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Great Job, Internet!: Read this: Kung fu queen Angela Mao is alive and well in New York

At the peak of her fame in the 1970s, martial arts star Angela Mao was marketed as the female equivalent of Bruce Lee. Her role as Lee’s sister in Enter The Dragon brought her to international fame in 1973, but she starred in numerous Hong Kong films of her own, including 1974‘s The Tournament. But Mao largely disappeared from the screen in 1983, and the woman herself seemed to vanish from the face of the earth entirely a decade later. In a New York Times article called “Searching For Lady Kung Fu,” writer Alex Vadukul catches up with the now-66-year-old Mao to find out what happened to the actress after her brief but memorable time in the spotlight. As it happens, the rumors circulating about her among fans were basically true. Yes, she left the business to concentrate on being a wife and mother. And, yes, she now ...
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Weekly Rushes. Raoul Coutard, Tsui Hark's "Journey to the West," French Noir Tour, Lynch Soundtrack

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NEWSRaoul Coutard shooting BreathlessThe great cinematographer Raoul Coutard, legendary for his work shooting Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless, and also a collaborator of Philippe Garrel, Nagisa Oshima, Costa-Gavras and François Truffaut, has died at the age of 92.Keep film alive! The New York non-profit film organization Mono No Aware has launched a Kickstarter to fund "the nation's first ever non-profit motion picture lab." An ambitious and worthy goal!Two film projects in the works we're very excited about: Claire Denis' High Life, starring Robert Pattinson and Patricia Arquette and co-written by Zadie Smith, and Leos Carax's Annette, a musical to star Adam Driver (everywhere these days!) and Rooney Mara.The Film Society of Lincoln Center has announced the first part of its retrospective devoted to exiled Chilean fabulist Raúl Ruiz, which will include new digital restorations of Bérénice (1983) and The Golden Boat (1990), as well as 35mm prints of such
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Angela Mao: The Queen Of Kung Fu Movies

Other names: 茅瑛

Maau Ying

Angela Mao

Mao Fook Jing

Mao Fu Ying

Birth date: 20/9/1950

Nationality: Taiwan

Workplace: Hong Kong, Taiwan

Selected Filmography

1971:Angry River

1971:Lady Whirlwind


1973:When Taekwondo Strikes

1973:Fate Of Lee Khan

1974:The Tournament

1977:Broken Oath

Angela Mao, nicknamed “Lady Whirlwind” and “Lady Kung Fu” by her fans, started of in Chinese opera, like most others at the time before making her way into the movie business. Around the same time, she also attended Ballet lessons, which is why in time she would be so flexible and show these movements in some of the movies. When attending Opera school, she and the others would wake up around 5am to learn Gymnastics, mid day she would learn singing, which then went onto reading books and more acrobatics in the evening.

Enter the movie world

In 1970, Golden Harvest boss Raymond Chow, went to Hong Kong in search of new actors,
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The Academy Unleashes Power Of Kung Fu Collection; Posters To Become Part Of Margaret Herrick Library

The Stranger And The Gunfighter, 1976.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has received a collection of more than 800 kung fu film posters and other related materials from producer, screenwriter and former motion picture executive Stephen Chin, announced Academy COO Ric Robertson. The collection features marketing and promotional items including posters, lobby cards, photographs, toys, comic books, clothing and accessories from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. It focuses predominantly on the 1970s, which many fans and scholars mark as the golden age of the kung fu film.

“Stephen is a true fan and an extraordinary collector,” said Robertson. “His dedication to documenting this important genre will help the Academy provide film enthusiasts and historians with a broader, deeper view of world cinema.”

The posters, many of which utilize bold graphics and dynamic depictions of action, will join the more than 44,000 posters held by the Academy.s Margaret Herrick Library,
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Three Chinese martial arts students spend five years in Korea training in the martial art of Hapkido. Korea is under Japanese occupation and after a fight with some Japanese the students are told to leave by their Korean master. Before they go he gives them a final demonstration in the art and some advice which he hopes will help them in the future. Armed with this knowledge they return to China and set up their own martial arts school. Back in China most of the already established martial arts schools in the area welcome the new hapkido school to the community. How ever the local Japanese martial arts school is not so happy to see them, especially when one of the three kicks the crap out of a couple of their students.

The three students turned masters of their own school, are played by kung fu legends Carter Wong, Sammo Hung and Angela Mao.
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