. If you are looking for comedy, forget it as nothing is very funny. The opening number is intriguing but the music played throughout each "liason" is exactly the same and begins to get on your nerves quickly. The women are fine figures of pulchritude, bursting out of what garments they do wear(only to shed them very quickly). None of them, however, is a beautiful woman with a beautiful face, but rather a plain woman with a beautiful bust. It's not all bad. The scenes, however, are not particularly erotic and I found myself fast-forwarding through much of the film. In truth, the film is nothing more than pornographic slop dressed up in Southern, hillbilly setting.

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A sensuous coming of age story

Author: Howard Sauertieg from Harrisburg, PA
26 July 2002

When Lyndon Baines Johnson launched his War On Poverty in the 1960s, he sought to stamp out the vibrant & vital culture depicted in this 1975 rural-romantic masterwork, PIGKEEPER'S DAUGHTER.

The Swiners were born to be pigkeepers, and their blooming daughter Moonbeam was born to be a piglovin' princess. Alone with her cracker thoughts, voluptuous Moonbeam fantasizes about her Prince Charming, substituting her prize porker, Lord Hamilton, for the old fairy tale's feckless frog. Lord Hamilton, in his turn, fairly wallows in his role as a kept creature, true blue to Moonbeam through every twist and turn of this cinematic hayride. Meanwhile, Mrs. Swiner gets pitched by a traveling salesman, and Little Patty, the girl next door, learns the hard facts of life from hillbilly stud Jasper. Get the picture?

I found this DVD in the "Learning" category at Borders Books, Music & Video. May you be so lucky.

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A hidden gem of sexploitation

Author: pacmann from Miami, FL
24 September 1999

Harry Novak, brings us a obscure but entertaining tale of the coming of age of a farmer's daughter (Moonbean) a red-head, busty country bumpkin who is the town's whore. She is constantly spied on by her younger sister Pretty Patty (Peggy Church) who masturbates after seeing her sister's sexual encounters. The ladies in this movie are all on the voloptuos side, it is a soft core but in any decade it would have gotten an X-rating, the sex scenes are that explicit. The lucky guy is Jasper who gets to do all the ladies in the movie, including a hard to believe overdeveloped 15 year old hitchhiker, (who would make any guys quickie hall of fame). The movie has erotic moments, and is funny, a keeper if you ever get a copy of it.

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Hee Haw gone wild

Author: movieman_kev from United States
14 May 2007

Hillbilly Mr. and Mrs. Swiner plan to marry their daughter Moonbeam (Terry Gibson in sadly her only film role) off, when along comes a traveling salesman in this backwoods sexploitation film from the early '70's. Produced by the extremely prolific Harry Novak and Directed by Bethel Buckalew (the only previous film of his I saw was the atrocious "Below The Belt", so i went into watching this one a bit hesitantly). The plot, be that as it may, is of course strictly secondary, almost non-existent, to the soft-core sex scenes. And man oh man, what hard soft-core scenes there are. If one were to add a shot here and there, BAM hardcore on the spot. I wasn't expecting much at all, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself enjoying the film, corny jokes, bad acting, abrupt ending and all. Just one question, who the hell was the actress who played the huge-breasted hitchhiking nymph??

Eye Candy: Peggy Church, Terry Gibson, that aforementioned unknown actress & Gina Paluzzi show all

Something Weird's DVD extras (R1): Seven minute gallery of Harry Novak exploitation art & photos with radio-spot rarities; short film: "the Old Man's Bride"; Theatrical trailer; and trailers for "Country Cuzzins", "Country Hooker", "Midnite Plowboy", "Southern Comforts", "Tobacco Roody", & "Sassy Sue" (the last of which is also included in this double-feature DVD)

My Grade: C+

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odd glimpses indicate reasonable levels of excitement!

Author: christopher-underwood from United Kingdom
12 January 2007

Youngsters fumbling and frolicking in a farmyard setting with natural light and an OK element of humour give this movie a great start BUT the trading sex for perfume scene with the exceptionally plain and ugly breasted pig keeper's wife almost drops this one right in the sh**. That it recovers is due to a return to outside shooting and fun and games with the daughter culminating in a fine outdoor bath scene and splendid end. These Novak produced films of the seventies seem to have been shot with full penetrative sex and then angled and edited to reduce impact to acceptable levels. Certainly the couples seem keen enough and odd glimpses indicate reasonable levels of excitement!

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Author: masercot from Manassas, Va
1 June 2009

I won't lie to you. This is not one of the finest movies ever made; but, it is the finest sex movie ever to be based around a swineherdress. If you find a better one, I'd like to see it.

The movie revolves around the pig-keeper's daughter, Moonbeam. She has sex a lot. Her cousin doesn't, but is easily talked into losing her virginity. Lots of voluptuous skin and convincing orgasms.

WARNING: Fast forward through the portion of the film with Moonbeam's mother unless you are into harpy-sex.

Sassy Sue, a bestiality-based romp, is a better movie than P.D. and is on the same Something Weird DVD.

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A fine movie about the coming of age of a pig farmer's only daughter.

Author: eljefe from Bloomington, IN
14 April 1999

A fine movie about the coming of age of a pig farmer's only daughter. The only unfortunate part of the movie is the brief shot of Jasper's fecal-covered posterior as he romances Moonbeam in the barnlot. That scene alone prevented me from granting this movie a perfect score.

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This Film Has Some High Quality Standard Scenes

Author: M MALIK from Pakistan
30 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is crazy its from the 70's decade even for its genre porn i mean some of the scenes are shot in high quality by the director i mean those wide angle & great close up shots are amazing to look at whatever camera was used to film this provided the best shots ever.

The story is about a pig keepers daughter named moonbeam who loves sex a lot she gets herself & a lot of other people in trouble.

For a film this weird its got great ladies in the cast all the women are hot but Gina Paluzzi who plays the character Mrs.Swyner is hot i have never seen a woman like that shes got a great body she is the only one in the film looking amazing while having sex with a guy in the room on sofa.

Gina Paluzzi reminded me of Gabriella Hall a soft-core legend from 90s no one can beat her as for Gina Paluzzi her she left the guy screaming & yelling when she was getting intimate with him also the stripping scene was quite fantastic to look at.

If internet was available in that 60s or 70s era this film would have been a sure hit among the masses but now it holds a cult status.

There is nothing much to look in this old film except some people having sex on the road,in the park & in the bathtub at the climax that's it.

Overall even if you are not a fan of either soft-core or hardcore genre you may still find this cheesy comedy film enjoyable it is better then most films that we see nowadays my rating for The Pig Keeper's Daughter 1972 is 5/10.Recommended

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