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Originally Iris Martindale had a much more humorous demise scripted. Iris was suppose to be lured into a quicksand pit by butterflies, where she was to drown. The scene was shot, but it was deemed too silly for the final film. The scene was re-shot to have Iris killed by a rattlesnake instead. Clips of the original death scene can be seen in the films trailer.
Many of the 500 Florida frogs and 100 giant South American toads purchased for use in the film escaped during production.
In a review for "Andy Warhol's Interview", writer Fran Lebowitz called Frogs "the best bad movie I have ever seen in my life."
Because of the film's poster art, which depicts a human hand hanging out of a huge frogs mouth, it is often misconstrued that the film is about giant man-eating frogs rather than about swamp wildlife on the rampage.
The Florida Holiday Inn used by the crew would not allow the poisonous snakes, spiders or black scorpions used in the film to be brought into the hotel.
Scenes of star Sam Elliot shirtless in this film would later help him land the starring role in the movie Lifeguard (1976).
Due to the film's low budget no live birds were used for the bird attack scene. Instead the attack was created by superimposing footage of flying birds over the footage of the running cast.
This was the first of many "eco-horror" films of the '70s, inspired by the surprise box office success of 1971's Willard (1971).
The filming took place in and around an 1890s mansion in Florida's Eden State Park. This park is located near the Gulf of Mexico's coastline, about halfway between Fort Walton Beach and Panama City.
The mansion used for the Crockett family home is known as the Wesley House and is located in Point Washington, Florida.

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