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Haunted, flesh-eating Spanish town
macabro3573 February 2004
Ok so there are no orgies, but who cares?

Hey this one isn't bad at all. Bus load of tourists takes a wrong turn and winds up in a town that at first seems un-inhabited but it turns out is filled with cannibalistic creatures who only come out at night. They're not really vampires but attack their victims en-mass and tear them to pieces. They also disable the bus so the stranded tourists can't escape. After all, we wouldn't want 'din-din' to run away, now would we?

Surprisingly, there's not a lot of gore in this considering the theme, but there's enough creepy atmosphere in this setting that it makes it mildly entertaining. The townspeople chasing the car with Jack Taylor and Dyanik Zurakowska reminds me of the chase scene in the recently released DAGON while the "they aren't to be believed" ending is straight out of TWO THOUSAND MANIACS.

You'll have to see all three of them to know what I'm talking about. Still, I recommend this one if you're into 70s Euro horror and want to see some sexy babes in it. Like Helga Line as the local, blood Countess. She was hot.

DVD is ok although the picture quality isn't anything to rave about, plus there are no extras except a trailer.

It's a few steps above anything Jess Franco was putting out at the time. I liked it. Check it out.

6 out of 10
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Reasonable Vampire Movie, Awful Music Score
Claudio Carvalho17 February 2006
A group of workers is traveling by bus to the town of Bojoni to work for an aristocratic family. The driver has a fulminating heart attack, and the group decides to drive to the near village of Tolnio instead, to spend the night and follow to Bojoni on the next morning. They find nobody in the apparently ghost city, but in the next morning, they meet the hospitable dwellers. Their bus has a problem in the engine, and they have to stay in Tolnio. Sooner they find that they are trapped in a vampire village.

"La Orgía Nocturna de los Vampiros" is a reasonable vampire movie, having also many funny moments. I particularly liked the scenes where meat is served to the hosts; the death of the little girl; the finger in the food of Alma; the vampires chasing the car with Louis and Alma; and the beautiful breasts of Dyanik Zurakowska, with marks of bikini. The conclusion is ridiculous, with Alma and Louis returning to Tolnio immediately after their scary runaway. Unfortunately, the music score of this film is simply awful, dated and not suitable for a horror film. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "A Orgia Noturna dos Vampiros" ("The Vampire's Night Orgy")
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Fangs for the hospitality.
GroovyDoom11 June 2002
Warning: Spoilers

This is a gleefully illogical late-night chiller with loads of atmosphere and some genuinely creepy moments. The plot concerns the plight of a group of travelers on some kind of tour bus. As they discuss their desire to make it to their intended destination, the bus driver suffers a sudden heart attack and dies. Despite the fact that they are now carrying a man's dead body, the remaining tourists decide to forego their journey in order to follow a road sign to a nearby village, in hopes of finding some food and a hotel where they can sleep.

Don't expect it to make a whole lot of sense. The travelers, whose number contains the prerequisite vivacious 70s babe, stumble upon a deserted inn. Well, it's almost deserted--they find a man there who has, rather coincidentally, stumbled upon the village while out driving. Even though nobody's around, they help themselves to the booze and the beds, forgetting all about the corpse in their tour bus.

One boozy guy stays up alone, nodding off at one of the tables while drinking the local wine, and when he stumbles out into the streets at midnight, he's attacked by the vampire Welcome Wagon.

As one would expect from a movie titled "Vampire's Night Orgy", our heroes have stumbled upon a nest of bloodsuckers, helmed by a vampire known as "the Countess". Even though the vampires vastly outnumber the mortals, they do not choose to just ambush them all at once, concocting an elaborate ruse to get the travelers to stay for a few days. In one of the movies more grotesque plot points, the vampires are faced with the predicament of a lack of meat to serve to the travelers, so they solve the problem by hacking off the limbs of various villagers (vampire? non-vampire? who knows?) and serving them up as dinner.

Additionally, the Countess decides to get a little action from one of the guys in the traveling party, insisting that he stay behind with her to recite Shakespeare while the others go back to the Inn. After a roll in the hay, she bares her fangs, nips him on the neck, then tosses him out her window to a mass of hungry vampires waiting below.

This movie's got a nasty edge that just won't quit. The guy that has to save the damsel in distress is a leering creep who watches her undress through a convenient hole in the adjoining wall between their rooms. The entire party seems to forget all about the fact that their bus driver's rotting corpse is lying unburied in their tour bus. One of the more despicable characters bitches at the Countess when she offers them money and a place to stay until their broken-down bus can get fixed. Also, make sure you watch for the barkeeper who beckons to one of the other vampires using his middle finger! Even funnier, it later gets hacked off in order to explain away the fact that one of the guests gets a human finger on their plate at dinner time.

