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Character error 

When Clint is at Jessie's Grocery, he picks up the rope that was attached to the boat and says that it was "clearly chewed through". However, if you look at the close-up shot of the rope, it was very clearly cut, not chewed.
The American flag that is hung vertically on the the porch of the Crockett home has the stars in the upper right. The proper way is the upper left.


When Smith and Karen are walking through the willows, it's completely clear. Then, when the camera changes angles, there's suddenly dense fog. In the next immediate shot, it's clear again.
When Jay runs over with the frog in his hands, he's holding it under the stomach. However in the next shot he's suddenly holding it around one leg.
When Iris is running through the forest away from the frogs, they make a big deal about her knees: she falls and they get all scraped up and bloody. However, in the next subsequent shot, her knees are suddenly all better.
When the man enters the greenhouse in the woods, he closes the door behind him. However, in the next subsequent shot there are geckos going through a now open greenhouse door.
After the man goes into the greenhouse and he gets killed by the lizards knocking over the bottles of poison, we see that it's very smoky in the greenhouse. The smoke is so thick that we can barely see through it. However, less than a minute later, Smith opens the door to the greenhouse and it's perfectly clear.
When Smith is driving through the forest, it's supposed to be nighttime. It's dark both in the forest and in the shots we see of the plantation house. However, when they show other shots, it's obviously daytime because you can see the sun and the clear blue sky.
When the rattler bites Iris on the arm, it's sitting right on her butterfly net. When she falls over immediately after, it's no longer in the shot.
The position of the leeches on Iris's body change between shots, most notably the large leech on her upper right arm.
When Scott finds the first body, we see it's covered in snakes, but in the shot where he walks up to it, the snakes are gone. They are back in the close-shot, however.

Crew or equipment visible 

When the snake is hanging from the chandelier, a close-up reveals that it is being held in someone's hand.
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Factual errors 

There are many close up shots of a Cane Toad with the sound of a croaking frog. Toads do not croak like frogs, and what is supposed to look like croaking is just their normal way of breathing.

Revealing mistakes 

When one character is wrestling with the alligator in the pond, you can see black tape across the mouth of the alligator.
When Pickett is wandering around the island, he sees Grover lying face down in a marsh, where he was killed by a snake. You can tell that Grover is breathing.
Throughout the movie, the Grandpa has no movement in his legs. However during several moments in the film, he can be seen moving his knees up and down underneath the blanket.
When they find the dead guy in the pond, Smith rolls him over and his eyes are tightly closed. However when the camera changes angles, suddenly his eyes are open.
When they're showing close-ups of the evil frogs, one frog is obviously thrown into the shot because it lands on its back.
In scenes where seagulls are flocking, in order to keep the seagulls together, one can see pieces of bread being thrown in the air.

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