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Extremely tough movie burdened by cruel murders and seedy roles
ma-cortes23 September 2008
This brutal , austere crime-thriller focuses cheerless Tyrone in the title role (a tough , amoral African-American Bernie Casey) , he's a hit-man who returns home to investigate his brother's death by some mobsters . Two-fisted Tyrone in order to revenge his brother , vows vengeance and spontaneously meets sleazy characters in the middle of sinister bands war and running afoul into underworld . Tyrone Tackett keeps the things moving along until ending vendetta , as he aims to please .

This routine film features thrills , raw energy , adult subject matter with abundant nudism and lots of violence . Plenty of intrigue , funky music , kinky sex , noisy action and grisly killings until finale vengeance . Cool secondary cast filled with African-American actors such as Pam Grier , Roger E Mosley and appears unbilled Paul Gleason . Based on a novel titled 'Get Carter' by Ted Lewis from 1970 original movie and of far superior directed by Michael Hodges and starred by Michael Caine and Britt Ekland . Remade again (2000) by Stephen Kay with Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke . This Blaxploitiation movie was regularly directed by George Armitage . He's a good director with a few movies and expert on action and intrigue genre , such as ¨Miami Blues¨ (with Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh), ¨Grosse Point Blank¨ (with John Cusack and Minnie Driver) and ¨Big Bounce¨ (Charlie Sheen, Owen Wilson). Rating : Acceptable and passable ; being rated R for nudism and strong violence .
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Very Entertaining, and Great Pam Grier Bust Shots
verbusen23 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this on Turner Classics Middle East, and I can tell by all the places the reviewers come from (mostly the UK) that this movie does not get airplay in the USA. Ted Turner (if he owns the overseas MGM catalog and network) has no problems showing stereotype stuff overseas but I guess he catches to much flak at his liberal cocktail parties in America to air films like this or another I just saw on TCM, "Cool Breeze". Both movies were made the same year 1972. Let me educate the European reviewers who seem to be making some observations and try to clarify why it was done. One reviewer said that the blacks dress outrageously and talk stereotypical or something along those lines. The dress is not over the top, I grew up in New York city and I'll never forget seeing an actual pimp mobile, its just like the movie "Magnum Force" had very outrageous style and in your face. The clothes did happen, of course its a movie so not everyone can afford all the nice clothes and dress and stuff but thats a movie thing, the styles are accurate for that time. As far as the speech goes, it sounded like it was OK to me as well, nothing at all outrageous about it. Blacks in America have their own dialect unlike UK blacks which although I'm sure an English person may recognize the difference, they are a lot closer than Caucasian and black Americans generally sound. Third, a lot of you UK reviewers are taking this movie waaaay to seriously. This movie was shown in a second tier type theater in the northern states (where I grew up)and probably in a predominantly black area theater in the south. It was where people went to get get wasted and drunk (usually in the theater), and have a good time with LOTS of audience ad libs thrown out in the audience. That is why the ending is "happy", this is not a movie for critical thought, it's for good times. By the way, Cool Breeze is a blaxploitation flick of The Asphalt Jungle and it to has a "happy" ending unlike the original, as well. My favorite parts of the movie are when Tyrone is driving with Sherwood and they are swigging and knockin down a quart of bourbon and getting lit up! Sherwood, played by Sam Laws was great in his small role as he was when he was in Cool Breeze. Other notable scenes that I enjoyed, Tyrone blows a hole in his landladies roof with a shotgun and shes mad that he didn't do her before he left! Pam Grier bust fans (like me) will groove to this one, she bares that great chest a good while and it's looking real fine. All in all, this honky says check this flick out its, "dyno-mite"!
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I keep my springs well-oiled
utgard149 January 2014
Blaxploitation remake of Get Carter about a man (Bernie Casey) investigating the death of his brother. Ample doses of sex, violence, and humor. Colorful language and stereotypical characters might turn easily offended viewers off. Bernie Casey makes for a solid blaxploitation protagonist: tough, cool, and magic with the ladies. Pam Grier is sexy as always and appears in all her glory. The character she plays is scummy and meets a particularly gruesome end. Lisa Moore is amusing as the motel manager with the hots for Casey and has some great lines. Marilyn Joi has a couple of brief but memorable scenes as the aptly-named Rita Biggs. Early role for Paul Gleason as a policeman/hit-man. A good movie that, like the best of the genre, rises above its gritty subject matter and manages to entertain not depress.
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You were his main thing after his old lady walked out on him
sol121827 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
****SPOILERS**** Better then you would have expected Blaxploitation version of "Get Carter" made a year after the original Michael Cain release has Okland ex-con and mob enforcer Tyrone Tackett travel to L.A to find out the reason behind his brother Cornell's mysterious death. The straight laced and tea toting Cornell was killed by crashing his car over a guardrail and smashing into the Pacific Ocean below where he drowned. At the autopsy Cornell was found to be drenched from head to toe with over a paint of cheap whiskey at the time of his death!

Heading straight to Candi Lilly's whorehouse in suburban L.A Tackett isn't interested in having a good time there but to track Cornell's latest squeeze hooker Ivelle Way who was last seen with him before he was killed. As Tackett puts the squeeze on Irvell he find out that Cornell's out of control teenage daughter Rochell may have been the reason behind his tragic death or as Tackett suspects murder. As Tackett goes into the underbelly or belly of the beast, the LA porno industry, he uncovers his niece's's sorry life as a kid on the streets who was exploited by local pimps and porn peddlers that eventually later lead her murder. That despite all of Tacketts's efforts to get her on the straight and narrow road to both drug and prostitution rehabilitation.