There's a great deal of camp, but there's also some really weird stuff here too. One of the travelers is a little girl named Violet who has a series of encounters with a ghostly little boy who disappears at random. One creepy scene involves the boy luring Violet to a cemetery, where they bury her doll with some freshly upturned dirt. The vampire attacks are also eerie in their own right, avoiding most of the usual fangs-in-the-neck business and having the villagers attack the travelers by descending on them en masse, fixing their mouths over any body part like hungry dogs.

Like I won't make any sense, but it's not a disappointing film in the least. Lots of great sets, bizarre characters, and creepy sequences. Just don't ask what kind of meat is on the plate if you stop at the Inn for dinner.
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Quite good
Thorsten-Krings11 January 2010
I haver to say that I quite liked this film. The story is a mix of Brigadoon, And then there were none and a vampire film. A busload of people off to work in a remote castle have to stop in a small village because their bus driver died. The town is deserted on the first night and the group take rooms in the local Inn which on the next day is normally populated. You may guess it: the inhabitants are vampires. In order to feed their guests they chop off their own limbs which leads to a scene that almost made me throw up although no gore was involved. It is simply showing the "giant" wielding the axe to chop off a leg and then a succulent joint of roast meat in the next scene. we all know what they are eating of course and they keep talking about that delicious special flavour. Amidst nudity the members of the group are then chased one by one. The story in itself is not original but the film is very atmospheric with an isolated mountain village in Spain being a fresh and interesting location. The version I watched was the one that was cut down to about 80 minutes. Unfortunatzely they cut the nudity but 80 minutes is actuall quite a good running time for that fairly thin story. So all in all, this is quite an entertaining film. I just find it amazing how many horror films were produced in Spain duriung the last years of the Franco dictatorship.
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A blood-soaked Brigadoon
Richard_Harland_Smith17 August 2000
Reminiscent of Piero Regnoli's THE PLAYGIRLS AND THE VAMPIRE and Jean Brismee's THE DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE, Leon Klimovsky's THE VAMPIRES' NIGHT ORGY finds a busload of disparate characters stranded in the middle of a desolate Carpathian countryside and forced to rely on the kindness of strangers... who turn out to be vampires under the domination of an Anne Ricean queen played by veteran Euro-cult actress Helga Line (the ill-starred foreign agent in Eugenio Martin's HORROR EXPRESS). Eschewing fangwork and the usual Gothic trappings of the vampire mythos, Klimovsky and his screenwriters (Antonio Fos had co-written Eloy de la Iglesia's CANNIBAL MAN and CLOCKWORK TERROR) return to European folklore to present shabby, homely revenants whose attacks, while relatively bloodless, effectively communicate a vibe of disgust and dread.

Rounding out the stellar international cast is American expatriate actor Jack Taylor (recently seen in Roman Polanski's THE NINTH GATE), Dianik Zurakowska (CAULDRON OF BLOOD, THE HANGING WOMAN), Manuel de Blas (ASSIGNMENT: TERROR, THE HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE), Luis Ciges (HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB, VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES and Pedro Almodovar's LABYRINTH OF PASSION) and Fernando Bilbao (FANGS OF THE LIVING DEAD, DRACULA PRISONER OF FRANKENSTEIN).

Known mostly for war films and westerns, the Argentina-born Leon Klimovsky directed THE VAMPIRES' NIGHT ORGY during a period of exclusive horror filmmaking, which included the popular Paul Naschy vehicles THE WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMAN, DR. JEKYLL AND THE WOLFMAN and the superior THE SAGA OF THE DRACULAS (which also featured Helga Line).

A Euro-cult classic, and well worth seeking out.
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I really like this movie - a very dark and eerie setting!
gilligan196526 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Cannibalistic vampires who eat their guests...and, feed their guests (and, their own villagers), to guests...and, who live in a long-gone, archaic town that 'pops-up' every so often!" "WHAT!?!?"

This is one of those very good and quite disturbing European horror movies made in Spain/Italy (and, sometimes in Portugal) in the late-1960s-early-1970s that became a drive-in staple, and, cult-classic! Others are "Mark of the Devil;" "Tombs of the Blind Dead;" "The Hanging Woman;" "The House on Haunted Hill;" "Horror of the Zombies;" "House of Psychotic Women;" etc...and, all of those 'Hammer' horror greats! Let us not forget the forgotten 1966 William Shatner Esperanto classic "Incubus!"

The Europeans really know how to set-the-stage for a fantastically-scary horror film...but, they should...they invented 'The Dark Ages' and 'The Inquisition;' and, their ancestors lived through or died in these (some of my own ancestors surely did, too). They're the 'best' for creepy-old settings; eerie-old castles and buildings; and, adding some 'real' history to old myths and producing great horror films! :)

In the day, these movies were probably looked-upon by adults as 'silly'...but, we horror-fan kids (now, horror-fan adults who're older than our parents were back then), looked upon them as "AWESOME!" I still do! I suppose I never grew up!?!?

I saw this movie at the Memorial Drive-In in West Springfield, Massachusetts, during a 'Dusk-Till-Dawn' movie marathon in the 1970s when I was a kid; and, it made such a creepy impression upon me that I found it later on VHS as a young adult. Now, in my late forties, I still enjoy watching this now and again (especially with my Son who loves horror movies - imagine that!?!?)'s actually a very good movie!

NOTE - it's no small wonder that this movie is being rated so low on IMDb since many of the people doing the rating are expecting a 'sexual' orgy!?!? In this case, "orgy" means 'any actions or proceedings marked by unbridled indulgence of passions - an orgy of killing.'

This movie means a lot to me because I saw it as a child of seven or 8, with my Dad (RIP), and, because of that, I like to reminisce about my childhood because it was a great childhood. Movies like this/these; horror comics; and, "Fangoria" and "Creepshow" magazine; were a big part of my (and, my friends') childhood in our tweens and teens.

If you're a horror-movie fan and haven't seen this, or, any I've listed, please do...and, if you have any suggestions for old horror movies, please, let me know. I've seen a lot of horror movies, probably more than most people, but, I know that I haven't seen them all.

This is very good, and, I give it EIGHT STARS! :)
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Nicely atmospheric Euro vampire flick
Red-Barracuda10 June 2013
Vampire's Night Orgy is one of a number of erotic vampire movies released in Europe in the early 70's. In fairness, this one isn't especially erotic with little nudity on display, which given the title you could be forgiven for expecting quite a bit. The chief strength of this one is in its atmosphere. In it a group of people wind up at a remote village where they are openly welcomed. It becomes clear quite soon though that there is something sinister about these villagers.

Like I say, it's the creepy atmosphere that works best in this one. The gloomy countryside locations are well used. The remote village and its strange inhabitants is a typical horror staple but it's well done here nevertheless. While this one is promoted as being a vampire flick, it more accurately could be described as a film about nocturnal cannibals with a vampire queen. The latter is a Countess perhaps unsurprisingly. The mix works though and I suppose adds to the cult value of the film. It's a movie that should certainly appeal to Eurotrash devotees and is generally a very solid entry in the cycle of continental vampire films from the period.
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A Pretty Decent Vampire Movie
Hitchcoc7 February 2007
Like so many movies that are dubbed, there is a disjointedness to the dialog that gets in the way sometimes. I'm sure Europeans feel the same way about English language films. When things transpire, it's almost like one character waits for another to say something. It really louses up the suspense. This film begins on a mini-bus and its characters are stunned when a man dies and is put in the back, under a blanket. It gets late and they decide to put off going to their final destination and stop over in a little town. What they don't know is that there is a Vampire subculture living there, who not only feast off the innocent, but give up their own body parts for food if it will lead to more blood for them. There is a mistress of the dark who runs things and makes decisions for them. I won't go through the plot, but there is some humor, some terror, some bad decisions, and a host of pretty scary figures, closing in on innocent victims. It even breaks the movie rule about the killing of a little child. There is some gratuitous imagery, sexual content 70's style, but it's very tame. The movie does make an impression, and is better than many others of its era.
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To the hosts who can boast the most roast
Chase_Witherspoon9 March 2012
Atmospheric and creepy tale of a group of travellers whose coach is diverted to the uncharted Spanish village of Tonia, where the locals disappear at night and emerge later as something other than human. Prolific US-Spanish leading man Jack Taylor is central to the defence, taking the lovely Alma (Zurakowska) under his wing until they can conjure an escape. A mysterious Countess (Line) and her off-sider, the town's unofficial mayor (Guardiola) try to convince the travellers to stay in town and enjoy their hospitality, boasting the best "roast" in the region - as another reviewer remarked, 'finger-lickin' good - the origins of which are somewhat dubious to say the least.

Impressive sets and locations really depict a sense of isolation, and the quaint town and its characters are all effectively drawn in spite of some bizarre sub-plots. There's an axe-wielding giant ("I'm here on behalf of the Countess") who pays visits to unwitting blacksmiths for 'meat' collections, a psychopathic child with a murderous streak, and of course the aforementioned sultry Countess, the alluring and strikingly attractive German beauty Helga Line. The scene in which she passively seduces one of the weary travellers is great erotic-horror.