The usually mild mannered and soft spoken Bernie Casey is really convincing here as the no holds barred take no prisoners butt kicking dude Tyrone Tackett: A guy that you or anyone else wouldn't want to mess with. Casey is incredibly far more effective as well as convincing then his better known fellow ex-football Blaxpoitation actors Jim Brown & Fred Williamson in his action scenes. As well as him being, he sure got the build for it, far more overpowering when dealing with the bad guys in the movie! In that Casey never seems to be even as much as threatened by those he dukes or shoot it out with who never stand a chance against him. It takes a while but Tackett finally gets to the truth to who had Rochell murdered and by pretending he doesn't know he tricks him into meeting him outside L.A. That's to get paid off in order to keep the heat off of his boss who's had Rochell murdered. And the person, or in between, who's to pay Tackett off is the very hit-man who did in Rochell L.A mob boss Nano Zito's chauffeur & enforcer Shag Merriweather!

***SPOILERS*** Blood splattering final with Tackett tricking L.A porno king Theotis Oliver's gang into icing Mafia Don's Nano Zito, who Oliver worked for, and his men after an all day and night sex and drunken orgy at his playboy like mansion. With the Zito mob canceled out Tackett finish off Oliver who had Rochell murdered, to keep her from talking, and his boys with only hit-man Shag, who had no idea that his boss Oliver was history, left alive! Whom a by now totally out of control bull in a China shop Tyrone Tackett saved for the very last!
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"You're a big cat, but don't be selling me no wolf ticket."
vulture7527 October 2000
An excellent version of the Ted Lewis book, Jack's return home. Although the style and acting is below the high standard of Hodges' classic Get Carter, it conjures up some novel death scenes and some cool dialogue. Caine said "You're a big man, but you're out of shape. Me, it's a full time job." Bernie Casie said, "You're a big cat, but don't be selling me no wolf ticket." Quality. If you liked Carter, you'll like Hit Man.
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Glenn Walsh18 April 2003
As a big fan of 'Get Carter,' I watched this on cable TV for a laugh and wasn't disappointed. It is a funky blaxploitation movie to rival 'Shaft' and a pretty fair remake of 'Carter,' much better than the Stallone nonsense of a couple of years back. It was fun matching scenes from the original especially the 'phone sex, which just killed me. Very funny and pretty cool!
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cartoonish, fun "Get Carter"
Lee Eisenberg3 October 2014
George Armitage's "Hit Man" is a blaxploitation version of Ted Lewis's novel "Jack's Return Home", more famously filmed as "Get Carter" starring Michael Caine. It's got what we expect in one of these movies: afros, wide-collared shirts, and lots of smooth talk. There's nothing particularly serious about the plot; it's all about the fun stuff. Bernie Casey as the main character is a cool dude, while Pam Grier isn't as tough as in most of her roles. But the movie delivers what it promises. It turns out that Armitage also directed "Grosse Pointe Blank". Tyrone aims to please (to reference the movie's tagline), and he succeeds.

I might eventually read "Jack's Return Home", but it could be decades, considering how long it takes me to get through books.
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Blaxploitation version of Get Carter
snicewanger15 June 2014
I first saw this movie at a Blaxploitation Film Festival in 1992. Bhetty Whaldron and Roger Mosley {The Mack was also shown} were among the guest stars. Mosley admitted in the post film commentary the everybody knew that it was a black version of Get Carter. It came under fire at the time of it's release for it's racial stereotypes, but it was a big hit at the drive ins and neighborhood theaters across the country. Bernie Casey was better know at the time for his NFL career but would come to be regarded as a handsome and talented leading man and of course the incredibly beautiful Pam Grier was on her way to becoming a cult movie legend.This is a real guilty pleasure film and is a real time capsule piece to see how black men and women were coming to be regarded in 1970's cinema.
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Cool blaxploitation revenge outing
Woodyanders7 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Tough and determined ex-con Tyrone Tackett (a strong and commanding performance by Bernie Casey) infiltrates a sordid Los Angeles criminal underworld so he can exact revenge on the folks who killed his brother. Writer/director George Armitage relates the gripping story at a swift pace, maintains a hard-hitting gritty tone throughout, further spruces things up with inspired touches of dark humor, and presents a vivid depiction of a seamy milieu replete with choice seedy locations and a delightfully degenerate rogues' gallery of colorful lowlife characters. Moreover, Armitage makes a potent and provocative point on how revenge can strip a man of his humanity and reduce him to the level of a scary and savage monster. The fine acting from an on the money cast keeps this movie humming: the ever-foxy Pam Grier as brash porn starlet Gozelda, Lisa Moore as saucy motel proprietor Laural Garfoot, Bhetty Waldron as shifty prostitute Irvelle Way, Sam Laws as amiable used car salesman Sherwood Epps, Candy All as the bitter Rochelle, Don Diamond as slimy mobster Nano Zito, and Ed Cambridge as the irascible Theatis Oliver. Popping up in nifty bits are Marilyn Joi, John Daniels, and Paul Gleason (as a corrupt cop). The abundant tasty gratuitous female nudity provides lots of extra sizzle. H.B. Barnum's funky-chilling score hits the groovy jazzy spot. The sharp cinematography by Andrew Davis rates as another plus. Well worth a watch.
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