Plenty of little oddities to capture the imagination, despite the ungainly title, Klimovsky's film is well-paced, intelligently scripted and very entertaining. Only the conclusion is somewhat disappointing. I didn't expect much, and was pleasantly surprised.
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Nocturnal village of the vampires.
HumanoidOfFlesh13 January 2010
"Vampires' Night Orgy" is about a group of travellers who find themselves in a village inhabited by bloodthirsty vampires.The decaying and highly atmospheric village is called Tolnia.Everything seems to be black,grey or brown-filled with morbid aura death and gloom.Jack Taylor makes for a reliably sleazy leading man while Dyanik Zurakowska and Helga Liné are both strikingly hot.Some of the scenes where the villagers seem to emerge from the cracks in the walls to slowly engulf their victims evoke memories of the "Blind Dead" series.The only drawback is the jazzy background music which is very annoying.Overall,if you are a fan of 70's Eurohorror give this stylish entertainer a look.7 orgies out of 10.
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A splendidly sleazy 70's Eurotrash horror winner
Woodyanders30 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Big troubles are in store for six luckless tourists who include indefatigable hack horror thesp Jack ("Succubus," "Pieces") Taylor and slinky blonde minx Dianik Zurakowsla when their mini-bus breaks down nearby the remote rural hamlet of Tonia, Transylvania. You see, this cut off from the rest of the world's rustic village's inhabitants consist of nothing but ravenous, long-fanged, flesh-eating, blood-drinking vampires who intend on making yummy meals out of Taylor and friends! Va-va-voomish redhead Eurobabe Helga ("Horror Express," "When the Screaming Stops") Line portrays the evil, wealthy, sexually voracious countless of the plasma-slurping ghouls who's fond of sucking men dry after she makes love to them. The expert direction from Spanish fright film maestro Leon ("Werewolf Vs. the Vampire Woman") Klimovsky begins things in a deceptively gradual and deliberate manner, deftly creating a nightmarishly spooky atmosphere which eventually gives way to a steady succession of jump-out-at-you startling shocks. The eclectic soundtrack alternates between funky slow-drag prog-rock, groovy lounge tunes and mushy weeping violins muzak with hilarious regularity. The barren mountain countryside exudes a natural sense of desolate menace. Having dubious "hero" Taylor be a leering scuzzball voyeur who gleefully peeps on the lovely Dianik through a hole in the wall as she disrobes in an adjacent room adds an extra amoral edge to the already twisted proceedings. And, best of all, there's a pleasing plenitude of gratuitous nudity, soft-core sex and gory violence to make this a terrifically trashy chunk of on-the-money Eurosleaze horror exploitation fun.
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Better than it should be
slayrrr6666 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"The Vampire's Night Orgy" is an enjoyable and fun European vampire entry.


Traveling through the Spanish countryside, tourists Alma, (Dvanik Zurakowski) Raquel, (Charo Soriano) Marcos, (Manuel de Blas) Cesar, (David Aller) Godo, (Luis Ciges) and Ernesto, (Gaspar Gonzalez) breakdown in a small town and decide to get some help for the night. Stumbling across American Luis, (Jack Taylor) in the same situation, they decide to spend the night in the abandoned town, only to awake the next morning to find the Mayor Boris, (Jose Guardiola) is there to offer them his hospitality. Deciding to carry on with their trip instead, they decide to leave only to find themselves stranded in town under the help of The Countess, (Helga Line) a mysterious loner who lives in a castle nearby. When they start to disappear one-by-one, they realize that the whole town has become infested by vampires and have to quickly leave the town before they become a part of the vampire gang.

The Good News: This here is one of the more watchable European-horror entries. One of the best parts is that the film is filled with a sort of macabre and unusual atmosphere that makes it so entertaining. The main example is the cinematography here, which is actually quite impressive in its own way. It couldn't have been easy to successfully create an environment where the sun never really shines and everything seems to be black, gray or brown, while also keeping things on the visible side of murky. emphasizing in your face shocks over slow-motion, dry-ice driven atmospherics, creating a really nice sense of eeriness that is always nice to have in a horror film. That also applies to the few special effects, especially with the grotesque physiognomies of many of the villager extras who with the lighting and shadows on display along with the usual evil vampire grin makes them look really good, and the different amount of time that the other areas give to it through the lighting is great. The offbeat nature of the film is also illustrated by it's unusual choice of hero. Here, the lead is an unusual combination of romantic action hero with outright pervert. It just seems typical of warped European-Horror sensibilities that, throughout the entire film, he's caught spying on the female lead undressing through a hole in his bedroom wall, openly flirts with others and even has another undress in front them, but is still portrayed as the unambiguous hero of the film. There's also the several other scenes in here that have the whole package come together with bewildering effectiveness. There's even some more goodness to be found from the rather unusual events, such as the vampire getting passionate with one of the travelers in her bedroom, only to suddenly reveal those massive fangs and hurling the unfortunate victim through a window to the zombie hoards waiting below, a weird dreamlike scenes of the zombie villagers attacking some of the tourists on a bus, and a giant who selects villagers to have a limb chopped off to provide meat to feed the tourists at the inn, which also includes a rather unique revelation sequence involving a finger found on a plate, but for the most part, this one is played really straight, and there's really a lot of great atmospherics to be found. A particularly distressing scene involves one of the female passengers who gets turned into a zombie and is later seen exhuming the body of her dead daughter and mournfully dragging it away with her introduces an unexpected note of poignancy just when you think you have the film pinned down as an enjoyable but lightweight piece of b-movie fun. These here are the film's best parts.

The Bad News: There wasn't a whole lot here that doesn't work. The biggest example of this is the rather diligent pacing. The vast majority of the film is much too slow and a large number of the scenes found within should have been trimmed or cut out altogether. Far too often there's scenes which either go on way too long, don't have any sort of interest about them or just take up space in the film's running time. A great one is a scene where two children are playing a game of hide-and-seek. There's nothing wrong with that, and this little game of theirs does serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things, but there's no need to see the entire game from start-to-finish. Other scenes, as the ending in the police station and the confrontation in the maid's quarters are just like that, taking up too much time getting to something that could've been done much simpler. In the beginning, there's a reason why the characters wouldn't know what was going on, but it takes a long time to eventually get to that point when it could've been an incredibly-shortened form in the film. That's the film's real flaw.

The Final Verdict: A rather fun and enjoyable Spanish-vampire entry with a couple mild flaws, this is a highly watchable entry. Give this one a shot if you're into the Gothic-era vampire films or a big 70s European-horror fanatic, while those who don't really enjoy this kind of film should seek caution.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Nudity and some Language
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Put A Stake Through This One's Heart
gftbiloxi5 April 2005
If you're looking for thrills and chills, believe me, you'll find leftovers for dinner much more disturbing. The premise is basic. When their driver has a heart attack, a busload of tourists find themselves stranded in a strange, out of the way village. How strange is it? Well, it's so strange that so-called actress Helga Line lives there. As the "mysterious countess," Helga has big hair, big eyes, big fangs, and a big interest in having juicy-looking men over for dinner. Soon odd things begin to happen: there are screams in the night, dripping blood, etc. You get the picture.

The direction is fairly non-existent, and I felt the cinematography consisted largely of pointing a camera at random in the vain hope that something interesting might happen in front of it. If your taste runs to such drive-in delights as CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS, you might actually enjoy this film. But even so, this is one orgy that you won't be afraid to write home to Mom about, and while I frequently shut my eyes during the film I promise you it wasn't from fright. Final word: drive a stake through this DVD without opening the box.

Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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"I've never tasted anything quite like it!"
Bezenby31 August 2016
Cheeky little number involving a bus load of folks hired for some far off job travelling the Spanish countryside when their bus driver has a heart attack and dies. While stashing his body safely in the overhead compartment, they debate whether to head on to their planned destination or stop for the night at the sinister village that's just mysteriously appeared nearby. Being characters in a horror film, they of course choose the village.

Also, being characters in a horror film, they show no surprise whatsoever when they find the village deserted, but the local hotel's bar stuffed with booze, a roaring fire going, and loads of rooms ready to sleep in. They meet another traveller played by Jack Taylor, from every Spanish film ever made including Ghost Galleon, the hilarious Pieces, and ever Jess Franco film that's escaped to torment the public. He's also non-plussed about the deserted village, but he's tickled pink to find a hole in his hotel bedroom wall that allows him to spy on the pretty girl of the bus party.

After one of the bus party is secretly eaten out in public, screaming in agony while no one notices, everyone else gets up in the morning to find the villagers have returned. Turns out they were holding some sort of rave down at the local cemetery. They also serve the travellers a cooked human leg (donated by a reluctant villager) as they don't have any normal meat. As you have figured out the village is full of vampires and the travellers are all on the menu. Problem is, the travellers haven't figured it out yet.

While not overflowing with gore or nudity (although it has a bit of both), this one is quite well paced for a Spanish horror film and has a nice creepy atmosphere throughout. There's a ghostly kid who hangs out with a travelling kid, the countess who seduces one of the bus party, and the whole thing reminded me a bit of Messiah of Evil, what with the entire town turning up and silently descending on the victims. There's also a bit of humour, what with the vampire with axe having to villagers to 'donate' body parts.

As with most Spanish films, I have no idea if this is cut or not…but it's a good 'un
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Nice mysterious town story falters at the end
Aaron137517 October 2013
I got this movie on a collection of 50 films...all in the public domain. So, I guess I should not be too disappointed with the film, but it started out so promisingly. Of course, one of the main problems with the film is the title I watched it under which is The Vampire's Night Orgy which kind of removes any mystery qualities this film may of had. Instead, we are already told what is lurking within the town, but it still plays out interestingly enough at first as I was wondering what was the deal with the mysterious countess and what was going on at the cemetery. What kills this movie is they do not really address any of this, which means the makers of the film brought stuff up they would never really explain which is going to detract points from me.

The story has a bus load of people headed for a town where they are apparently going to be working at a mansion or something. They are a group that consists of a limo driver, a maid, a tutor and the like. Why they did not make these people tourists or something is a bit baffling as the fact this people are servants is not really used much either except to make them tell others that they are in a hurry. The bus driver dies from a heart attack and the group drives to a nearer town to figure out what to do and to rest. They find a town that is devoid of people. They spend the night there anyway as the inn is nice and inviting and one of their group encounters some of the townsfolk during the night. In the morning, the group is being served breakfast as the town is full of people. Something dark is going on though, and it may be already too late for the group of stranded travelers.

It had its moments, but I did not care for the fact that so many things the film brought up were never addressed. The film also had a strange elevator mixed with 70's porn soundtrack that really detracted the film as I was getting a headache during certain points of it. I also did not care for scenes that lingered on too long such as the hide and seek one that seemed to have a payoff as the little girl witnesses something horrible, but she never tells anyone. A surprise or two near the end, but it also just kind of falls apart at the end as well. I did find the film a bit humorous during the stretches where the vampires had to do some interesting things to get meat for their guests though.
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Headlight broken, headlight working, headlight broken,headlight working!
soulexpress29 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Rule of thumb: if the village you're heading toward appears on no maps, don't go there! No good can possibly come of it. For example, if you're like this busload of tourists marooned in the Italian village of Tonia, the entire populace could be vampires—even the old guy with no teeth.

As far as low-budget Italian horror films go, THE VAMPIRES' NIGHT ORGY is neither terribly good nor bad. I'm only reviewing it because certain things about this one really bugged me. Forsooth (but not too forsooth):

  • The jazz score was completely out of place. It would have been more fitting on a TV cop show like "Mannix."

  • The young daughter of one of the tourists is befriended by a mysterious little boy who can vanish and reappear at will. The film never explains who that kid is, or why he hangs out in a village of vampires. The boy inadvertently suffocates the little girl, buries her body in the graveyard, and watches in mirthful delight as the girl's mother digs up her child's corpse and drags it away. I don't know how this kid is germane to the plot, but I do know this: I don't like him!

  • The not-infrequent continuity errors--especially toward the end, when the two surviving tourists flee the village in a car. At first, both headlights are on; but a jump-cut later, one is burnt out. Another jump cut, and the headlights are both off. Jump cut again, and both lights are back on. Mind you, this all happens in just a few seconds, while the car is moving quite fast. There's also a scene inside the vehicle in which it is daylight when the camera points toward the windshield, but nighttime when it points out the rear window. (It's supposed to be midnight.)

So, there you have it: THE VAMPIRES' NIGHT ORGY, the film version of the creepy-looking guy who sits on a park bench all day but never really bothers anyone.
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Spoilers follow ...
Nigel P20 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A bus full of travellers is heading for the town of Bojoni when the driver suffers a fatal heart attack, and the group is forced to stay in the deserted Tolnio village overnight. This and many other films begins with a similar premise.

The first element of note is that this features one of the worst horror film music soundtracks I have ever heard. For example, a scene of a little girl exploring ruined buildings with a small boy who may or may not be a ghost, has every ounce of atmosphere drained completely by this often tuneless jazzy music. It sounds like a pornography soundtrack and does its best, for the most part, to kill all the efforts of Diector León Klimovsky and his team stone dead. Many of the moments uninfected by this rotten score are very effective – although there are no orgies to speak of, the various vampire activities are pretty sinister when not swamped by inappropriate melodies.

Sadly, the whole project suffers because of this. It would otherwise be a fairly effective variation on the 'Night of the Living Dead' theme, with vampires replacing zombies. There are some good moments – the female vampire decomposing in the back of the car as Luis (Jack Taylor) and Alma (Dyanik Zurokowska) drive into the sun-set, and the afore-mentioned disappearing ghost-boy who accompanies young Violeta (Sarita Gill), for example. The locations are also very good, as films from this period often are – genuinely dilapidated buildings making haunting, ghostly panoramas proving to be very isolated backdrops.
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Orgy of Frenzied Indulgence
Rainey Dawn17 January 2016
There is not a sexual orgy within the film.

This is definition #2 from the dictionary: Orgy: any actions or proceedings marked by unbridled indulgence of passions: an orgy of killing. An act of immoderate or frenzied indulgence.

A frenzied indulgence of blood and flesh-eating -> blood and cannibalism. These vampires are violent - this is a horror film and not a porn movie. There really isn't any soft-core porn to this film, its simply a decent vampire movie.

This film is average... it's not great but it's not all that bad. I found it entertaining in it's way. Some vampire fans might like this film but it's not a film that I believe most of the younger fans would enjoy.

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Dull, Uninventive, often Incoherent
Athanatos18 February 2009
This film is built around the device of a group of people diverted (accidentally or deliberately) to some isolating location, where they find themselves hosted by a party whom they at least initially take to be beneficient but who prove to be a spider or spiders.

Well, that device has been exploited many times. Many times, the web has been a small town or village. Many times, the spiders have been vampires. So, what does this movie do that's different? Nothing much, and what it does often incoherent.

Some summaries tell us that the people of the village are all vampires, and yet there seems to be a class of indigenous victim, three of whom are injured in the movie. We get no explanation of who these victims are.

Other than the vampires, there's another supernatural entity, who functions as a lemur ex machina, with little rhyme or reason for his behavior.

One of the visitors dies other than at the hands of a vampire, and when a vampire finds that character's body partially buried for no particular reason, hauls it out of its grave for no particular reason.

The climactic battle is almost perfectly unconvincing.

BTW, the apparent protagonist is a creep who spies on a woman as she undresses.
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Finger Lickin' Bad
wes-connors14 February 2009
"A busload of travelers must stop in a small European village after their bus driver suffers a heart attack. The local villagers seem friendly at first but strange events stir up suspicion in the travelers. Eventually, the travelers uncover the truth behind their hosts and find they have stumbled upon a village inhabited by vampires," according to the DVD sleeve's synopsis.

From Spain, this "Vampire's Night Orgy" does not deliver the goods; although, it has a fairly nice start, and a few good scenes. Some of the more interesting characters - the children and "Countess" Helga Liné - are left underdeveloped and unexplained. Alas, the less interesting characters aren't explained, either. And, certainly, NONE of it needs explaining after the movie's inexplicable ending.

*** La orgía nocturna de los vampiros (1973) León Klimovsky ~ Jack Taylor, Dyanik Zurakowska, José Guardiola
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The Vampires' Night Orgy
Scarecrow-887 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A bus driver taking a small group of hired help for a new job at a wealthy estate, has a heart attack leaving them in quite the predicament. Needing rest, they find a sleepy Spanish village surprisingly absent of citizens. One amongst them is attacked by those citizens who just so happen to be vampires, under the servitude of The Countess(Helga Liné, wasted in a rather underwhelming role). Soon the others' lives are at risk as the village folk, who seem hospitable if rather strange, await them when most vulnerable, at night. One by one, members of this group of outsiders fall prey to The Countess and her minions. Luis(Franco regular Jack Taylor), a traveler passing through, falls in love with Alma(Dyanik Zurakowska)and believes that the people of the village are not who they appear. His car was tampered with and fixing the cut wire will be a top priority so that Luis and, the ever-frightened Alma, can get out of this place before they are doomed like the others.

Director León Klimovsky, known for his films starring Paul Naschy, attempts to develop an atmospheric horror film regarding trapped outsiders in a hostile place where vampiric citizens are around every corner. The vampires of this particular film are more in spirit with Romero's zombies with how they rush human victims, how their hands grab across the terrified faces of those screaming for help that will not arrive, and especially how León Klimovsky photographs their faces coming towards the screen. There's little to no blood, quite an anemic vampire film. The Countess only really conquers one victim with her bite, before tossing his torso over her bedroom's ledge for her blood-thirsty brood. She makes an appearance once as a seemingly generous host to the group with a supposed bus that can not crank. Later, The Countess appears again, exiting her crypt and eventually hopping in the backseat of Luis' car attempting to thwart their escape. Little nudity, merely a brief glimpse of Zurakowska's breasts, with Taylor's Luis spying on her through a torn hole which eyeballs directly into her bedroom. The night attacks are what I thought worked best while the tacky jazzy elevator musical score(s)leave anything to be desired. Quite low budget, with an twist ending that isn't needed and feels forced so that we are left wondering if what we saw was real or imagined. Liné, as the vampiric Countess, has a sex scene with a potential victim, but nothing is elaborated. Perhaps the most horrifying scene is the accidental suffocation of a young girl. Despite how lurid the title sounds, this really isn't that exploitive.
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Not exciting
hengir6 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A band of travellers are forced to stop at a seemingly deserted village and then 'things' start to happen. I watched it under the title 'Vampires Night Orgy' and there were vampires and lots of night but alas no orgy. The vampires were of those kind that walk about in the daytime, an explanation of which appears right at the end almost as an afterthought. The film also has a great jazzy score except it is totally inappropriate, contributing to the lowering of tension and not upping it. It was filmed on a good location, one of those remote mountain country villages where it always seems like winter, photographed in the bleak and gloomy style of many 70s horror films that is always a plus. Quite predictable and not exciting. The beautiful Helga Line appears in it but not enough to raise my rating of the film.
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However do vampires become so bloody boring?
mark.waltz12 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is basically another case of stranded tourists meeting their doom thanks to choosing the wrong place to visit. Going through the Spanish countryside, this bus breaks down, thanks apparently to supernatural powers, and when it's too late for rescue, they discover that everyone around them are vampires. It's a matter of when and where for the chosen victims to become a midnight snack, and the ones chosen for the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth, have no chance for escape, only the hope if a quick and final nail on their coffin that doesn't make them one of the gang. It's just too boring and humorless, and features a rather strange soundtrack that I gather is a recurring theme in these all too similar fiasco's.
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Don't get tricked by this false title this film has!
dragontiger198821 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Were to begin with this stinker. Well I own a collection of famous horror films DVD box-set that happen to have this film included on. I would think by the title I would get something naughty for an adults only. I looked at the year 1974 and knew to expect something not as graphic as the kind of stuff we see today in horror/ vampire stories, but at least something worth the ride to watch. But when I began watching The Vampire's Night Orgy first problem I found with it is the dubbed English version that was on the DVD box set is terrible. It stands out really bad that they aren't putting in the right voice acting work for what the actors really were saying when the film was actually made.

So the main leads of the film decide to make a detour to a village that appears no where on a map. When they arrive at night and go into a tavern it seems no one is in this village but one creepy guy with brown straight hair and a mustache that arrived shortly before the main lead characters. The creepy man tells them all he checked the whole village and no one is anywhere not even in church since the village has no churches. So they drink liquor in the tavern and everyone goes to the bedrooms for bedtime. The creepy mustache man decides to copy Norman Bates from Psycho and spy threw a whole into the wall and watch a blonde woman undress in the next room. Oh and this happens more than once during this film.

Anyways to speed things up the first killing happens the first night they are in the village. The next morning everyone awakes to the village having a few more people up and running. The leader of the village tells our leads of the film sorry no one was around to welcome them last night. Everyone was at the village cemetery for a funeral. The main leads want to leave but the people insist they stay. So since they have guest they need food for them. So a big Axe man who works as a cook chops off another man's leg, so they have meat to feed there guest. Off screen the bus and the car our leads arrived in are tampered with to not start so they are stranded.

The 2nd night same-thing no one is around at night it seems. A vampire countless has sex with one of the guys who came to the village only to suck his blood and throw him outside to the other vampires. Then in the next scene her fangs aren't even bloody after just killing the guy.

Alright so our two main leads meet in a room the creepy mustache man and the blonde woman and discuss that things are very fishy around this village when the sun goes down. They plan to fix the severe connection to the car during that day and leave at night, only to be spy-ed on by a villager. That night they decide it is every man for himself and leave behind the others and the two of them escape. Then the vampires make there move and pile on there car and they try to break in to kill our leads but they escape only to get attacked by the countless vampire hiding in the backseat. Wonder why she didn't just attack sooner why all the other vampires were being magnets on the outside of the car. They steak the countless several times in the heart and she dissolves into acid and maggots. The man and woman decide to take refuge in the next village over to tell the authorities what they've scene. Which in reality no one would go screaming to police, "I was in a village full of vampires trying to kill me, they destroyed my car as I escaped!", unless you want them to lock you up in a mental institution. Anyhow they tell the police there story. The police don't believe a word of it and look at a map and tell them there is nothing in the area they told them they were at. So the man, woman and police go drive out there and the village isn't there. The police ask, "Are you convinced now?" The film is finally over! Well thats the plot of this film and for one it needs a different title, no sex orgy ever happened on screen, call it The Vampire's Night Massacre would be better. The music score sound is terrible and very inappropriate for scenes going on. The village and outdoor filming locations look bad like they went and filmed somewhere after a battle was just fought at. Most importantly don't waste your time and money on this film. You will just wish you could get it back after the film's credits start rolling.
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If it seems to good to be true...
Ben Larson11 March 2013
The biggest hook for this movie is the opportunity to see Dyanik Zurakowska.

Directed by León Klimovsky, who did two of Paul Naschy's werewolf films, the film includes many horror veterans in the cast.

Now, if you tourist bus breaks down, and the town where you are stranded offers to put you up for free, and gives you spending money to boot, you might do well to head out on your feet very fast. While you are enjoying your meal, others are planning to have a feast later on.

There were a few funny spots - the finger, for one. The ending was baffling and totally unsatisfying.
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